tagBDSMSaturday Morning

Saturday Morning


I have just woken up. All night sex dreams with no release has me frustrated. My name is Lin. I am a 45 year old petite redhead with fair skin and green eyes. I am 5'4' and thin with full 34B breasts. I have toned arms and legs but my belly is not as firm as it used to be before having my third and final child. I work in sales and love it because of the people. I love meeting new people and I'm naturally very curious. My career fits me well but when I leave I don't think about work, it's just what I do, not who I am. I am married to Paul, he is smart, funny, and so sweet to me. He is strong and quiet and intense. He is a professional photographer so I know it's because he's an artist that he can be moody and temperamental.

Paul is a very hot ginger with gorgeous ice blue eyes. He is 5'8", lean and has beautiful curly light strawberry blond hair that he keeps long and has a nice red beard and mustache that he keeps neat. He looks like a surfer. He has an amazing ripped body and trains Brazilian jiu jitsu so he is crazy strong with amazing stamina. Paul creates beautiful photography and plays guitar. He is polite and kind and really fun to be around. Our marriage is good over all, we love each other very much. Since turning 40, I have been so incredibly horny. My sex drive is insane. Paul is happy to oblige but it's getting old for him, I can tell. I was looking to help ease my sexual demands on my husband and this is how I discovered, Literotica.

Last night, we went to a jiu jitsu fight to support his instructor who was the main event. All day long, surrounded by hot men speaking Portuguese, all the sweaty, fit bodies rolling around on top of each other, it was hot! It was more stimulation then I could take and I had been holding it in all night. When we got home it was 1:00 am so we just went to bed.

Ok, back to my dream. I was kissing and touching one of the fighters from the bout. It was so slow and wet and I was impatiently wanting more and more but he just kept holding the back of my head and then he whispered in my ear, "calm down baby, I've got you. I am going to make you cum like a fountain". I was so turned on but woke up (of course) and he never made good on his promise. I was very disappointed. I looked over to see if my husband is still in bed, so I can just grab his cock and suck him until he's rock hard so he can pound my cunt until I have the orgasm I was promised. But that didn't happen. Hubby is downstairs busy so I don't mention anything and I start the usual morning routines. Brushing teeth, washing face, etc.

My husband is a very nice man, everyone loves him but I love that behind closed doors he treats me like his personal fuck toy. I get out my laptop to see what is new on Literotica when he walks in. I look up and he has a very intense look in his eyes as he starts taking his clothes off next to my side of the bed. As I am watching, he suddenly closes my laptop and pulls it off my lap to put on the dresser. He is standing naked next to the bed and as I look over to see what he is doing he grabs the back of my head with one hand and with the other hand on my throat he feeds me his cock in one slow but persistent thrust of his hips. Is he a mindreader? I was just thinking this right? He lets go while I start gobbling his cock like it's breakfast. I am laying on my stomach with my head off the side of the bed. He starts ripping my bed clothes off as I am licking and sucking his balls and shaft.

Thank goodness all my sleep wear is stretchy enough he can take it all off over my legs instead of my head so he doesn't have to let his cock out of my mouth. When he is pushed forward to take my clothes off of my feet, my nose is smashed into the base of his penis and his balls are squished against my chin. Once I am naked, he flips me over so I am laying on my back with my head off of the bed so he can easily slid his cock down my throat. While I am almost delirious from gagging on his dick, his fingers start rubbing my wet pussy and his thumb is lightly rubbing my clit. One finger starts rubbing my asshole, getting it wet from my pussy juices which are flowing. My body is going crazy. I can't think. I am pinned down by his hips pressing into my face and his hands on my pussy and tits. Each time he gags me with his cock, my pussy contracts around his hand and he moans. He loves seeing me get off. He quickly pushes my head up and pushes me onto my hands and knees with my ass facing him.

At the same time he shoves my head down onto the bed and holds it down with one strong hand. He is fucking me before I can catch my breath from the mouth abuse. I am so turned on I am making strange grunting and squealing noises that I don't recognize. He is pounding my pussy so fast and hard and then will slow down to tease me. I ask him to put a finger in my ass. I feel so full with his cock deep inside me and his thumb in my ass. I can't hold on and have a teeth chattering orgasm. My pussy clenched around his cock and my ass convulsing around his thumb. He is not even close so I know I am in for multiples, it's a good day to be me.

He repositions me so that he is higher up on my ass with his hips. His hard shaft is rubbing my g-spot and I reach a hand between my legs to rub my clit. I have some nice little mini orgasms (i call them aftershocks) while he is inside me and pushing my clit on the outside with him stimulating me from the inside was building to something really good. He grabs my hair and pulls my head back, he now has both hands around my throat with gentle but firm pressure. With my head pulled back Paul's cock is even deeper in cunt. He is now plunging his thumb in and out of my asshole with the rhythm of his thrusting. I start to orgasm and I get scared, am I peeing? No, I am squirting like never before.

It felt so amazing, my pussy and asshole are intensely convulsing as I recognize the sounds of Paul's impending orgasm. He is pounding me so hard and because I am so wet, there are juices splashing out with every thrust. I reach through my legs and grab Paul's balls and start rubbing his perineum, seconds later he is rammed deep inside me and holds me there while he pushes his cum in me shot after shot. He collapses onto his side, releasing me and I crawl on my hands and knees over to him and lick our juices off of his beautiful shiny penis. When he is all clean I slid my body on top of his, both of us covered in sweat. I kiss him deeply and look into his eyes and say "Thank you." and he says "It was my pleasure. CUMMM again soon." I told you he was polite and funny.

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