tagErotic HorrorSanely Insane Ch. 01

Sanely Insane Ch. 01


She met him online. He seemed quite normal, funny, witty, and charming. He even e-mailed her a photo and if he looked anything like his photo, she would ask him to marry her. She laughed to herself with the thoughts of proposing to a stranger she had just met Online. She decided to meet him, some place safe, a Starbucks for coffee and conversation, the one around the corner from her apartment. As soon as she thought that, the one around the corner from her apartment, she pictured herself naked and in the throes of incredible orgasmic sex. She was horny and had not had sex in a while. Who was she kidding, if he was halfway decent and made a pass, made it easy for her not to resist him, she would do him.

She arrived early and waited for him to arrive. She wanted to see him before he saw her, so that if he was weird, she could leave without him seeing her. She was so tired of the string of losers who blind dated her. Only, he was good looking and tall, about 6'2". He looked exactly like the photo that he e-mailed her, two points, one point for not lying about his appearance and another point for looking the way that he did. He looked like a guy that they would have on that reality television show, The Bachelor. She stared at him, he could be The Bachelor.

She lifted her arm waving him over to their table.

"Hi, I'm Elizabeth," she said half standing.

"Hi, in accordance with the Prophecy, I'm Joe."

"Joe? I thought you said your name was Freddie."

"Yes, it is. I just wanted to see if you were paying attention."

She laughed.

"In accordance with the Prophecy? What's that? Don't tell me that you're a Born Again Christian." She looked at him hoping beyond hope, but expecting the worst. "Are you or a religious freak?

"You don't believe in the afterlife, Nirvana, the holy of the holiest, and the existence of God?" He closed his eyes, pressed his palms together and hummed, as if he were chanting. Then, his green eyes popped open and he smiled. His smile made her feel vulnerable. She liked how he looked at her, as if she was the only one in the room. "Nah, I just said that to freak you out. See? It worked."

"You're funny, but in a weird way."

"What do they call you? Elizabeth, Beth?

"Liz," she said with a broad smile hoping it matched his smile.

"So," he said still standing at the table and looking down at her, "what can I get you?" He turned and gave a look to the Starbuck's counter."

"Oh, I'll have a small, black coffee," she said admiring his side profile and looking down at his hands and at the slight bulge that filled out the front of his pants.

"Do you want fries with that?"

"Fries? They don't serve fries here."

"Yeah, I know, I just said that. It just sounded like something that I should ask when taking your order."

"No fries," she said with a nervous laugh, "just a small, black coffee."

"That's it, no mocha, latte, half with another half Grande supreme super..."

"No, I'll just have a plain, small, black coffee."

"That is so weird."

"What is?"

"That is exactly how I take my coffee, too."


"Yeah, I can't believe we have that in common, only I add cream and sugar."

She laughed, again. He was funny, but in a weird, cerebral sort of way. It was obvious that he thought out of the box, only she eyed him cautiously with a look of, if it was too good to be true, then...

She watched him leave. He had a nice ass, proud, round, and firm. He must workout, she thought. He looks toned, but not like a runner, more like a swimmer. She continued watching him standing at the counter, being solicitous of the help, making conversation, making them laugh, and laughing.

She thought about what their babies would look like. Stop it! As soon as she thought it, she admonished herself for thinking that. Her biological clock was ticking and she had already gone through a small army of imposters for her love.

He was so frightfully good looking that she wondered how someone this appealing remained unattached. She was weary, until he returned to the table with the coffee and she gazed into his big, green eyes and became caught up in his bright, white smile again.

"So, tell me about yourself, age, occupation, education, marital status, and children," she said with a nervous laugh expecting the worst that he was married with children, only that would be a load off if only he was married with children. If only she knew his background proved much worse than that.

"I'm 29. Children? None that I know of. I'm not married. I've never been married. Matter of fact, I've never been in a serious relationship."

"Someone as good looking as you," she said embarrassed that she was admitting that to him, "not being in a serious relationship makes no sense."

She gave him her best flirty smile. His eyes and his smile melted her. She thought about breaking her rule of not having sex on the first date. When he made eye contact with her again and smiled that magical smile, what rule, she thought?

"I have a doctorate degree in physiology, but I'm not a medical doctor. I'm a scientist." He put his head down while stirring his coffee.

Wow, he's a doctor, she thought, her mother would be so happy. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Freddie—"

"I'm a virgin," he added.

To be continued...

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