tagGroup SexSexy Seniors Ch. 02

Sexy Seniors Ch. 02


This is the continuing adventures of some older folks, (Like us) that like sex. I would love any feedback. THANKS.

Sue answered the door admitting Alice, Mike and Jack.

"Honey, this is Jack. This is the man that is making our little problem go away." Sue said as she introduced us. "I hope that we can all be good friends?"

We shook hands and I welcomed him to our home. I said hi to Mike and Alice gave me a big hug and kiss." Come on in and lets get comfortable. Who wants a drink?"

After setting around chatting about mundane things and having a few stiff drinks Alice spoke up saying. "Hell, we all know why we're here, so lets do something about it." With that she stood up removed her blouse throwing it to the floor exposing a black lacy bra which quickly followed. Her titties were small but stood out straight with pointed nipples. "Who's going to join me?" Then dropped her slacks and panties. Her pussy was covered with a heavy bush of black hair.

Sue, not to be outdone, stood and just as quickly stripped totally bare. "I'm ready to party, come on lets all get naked. Come on guys, I want to get some lovin."

Five naked people stood there looking at each other. Mike was over weight with a bit of a beer belly, furry chest. His 4 inch cock half hard. Me just about the same without the hairy chest. Jack had the only hard cock. Alice was thin with a nice shaped ass. Sue, plump, lovely big tits.

Sue came over, took hold of my cock, kissed me and asked if I was ready for this. "Are you ready to see me suck his cock and make him cum in my mouth? Ready to have me swallow hot, juicy cum from his prick? Want to see me spread my legs and get fucked by Jack."

"Yes, do it." I answered. "I want to see you get fucked." I was shaking in fear and excitement both. Could I really stand watching another man fuck my wife?

I could cum being sucked but couldn't stay hard enough to fuck. She needed a hard cock inside her so I had to let her get one.

"Then you have to get me ready." She said as she laid on the floor and spread her legs. "Eat my pussy first and get it ready for his hard cock."

How could anyone refuse such an offer? I dove face first between her wide open legs and started licking at her. Flicking my tongue across her hard clit. I sucked and licked at the nectar that flowed from her. I love the taste of her pussy."

Glancing over I saw that Mike was eating Alice while she was sucking on Jacks cock. Sue was right. It is fun to watch and be watched.

"Why don't you switch with Mike? Sue asked. "You can eat Alice while he eats me. Wouldn't you like that?"

Mike and I moved to each others wives to continue our feasting on pussy. Alice was still sucking on Jack. I don't think she knew or cared that it was me was eating her hairy cunt as long as somebody was.

Jack was fucking Alices face faster and faster. With a groan he shot off in her mouth. She tried to swallow it all but a lot overflowed and ran down her cheeks. Damn, he cums a lot.

Sue pushed Mike away from her pussy and rolled over to Jack and sucked the last bit of cum from his cock. Licking it clean she then told him to fuck her. "Come on lover, time to fuck my hot pussy, it's ready for your cock."

Jack knelt over her while she guided his hard boner to where she wanted, inside her. Sue pushed her ass up to greet his invading cock. "That's it, that's what I want. FUCKED! Honey, watch me get fucked! Watch me take his lovely cock!"

I stopped licking Alice to watch for the first time my wife being fucked by another man.

Jack hoisted Sue's legs over his shoulders and started driving hard into her hungry pussy. "More, more, more. That's it you bastard, fuck me, fuck me good." Harder and faster he pounded her till she cried out. "OH, oh, oh, oh I'm coming. More, please give me more of that wonderful cock." He gave her more. She kept moaning and climaxing as long as he fucked into her. Finally he gave a final thrust and filled her with cum. They laid there a while still connected then Jack rolled off onto his back.

Watching their wild fuck was very exciting to me. I loved it and knew that I wanted to see her with another guy again.

Jacks cock was still half hard and coated with the mix of their juices so Alice licked and sucked it back to life again and then settled down over it. Lowering her pussy on him until he was completely in her and started to fuck him.

Sue went to Mike and taking his cock in her mouth started to suck it. I stood up in front of Alice and offered my cock to her to suck. She eagerly opened her mouth and took it in. Her style of cock sucking was different than Sue's but good. She sucked and licked my shaft, moved her mouth back and forth on me letting me fuck her mouth. I was watching my wife suck Mike's cock while his wife was blowing me and getting fucked by Jack at the same time. This is an exciting way to spend an evening.

Alice was doing a fantastic suck job on my cock. Her tongue licked the head of my cock while her lips held tight to the shaft. Licking and sucking me. O-boy, it felt so good. I could feel the tingle in my cock, knowing I was ready to cum so I gripped her head, held it tight and spewed my cum to her waiting mouth. She swallowed, not missing a single drop. Still riding on Jacks cock.

I heard Mike yell. "That's it! That's it! Take me, take my cum."

Looking over, not three feet away. Mike was shooting his juice gratefully into Sue's mouth.

For the next hour or so our orgy continued. We switched from partner to partner until finally enough was enough.

We continued our parties like this. About once a week getting together at one house or another for an orgy. Jack still fucked both of the girls steadily. Some times the three of them got together, sometimes he just fucked one of them.

A couple weeks ago I heard about a pill called Viagra. It was designed to help guys with our problem. Mike and I both went to a doctor to find out about it. Leaving the doctor with samples and prescriptions we made a bee line home to try them out.

That night I took the pill for the first time.

"Oh honey, that was great, great to have your hard cock in me again. Those little blue pills really work good. Did Mike get some too? I hope so, Alice will be happy too. Now she will have two hard cocks at home to fuck with. Now I won't have to get my fucking from Jack anymore. You can take good care of my hot pussy now."

"Yes Mike got some, he will be happy. But do you want to stop our little parties? Wouldn't you still like to fuck Jack? And now thanks to Viagra Mike can get his cock into you too. Want to fuck with him too, instead of just having to suck him?"

"I hadn't thought of that. Three cocks for Alice and I to fuck instead of one. You can now get your hard prick into her too, she'll like that. I think we all will like to have more parties. Lets continue our fuck meetings."

(To Be Continued)

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