tagSci-Fi & FantasySee the Mountains Kiss High Heaven

See the Mountains Kiss High Heaven


I woke from a comfortable dream of snuggling Maddie to the comfortable reality of snuggling Maddie. My arms wrapped around her belly, and my face was buried against her sprawl of black hair. I could swear that I could feel the freckles that speckled her body like a constellation of tiny stars with the tips of my fingers. I smiled and nuzzled against her neck, my nose breathing in her smell -- soft and feminine and faintly scientific. Wait. I drew back, frowning a bit as I looked down at her. She rolled onto her back as I gave her some space in our bed.

Maddie's body was essentially perfect, and I would fight anyone who said otherwise. And since I was Archive, the third or fourth strongest superhero in Project Aegis, I'm pretty sure I'd win. She had cute, smallish breasts that were just perfectly sized for my palm. Her skin was pale enough to make her freckles stand out deliciously, and the ruby redness of her nipples was accentuated by circular, perfectly formed things that go around nipples.

Areolas! Princess Radiant Element With Ninety Two, the spokesperson and head of the entire Altaran civilization that lived in my head and had lived in my head ever since an alien chunk of nanotechnology had turned me from Xander Logan, regular teenager, into Archive. They're called Areolas. And Madeline's are very very attractive. Also, happy Cuckold Day!

I shook my head, waving my hand. I wouldn't be distracted from this by trivialities like a corporate holiday. I leaned forward, sniffing at Maddie's fingertips. Definitely smelled like science to me. Maddie shifted on the bed, still asleep as Radi started to list off the different chemicals I was smelling. I wanted to be cross. Maddie had promised, promised that she wouldn't perform any forms of mad science until summer vacation and the time between us graduating from high school and nabbing a college. Not that I thought Maddie planned to go to college. Being a wanted supervillain and supergenius did make college seem a bit...

"Heyyyy," Maddie mumbled, opening one eye. "Admiring my itsy bitsy tiny tiddies?"

"Nooooo-" I lied.

"Hah!" Maddie sat up, her breasts bouncing fetchingly, her eyes gleaming with eagerness. She grinned at me -- then looked at the clock. "By Anubis' fluffy tail, Archie, it's five in the freaking morning." She yawned. "Why are you awake?"

"That's a good question..." I said, then grinned. "I know. It's too...kiss you!" I grabbed her shoulders, leaned forward, and kissed her. My tongue and hers met and I tasted the stimulants still tingling along the roof of her mouth. When I drew back, Maddie had the grace to look faintly guilty while also looking completely wide awake. "Maddie! You woke up, took a stim, and went to the lab, didn't you?"

"No, I went to the kitchen!" Maddie said, spreading her hands.

"And did what there?" I asked, frowning.

"...okay, it may look like anthrax..." Maddie started.

I put my hands over my face.

When we were both standing in the kitchen, Maddie dressed in a bathrobe and me in my jeans and T-shirt, I picked up a tiny bit of the white powder she had been cooking up. The Altarans living in my computronium body -- every last cell of my human form had been replaced by an alien nanorobot that could do a million calculations every second, giving it more computing power than several dozen 'Earth's entire civilization', and those cells were used to simulate the last Altaran city, containing the survivors of Altara when it was destroyed -- worked quickly to analyze the material she had been making.

"Well?" Maddie asked.

"They're still studying it," I said, grinning at her.

"There are several million super-educated alien savants living in you and it's taking this long to figure out what little old me did?" Maddie scoffed slightly, brushing her dark hair back behind one slender shoulder. I knew, though, that she was proud, and I wanted to just...pick her up and hug her all over again. But then a chime rang in my head and the specifications scrolled past my eyes. A growing sense of chagrin filled me as I saw the specifications.

"It's...a cure for the common cold..." I said.

Maddie giggled and kissed my cheek. "I know you said no supervillainy. But this is just regular run of the mill super normal, not suspicious-"

I kept reading.

The chagrin turned to a flare of irritation.

"...and it turns men above the age of fifty with conservative opinions into girls?" I spun to glare at her.

"Sexy girls!" Maddie said, spreading her hands. "With enhanced libidos!"

"That doesn't make it better!" I exclaimed.

"No, but it is funnier," Maddie said, cheerily.

I scowled at her. "Maddie!"

Maddie sighed. "Hey, it is only a short term transformation. Besides, I had to work with most of those jerkbags when I was President. If you think that it's annoying to work with the stuffed shirts at Project Aegis, just imagine working with men who think that not calling someone a...the N-word is political correctness." She shook her head. "If we lived in a just world, they'd have been the first ones Darkthorn killed back in '85." She sighed. "But nooo, they all got fancy bunkers and safe houses to run to during the invasion."

I shook my head. "I can't let you release this as is. Can you take the girlification part out?"

Maddie sighed. "Yes." She picked up a salt shaker that my mom had bought ages ago -- it was a magnetized pair of Kirk and Spock in a wedding outfit. She bathed her white powder with salt and smiled at me. "The salt bonds with the girlification enmeshes and re-polymerizes them into a non-newtonian slurry. Totally harmless."

"Did any of those words actually mean anything?" I asked, cocking my head.

"No, but the real explanation is more complicated," Maddie said, cheerfully. "You can check the stuff."

I sighed. "No. This may be...Cuck Day...but I trust you." I smiled at her, ruffling her hair slightly with my one hand. Maddie giggled, leaning her head back and kissing my palm. As she kissed me, I bit my lower lip and...just...tingled. Feeling her lips made me feel like butterflies and squirming excitement and golden rainbows. I drew my palm away from her face and Maddie playfully chomped onto one of my fingers, not letting it go until she shook her head back and forth like a puppy. Once I had gotten my hand back, she licked her lips.

"So, you're right, it is Cuck Day. Are we going to do anything for it?" she asked.

"Do anything on the day where people are encouraged to go out and cheat on their partners?" I asked, shaking my head. "God, no."

"Good," Maddie said, nodding as she crossed her arms over her chest. "It's a dumb holiday. I don't even know why it started."

"You? You don't know why a holiday started?" I asked, putting my hands on my hips. "You're a Class Sixteen intellect!"

"Yeah, but even someone as smart as me doesn't -- can't -- know everything," Maddie said. "I mean, Marcus Flair doesn't know how to keep his pants on around cute girls, and he's a Class 12 intellect."

I snorted. "Iridium isn't that bad."

"He's thirty two and dating your friend Alison," Maddie said, skeptically.

"Okay, yeah, Iridium is that bad," I admitted.

The door to my parents opened and Dad-2 walked out. He looked scraggly and unshaven and somewhat less than human. This was because Dad-2 was actually an alien shapeshifter -- it was a long story. Basically, aliens had wanted to invade Earth secretly using shapeshifters, Dad-2 was one of them who had copied someone, but he ended up falling in love with Mom and staying when the aliens got their butts kicked. So, now, I had two Dads.

Okay, actually, it wasn't that long of a story, actually. He blinked as he looked at the two of us.

"What are you two doing up?" he asked, his green scales shimmering as he focused and withdrew them underneath his false human skin, his eyes turning from slitted yellowy orbs to more human ones.

"Nothing!" Maddie and I said at the same time.


I thumped down into my desk and leaned back as the homeroom teacher started to scrawl on the broad the lesson plan for the day. Maddie sat next to me, while Alison sat to my right. Alison, my childhood friend and former most intelligent girl in my life, glared at Maddie. Maddie ignored her with her multispectral don't give a fuck field. I sighed. I knew why Alison might be upset -- today was Cuck Day and she was dating the least restrained superhero I had ever met in my entire life. But I decided right now, that I would dedicate today to being the best boyfriend in the entire history of the universe.

"So, if anyone wants to exchange Cuck Day cards, now is the time to do it," the teacher said, absently.

I nodded.

And then Trevor Shane walked by and slipped a card onto my desk with a mean smirk. Trevor Shane did not know that I was, in fact, Archive. If he had, he'd be less impressed with his Orak muscles and his four arms. And he'd stop trying to freaking bully me. And because secret identities were a thing, I had to freaking take it. I took up the card and saw it had a picture of two deer -- a buck with smallish antlers and a doe. Their noses were touching.

Don't be lonely... It said on the front. I opened it and now, the doe was being mounted by a larger, darker furred buck with much bigger antlers. The picture was drawn in a way that made it impossible to see any penetration, but it was so overt that it might as well have been softcore. The expression of blissed out pleasure on the doe's face was also unmistakable. The smaller back watched on with a chagrined expression -- and under him were the words: I still make her horny.

"That's not school appropriate..." I muttered.

I closed the card, a sudden sense of decision crackling through me. "Professor, can I go to the bathroom?"

"For the last time, Logan, I'm a teacher, not a professor, and yes," the homeroom teacher said. I smiled, sprang to my feet, kissed Maddie on the cheek, then sprinted out. The instant I was out of class, I kicked on the superspeed. I moved faster than the human eye could see, arriving at the library with only a faint crack of wind. The head librarian started as she looked over at me, clearly shocked that I had just appeared before her. I beamed at her.

"Hey," I said. "Do you have any books on the history of Cuck Day?"

She sighed. "Yes," she said. "I have three..." She frowned at me. "You aren't thinking of breaking that Madeline's heart, are you, Logan?"

I blinked. "No!" I exclaimed. "I want to find out where it came from so I can defeat it."

The librarian sighed. "Of course you do."

Soon, I had three books and a private reading room. I had only a few minutes before my homeroom teacher would start to wonder if maybe I was out on a mission. The teachers knew that I was a superhero -- it'd be impossible to be a superhero and a high schooler without that kind of help. Still, they preferred me to try and keep my world saving stuff to off hours. But this was important. What better Cuck Day present for Maddie than destroying the whole fucking thing? I flipped through the books and skimmed my eyes back and forth as the Altarans in me read along with. Soon, I had flipped through every single book -- On Cuckoldry, Wearing The Horns, and Zeus and Hera: Celebrations and Lamentations. I leaned back and smiled.

"So, Radi, what's the play?"

Um, well, Radi said, her voice sounding nervous. The celebration was created by Zeus, to celebrate and enshrine him gifting the world with demigods and heroes that have protected it, like Hercules and Romulus and General Straud and so on...

"Oh, so, I just have to talk to Zeus!" I said, cheerfully. "The Dodekatheon is on good relations with us."

The pantheon is, but Zeus might get touchy if you try and destroy his favorite day of worship, Radi said. One of the things that we cannot easily protect you against is magic. Remember when Maddie used magic to mind control you?

I nodded. "Well, Zeus' magic is mostly thunder bolts and lightning. I can tank that!"

Radi seemed unconvinced. She bit her lip, then bowed -- her simulated form phasing through the table. As you will it, glorious Archive!

I tucked the books back into their proper places, and hurried back to my class. My instinct was to go streaking out to Greece right now...but...no. This wasn't world saving stuff. Besides, school got out at twelve today! I could destroy Cuck Day and still have plenty of time to celebrate with Maddie. When I returned to the classroom, I found that Trevor was sprawled on the ground, the teacher clucking his tongue as he looked down at the burly oruk. Maddie had her feet up on her desk and a huge smile on her face.

I blinked.

"Wait, you can cast magic!" I said, sitting down next to her.

"Totes!" Maddie said, beaming at me.

"Do you wanna take on Zeus?" I asked, curiously. "I mean, I was planning to do this as a surprise gift, but I just realized, you already know what I'm going to do, aren't you?"

"I may have subtly implanted the idea in your head," she said, grinning at me. "I've already got some counter-charms prepped! We can go right now."

"We can?" I asked.

Maddie lifted up several papers that looked for all the world like signed documents from the principal saying that we absolutely had free reign to leave the school whenever we wanted too. She grinned. "They're not even forged."

"You just..."

"Talked to him for five seconds," Maddie said, cheerily. "I did get elected you know. I know how to... "she looked down at Trevor, who was being dragged to the nurse's office by a pair of stronger looking students. "...cut through red tape." She beamed at me. When she smiled like that, her canines seemed very sharp.


Maddie and I reached Olympus in amazing time.

We were only distracted once.

"Oh Archive!" Maddie's back arched as my mouth closed around her nipple. One of her hands cupped the back of my head, her other hand grabbing desperately onto the soft sands of a nameless beach in the Carribian. Her pale, freckled body was only partially concealed by her costume -- I had rolled up the shirt and hiked down the leggings and of course, Maddie didn't wear panties while in costume or ever for that matter. My cock filled her tight sex as she moaned, loud and uninhibited.

"God, I love you," I gasped, then shuddered and filled her to the brim with a rush of cum, my eyes closing tightly as Maddie's eyes shone and her mouth hung open, slack with pleasure.

Okay, twice. We were distracted twice.

"Yes, yes, yes, god, yes, fuck me!" Maddie moaned, her mouth pressing to my palm as I cupped her cheek, then slid my hand to her shoulders, keeping her upright as I fucked her against a tree that grew from one of the islands in the Mediterranian. Warm, dappled sunlight glowed across us both as I slammed into her from behind this time. Her ass was as tight as her pussy, and as welcoming, but god it felt naughty to be doing it here. Maddie wasn't even half out of costume -- she had pushed her pants down just enough, lifted her cape just enough...and...

Fuck. Her being in a mask.


"Cum in my ass," Maddie whispered.

"I will," I hissed, thrusting slower -- wanting to drag this out.

"Call me Ozymandias," Maddie whimpered, her eyes half closed behind her domino mask. I leaned forward, nibbling on her ear, tasting her sweat.

"Ozymandias!" I groaned and shuddered as my balls clenched and I spurted cum into her.

...okay, maybe we got distracted several times. In the end, we arrived at Olympus with at least five hours to spare before the end of Cuck Day. But the important thing was we did get there, flying up the sprawling peak to the glowing, beautiful structures of the Dodekatheon. They looked exactly like how one might expect Greek architecture to look like...save that the Dodekatheon painted their pillars and statues and other assorted walls a bunch of brilliant colors that made the whole place just look hideously garish and overdone to my eyes. I landed and set Maddie down, both of our capes flapping behind us in the swirling wind that blew through the Dodekatheon's home.

"Heeeyyy Archive, what is up my homie?" An excited, booming voice came from behind a pillar. To my shock, Heimdall walked out, big and black and larger than life. I blinked, then laughed, and we hugged.

"What the hell are you doing here, Heimdall?" I asked, stepping back, my hands and his bumping together in the incredibly hard to master double-knuckle fist bump.

"Visiting my buddy Mercury," he said, nodding. "You?"

I grinned. "Me and Ozymandias wanted to say hi to Zeus!"

Heimdall looked somewhat nonplussed. Before I could step past him, his hand closed around my forearm, stopping me in my tracks. Heimdall was a big, beefy guy. A god, too. But I felt as his strength tested against mine, I was just a little bit stronger. But I still relaxed myself slightly, looking into his shimmering, golden eyes. His face was seriously. "Dude," he murmured. "There's a reason why I decided to visit that prick. You shouldn't mess with what you don't understand."

I beamed at Heimdall. "Messing with what I don't understand is my reason de eatery!"

Raison D'etre, Radi piped up.

Heimdall shook his head. "I will warn you one more time. If you do this, none of us in the Aesir or the Dodekatheon or anywhere else can help you. Got it?"

I patted his hand -- then looked at Maddie. I trusted Maddie more than I'd trust any god on this green Earth, or beyond. Maddie gave me a great big thumbs up. With that encouragement, I grinned at Heimdall and walked past him. His arms lipped off mine and he watched me stride into Zeus' chamber. The brilliantly painted pillars thrust into the air like immense, garish trees, and the ceiling that sprawled overhead seemed to hold an infinity of colors, all of them dedicated to making Zeus look good. The man himself sat on an immense, crackling throne and I had to admit, he did look pretty intimidating. Broad shouldered and intensely muscular, with bronzed skin that had been worn by sun and age, and yet never quite seemed to get spotty or wrinkled. His beard was immense and bushy and his head was set with a shock of brilliant white hair, curling around his head and his flashing, intense eyes. But as I looked up at him, Maddie leaned over and whispered in my ear.

"Miiiiiiilf alerrrrrrt!"

I blinked, then looked down and to the left and holy shit.

Standing next to Zeus was the most goddamn MILFyist MILF I had ever liked to fuck ever. Holy shit, I don't mean to be crass, but...goddamn. Okay, so, Maddie was perfect but...fuck. The woman had a luminous mane of auburn hair that shimmered faintly with a kind of internal light. It draped along her bared shoulders, while a filmy purple toga wrapped around a bust that was as untouched by gravity as it was unsullied by age, and yet, and yet, there was a hefty maturity to those round, perfect, weighty orbs. They seemed to be just begging for someone to take that toga off and just worship at those slightly tanned breasts. Her nipples thrust slightly against the thinness of the fabric, providing the ultimate shelf that the rest of the toga hung from, draping down to only gently caress a broad set of hips and just enough of a tummy to be visible against the more billowing part of her outfit. In the end, she was a walking goddess of perfect sensual, maternal sexiness.

She crossed her arms and frowned at me, looking somewhat annoyed. Then I realized that she wasn't looking at me -- she was glaring at Maddie. I blinked, then looked at Maddie, then from Maddie to Zeus, and saw Zeus looking at Maddie the way I was looking at the girl and-

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