tagGay MaleSenatorial Secrets Ch. 07

Senatorial Secrets Ch. 07


Author's Note: This is a fictional story of politics and intrigue. This chapter touches on several different characters, but all takes place on the same day. Enjoy ~ Red.

Washington DC

"Tell me again," Brad whispered in his lover's ear.

"I love you," Anthony told him and ran his fingers down Brad's spine.

"Do you?" Brad asked. He'd been as close to exclusive as he could get with Anthony, only taking out his sexual perversions when Anthony returned home to be with his family. Something the young man had insisted on when the relationship started three months ago.

Anthony held Brad's ass in his hands and ground his hips upwards, forcing their cocks to bump against each others, bringing a moan from both of them. His eyes locked with his lover's and he ran his tongue across Brad's lower lip. "Brad. I wouldn't have said it if I didn't mean it. I told you to stop paying me after two weeks of being with you, doesn't that show I love you?" he asked, hooking his leg around Brad's and rolling him to his back.

"Yeah, that surprised me."

"You insisted I take the funds. But the offer is still there, if you don't believe I love you then you can stop paying me. . .I'm not going anywhere," Anthony told him and then began to move his lips down Brad's jaw and neck.

"No. . .I'm just doubting myself lately. . .God, baby you do that so well," Brad whispered.

"Do what?" Anthony asked. His mouth traveled across Brad's shoulder, nipping at the flesh, while his fingers skimmed down the chiseled pecs and over to Brad's ribs.

"You know what," Brad growled. He ran his fingers through Anthony's hair and pushed his head down toward his hardened nipples.

"Yeah, I know what," Anthony answered back and took in Brad's right bud, sucking and pulling on the tender bead.

"Do you still see her?" Brad groaned. He watched with lust-filled eyes as Anthony made his way over to his other nipple, bit it and then looked up at him.

Shrugging his shoulders he licked the ridged flesh and then smiled. "I see her because you told me to, remember. You said our friendship would help your career. I'm not fucking her if that is what you want to know. I'm yours remember. . .only yours," Anthony said. His tongue snaked out to lick a trail of moisture from the center of Brad's chest down to his navel and then across to his right hip.

"Yeah... all mine." Brad lifted his hips and took his cock in his hand. "Take it Anthony. I've missed you. These week long trips back home that you insist on are killers."

"But they are necessary," Anthony told him and replaced Brad's hand with his own. Brad closed his eyes as he let Anthony stroke his dick and toy with the head. "You like?"

"You know I do."

"Yeah, I know you do," Anthony answered and opened his mouth wide. He engulfed Brad's cock and felt it jerk inside his mouth. As he swirled his tongue back and forth, coaxing more moans and groans from his lover his eyes closed and he pictured Rebecca's pussy under his lips.

He saw her just as she had been yesterday morning, laying back on her bed with her legs open and his fingers and tongue playing with her. He had convinced her he'd been mugged back in LA and she had immediately pampered him, confessing to him how she cared for him and in return he too confessed his desire for her. Very soon they were making out and then making love. He felt Brad's fingers in his hair and he came off the cock in his mouth to gather up his lover's balls and begin to treat them to firm sucks and hard licks of a sandy textured tongue.

"Finger my ass, baby," Brad moaned, lifting his hips in eagerness.

Anthony moaned in defiance, but he knew Brad would only feel the vibrations and think they were for the desire of ramming his finger into the Senator's hole. Anthony teased the puckered entrance with his finger and then dropped the wet sack to lick the underside of Brad's dick. "You ready?" he asked.

"Yeah. I need it." Brad cursed when he felt the initial invasion. "Fuck yes. . .ohh fuck yeah. That feels so good," he moaned and then pushed his ass down, taking more of Anthony's finger.

Anthony pumped his digit in and out, as he licked his way to the tip of Brad's cock. He took his free hand and lifted the rod up and then swallowed the head. Slowly he moved down the thick shaft, taking another inch and then another as Brad urged him on. When he reached the bottom he sucked hard and kept a seal around Brad's dick as he tried not to gag on the pre cum that was filling his throat.

He heard Brad beg him to make him come and though Anthony knew how to prolong his boss's pleasure he also was more than willing to speed up the process. His mouth slid up to the head of Brad's cock and then dropped down hard. Several times he took the man's sex deep down his throat and then back up again. When he felt the come shoot out a sense of relief filled him. He continued milking Brad until he felt Brad's fingers leave his hair. He pulled his finger out of the man's ass and left his cock to hang limp on his thigh.

"God damn, that felt good."

Anthony just smiled, slipped up Brad's body and shared a come-filled kiss with him. When their tongues parted, he rolled to his back and closed his eyes.

"You know that never gets old," Brad muttered. He lay on his side and took Anthony's cock in his hand. "We aren't finished baby. You need to come too. This isn't a one-sided love affair," he said.

Anthony shifted and masked his feelings. "No it isn't. You need to fuck me lover," he said as he reached for a bottle of lube that lay waiting on the night stand. He gave the tube to Brad and watched the older man load his cock with the clear gel. His gaze moved to a speck of dirt on the wall behind Brad and he concentrated on it as Brad slowly lowered his ass down onto Anthony's rock hard member.

"Ohh fuck yeah," Anthony whispered, as if he were in a play and it was time for him to act. In away that was what he did. He acted with Brad. He played the part of a willing lover, devoted and very much in awe of being with the Senator. In actuality he was a willing screw so he could pocket the money and give Rebecca a better life.

He closed his eyes again as his balls began to tighten. His lips moved and he moaned in pleasure as his mind drifted to thoughts of his girl riding him. "Beck," he muttered as his come shot from his balls. He was too lost in the fantasy to feel Brad stop and he thought nothing of it when he heard his lover curse.

When Brad leaned down their lips touched and their tongues tangled. "Thanks baby," Anthony whispered.

"Yeah," Brad said quietly and slipped off of Anthony's cock. Brad watched Anthony stretch and yawn. He stared at him as he got up and he even smiled when his lover winked and headed to the bathroom. Inside Brad was furious, disappointed and hurt. For almost three months Anthony had been his lover. He hadn't been exclusive, but he was the only one that he loved. He was also sure that Anthony had loved him, but now he knew. It wasn't Brad's name that fell from his lover's lips it was the name of another. . .a woman even. Brad's stomach curled in disgust. He got off the bed and moved to his jacket.

He dialed a number and reached Samuel. "I need you to take a leave of absence and do some work for me," he said quietly, his gaze never leaving the bathroom door where Anthony was showering.

"I need you to track Anthony's movements from last week when he was with his family. Seems my lover is dipping his wick into the enemies cunt."

He shut the phone off and then headed to the bathroom. "We'll see how much you like fucking that bitch when she doesn't look so pretty," he told himself.


Peter's plane landed and he headed to the Lincoln Town Car that was waiting for him. He raised a brow, curious as to where Sam was and why he hadn't picked him up. He knew Anthony was supposed to be in town and he knew Brad was probably with him. He reached the pinstriped suit of the driver and shook his hand. "You are?" he asked.

"Brian, just a temp. I'm supposed to give you the keys and hitch a ride back to the office, where my car is. Seems Sam had an emergency come up and he's out of the picture for a while."

"Really?" Peter asked, wondering what would have pulled Sam from Brad's side, since the man had no family. "Where's the boss man?" he asked, though he knew.

"He's at his place. His intern's back from vacation and I guess they have business to discuss."

Peter raised a brow, figuring the young man didn't know what type of business was being discussed. "Well thanks for the keys and I'll give you the lift you need. Climb in," he said, nodding to the car.

He pulled out of the parking lot and headed back into the city. His briefcase sat in the back along with his luggage and his mind wandered back to Danielle and how beautiful she looked waving goodbye to him. When he dropped the young man off, he headed to Brad's Washington house and quickly went through security.

Once there he tossed his bags in his room and quickly pulled out the manilla envelope he was going to personally deliver to his employer. He had run the plan in his head. He could mail it, leave it on his desk, or simply do nothing. The last option was always quickly dismissed. In the end he wanted to see Brad's reaction. He wanted to watch his face grow pale and his hands shake. He needed to see the man brought down and watch his world fall apart.

Peter tucked the envelope back in his briefcase and pulled his shirt over his head. He stripped down and walked naked to his bathroom, where he quickly submerged himself into a hot shower.



Gail and Gina watched their mother flitter about the room. They both sat on her bed as she tossed several dresses to the floor before settling on one of a deep crimson color. They gave each other knowing winks and then giggled.

"What?" Savannah asked.

"Nothing," the twins chimed in.

Savannah rolled her eyes and went back to finding suitable jewelry to go with her dress.

"So mom," Gail said, pulling a lock of blonde hair. "What's his name?"

Savannah's hands hovered over a ruby bracelet and she turned to face her twin girls. "Who?"

"The guy you're getting all dolled up for. Dad's in D.C. mom. . .so what's his name?" Gina repeated the same question her sister had asked.

Savannah paled and turned away. "Mom come on. We aren't stupid. You've been on cloud nine since we left Las Vegas. You've been smiling and prancing around her like a girl who just had her first orgasm."

"For Christ's sake Gail!" Savannah said, her eyes growing wide. "I'd like to remain ignorant in the fact that you know what an orgasm is."

"Come on mom. . .we're gonna turn nineteen soon. We know all about the big 'O'."

Gina smiled. "So. . . who is it and where did you meet him?"

Savannah bit her lower lip as she snapped the bracelet onto her wrist. "His name is Mitch and before you ask. . .he's single and yes I have had him checked. Peter did it for me. He's a respectable business man. He owns a pharmaceutical company as well as a casino in Las Vegas."

"Ha! You owe me," Gina said, smacking her sister softly on the arm.

"Owe her what?" their mother asked.

Gina smirked. "She knows," she winked to her sister. "So you met him in Vegas. I take it he's the reason you weren't able to make it to the Gala a couple of months ago, or the dinner with Dad and Senator Alan?"

Savannah blushed and nodded her head. "Girls. . .its like I'm special."

"You are special mom," Gail said and moved away from bed to embrace her mom. "You've always been special. We know that even if he doesn't."

They all knew who the girls were talking about. Savannah squeezed her daughter tight and held her close. "I loved him once," she whispered and smoothed back the soft blonde curls.

"We did too," Gail whispered. Soon she felt Gina's hands wrap around them both. The three women held each other as they released tears that hadn't fallen in years. When they pulled apart Gina took her mom's hand.

"Can we meet him?" she asked.

Savannah smiled. "I'd like that," she whispered, touching her daughter's face and then repeating the action with Gina's mirror image. "Let me call him. We're meeting tonight at his hotel. I've worked hard at meeting him in secret. I've used less bodyguards and then only the ones Peter recommended.

"Yeah, Peter's a cool guy," Gina said. Gail chuckled and returned to the bed.

"Well, he's helped me find a few top quality agents to shuttle me around so I could meet with Mitch. If it wasn't for him, I don't think Mitch and I would have gotten together as much as we have."

"Peter seems to know who to be friends with and how to pull favors from the right people. I heard from Dad that he's supposed to be back in D.C. today." Gail said.

"Yeah, that's what I heard too." Gina rose up and headed for the door. "Mom. . .let me know when we can meet this Mitch. Anyone that makes you smile like that can't be a bad guy."

Gail agreed and then slipped away to join her sister on the tennis court.

Savannah felt the weight of her situation change as she realized she had two special people she could share her happiness with. As she applied her make-up she wondered if perhaps it wasn't time to give up on the political world and do something to make herself happy. Would the girls mind not being known as the White House Twins? Would Brad make it easy on her if she were to threaten his sick sexual perversions to the world? She patted her cheeks with powder and then pulled out the diamond ring Mitch had given her the last time they were together. She slipped it onto her right hand and wished it could sit on her left.


Mitch stared at the man sitting across from him. He watched with disinterest as the gentleman counted the bills that filled the envelope. "It's all there," he told him.

The man looked up and nodded his head. "I trust ya. It's just my way," he said and stuffed the envelope in his jacket. "You sure you want to do this?" he asked.

"I wouldn't have called you, if I hadn't." Mitch rose from his desk and shook the other man's hand. "I want her single. She's not going to leave him. There's too much politics involved. Exposing him for the sick fuck he is won't help either because it will hurt her and her daughters. I don't want that."

"Killing him won't hurt?" the man asked.

"Nah. . .not in the long run. If it bothers you though, think of it as doing good for the Country," Mitch winked.

"Bother me? Nah. . .doesn't bother me at all. I'm doing a job and getting paid. Any particular day work best for you?"

"I don't care what day you do it. Just be sure it gets done and the girls as well as Savannah aren't anywhere near him. You hurt them and well. . ."

"I understand," the man said and zipped up his coat.

Mitch watched him leave then began to ready himself for his meeting with Savannah.

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