tagBDSMSally's Lesson

Sally's Lesson


This is the story of my wife's initiation to the bored housewives club.

My wife Sally had been telling me for ages how she wanted to earn some extra money but had lost all of her confidence since leaving work 14 years ago to start a family. Being the supportive "new man" I would look through the local ads and suggest some to her knowing full well she had no real intention of getting back to work. This would normally annoy her and more than likely get me the silent treatment for the rest of the day, so I soon used this to my advantage when I wanted some peace and quiet.

Her lack of confidence extended to the bedroom where our sex life had virtually ground to a halt and whenever I managed to get her in the mood she would get it over with as quickly as possible. There was little foreplay and definitely no oral sex she wouldn't even let me go down on her and I love the taste of a woman.

I normally work away from home during the week but I had managed to get away early this week and had got a chance to work from home this Friday. The kids were going to stay with my sister this weekend and I had hoped it would give us a chance to rekindle a bit of the old sexual magic. Even though I had recently been getting regular service from various girls at work I was feeling hornier every day.

As normal Sally managed to wreck my plans when she returned from dropping our daughter at school by announcing that one of the other mothers was looking for some help in a new business she had just started up. Sally had agreed to go to an interview that afternoon after the school run and could I pick our daughter up and then take the kids over to my sisters. Reluctantly I agreed as I thought it may give me a bit of leverage to get in her knickers later on.

Sally spent the morning cleaning the house as normal and rejecting any move I tried to make to persuade her to have a little fun in the bedroom. So I gave up and went back to my laptop and actually did some work.

Around 1 o'clock I heard the shower going and Sally put her head around the door to tell me she was going to start getting ready for her interview which wasn't until 4 but I suppose she was going to try to impress. She was wearing just a towel which made my thoughts go back to sex so I decided I would give her a surprise when she got out of the shower.

I went upstairs to our bedroom, stripped off, laid down on the bed and started to slowly masturbate while I waited for her to finish her shower. I heard the shower stop and a few minutes later I heard her coming up the stairs. I got up and hid behind the bedroom door whilst still slowly rubbing my now fully hard cock.

As she walked in she dropped her towel to the floor, I stepped out from behind the door and put my arms around her and pulled her to me rubbing my cock against her naked backside. Sally pushed me away angrily and told me to put my clothes on and stop being so dirty. I knew there would be no chance of persuading her otherwise so I pulled my clothes on and left her to get ready. My throbbing penis would have to wait to get some attention.

Later on she came downstairs to give me a list of everything the kids would need to take with them for the weekend saying she didn't have time to sort it out. Sally was wearing a robe but I could see she had put on her best sensible underwear she never wore the sexy lacy bra and panty sets I had brought her over years always saying she was saving it for special occasions which had never occurred.

I thought better of making anymore moves I hoped she might warm up later so I just took the list and went off to pack the kids bags. Sally returned to our bedroom to pick an outfit to wear and get her make-up on. She was definitely making more effort than usual but it had been a long time since she had been to a job interview.

It was time for me to pick our daughter up from school so I called up to Sally to ask if she needed anything but she just shouted back that a bit of peace and quiet would be nice. Suitably chastised I went out and walked to my daughter's school.

When I arrived at the school I nodded acquaintance to some of the mother's who I knew by sight but could never remember their names and went to stand on my own to wait for my daughter who always seemed to be the last out of class. I always have the feeling the women at the school are staring at you as though you are some sad pervert if you are a bloke on your own waiting for the kids to come out. Even so there are some "yummy mummies" who always seem to dress to impress which makes up for the uncomfortable atmosphere.

Just then one of the "Yummies" came over to me and said "you must be Sally's husband, I'm Jasmine". I looked at her dumbly as Sally had never mentioned a Jasmine before. Jasmine then explained that she would be interviewing Sally later, I apologised and she said that Sally had told her I was an IT consultant and she asked if I could help her with some problems she was having with the company systems.

I said I would be happy to have a look sometime so she suggested I visit later that afternoon. She then tottered off in her four inch heels wiggling her pert little bum back to the rest of the glamour set.

One of Sally's friends whose name I actually knew, Angela came over to me and said jokingly she would tell Sally I was trying to pull younger mothers. I said she was only jealous that I wasn't trying it on with her, to which she replied maybe I should try it on with her as I didn't know have easy she could be. Before I could reply and get myself in trouble Angela's son came running out and she turned to leave saying she would see me later if she was lucky.

Luckily my daughter managed to get out earlier than normal and after dumping her school bags on me she ran off the catch up with her friends leaving me to trail behind. When we arrived back home my son was already in from senior school and I quickly made the kids a snack and told them to get ready to go to their Aunt's house. Sally had already left to go to the interview but had left me a note with more things for the kids to take with them and saying she would probably be back by six-thirty.

I drove the kids to my sister's house and after a quick chat made my way back home. It was just gone six o'clock as I drove past Jasmines offices so I decide to turn round and pop in as she had asked. I parked up and went to the main door which was open but there was no one on the reception desk just a note saying for any delivery drivers to take packages to the side door.

I could hear some noise from down the corridor so I decided to go in search of someone who might be able to find Jasmine. As I passed a door I noticed a number of CCTV screens and the back of a woman's head. I knocked but she did not respond so I tried the door and it opened so I walked in. The woman still did not turn around so I tapped her on the shoulder which made her jump up and scream.

When she had calmed down I explained who I was and she introduced herself as Ellie. She said she had been watching CCTV and listening to the audio through a headset and had not heard my knocking. I asked if Jasmine was free and she said she was holding an audition at the moment and I could wait with her if I wanted.

Ellie was about 20 years old with a pretty face and a tight athletic body she was wearing a white linen top which although not see-through gave the impression her breasts were un-encumbered by a bra. I thought I may as well enjoy the sights of Ellie rather than wait in reception looking at pictures of trees and farmland. So I sat down where I could watch Ellie stretching over the controls and waited for Jasmine to finish.

Ellie switched cameras and said there's Jasmine and pointed to the screen. The image showed Jasmine in a room with a double bed with a brass bedstead in the middle. She was dressed in her 4" heels with black stockings, a suspender belt, a frilly thong and a basque. Ellie laughed at me as I was staring at the screen with my mouth gaping wide.

Jasmine had her back to the camera and was obscuring the person on the bed who appeared to be tethered to the brass bedstead but leather straps. I looked at Ellie who said "We can get a better view from the other cameras if you are up for it!" I just nodded as my mouth felt dry and my cock was hard and pushing at the zip on my jeans. Ellie switched to the next camera which showed a naked woman tied to the bed with her legs spread wide. I immediately recognised Sally's by the stretch-marks on her belly and the mass of dark curly pubic hair covering her pussy.

Ellie unplugged the headset and the audio feed filled the room. Jasmine was speaking to Sally telling her to lie still and stop crying. Sally still struggled but Jasmine gave her a light tap with a riding crop across her thighs. The door to the room opened and another woman walked in with a bowl of water and what looked like shaving kit. The new woman placed the bowl beside the bed and bent down to pick up a towel from the floor, she was dressed in a similar outfit to Jasmine except she was not wearing any knickers and the camera showed an excellent view of her clean shaven pussy and arse crack.

Jasmine then said "Its time to for a little pussy tidying, Sam", with this Sam began lathering Sally's exposed pussy with soapy water taking her time rubbing her fingers across Sally's slit.

Sally twisted and moaned but Jasmine again tapped her with the crop and said "Stop that or you may get cut!" Sally calmed down and held still as Sam skilfully ran the razor across her skin and soon Sally's quim was as bald as the day she was born, Sam towelled Sally's now naked pussy dry and poured oil over her pubic mound and began to rub it in massaging the raw skin.

Sally again began to squirm but this time her moans were more from pleasure than fear. Sam's fingers were massaging harder and more rapidly now and Sally's hips were moving and pushing her pussy up to meet them trying to get Sam's fingers on her clitoris. Jasmine was watching all the time and leant across the bed and began planting little kisses on Sally's thighs and nibbling at her skin.

Sally suddenly stopped moving realising what she was doing and cried out "Please stop, I'm not a lesbian and don't want this!"

Jasmine flicked her thighs with the crop and said "You have no choice this is to teach you a lesson."

Sally cried out again "What have I done to you to deserve this?"

Jasmine replied "It's not what you've done to us, it's what you haven't done for you husband. You have a man who wants to fuck your brains out at every opportunity by your own admission and you think he should live like a monk. We have to put up with lazy husbands who only want a once a month shag, if you don't learn your lesson today we will take him off your hands!"

My cock was throbbing so hard it was painful. I knew I should be in that room protecting my wife from this abuse but the images on screen were such a turn on and all the rejection over the last few years made me want to see Sally suffer this to the end. Ellie looked over at me and suddenly realised Sally was my wife. She gasped and began to say sorry when she saw the bulge in my jeans.

Ellie leant over and rubbed her hand over my groin and asked if she could help me with it. I leant back and said "Oh fuck yes!" Ellie responded by unbuttoning my jeans and unzipping my fly. My cock sprang forward as Ellie knelt between my legs and pulled my cock out of my underpants. Her tongue flicked over the head licking the pre-cum from the end then she slowly slid her tongue down the shaft to my balls then back up to the head.

Taking my cock in her mouth she slid down taking most of it in until it touched the back of her throat. She sucked in her cheeks and slid back to the top as though she was trying to suck me dry in one go. Ellie's mouth pop of the end and she said "Grab my tits and pinch my nipples, it makes me cum really hard." Eager to please I pushed both hands inside her blouse and found her pert tits and began squeezing the soft flesh and teasing hard nipples. Ellie moaned and said "Pinch them harder" before taking my cock back into her mouth.

I pinched her nipples as hard as I could and Ellie began bobbing her mouth up and down my shaft frantically until her body stiffened and pulling her mouth away from my cock she screamed again this time in pleasure. I had never heard a woman scream so loudly or from just having her tits played with. Ellie shook and moaned for about a minute until she breathlessly said "I want your cock in me now, fuck me hard!"

She stood up and tugged her shorts down taking her panties with them and turning to face the screens said "Fuck me from behind, I want to watch your wife getting her cunt filled." I looked at the screen to see Sam kneeling on the bed between Sally's widespread thighs wearing a 10" strap-on dildo. My cock twitched at sight and I grasped Ellie's hips and pushed the head of my dick towards her sopping pussy. Ellie was so aroused that there was no resistance to my gentle thrust and I slipped in straight to the hilt.

Ellie braced herself on the desk and began rocking back and forward until we got a rhythm going. The screen showed Sam pushing the dildo against Sally's opening and the head disappearing inside. Sally's body arched as though she was trying to pull away but Sam then thrust hard and about half of the dildo entered Sally's pussy.

Ellie and I heard Sally's groan as her cunt lips were forced apart, this just made us quicken our own thrusts. I grabbed Ellie's nipples once again and pinched them firmly this made Ellie cum immediately she stop thrusting back at me as her co-ordination went and her knees sagged.

I held her tightly with one arm and continued pinching her nipples with the other hand I was thrusting my cock into her as hard as I could. Her whole body was shaking with wave after wave of pleasure, I couldn't hold back any longer and just exploded inside her. I withdrew quickly but it was too late to stop my seed from flooding into her. I thrust my softening penis between her arse cheeks and wanked the remaining cum on to her back and tight little arsehole.

We both sank back and I had to carefully manoeuvre us into Ellie's chair. Ellie curled up on my lap like a little girl with her knees up. I could feel our juices oozing from her vagina onto my legs.

On screen Sam's thrusts were now deep inside Sally and the expression on her face had change from pain to immense pleasure. Sally's voice came over the audio and she was screaming "Fuck me bitch, fuck me hard". Sam's pace increased and soon Sally was thrashing about under her as she orgasmed at each new thrust.

Sam eventually slowed and leant down and began to passionately kiss my tethered wife who unlike before responded eagerly. Ellie and I were engrossed in the screen and did not hear the door behind us open. Jasmine entered the room wearing a robe over her bondage outfit. She spoke softly but it made us start "Ellie I am pleased you kept our guest entertained, but you know you shouldn't be watching the CCTV when you are on reception. You're a bad girl but I will punish you later go out to the reception desk I need to talk to our guest!"

Ellie got up and sheepishly pulled her shorts and panties on and left the room. Jasmine crossed the room and looked down to my lap where Ellie had just been sitting and said "We need to get you cleaned up." She knelt down and placed her head near my groin and took a long sniff as though savouring a glass of wine. She said "Hmm the delicious aroma of fresh sex."

Jasmine then lowered her head and began licking my thighs and gradually working her way to my hardening cock. She cleaned me with delicate strokes from her tongue as my penis stiffened. Jasmine raised her head and said "I can't do anything for that swelling now as I think you will need to conserve yourself for later."

Then she added "Your wife's first lesson has gone well and I think you will find a pleasing change in her attitude, please bring her back next week for further therapy, I think she will be far more eager for treatment. You can pay for her training by helping out with my IT systems and other services I am missing out on. I think Sam and Ellie would enjoy having you around occasionally too."

Jasmine stood up and said "Sally will be ready in about 10 minutes if you would like to wait in reception. I'll ask Ellie to make a further appointment for you." I dressed quickly taking care to adjust my throbbing cock to a more comfortable position in my pants.

Ellie was waiting for me in reception and silently mouthed "Thank you!" before booking Sally in for the following Friday. Then she handed me a card with "Bored Housewives Inc" written on it with a website address below that. She smiled and said "I must go and see Jasmine for my punishment now" and she left me waiting and wondering if there will be a tape of that to watch next week.

Sally eventually came into reception and smiled at me and said she needed to get home quickly. She didn't speak in the car but as soon as we had shut the front door behind us she turned and said "I need you to fuck me here and now!"

I just responded by pushing her to her knees and said "Suck me first then I'll fuck you second." This was the start of a new era in our marriage and I was eager to get my mouth on her newly shaven pussy.

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