tagSci-Fi & FantasySir Jeffrey and the Answer Ch. 05

Sir Jeffrey and the Answer Ch. 05


Sir Jeffrey Trailson, Knight of the Land, handed his reins to the stableboy who ran out from Dame Sara's estate to take Swift. He passed the boy a silver coin and then walked briskly towards the house. He hoped that Sara was in. He had news for her.

He was going to tell her about his magic cock. It seemed only fair. Whilst he had been reassured that her body would not take the magic if she did not want it he still thought he ought to let her know. If for no other reason than he wouldn't be surprised if her body did accept the magic and at least this way she would know what was going on.

Sir Jeffrey reached the large wooden doors and knocked, waiting patiently until he heard the sound of a bolt being drawn back. A buxom young maid with her brown hair tied up in a ponytail welcomed him in and Sir Jeffrey realised he had not seen her before. He made a mental note that perhaps he would return to the manor house one day to get to know her better. She was certainly very attractive. The thought set off a tingling in his magic cock and he sighed with amusement as he stepped further into the house. He was insatiable and he loved it.

Dame Sara's house was as welcoming as always with a few servants moving about the place. One of them recognised him and came up to greet him.

"Ah, Sir Jeffrey, welcome to Dame Sara's house. Are you here to see her?"

He nodded in response.

"Excellent, I shall go and see if she is available to talk."

Sir Jeffrey thanked the man as he scurried up the large staircase. After a few minutes, he returned.

"She is very happy to see you, Sir Jeffrey. She is in the library."

Sir Jeffrey thanked the man a second time and then moved up the stairs himself. Soon he found himself on the landing of the large house and stepped towards the door he knew was the library. Sara had the room in a slightly different location in her house but Sir Jeffrey had been there often enough that he knew where everything was.

He knocked and pushed open the door, a grin spreading across his face as he saw Dame Sara reclining on a chair. She was dressed in a very elegant dress, clearly enjoying an afternoon off from her knightly duties and she smiled broadly at him.

"Sir Jeffrey! How nice of you to visit. I attended your house yesterday to see if you wanted to head into town but I was informed that you had left on an errand."

Sir Jeffrey felt guilty then. He had arranged to spend the day with Sara after her return from her own tasks but had instead disappeared with Narlissa once the half-elf had revealed her situation.

"I'm sorry I was not there, Sara," Jeffrey said. "I hope it wasn't too disappointing for you."

She laughed sweetly "Do not be silly, Jeffrey. You have tasks you must take care of, as do I, and sometimes they call us away without much notice. No, I was slightly disappointed I admit but one of your servants was more than... accommodating for my needs."

"Luke?" Sir Jeffrey asked. Luke was the newest member of his staff and also the servant who had been unable to keep his eyes off Narlissa when serving them breakfast. He was clearly a very highly-charged young man and Sir Jeffrey nodded in satisfaction that the man had his priorities right.

"Yes, Luke. He's a very... enthusiastic young man."

"Would you like him on your staff?" Sir Jeffrey asked. Dame Sara had obviously taken a liking to him.

"Now there's an idea..." she said, pondering. "But who would you take instead?"

"We can discuss it another time," he laughed.

Dame Sara grinned. "Of course. You must forgive me; I do enjoy surrounding myself with attractive men I can fuck."

Sir Jeffrey's magic cock throbbed at her bluntness and the images they conjured and he moved closer to the chair.

"Dame Sara, there is something I mean to talk to you about."

She looked up at him with slight concern in her eyes. "Is everything alright, Jeffrey? Is this to do with your sudden errand?"

He nodded. "Yes on both counts, Sara. You see, and this is going to sound very strange, but I have a magic cock."

Sara's eyebrow raised in surprised amusement. "A magic cock?"

"Yes indeed, m'lady. I have always felt that it was special but I was prompted into finding the truth when an... old friend reported that she now felt the same way."

"She?" Sara giggled.

"Exactly... so you can see what I was thinking. We went to see a mage in the wilderness who explained that, well..."

Dame Sara sat forwards then, clearly interested. "Well what, Sir Jeffrey? I will try not to be alarmed."

"Well, apparently, I have a demon's magic in my cock."

"A demon's magic?" she looked slightly horrified.

"Yes, but do not worry, please. It is merely magic. There is no demonic taint present. I just have certain gifts that can sometimes pass on. Tell me, Sara, do you climax particularly hard when you're with me?"

The blonde knight grinned broadly, clearly relieved. "You know I do, Sir Jeffrey."

"That is part of the magic. With most people that is all they experience but in some people their soul willingly lets the magic build until they share the same powers that I do. This is very rare though, Sara, and it only affects people whose souls desire it so do not worry."

"And what do these powers feel like, Sir Jeffrey? Extreme horniness? Potent orgasms no matter who you're with?"

He looked at her in surprise. Another woman he had transferred the magic to?

She continued. "Oh yes, Sir Jeffrey. I have been feeling that the past few days. Since you left, in fact. I wondered if it were coincidence it happened since I was with you last, when I jumped you in my sitting room at my most horny."

"And you are not annoyed?"

"Of course not. I am quite enjoying these new found... talents. It seems my partners are, too, judging from the expression that your servant Luke was wearing as I rode his cock in your sitting room. I hope you don't mind that I did that, Sir Jeffrey. I hope you don't mind I screamed out my orgasm there as he pumped me full of his hot seed."

Her voice had dropped to a sultry whisper and Sir Jeffrey could tell she was very fired up. If she had indeed taken on his abilities then that was not surprising for he too found himself so horny that he wanted to take her there and then.

"Then you know how exceptionally horny a bearer of these gifts becomes, Sara," he breathed. "Know this - your body took that magic because it wanted to."

"Oh, do not think I regret this. I am looking forward to exploring these new desires... much as I am looking forward to having your cock inside me again." She stood then, grasping his arm.

"How very presumptuous," Sir Jeffrey smirked.

"Very," she replied, tugging him towards her.

She kissed him then, and he kissed back. Suddenly her hands were under his armour, tugging the shining breastplate upwards after undoing the knots. When she had pulled that off she undid his belt eagerly and Sir Jeffrey soon found himself naked in front of her.

His magic cock was hard and ready, despite the fact it had emptied its seed into Narlissa's cunt only an hour or so beforehand. But Jeffrey was not surprised. After all, it was magic.

"Oh what a lovely sight," Dame Sara moaned as she sank to her knees. Her tits almost popped out of the cleavage of her tight dress as she did so and Sir Jeffrey could only watch on in lust as she wrapped her fist around his length and sucked his tip into her mouth.

Dame Sara seemed to love giving him blowjobs and he loved receiving them. She swirled her tongue expertly round his tip, moaning onto his cock. Her hand pumped his shaft too and Sir Jeffrey reached out to stroke her golden blonde hair. Her blue eyes sparked with lust.

Eventually he pulled her head from his member and guided her back to her feet. He reached out as he kissed her again and found the knots to her dress, loosening it. Soon it had fallen slack and he eagerly tugged it down her body to reveal first her big tits and then the rest of her lovely figure. She was naked now and he could not keep his hands from her skin.

Before he could do anything else however, Dame Sara had grabbed his shoulders and pushed him onto the floor. He lay there on his back as she straddled his waist, grabbing his cock and lining it up with her cunt.

"I'm not going to wait for... ahhh... this..." she said, obviously growing distracted as she sank onto his cock. He felt her pussy seeming to suck him in and he enjoyed the sensation of her body impaling itself on his magic cock.

Dame Sara started slow and rolled her hips back and forth. Sir Jeffrey moaned at the wonderful feeling and Sara's blue eyes glazed in pleasure. Her blonde hair fell around her face and over her shoulders and her slender body looked amazing above him. Her hands were on his chest and took the opportunity to grasp her big tits. They felt wonderful in his palms and he couldn't resist squeezing the lovely globes.

Sara moaned, staring at him hungrily. She started to move her hips more rapidly, her mouth open as she breathed in. They were both being incredibly noisy but Sir Jeffrey did not care. Although anyone could have walked in and seen them naked he knew her servants knew better than to disturb her when she had visitors.

Especially when those visitors were causing the blonde knight who rode his cock to scream out in pleasure. She slammed her hips back onto his now and Sir Jeffrey could take it no more. Reaching up to grasp Sara's waist he started to hammer his cock into her pussy.

His member twitched and he knew he was close. Sara, too, had started to arch her back. She was on the edge.

"Oh fuck!" she screamed, her blue eyes rolling back. Sir Jeffrey cried out his own orgasm moments later as his seed fired into Sara's cunt, which pulsated against his magic cock. She was coming incredibly hard but that was not a surprise now that she also had his gift. He too was lost to the incredible pleasure of his orgasm.

After a while, Sara slumped down on top of him. Sir Jeffrey enjoyed the feeling of her naked body against him and they rested there together that way for a moment.

Eventually, she climbed off, standing up and grinning at him.

"Well, Sir Jeffrey, I think that was a good way to welcome you back home," she giggled.

He stood too, kissing her again. "I think it was."

"And I look forward to enjoying these gifts a little more..."

He stared blissfully at the beautiful blonde knight as she reached for her dress. Two women had taken on his gifts now and both seemed as eager to enjoy them as he did.

Life was good for Sir Jeffrey Trailson, Knight of the Land.


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