tagNonConsent/ReluctanceShowers & Moans Ch. 02

Showers & Moans Ch. 02


Submerged in the large, smooth tub, full of slowly cooling water and her own seeping juices, she moaned through her gag. Blindfolded, ears full of water, nipple rings clipped with chains that fastened to rings inset into his custom designed tub, she continued to rock her hips... Which, she’d found, would bring her clit closer to the water which slammed down from above in a tight, controlled stream. But, it also pushed her shoulders and chest down, pulling against the chains to her nipples, and nearly bringing the waterlevel above her nose.

She had no concept of how long she’d been in the water, but her clit felt swollen and raw, and her fingers were shriveling from the water beating down on them as she spread herself open. The tub had filled around her, almost to overflowing, twice... each time, her captor had watched her rock herself, risking her own breathing to continue fucking, until he would drain the tub, and let it fill again.

Finally, as she tired, and the tub drained, the water was turned off. Shaking her head gently, she cleared her ears of fluid, returning her hearing. The heavy breath of the man who’d taken her prisoner came closer to her ears, her neck, as he bent to her. “I knew you’d like that. How do you feel?” Although she was unable to speak through her gag, she let her mind explore her body beyond her over-stimulated clit and nipples. In the heat and wetness of the shower, all of the ties - to her ankles, knees, wrists, and holding her wrists to her legs at the top of her thighs - had tightened, as good fabric shrinks when wetted for the first time. The pain of increasing tightness had gone unnoticed while she climaxed over and over... But now - without the tub of water supporting her weight - her pain and helplessness overwhelmed her.

“I told you I wouldn’t hurt you - I didn’t promise that nothing else would.” The edge of mockery in his voice, his laughter and pleasure at her pale, naked skin, hair dark and wet, her helplessness, sliced through her thoughts. “You must be very, very still. I’m going to have to cut through all these ties with a nice, sharp blade - but maybe you’d like to watch?” Moaning, her nostrils flared with her sharp breath - she turned blindly towards him, eager to see who’d brought her here for such strange sex.

“Just wait - I’m going to turn off some of this light - I wouldn’t want to hurt your eyes.” A moment, and then he reached behind her head, supporting her neck, holding her completely immobile. Quickly, a knife sliced through her blindfold - he folded his knife, and caught the blindfold as it fell. Like a child blinking at being awoken for school by a harsh father, she flinched, squeezing her eyes closed as tightly as she could. His deep, rolling laughter, sexy and affectionate, made her risk squinting - into the light of one tall candle. The room was large, as she’d thought from the first echoes of her high-heeled shoes clicking on the tiled floor. Colors were muted, but - in the dimness, she saw only shades, and -

She groaned with frustration at being unable to reach for the man who’d brought her here. Tall, massive, dressed in his tux from the party... and, dear god, how big could his cock be? Her fingers reached, unsuccessfully, for her clit, to be inside her. He was by far the biggest man she’d ever seen. And then he smiled at her, knowing what she wanted...

“Thought I told you to hold still, beautiful.” He played with the knife, flipping it open and closed, gleaming and shining in the candlelight. “What to cut first? I could start with your ankles, which would be farthest from your cunt... and then your knees, and then slowly, slowly, slide up your legs to your wrists, and let them loose, so you can reach yourself. But, my little darling, I’d worry that you’ve been tied up so long, you won’t have any strength left in your legs. And you might let them fall closed while I was cutting, so close to your clit -” he watched her eyes widen in fear, her legs tense, testing her muscles against the restraints.

“Or... I could start with your wrists, and trust you not to touch yourself while I take care of the rest of your legs... but... would you really be a good girl, and wait for my permission?” She pleaded with her eyes - anything, just let her out of this position - naked, tied, the tub cooling all too quickly, chilling her. She shivered at the thought that he might leave her there all night.

As if reading her mind, he offered, “Unless you like it there. But -” and, as she shivered again - “I told you not to move. You’re shivering. Afraid?” Shaking her head, urgently, no, no - just don’t leave me. “Cold! Are you cold? Awww, you poor little girl - remember - I won’t hurt you - but other things might be a little uncomfortable... but, let me get you out of there... now, where did I want to start?”

“With these - of course.” Unclipping the chains from the rings set in the sides of the tub, he pulled her towards him, her nipples erect in the cold - the cold that had made her shiver. “You weren’t being disobedient - just cold, and these lovely little nipples of yours gave you away - aren’t you lucky? You wouldn’t want to disobey me.” Now, without her blindfold, she found herself lowering her eyes at the dangerous, warning tone. “So modest - I would love to know who taught you -” Her eyes flashed up at him in anger - no one had trained her! As if she were some sort of pet, or plaything - how dare he!

“What? No one? You obey me because you fear me, or love me, or crave me? Which - all three? Time enough to find out.... But first, I think we should reward these lovely nipples for saving you... a kiss for them? I’m going to kiss them and suck them, bite them - later. Right now, I want you to try.” First, he crossed the two chains, pulling her nipples towards each other - and then, wrapping the chains behind her head, he pulled them upward towards her mouth. “Let me see you try to kiss your nipples -lick them, at the very least.” Blushing, she reached downwards with her lips, her tongue, to lick at her nipples.... surprised at the way the responded, even to her own delicate touch... usually, much stronger - attention was needed for them to react at all.

Swish, rip, slash, rip - a small cut in the fabric of her ankle ties, and then - he pulled, tearing the fabric apart, freeing both ankles before she’d had time to be afraid of the knife. “I think that was a fair reward. You’ve kissed your tits, and I’m going to continue to reward you. He freed her knees, and then, “These are the last ones. Are you sure you want to be free?” Mutely, she looked down at her wrists, locked together; they were attached to one last set of restraints - under her legs, and back up, holding her hands together at her wet, curly hair, swollen lips, and clit, still eager to be touched, but sore from its battering. Looking back to her captor, she raised her shoulders as best she could, and her eyebrows - let him decide....

Reaching under her knees and behind her shoulder, he lifted her out of the tub, without any sign of difficulty. “You are so wet, and chilly - we'd better take care of you.” Leaving the dark bathroom, he carried her into a wide hallway, and into another room, lit only with candles, and firelight. He set her down on the deep, soft rug, in front of the fire. Cutting her last restraints as she basked in the warmth, he moved behind her and began to kiss the back of her neck, and on down her spine... He reached the spot - pressure there, if she was standing, always made her twist and bend her knees in an uncontrollable reaction, bringing her head, embarrassingly, exactly to the height of most men’s belts... so easy to loosen, so simple to suck them and make them weak at the knees, a leveling of the playing field. Since she was already sitting, his kiss, and his hands, made her squirm, lying flat on her stomach, glancing over her shoulder at his smile.

“I like you there.... I love this ass. Remember I told you I had plans for it? I think your poor little clit has had enough.... and now that you’re lying down, like this, it does remind me...” Moving more quickly than she would have thought possible, he rolled above her, holding himself up on his hands... She felt his hard, thick, cock, pressing into her through his clothes, and she moaned through her gag.... Looking awkwardly over her shoulder again, she raised her hips, pressing her ass against his cock.

“I love how ready you are for me... but I think I’d prefer you with your blindfold back on.” Standing, he took a heavy, wine colored box from the top of the fireplace, and removed a black blindfold. Tying it around her, he chuckled - “Now I know you won’t peek.” Reaching under her, he lifted her hips, and she found herself on hands and knees... “Stay there, lovely.”

Blindfolded again, she heard the soft sounds of clothing hitting the floor. Then, his massive cock teased her pussy - his fingers caressing her, sliding around in the wetness that had overflowed... Suddenly, he slammed into her, filling her so deeply, so completely - and not just length, but oh - thick, hard, he was everything she needed. Moaning through her gag, she fucked him, thrusting back as he came forward, filling her again and again... Thank god, she thought, that he’s not on top of me - so big, so big all over - and how would her poor clit even stand it if he did?

Then, his hands taking her hips, he slowed her down, and pulled out of her, making her wait... with one hand, he began to touch her ass... Dipping one finger into her cunt, he dragged the wetness back. Then the next, then the next... And then, with his other hand - the same thing, this time rubbing her tight, virgin ring. Pushing into her with just one huge finger, she froze - pain, but - ohhh... First one finger, then two.... Deeper and deeper, then a third finger... moving faster and faster, as she adjusted to the pain, bringing her closer and closer to orgasm.

Sensing her approach, he took hold of her hips with both hands, pulling her back as he fucked her now well stretched ass... His breathing matched hers, and his cries hid any sound she made through her gag. He watched her body, so eagerly fucking him, enjoying the view the more as he glanced at her blindfold, still in place...

Coming at the same time, they finally collapsed together in front of the fire... He rolled onto his side, pulling her close against him, spooning closely, as they fell asleep.

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