tagErotic CouplingsScenes from a Caliente Marriage

Scenes from a Caliente Marriage


I. Opening Scene

You overhear co-workers talking about an adult site for hookups. You write down the name.

At home, later that night, you explore. You are amazed.

Men of every type are all before you: an erotic buffet for your selection, some elegantly dressed, others just a hard cock.

You are surprised, but your eye is not shy. You moisten at the thought of never having to wonder to know his size.

The next evening, you open up Pandora's box again. The inbox is filled with many responses.

You scan your choices, filtering for two criteria: an older man and very well-endowed.

You respond to several messages. Quickly, a favorite answers back. You connect for chat. You are bold. Up front, you ask him his cock size, and then for proof. He sends you photos.

You make plans for a lunch meeting and an erotic rendezvous. But when the time comes, female biology intervenes so you end the afternoon just with a kiss.

The following weekend, you meet in the lobby of his favorite hotel and go up to the room. You strip into lingerie in the bathroom, come out and sit provocatively in a leather chair. He strips before you.

Your expectation was to say goodbye to him in the parking lot the next morning. But something happens, and you both feel it. The first time it's sex. The second time something more. The third time it starts to become lovemaking.

Morning comes, and after the sex, you say, no feelings. He smiles. He knows it's too late.

The feelings have already overtaken you both. He invites you to breakfast.

When you part, you feel empty. You call him up and invite him to your home that afternoon. He walks in the front door. He later confesses, his first thought was: "I could live here."

You begin a relationship that leads to our marriage. The two of us, now together, scan the ads, making selections on the same website where we met now for couples and MFM play.

II. Adventure in Light Bondage

We arranged it through the internet: our adventure in light bondage and submission play with another couple.

We show up at their doorstep on a beautiful midsummer's night in June, my wife blindfolded, wearing a black dress, nothing underneath.

As soon as we enter, they greet us, with smiles, and no talk, just a little light whispering among the trio of us with eyes wide open.

They strip off her dress, and lead her into their backyard pool, heated to near body temperature. They float her around the pool. The blindfold sinks her sight and heightens all her other senses.

They remove her from the pool, and dry her off with heated towels, fresh from the dryer, and then lead her into their bedroom, where they bind her down by her wrists and ankles, spread-eagled.

The arousal of all of her other senses begins more intensely. We play her favorite classical music. We give her tastes of her favorite foods: berries and fruit, a bit of chocolate.

The three of us swirl our fingers all over her, and tease her with an array of touches: a feather, fur, silk, the tip of the tongue, kisses all over, a vibrator on soft speed.

We keep her in mystery about who is doing what to her, and leave her wondering if it is just the three of us, or more.

The play starts sensual, then becomes more erotic, more sexual: her ear lobes nibbled, her nipples teased, her lower lips parted open, her clit aroused, a cock in one hand, another fed to her lips, a woman's touch caressing her arms, legs, inner thighs.

Her ankles restraints are removed. Her husband spreads her legs apart and slowly, softly enters her and begins fucking her to a crescendo, scaling up the octaves of orgasm, and she comes ecstatically.

She's unleashed, and returned, still blindfolded, to the pool, where she is fucked by the other man, as her husband cushions her in his arms.

The blindfold is removed. She sees for the first time the two conspirators who have joined with her husband in creating for her a midsummer's night dream of an evening.

III. The Opposite of Jealousy, Part 3

My wife and I, after sustaining a very-sexed up relationship for several years, still disagree about one thing. We debate about what incites us to our most intense, passionate, ecstatic sex—-the lovemaking that leaves us marveling at the mystery of the erotic.

She insists that nothing turns her on more than watching me fuck hard and every which way another woman. I almost agree with her, as I do l love the moment when my lover, sensing that I am bringing another woman to climax, grabs me by my balls and whispers in my ear encouragement to take her mercilessly, and then holds on to squeeze my balls with loving care as I release into her.

In turn, nothing makes me more apt to orgasm powerfully—-and rebound quicker-—than sharing my lover with another man. Together, back alone in bed, we relive every favorite moment from the look in his eyes as I strip her down to the sounds of his moans as she edges him on with her oral, and then takes him reverse cowgirl, milking his cock of every drop of cum energy, as she sucks mine and locks onto my eyes with her most wicked, loving look.

Our last time, I won the debate. We found a man visiting LA on a trip who had the look—and the size—she likes best. We booked a room in our favorite hotel. We met first for drinks and dinner. He was very charming, not the least bit pushy. The heat began kindling in her from the first moment. We took our time over dinner, sharing stories. By the end, she wanted him so bad. We ordered dessert, but she gave us her look and pulled us from our seats before it arrived.

Back in our room, she went full Latina caliente, stripping to her lingerie, making him watch her play with herself, then reverencing his manhood with every Cleopatra touch known to a woman.

He fucked her the best, making her come time and again. Remarkably, soon after draining him a third time, she had him up again. I paid him a compliment. I left the room, leaving them alone. She didn't call me back to the room until 4 am. We fucked relentlessly the rest of the day

IV. Love and Orgasms in the Afterglow

For us, when we play with other couples, the 'breaking apart' of the marriage bond, as we sex it up with other partners, seems to release, like the fission of some radioactive element, a remarkable burst of energy that ends up, in the afterglow-when we are making love again together, private and intimately-creating a more beautiful, intense fusion between us and stronger, more vibrant, more charged orgasms.

The erotic play with others becomes an extraordinary three part play: the bond that intensifies between us as we anticipate the play, then the play itself, and then the afterplay, and we always try to make sure that the next 12 hours after being involved in erotic play with others-when we return to our own bed the same night for more lovemaking and when we awake the next morning in each other's arms and begin lovemaking and-are as free as possible from the commitments and complications of our life that involve family and career, etc.

What we have both found is that some our best orgasms that we have ever had, measured by intensity and duration, have occurred in this moment of afterglow. We suppose this is not an uncommon phenomenon, and we invite others to share their experiences.

Our explorations and experiments in erotic play beyond vanilla, and the range of our vanilla lovemaking, convince us that nothing intensifies the magic and mystery of sex-its alchemy-more than love itself, and we seem to feel it most powerfully in our hearts and minds-as well as in our bodies-in this afterglow moment of erotic play.

We are convinced that the mind-body-heart split is something of a fiction, as these three all becomes so intertwined and infused in lovemaking and sex at its best. Perhaps our bodies-or more specifically, our orgasms-are telling us that one of the most extraordinary acts of love is freeing and encouraging our lover to sex it up with someone else, in our presence, knowing that our own bond of love is so strong and beautiful, that the physical connection can be 'broken' in the midst of our erotic oasis moments with others, but that it will be ultimately, strengthened, like being tempered by the fire and heat of the erotic play with others, emerging more powerful, more enduring.

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