tagCelebrities & Fan FictionSeventh Heaven: Camden Family Sex Ch. 04

Seventh Heaven: Camden Family Sex Ch. 04


Chapter 04

Eric and Annie's 25th Anniversary Party

The twins were spending the week with Eric's parent's home in Buffalo. This allowed the other five children to plan and make sure their parent's anniversary party was a party to end all parties.

Matt and Sarah flew in from New York along with Mary and Carlos. Carlos and Mary were invited to stay with Kevin and Lucy, while Matt and Sarah stayed in his old room across the hall from Eric and Annie.

Simon and Rose stayed in town with Sandy and Martin, while Heather invited Roxanne and Shauna to stay with her at her parent's house down the street. She figured the three of them could have some great stories to tell one another about dating Matt and Chandler.

After Paris remarried and divorced again, she had Peter home from college and invited Chandler to stay with the two of them for the get-together.

Ben came into town and stayed at a nearby hotel along with his mother, Mrs. Bo Kinkirk. He was surprised that down the hall in the same hotel was Robby. Mrs. Kinkirk flirted openly at the hotel pool with Robby and Ben was pissed when he watched the two of them disappear into Robby's room.

Without Sarah's knowledge Ruthie invited her parents, Rabbi Richard and Rosina Glass to the party too, little did Ruthie know that Richard and Rosina knew nothing about the things that were planned for the party and how much their daughter had taken to that life-style?

Lucy and Sandy prepared the church and had everything set for the happy couple to renew their vows. While talking about who was going to say what at the ceremony Sandy was leaning over the back of Lucy's chair in the church office. All of a sudden Lucy faked a sharp pain in her neck and shoulder.

Sandy immediately took to massaging her neck and the next thing Sandy knew, Lucy has spun around in her chair and pulled Sandy down into her lap. The two of them locked lips and Lucy immediately cupped Sandy's huge tits in her hands.

At that exact same time Chandler and Peter entered the office and stopped in the doorway and took in the erotic sight before them. Before long Chandler and Peter could no longer just stand there idly by, pulling their cocks out they began to stroke them to stiffness.

Peter had grown to a fine specimen of a man, with a cock not exceptionally long, but rather thick.

The two of them stepped close enough for Sandy and Lucy to spot them out of the corner of their eyes. They immediately broke their heated embrace and totally turned on right now, both slid to their knees and Sandy began sucking Chandler off, while Lucy pulled Peter's pants to his ankles and looking up at him with those large dark blue eyes giggled; "Oh Peter, I think Ruthie is going to be pleasantly surprised with your equipment. Before he could reply she opened her mouth and took him into her mouth.

Both sexy blondes sucked on the cocks before them and they were so good at their jobs, both Chandler and Peter lost it and pulling out of their mouths, painted Lucy and Sandy's pretty faces with their thick hot cum.

Letting go of the drained cocks they leaned in and began sucking and licking the cum dripping from each other's faces. By the time they finished they turned to the guys, but they had snuck away.

Back in the Camden house there were two threesomes going on at the same time. Annie was in the shower; her arms were above her head as she shampooed her silky blonde locks. In the doorway both Matt and T-Bone were just getting out of the rest of their clothes and unknown to her they were about to join her in the new large shower Eric had installed.

Matt opened the large frosted glass door and Annie let out a screech as she looked at the two naked men stalking the lush MILF. She giggled and dropped her arms around Matt as he and Ted, also known at T-Bone, made a sandwich out of her, with Matt in front and Ted behind her.

Annie let out a groan when she felt Ted's curled cock slicing up and down between her bubble-butt ass cheeks. She reached down and stroked her eldest son's huge cock and her head rolled back as she guided it to her fat-lipped pussy.

Matt made a double move, bending his knees; he guided his cock into his mother's juicy cunt. At the same time he lowered his head to her wet, firm tit and lapped away at her huge stiff nipple.

Behind her T-Bone continued to slide his cock up and down her twin ass globes, finding her puckered hole, he wedged his cock in her ass and shoving forward, began to slide his crooked cock up Annie's tight asshole. At the same time he reached up and turning her head covered her mouth with his own. His tongue slithered into her mouth and his fists gripped her suds-laden hair.

Annie was in heaven, all three of her holes were filled and her son was sucking on her tits just like he did when he was an infant, only difference was that his foot long cock was slicing in and out of her pussy.

The entire shower was filled with the sound of all three of them moaning and groaning and the sounds of skin slapping against skin.

Annie's knees were weakening as she felt an impending orgasm building quickly in her lush, wet, soapy body. She was literally in 7th Heaven, she started cumming and the two men held her steady as they pounded her pussy and ass at the same time.

They picked up their pace and when they felt Annie cumming, they lost it too, they both stopped and pulled out of her.

Annie dropped to her knees and both Matt and Ted gripped their cocks and aiming it at Annie's face, she opened her mouth and looking up at them groaned out; "Come on you two, cum all over my face! I can't wait to taste both of your loads!"

They groaned and started painting her face with their cum and cum and more cum! When they finished, they slid to the floor beside Annie and all three of them clutched at each other's slick bodies as the water rinsed the cum from their bodies and flowed down the drain.

In the bedroom Eric stripped off his clothes and was down to his boxers when the door slowly opened and in walked Ruthie and Sarah, both had huge smiles on their faces. When Eric looked up a large smile crossed his face too.

"Hi ladies, what can I do for you? I'm waiting for Annie to finish showering so I can take one before all of us head to the church for the ceremony."

Sarah giggled; "Oh I think you're going to have and wait for that shower. I don't think you'll have any hot water for you to use."

Eric laughed out loud; "And why is that Sarah?"

Sarah took a step closer; "Well Eric, T-Bone and my husband are in the show with her exfoliating her brains out and every other spot they can get their hands on!"

Ruthie was on the bed behind him and slipping down, yanked his shorts to the floor. Sarah stepped closer and quickly pushed him back to the bed and he lost his balance and flopped down beside the giggling Ruthie.

Ruthie hovered over him and lowering her head, clamped her lips over her father's. Their tongues darted from one mouth to the other and his hands came up and fisted her long dark curly hair. Their mouth became more active and they moaned into each other's mouths.

Sarah, in one shaft motion reached down and pulled her white lacy sundress up and over her head. She was completely naked under the dress and she slid up and as she watched Eric and Ruthie kissing. She straddled Eric's hairy thighs; reaching back she griped his cock and slid his cock into her hairy cunt.

Eric thrust his hips upward, burying his cock totally into her cunt. He tore his face from Ruthie's, grabbing her by the hips he pulled her, covering his face with her long full skirt.

Ruthie settled her body down onto his mouth and she stiffened when she felt her dad's tongue penetrate her swollen cuntlips. She pulled the button-up blouse over her head. Unzipping her skirt, she struggled, but eventually pulled that over her head also. She was now as naked as the other two and she combed her fingers through Eric's hair as she ground her pussy harder against his invading tongue.

Eric pumped his hips up and down on the juicy cunt Sarah slammed down upon his cock. At the same time Eric stabbed his tongue in and out of Ruthie's tight cunt. Flicking it upward he found her clit, he strummed it back and forth, up and down as his hands came up and gripping her ass he pulled her tighter against his active mouth.

Ruthie leaned forward and slipping his fingers through Sarah's curly dark hair, pulled her tight against her. Their lips met and their tits crushed against each other, their nipples stiffened and Sarah let out a loud groan as she started cumming all over Eric long invading cock.

Ruthie ground her cunt harder against her father's tongue and leaning down caught one of Sarah's stiff nipples between her lips and suck, it produced another groan from Sarah's lips as she went right into an even stronger orgasm.

Ruthie pulled off of Sarah's tit and arched her back as an intense orgasm built suddenly in her belly and below. She started cumming when Sarah leaned in and clamped her lips around one of Ruthie's fat nipples and sucked hard.

When Sarah leaned forward to suck on Ruthie, this allowed Eric to pump his cock deeper and harder into her wet, tight cunt.

They both lost it at the same time and Eric filled Sarah's cunt with his hot creamy cum. Spurt after spurt shot from his cock and after the third shot, Sarah fell off his cock and Ruthie immediately dropped down and took the last of his cum all over her face and neck.

The three of them fell to the bed and lay there in the afterglow of their orgasm. Just then Annie came walking out of the bathroom with a towel around her freshly fucked body and a wide grin on her face, she smiled down at Eric and yelled out; "Happy Anniversary Eric, now get your ass up and take a shower or we'll be late for our ceremony!

Eric staggered out of bed and headed for the shower. After he got out, Annie was already dressed and was putting her make-up on. He dressed and they headed for the church where everyone was already assembled to celebrate their 25th anniversary.

Lucy and Sandy were at the front of the church; both were dressed in their robes as they presided over the festivities. After about thirty minutes Lucy in front of all of the attendees turned to them; "Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Mr. and Mrs. Eric Camden, I'm proud to admit I AM their daughter! You're all invited to the Camden home to celebrate their anniversary!"

The entire assembly broke out in applause and as Eric and Annie walked down the aisle, they shook hands with many and hugged others. Annie stopped and spoke for a rather long time with Capt. Michaels and they kissed briefly before he headed for the Camden house.

Once all of the invitees arrived they were ushered into the dining room and out by the pool where two separate buffet lines were forming for the large spread the Camden children had worked countless hours preparing.

After dinner was completed and a lot of the parishioners had left, all that were left were the select few that received personal invitations to celebrate with Eric and Annie.

Eric walked around the house making sure that all of the parishioners were gone from the premises before all of the shenanigans began.

In the livingroom Sarah, Matt, Simon and Rose were seated on the sofa, but not with their spouses. Simon was with Sarah as was Matt with Rose.

Sarah was sitting crossways on Simon's lap, while Rose had her knees buried deep in the cushions while she straddled Matt's legs. She had her head buried in the nape of Matt's neck; her tongue was painting a saliva line from his ear down to his shoulder.

Matt's hands were on her ass, he had already slid her black velour dress bunching it above her ass. He gathered it about her waist. When his hands slid along the tight crack of her ass, Rose's mouth left his nape and covered his mouth with her own.

Sarah was facing Rose and Matt, her short linen white dress showed half of her bare thighs. She spread them as Simon's hands were sliding up and down her trim, shapely legs. She lazily rested her head on Simon's shoulder and closed her eyes and let out tiny moans as Simon's hands traveled all over her tight body.

Matt was amazed on how tight Rose's slender body was, but had all the right curves as far as he was concerned. Her tiny tight ass ground against his hard cock and her trim thighs flexed invitingly against his. Her plump tits crushed against his chest, but didn't give way because they too were so firm. The only part of her that was fat and plump were her lips and as they mashed against his, his tongue traced an outline along them with his own and they sought out to consume his tongue.

Beside them Sarah had shifted enough to free Simon's thick, long cock from his suit pants. She fisted his cock and let out a groan when she saw it grow to about the same length of Matt's. Her mouth watered when she thought about sucking on that monster and she slipped off his legs and settled on the floor between his outstretched legs. Sarah fought to free him of his pants and shorts. She gripped his cock and took a long lick from his nuts, to the crown of his cock.

Out by the pool Lucy, tired from planning and executing the party flawlessly, now settled down on a lounge chair after slipping out of her dress and into her tiny two piece pure white bikini. Beside her was Robby in a modest bathing suit, he had a tough time deciding who to gaze at. With Lucy on one side of him, her tiny bubble butt staring up at him, on the other side was her mother-in-law, Bo Kinkirk, her spandex one piece suit in gold reminded him of Bo Derek in the movie "10", her fat nipples showed against the thin material and her camel-toe was prominently shown between her outstretched legs.

He was shaken from his daydreaming when he heard Lucy call his name; "Robby, Robby, earth to Robby, could you do me a favor and spread some oil on my back?" She said it in her sexiest voice and he jumped up at the chance to get his hands on her rocking body.

Robby poured the oil in his hands and rubbing them together placed his hands on her slim shoulders. He began working the oil into her tan skin. He worked his way down to her bikini string, skipping over it he moved down to her waist, stopping there he moved back upward and the string got in the way again. Lucy turned her head, her long blonde hair was piled upon her head, held-up by a large comb clip; "It's okay Robby, you can untie it, I don't want you to stain it!"

Robby had it undone before she finished speaking. He worked the oil into her back and when he reached her panties he stopped.

Again Lucy turned her head and rose up slightly giving Robby a glimpse of her very full, firm tits. "Don't forget my legs too. We don't want them to burn, now do we?"

Robby chuckled as this time he poured the oil directly onto her legs. Some of the oil flowed towards the gusset of her bikini panties and he stopped it with his fingers, but in the process the back of his fingers brushed against her covered pussy lips. He pulled them away slowly and when he held them there he could feel the heat coming from under the material of her panties. He heard her let out a tiny gasp and at the same time she wiggled her ass, making stronger contact with his fingers.

Bo sat up and craned her neck to keep an eye on Robby's hands on Lucy's shapely legs.

Robby worked his hands up and down her legs, over and over again. Each time he worked his way up her thighs he brushed against her panty clad pussy each time. He worked on the exposed flesh of her ass cheeks and again she let out a gasp arching her ass up against his active fingers.

Robby turned towards Bo and smiled; "How about you Mrs. Kinkirk, would you like some oil on you?"

She shook her head from side to side; "No thank you Robby, I don't burn, please call me Bo! How about you, would you like me to spread some on you?"

"Oh yes Bo that would be great if you don't mind!" He lay on his back and smiled up at her.

A huge grin crossed her face; "Oh I see you want some on your chest, why can't you do that yourself?"

"Sure I can Bo, but you did offer didn't you? If you would my legs need some too."

She let out a tiny chuckle; "I guess I did, didn't I? Okay lay back and close your eyes." She spread the oil across his chest and down to his belly; her long blonde hair tickled his arm and spread down as her hands moved to his legs. Up and down, up and down her hands caressed his legs and just like he did to Lucy, with each upward stroke she moved higher. Her fingers slowly snuck under the leg-band of his boxer style trunks. Her fingers came in contact with his stiff cock. Her oily hand closed around his cock and he jumped

"Um Bo, I don't think I'll get sunburned there!"

She chuckled; "Oh I think you just may!" with that she gripped the bottom of his trunks and in one swift motion pulled his bathing suit to his ankles. Before he could react her hand was back on his cock, pumping oil onto his sexual gland. "Mmmmm I told you you'd need oil on this guy!"

Robby just smiled and relaxed, allowing Bo to work her oil covered fingers up and down his thick shaft.

Beside them Lucy rose up, this allowed her bikini top to fall away baring her large full tits to Robby and Bo's gaze. She knew what she was doing and in a loud whisper said; "I guess what Mary said about your cock was correct. She told me it wasn't as big as my dad's or Matt's but it was a lot thicker. She just loved how it felt when you fucked her doggy!" When she rose up she was on her knees, reaching back she untied her bikini bottoms, it fell away and she licked her full lips as she petted her pussy from under her outstretched body; "Hey Robby, does this give you any ideas? I know after what Mary told me about you and her in Maui, it sure does for me!"

In the pool Peter and T-Bone were playing keep away with Ruthie and her bikini top and when Ruthie reached Peter he threw the top over her head to T-Bone. At the same time she dove for him and missing the top she fell into the water. She latched onto trunks and as she went under water, pulled them down his legs and yanking she got them off.

Ruthie came up totally dripping, her hair unruly and laughing hysterically, she skipped away. Now there were two of the three of them missing part or all of their bathing suits. Ruthie looked over at Peter and they both nodded. They circled T-Bone and he slowly shook his head from side to side; "Oh no you don't, not me too!"

T-Bone tried to escape but he moved away too late and the naked Peter held T-Bone while Ruthie dove down under the water and gripping T-Bone's trunks pulled them down. Still holding her breath she gripped his cock and briefly sucked it into her mouth. Out of air she came up with his trunks and took off with both pairs of the men's bathing trunks.

It was again two against one as Peter and T-Bone chased Ruthie. They were out to get her panties so she could join them naked in the pool.

Ruthie reached the bottom rung of the ladder when they caught up to her, in a split second she was naked as they were and they pulled her back to the water. Their laughs and giggling suddenly stopped and turned to moans and groans as T-Bone and Peter began to ravish Ruthie's lush curves and she tugged at both of their now stiff cock.

They led her over to the shallow end of the pool and coaxed her to the steps where she lay back and pulled them down on either side of her.

Martin and Paris came out of the house, each had a drink in their hand, it was their third or fourth already and Paris began to open up about her failed marriage and how she was trying to cope with an ex-husband who was a drunk, her son who had turned onto a hunk and her growing frustrations of seeing him half naked and imagining him ripping off her clothes and fucking her neglected pussy.

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