tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSarah's Takeover

Sarah's Takeover


Chapter 1 - Buyout

Sarah Bently paced the length of her elegantly clean office. Her long shapely legs drifted into a slim executive suit that was a bright gray against her contrastingly long red hair. As she paced the eleventh floor suite, she spoke to herself under her breath. Her nervousness showed.

"They're here." A voice from the door startled her.

At the opening was her young assistant Alex. The twenty-two year old grad had only worked at the firm for four months, but she had proven herself as an asset. The daughter of a New York congresswoman, she got the opportunity to be here because of Sarah's friendship with her mother. And now she might loose it with everyone else at Urban Style Group.

"Swell....how do I look?"

Alex looked her over quickly saying "Like a Barbie as usual. Now put on that combat face."

Sarah stilled herself as she came to the door.

"Think we're fucked?" Alex whispered.

"Were not fucked....just bent over a bit."

They both stood like statues as a tall trim man in his thirties strode down the office isle towards them. He was ungodly handsome with cropped peppered hair and a manicured goatee to match. Controlling the room with his very stride only made Sarah quiver.

He smiled slightly and held out his hand. Wonderful to see you again Sarah."

"Likewise Tom." She said forcefully.

His hand seemed to heat hers in such a way she felt it in her feet. She felt the same thing when they first met in Paris after a runway show. She was taken back by his ability to have everyone focus on him. Sarah found that incredibly appealing. But that was then. That was before he showed his teeth.

The whole evening he was smoothly praising her work in the field. Upton event went so far as to give a toast to honor her innovative photo spreads. All the while, the bastard was already sinking his hands in her company. Whatever the cost, she wasn't going to take this lying down.

After short pleasantries, all were seated at the glass conference table overlooking New York. Tom Upton leaned back into what he must have felt was his new chair. He swiveled a bit, raising his eyebrows towards Sarah as if to say "gotchya."

"I trust you have read the offer I sent you. I have no problem keeping you on as a consulting asset, but.......not much more." He said evenly.

Sarah brushed over the comment saying, "I did look at it Mr. Upton, but I don't your cash parachute, thanks."

Sarah opened a folder and turned it.

"This is a list of the dedicated talent that helped make this company. Keep them or you sink yourself."

He stared at her with smoldering brown eyes. If it wasn't for the pressure she was under, she would almost think he was turning her on instead of infuriating her. She could feel the dull throb in her crotch enough to shift in the chair.

"I took into account the photography studio downstairs, and the fact that most of the models work out of here," he paused to smile again, "but I still have to see what can be done. As for now, my executive assistant, and virtual lioness, Mrs. Cloud will be running this floor.

Entering the room was a woman who could have been a model herself. Tall with long blond hair pulled neatly back into a bun, and perky D breasts straining at her silk blouse. Sarah had met plenty of women like this one in the corporate world. Cold as ice with an all business attitude. It always seemed to Sarah that it was a facade for the sexual gawking they received at a younger age.

She dropped a stack of papers on the table without looking up at anyone.

"I'm all set here Mr. Upton. I have all the transfer items."

"Great!" he said while jumping up. "Short and sweet. I'll be heading to the loft for the rest of the day."

Sarah couldn't believe it! In just five minutes it was over, and Upton was heading for the elevator. She drew a vicious scowl, and rushed after him. Sarah just made into the box with him before the doors closed.

"Listen Tom!" He quickly cut her off while straightening his tie. "Mr. Upton, please."

Her mouth dropped. As feisty of a woman she had grown to be in this business, he could just shut her down. With her anger came the same warm ache between her thighs, and it was building.

"Don't start that Mr. Upton shit! I AM this firm!"

Tom slowly drifted towards her. He was close enough for her to smell his aftershave. "I know." he whispered. Reaching out, he brushed away a trail of red hair from her face.

"That's why I bought you. You're the best."

His large hand brushed her cheek, and it sent a lightning bolt down Sarah's body. Suddenly she could feel moisture cling to her panties. The tension was palatable....and he knew it.

Tom ran his hand down her arm, slightly catching the outer edge of her breast with his fingertips. He landed his hand in hers softly.

"Dinner....my loft.......eight o'clock."

Sarah fought back her sensations, "Why would I do that?"

"To fight for your job," he said casually while walking out of the elevator. By the time the doors closed, she could feel a bead of moisture running down her thigh.


Tom entered his spacious loft on the upper west side just before noon. It was full of art, yet classically sparse of furnishings. He threw off his coat instantly, and headed for the circular art deco couch in the middle of the room. There sitting on the black leather was an early twenties brunette. She was tiny, but she in now way looked timid. Both arms were covered in tattoos, with one reaching her neck. Her hair was pulled back in a tight mess as if she had been riding a bike; witch matched the Haines white T-shirt and dirty jeans. The proper bad girl at your service.

She looked up with a smile. "Afternoon sir."

"Jax. What do you have for me?"

She handed over a small stack of photos. Tom perused them quickly and chuckled. "She is a VIXIN!"

"Yeah," said Jax, "I was stuck in the back hall for three rounds of that shit."

He looked over Jax's tight little nipples through the T-shirt with heavy eyes. "That must have worked you up a bit?"

She snorted while beginning to stand, "Sure. I hope you don't need me tonight cuz I'm booked."

Tom suddenly grabbed her arm with force, but still made his movements smooth; almost tender. "This is great work, but you're still on probation from last week's disaster."

"I am?" Her voice quite.

"That's right sweetie...trouble follows you."

With both hands rubbing her shoulders, he slowly guided her to her knees. Her response was mixed with slight hesitation and utter submission. Reaching out, Jax diligently undid his slacks. Letting them fall to the floor, releasing Tom's thick member. She looked up at him for a moment, then dropped her heavily massacred eyes.

In slow gentle glides of her tongue, she swirled the crevasses under the head of his cock until it gleamed. With one tilt of her head, she imprisoned the head in her scolding mouth. Soft slurping sounds escaped her as she twisted her tongue and lips in wide circles; zeroing in on Tom's sensitive tip. She lashed her lips over it while gently stroking his base. More and more began to disappear between her ruby lips until she had all of him. Reversing in a slow upward suction, the shaft pulled taught. Tom breathed out nonsense; tilting his head to watch her make love to his dick. With small streams of saliva as lubrication, she lovingly jacked the tanned skin back and forth. Tom watched this lazily. Watching her tongue occasionally break from her lips to swirl upwards. Blood in his veins could be seen pulsing, quickening his enjoyment.

Tom groaned contently. "That's it beautiful. Show me what you're made of." This only increased her swirling motions up and down the shaft, now briskly rubbing his shaved balls.

With precision of a surgeon, Tom repositioned himself to the couch, never letting her perfect face discontinue its pumping. He watched for a moment while his hands gripped her tiny ponytail. His look became one of pure power with the clenched fist of hair. But instead, Tom delicately lifted her greedy head away. His rod flopped onto his waist, pulsing with energy.

"I want you to pull of those dirty fucking jeans now."

Instantly she complied, pealing the skintight leggings down to her feet. She seductively tilted back up to reveal a perfectly flat stomach. Thin tan lines surrounded the arches of her creamy white slit, witch all but called out to be touched. With only a slight patch of golden hair above her opening, the dripping pouted lips of her cunt were in full reveal.

"What is that beautiful moist mound?" he pointed directly.

Jax gasped in response, juices leaking from her gap, "It's your pussy."

"It's what?..."

She now said it with eagerness. "It's your wet little pussy! And you own it."

He only grinned in approval as Jax climbed onto his lap, guiding his cock into her steamy mess. At first he leaned back.... enjoying the rhythmic movement of her thrusts. She twisted to each side, as she would engulf him. The tight grasp her pussy around him was so overpowering, Tom felt he would blow at any second. But soon, as he felt the hot folds of her womb lash against his cock head, Tom took control.

He grabbed her waist with both hands and began to simultaneously thrust his pelvis upwards while forcing her down upon him.

"Oh FUCK baby.....gnnnna..." Jax panted. Tom's thrusts became more forceful and piston like.

"Is that my cunt?! Do I own that cunt?!" His voice becoming ragged.

Jax sweat flung across Tom's cheek while she writhed on top of him. He looked at her with utter concentration. "Yuueah! Oh!" he heard come out of her mouth, and he knew. The increased throbbing of her muscles, the rhythmic clamping of her thin thighs with every burning thrust meant control. Control that he had over her as she rocked towards climax.

Jax's eyes clinched shut, and he knew it was time. And as she shuttered on his lap, Tom was already looking towards the evening. He was amagining Sarah watching from the bay window. Her hands busy at work on a wet pussy covered in curly red hair. She would cum with them.

"That's riiiiight!!! OH! Christ!" Jax threw her head back. "I'm so gunna fucking cum right nuuugh now!!"

Tom felt her pussy latch on to his member with full force as she screamed out, "It's your fucking pussy.....nuuuug!!!!"

The moment was more than he could take, and Tom immediately erupted into her. He grunted hard as the hot jets of cum penetrated Jax's burning sex. She fell forward with release. Tom allowed her to lie there, but only for a moment.

He lifted her off of him with a panned look, then simply walked towards the kitchen. His demeanor had changed in an instant.

"Go get your clothes. I got work to do."

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