tagSci-Fi & FantasySir Jeffrey and the Answer Ch. 04

Sir Jeffrey and the Answer Ch. 04


Sir Jeffrey Trailson, Knight of the Land, waited patiently in Breanne's tower for the wizard to reappear at the conclusion of her research. After an hour or so, Narlissa strode through the door, placing a brown pouch on the table and grinning at him.

"Did you find anything out?" she said as she sat on the couch next to him.

Sir Jeffrey shook his head. "Not yet. Breanne is upstairs researching and I am still waiting for her to return."

Narlissa glanced up the spiral staircase in the centre of the room. "How long has she been?"

"A while."

"And she might be a bit longer still," the half-elf said, a wicked smirk suddenly growing on her features.

Sir Jeffrey laughed. He knew that look.

"What is it you're suggesting, Narlissa?"

She grinned, stepping towards him. Before he knew it, the redheaded beauty was kissing him passionately. Her hands dropped to his belt buckle, and soon she had pushed him onto the sofa and sunk to her knees.

His magic cock sprang free as she tugged down his pants and Sir Jeffrey groaned as she sucked it into her mouth. He was already hard and her tongue felt amazing as it explored the length of his shaft. Narlissa hungrily licked his member, seeming driven on in her own lust by the taste of him. Her brown eyes glimmered with carnal need.

He reached out and placed a hand on her head, stroking her red hair. She giggled onto his cock, speeding up the bobs of her head. Her left hand had been brought into the blowjob now, pumping on the base of his shaft where her lips could not reach.

Suddenly, Jeffrey heard movement from upstairs. It seemed that Breanne was finished with her research, and he could hear books and scrolls being tidied away.

"Narlissa... I think Breanne is coming," he groaned, thrills shooting through him. He would not have time to fuck the half-elf now, however much both of them wanted it.

She pulled her head from his cock. "Well it would be mean of me to leave you unfinished," she smirked. "So come in my mouth, Sir Knight."

Narlissa sucked him back between her lips then, bobbing her head furiously whilst her hand pumped on his cock. Sir Jeffrey could feel his balls churning and he knew he was close.

"Ah!" he breathed, trying to keep quiet as his jizz exploded into Narlissa's willing mouth. He could hear Breanne's footsteps on the top of the long, winding staircase but at that moment he didn't care as pleasure overtook him.

After a few moments he was spent and Narlissa grinned as she swallowed down his load. He gazed at her in a post-orgasmic daze.

"Tidy up, Sir Knight," Narlissa winked, moving to sit next to him on the sofa.

Sir Jeffrey jolted with shock as he realised Breanne would see him any second, and he had barely stuffed his cock back into his pants and buckled his belt when the beautiful wizard appeared at the bottom of the staircase.

Narlissa quickly leant over to him. "Don't think I'm done with you, Jeffrey. You need to make up for that later by fucking my brains out," she whispered sultrily in his ear. Even having just sprayed its jizz down the lovely half-elf's throat his magic cock still twitched in anticipation at her words.

He realised then that Breanne was watching them with a small smirk. She came over and sat opposite them on a small chair, then leaned forwards. She had put her dress back on but the position allowed Jeffrey a wonderful shot down her magnificent cleavage.

"I think I have your answers," she smiled at Sir Jeffrey and Narlissa.

"Oh?" Narlissa responded, leaning forwards.

"Yes, but I will need one piece of information to confirm my suspicions."

The black-haired mage turned then to Sir Jeffrey. Her blue eyes were creased in intrigue. "Tell me, Sir Jeffrey, have you any relation to sorcery or demons? Was a parent of yours involved with magic?"

Sir Jeffrey nodded. "My mother was a hedge mage, Breanne. Why?"

Breanne grinned, her theory evidently proven by Sir Jeffrey's answer. "Because that is the reason for your magic cock, Sir Jeffrey. I do not wish to speak ill of your mother but I believe she fucked an incubus."

"The gods!" he gasped. Suddenly he felt very insignificant.

"Not the gods, Jeffrey. A demon."

He felt cold. His father was a demon?

Breanne seemed to realise his fear and reached out a hand to place on his knee. "Do not worry," she laughed warmly. "You are not related to a demon. But it will have imbued your mother's... sexual organs with a certain magic after their relations. I suspect that she was immune to it owing to her position as a mage, so finding no home in her it would instead have been amplified and passed down to her child. Your father is still your father but you have a demon's magic inside your cock."

"So it really is magic."

"Indeed it is. Incubi are sex demons, so it is magic that will make itself known through, well, fucking."

"Is it dangerous?" Sir Jeffrey asked. His throat was very dry.

"Not at all, Sir Knight. It is utterly placid. You are not the subject of a curse - loose magic has merely found a home within your wonderful cock."

He relaxed then and noticed Narlissa visibly release a sigh too. It did not surprise him to know that she was as terrified of the news as he was.

"So I have nothing to worry about?" he asked.

"Nothing at all," Breanne replied. "The magic of an incubus caused your cock's special abilities but you are not related to that incubus, nor does it have any hold over you. In fact, I strongly suspect it has no idea who you are at all. Demons do not meddle with the affairs of mortals."

"Then why was one with my mother?"

Breanne grinned. "It would have had to be summoned, Jeffrey. And it could have been with your mother long before she met your father. A young mage, leafing through a book of summoning... those incubus really do look handsome, and if she were alone and frustrated, well, who knows what she might have decided to do..."

Breanne glanced up the staircase then and a longing look seemed to enter her eyes. She shook her head.

Narlissa laughed loudly. "So Sir Jeffrey's mother had sex with a demon and he was born with a harmless yet amazing magic cock?"

"Yes," Breanne replied simply.

"That sounds like a bad plot device in a terrible story," the half-elf responded with a small smile. "But I believe you, Breanne."

"As well you should. There are other cases of this. Not with incubi, of course. I believe you are unique in that fashion, Sir Jeffrey. But violent demons or demons of other emotions have passed exaggerated traits to the offspring of those they interact with. It is rare, but it is known."

Jeffrey looked at her, taking it all in. It sounded plausible even though it also sounded ridiculous. After a moment, he spoke. "So, if all that is true, why did it pass on to Narlissa? And the spell of sterilisation too? That was unrelated - I had that cast on me only a few years ago."

The redheaded thief turned to Breanne then before the wizard answered.

"Because it is a demon's magic, Sir Jeffrey," she responded simply. "It will pass on to others if it is given the chance. And as the sterilisation spell is of a sexual nature I imagine the demon's magic sort of... dragged it along with it."

"Then why have no other women been affected? At least, I have heard of none."

"The magic will not pass on fully each time you are with a partner. Remember, you are not a demon and so its power is very diluted. What will happen is that every time you give a partner an orgasm, a little bit of the magic transfers."

"It affects them a little, then?"

Breanne laughed. "Of course. Your partners scream with pleasure when they are with you, do they not Sir Jeffrey? That is the magic at work. Only a small amount will suffuse their soul but for that brief moment the small amount makes them climax so hard they can barely think."

"Then how does it transfer?"

Breanne smiled. "It is the body's resistance to magic. Afterwards, the soul will purge the demon's magic from the body. Even if you were to have sex later on with that same person you would find their soul free from the magic once more. Until you made them come again, of course.

"There will be, however, a few cases where this does not happen. Some souls will welcome the magic and thrive on it and so will never cleanse themselves of it. Each time you have sex with that person the amount of magic that swims in their spirit will increase until at last it reaches a level potent enough to give them the same gifts that you possess."

Narlissa spoke then. "So my soul did not rid me of the magic? It took a little bit more each time until I found myself with a magic pussy?"

Breanne nodded. "Yes, exactly. And it seems to me that the proof of your soul's acceptance of the magic is in your obvious delight at now sharing Sir Jeffrey's gifts."

The half-elf grinned. "That seems logical to me. But then how many times will Sir Jeffrey or I have to be with a partner before they have the gifts, if they are one of the very few who will accept them?"

Breanne spread her palms. "I cannot say, Narlissa. The nature of magic such as this is that it will be different for each person and each partner. It will happen when it happens but remember that the vast, vast majority of souls will purge themselves of the magic following the sex. They will never take on the demon's magic no matter how many times you have sex with them."

Narlissa nodded happily. She seemed to have reached a conclusion. "Does this mean Sir Jeffrey and I do not need to worry about spreading this to partners who do not want it? Their soul will stop the magic building."

"It does," the black-haired wizard nodded. "If your partner's soul does not want the magic then they will purge themselves of it, whether they are aware of it or not. Of course, the strength of a person's spirit is such that technically their soul could purge itself of the magic immediately and not even revel in the orgasm it brings but I strongly suspect no soul would turn down such a gift. So, yes Narlissa. You do not need to worry. The only time your gifts will ever pass on is if your partner's soul will relish the magic as much as you do."

"As I did with Sir Jeffrey," Narlissa grinned.

Breanne nodded. "Exactly."

Sir Jeffrey sat there for a moment taking it all in, as did Narlissa. At last, Breanne stood, smiling at them.

"I do not wish to hurry your departure, dear guests, but I have study to be continuing with. Please, stay as long as you wish."

She smiled at them and Narlissa stood. Sir Jeffrey followed suit.

"Thank you for your help, as always," Narlissa said graciously. "We are in your debt again."

"No you are not," Breanne laughed. "You paid me for my services. The yellowblossoms will be very useful to me."

"And Sir Jeffrey?"

"He paid me in other ways, as you well know," Breanne laughed.

Narlissa giggled in amusement then turned for the door. "We should leave Breanne to her studies, Sir Jeffrey," she said.

"Indeed," he nodded. "Thank you again, Breanne."

The wizard grinned. "It was nothing, Sir Jeffrey. I enjoy the studies... and the payment."

They walked to the door then and Breanne showed them out. With a final round of thank yous and goodbyes, Narlissa and Sir Jeffrey unhitched their horses and were soon riding away from Breanne's tower.

"So, are you pleased you finally have an answer?" Narlissa asked, smiling.

"I am indeed," he responded. "And you, Narlissa?"

"Of course."

They rode in silence for a while, nothing to be said between them. Sir Jeffrey enjoyed that they were comfortable enough in each other's presence that they did not feel the need to fill the silence with idle talk.

Eventually they came to the edge of the wilderness, and Sir Jeffrey could see the village where he lived in the valley before him. He knew where he was now and turned to Narlissa.

"Are you coming back to my house?" he asked.

She smiled at him. "Not this time. I have places to be, Jeffrey. But I know where you live - you can expect to hear from me again."

"And I look forward to it," he said, dismounting. Narlissa climbed down from her horse too and suddenly they were mere inches apart. "But if you are going to go, Narlissa, I still owe you something. Did you not demand earlier that I, well..."

"... fuck my brains out?" she finished with a grin.


He kissed her then passionately and she responded in the same way, wrapping her arms around his neck. He held her close, feeling her against him. Soon her hands were working on his armour and Sir Jeffrey let her pull it loose. They had stopped in a small clearing away from the main road - it seemed to Sir Jeffrey that Narlissa never took the roads, but then again she was a thief - so he did not worry about being disturbed.

Soon he was naked and he was keen to address the imbalance in Narlissa's armour so he began to peel it off. She moaned as he kissed her neck, and soon her leather chestpiece was lying on the floor. Her pants followed and they were now both naked. Her nipples were hard at the slight chill in the air and Sir Jeffrey tried to warm them with his mouth and tongue.

"Mmm..." Narlissa moaned as he kissed and groped her big tits. "I know somewhere better you can kiss."

Sir Jeffrey laughed as he threw his cloak onto the ground as a mat and then laid Narlissa down flat and pushed her legs apart. She cried out as his tongue found her cunt and began to smear over her folds. He kissed her clit and probed her pussy with his tongue and fingers and soon the half-elf was quivering above him. He did not relent as she grabbed his hair and her brown eyes glazed as the moment got nearer.

"Oh yes!" she shouted as she came around his face and Jeffrey felt the juices seeping from her cunt. He could feel her spasming around the two fingers he had buried in her pussy.

Eventually she stopped climaxing and Sir Jeffrey quickly climbed her body. His magic cock was desperate to be buried inside her cunt and he was not sure he could delay doing so much longer. Though from the look in Narlissa's eyes she would not ask him to.

"Fuck me, Jeffrey," she moaned, the moan getting even louder as he slowly thrust himself inside her. Her cunt felt amazing as it stroked his cock, welcoming him in and soon he was all the way inside the half-elf. He stayed there a moment before moving his hips.

It was not long before he was thrusting harder into the beautiful redhead. His grunts and groans were matched by her loud moans every time their hips came together and he enjoyed the sight of her as he fucked her. Her tits shook on her chest and her hair was messy beneath her head.

His cock twitched and he knew he wasn't far away. Narlissa had started to hunch forwards slightly too and he saw the look in her brown eyes that he knew meant she was going to come.

"Oh yes!" she shrieked as her pussy clamped down on his cock and her brown eyes glazed. She flailed beneath him as her orgasm tore at her mind and Sir Jeffrey followed moments later.

"Fuck!" he cried out as he came and his eyes squeezed shut as pure pleasure pulsed through him with each squirt of his cum into the beautiful half-elf. He could feel the walls of her cunt shivering at the onslaught of his potent jizz and knew that Narlissa was as lost to the bliss of orgasm as he was.

Eventually it faded and he grinned down at Narlissa, who was also slowly recovering. She returned the expression and he slowly withdrew from her velvet cunt, standing back up and putting his armour back on. It was with slight regret that he watched Narlissa doing the same - not just because the armour concealed her lovely body but also because he knew it would probably be a while before he was able to enjoy Narlissa again.

She clearly felt the same way because she turned to him and spoke sadly. "I must go now, Sir Jeffrey. Our next meeting may be a distance away but do not worry. We will meet again. I know where to find you."

"You do, beautiful Narlissa. Do not stay away too long." He stepped forwards and kissed her.

She moaned into the kiss before breaking it and moving to her horse. "I will see you again one day, handsome Sir Jeffrey. And remember Breanne's advice. Fuck as many women as you can - we have a gift to share."

"And share yours amongst the many men of this kingdom, Narlissa. Though I doubt you need my encouragement for that."

Narlissa grinned as she turned her horse, then blew a sultry kiss to Sir Jeffrey before spurring the mount away and through the trees. Sir Jeffrey stared after the half-elf even once her horse was out of sight, then he sighed and climbed onto Swift.

Kicking her into motion he trotted down into the village. He had one more person to visit.

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