tagSci-Fi & FantasyShortly Before Class

Shortly Before Class


Author's note: This is a story about a futanari, or dickgirl.

There was a knock on the door of Brian's dorm room.

"Hang on," said Brian, putting his backpack down on the bed. Stepping over a pile of laundry, he went to the door and opened it.

"Hi!" said Jess, a little too cheerful for the early morning. Tall and curvy, Brian's girlfriend was dressed in a bright white T-shirt stretched so tightly over her large breasts that the line of her brassiere showed through. Long straight blonde hair fell down all the way to her loose-fitting denim shorts. "Um, what're you up to?"

"Getting ready to go to class," yawned Brian. "I don't know why I signed up for an eight o'clock." Jess smiled sympathetically, then pushed past him into the room and shut the door behind her. Brian yawned again and began shoveling papers into his backpack.

Jess looked around the room at nothing in particular, then picked up Brian's cell phone from his desk and fiddled with it a bit.

Brian crammed a textbook into his bag, glanced at the clock, then over his shoulder at Jess. "What's up, Jess?"

Jess put down the phone, turning a bright smile on Brian. She sauntered over as gracefully as she could through the junk on the floor, then began rubbing her boyfriend's back. "Sleep well?" she asked.

"Yeah, pretty well, considering," smiled Brian distractedly, pushing a laptop into his pack. "Hey, um, Jess," he said, "I've got to get to class in just a second."

"Mmm," said Jess, leaning forward and kissing him on the back of the neck. "You can't be in that much of a hurry." She pressed her chest slowly against his back.

"Yeah, c'mon, I am," protested Brian, zipping up his pack and turning around. Jess was biting her lip slightly, a coy look on her face. Her boyfriend frowned, putting his hands up. "Hey, wait, no..."

"Just a little a quickie?" purred Jess, leaning a little closer. "I won't make you late, I promise."

"Hey!" protested Brian, shaking his head. "Come on, we just did it last night!"

"I know, baby," said Jess pleadingly, running her fingers through her hair. "But I need it again already. Come on, just a little bit..."

"I really have to go," said Brian, looking around the room for his laptop cable. "Come on, Jess..."

"But I need you so much," purred Jess into his ear, wrapping her arms around his waist and pressing her chest against him again. "It's not my fault... you make me need you so bad. You know how girls like me are. It's not fair to make me wait." Her voice became a husky whisper. "It won't take long... you can make me feel so good. Just some quick relief, baby."

"Je-ess..." mumbled Brian, glancing at the clock again and reluctantly trying to maneuver away. "After last night? You can't have anything left! Wait till later."

She moved closer, putting her hand on his arm and rubbing her thigh against him. "I'm full again already." He could feel a warm, throbbing thickness pressing into his flesh. "Please baby? I really need this. I'll be tense and achy all day and I won't be able to concentrate or do anything," she pouted. "I'll let you do anything you want! I'll let you fuck me? Later? I just need some relief right now. Please?"

"Jess, no," protested Brian weakly. His cock began to stir at the feeling of her warm body pressed insistently against him. "Besides," he said, dropping his voice down to an embarrassed murmur, "My ass is still sore from last night. I can't, really!"

Jess traced one finger slowly down Brian's forehead, then his nose. "I won't hurt you, silly. You don't even have to get undressed... it won't take long." Without waiting for an answer, she undid the button of her denim shorts, and began tugging them down.

Brian sighed in exasperation, giving up. "Fine," he said, dropping his backpack. "But it has to be quick! If you don't cum fast, I'm leaving anyway!" He got up and knelt on the bed. Jess gingerly dragged her half-swollen girlcock out of her pink cotton panties. She shook it once as it throbbed and flexed, growing hard immediately.

"I'll be quick, I promise," breathed Jess, feeding it into Brian's mouth. He resignedly began to suck on her. "Just got to bust one out." She mmed and ruffled her hands contentedly through his hair as Brian's head bobbed back and forth, sucking and gulping. "You're such a good boyfriend, taking care of me," Jess purred. "Gonna make me feel better just like that. You can have me later if you want, baby. My pussy misses you too. Just woke up really full of cum this morning, and you know how crazy that makes me."

Brian mumbled something around the throbbing thickness in his mouth. He drew his lips together against Jess' thick cockflesh as tight as he could, knowing just the way she liked it. His head moved slowly forward and back in long, slurping strokes.

"I'm a really horny girl, aren't I?" gasped Jess, her voice rising slightly higher. She let go of his head, and began clawing and squeezing at her full breasts. "Am I your nasty futa girl? You like when we go out, baby? Everybody can see that I'm a little slut, but only you know my secret?" Her face flushed crimson as she tugged at her nipples. "I'll be your dirty girl as long as you keep me serviced. I'll do anything you want, but you've gotta let me fuck out my cum into you." Jess was gasping for air now, her cock rock-hard in Brian's mouth. "Oh, fuck, baby, I love you... oh, fuck, please don't stop, I have to cum so bad. Please, ba-hhhk!"

Brian suddenly lunged forward, gulping his girlfriend's cock deep into his throat. Jess threw her head back and shrieked as her cock burst into him, an angry jet of cream gushing hard down into his belly. She grabbed at Brian's head, pulling him desperately against her. "Fuck, baby, yes!" she howled, driving her long fingernails into his scalp. "I'm coming! Fuck, I'm coming in you! Don't stop, don't stop... Suck that cum out, baby!" Brian grunted and snorted through his nostrils, glutting himself on her thick cockmeat, milking out her load.

Jess moaned and wailed incoherently, draining her thick need into her boyfriend's stomach. Finally, she shuddered and staggered backward, pulling herself free from Brian's mouth with a wet slurp. Brian breathed heavily, then coughed. Jess turned a dreamy, drunken smile on him. Her wetly gleaming cock was thick but soft now, looking exhausted and content. A single droplet of her girlspunk dripped to the carpet. "Thanks, baby, I feel a lot better now," she said. She stared at her feet, looking slightly embarrassed.

Brian glanced up at the clock, then frowned and sighed. He coughed again and got slowly to his feet. One hand went to his belly.

"You can burp if you need to," ventured Jess. "I know it was a lot."

"I don't need to burp!" said Brian, pulling his laptop cable out from under the bed and cramming it into his bag. "What I need is to get to class."

"Well, I was just saying you could, is all. I won't be offended, I mean." Jess sounded sheepish and timid now. Her hair was disheveled, and her cheeks were still bright red. "Um, here's your shoes," she said helpfully, passing them to Brian.

"Thanks," he mumbled, pulling on his sneakers. The familiar warmth of Jess' cream gurgled slightly in his stomach, and he felt hot and flushed all over. "Hey, um, I'll see you later, okay?" Brian hefted his backpack.

"See you," said Jess with a hesitant smile, touching his cheek. "Um, thanks, okay? I love you. Sorry if I made you late. I... um, you know how I get."

"It's okay, really," said Brian, smiling and kissing her on the cheek as he moved past to the door. "I love you too. Bye, Jess."

He tried to ignore the insistent pulsing of his own cock.

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