Sister Mistress Ch. 07


"Wow Kate it still fits, well almost what do you think?"

"Your drop dead gorgeous Mum drop dead gorgeous is all I can say."

"Thank you Sweetie, so you think I should wear this do you?"

"Yeah Mum why not it fits you perfectly you'd make everyone drool."

"Okay but I'd better get changed before I go up to the school."

"Yes all the male teachers and most of the students would get a hardon if they saw you dressed in that Mum."

"I think I'll wear that new pleated skirt I bought you know that short black one that has a split half way to the thigh, with my sexy black Lycra bodysuit. So they don't freak out to much I'll wear my denim jacket as well."

"Are you going to wear stockings Mum?"

"Of course Sweetie fishnets and my knee high boots too."

It was one of the outfits they had laid out on the bed and Deborah struggled her way out of one horny outfit and into another.

Later that afternoon while Luke was eating his lunch in the cafeteria he heard his name being called over the PA system telling him to report to the Dean's office. Scooping up his rucksack Lukey told Johnny he'd see him that afternoon when he came over to see Linda, wondering just what he'd done to warrant being called up to the office he headed towards the administration block at the front of the College. Walking inside the large brick building Luke heard his Mother's raised voice she was going off at the Dean for some reason. As Lukey crept up to the seats outside the office his Mother was in he thought to himself.

"It must be bad if they called her in."

"How dare you treat my son in that manner, I've had enough of your shit I'm taking Luke out of this joke of a College before you fuck him right up."

"That's up to you, Mrs. Jenson but this is the best College in the town you know."

"Listen here you dumb fuck wit I wouldn't leave him here if his life depended on it, I'll teach him at home if I have to. Now what do I have to sign to get him out of here?"

"ER just this Mrs. Jenson."

Deborah signed the offered paper and walking out the door she looked back at the Dean's still gaping mouth and said

"This place is just as fucked up as when I came here twenty years ago. Ah there you are Luke lets get out of this shit hole."

Luke had never heard his Mother swear like that before and he found it strangely exciting, especially when she said "fuck." They walked to Deborah's car the only sound was the clicking of Deborah's 4 inch spike heels. Luke was wondering why his mother took him out of school he hadn't been having that much trouble; sure he'd been suspended once for a week. Unlocking his door for him she took off her jacket and tossed it onto the back seat with her hand bag. She then walked to her own door and stepped into the cars plush interior. Deborah's pleated skirt rode up her thighs several inches showing even more of her stockings and the red suspender straps holding them up she didn't adjust it when she sat down either, starting the car Deborah turned to her youngest child.

"Your sister told me everything and she suggested that you do home schooling, between the three of us we should be able to teach you everything you need to know. At least that way the bullies won't be able to tease you, will they Lukey baby."

"Whatever you and Sis think is in my best interests Mum besides I think I'd like home schooling but what do you mean the three of us? I thought I wouldn't have to deal with dopey teachers."

"Good it's settled then we'll apply tomorrow Kathy already has the paper work she down loaded it from the net. We're getting you a personal tutor it was Kate's idea."

"I can't wait to get started Mum, it should be fun."

For the rest of the five minute drive to their home Lukey was content with watching his mother's big jugs the seat belt splitting her cleavage pulling the Lycra material even tighter her boobs still swayed from side to side every time she moved the steering wheel. It was obvious that she didn't have a bra on from his side on vantage point Lukey baby could see one of his Mother's fat nipples poking out against her Lycra bodysuit. Every time Lukey baby looked down he saw her creamy white thigh encased in black nylon a four inch wide strip of black lace then his Mother's naked flesh. Then leaning forward slightly he could see the red and black lace vee of her panties, he was glad that his now semi hard dick was bent back and trapped by his G-string otherwise his Mother would see how excited he'd become. Pulling up in the driveway Deborah told Luke that his sister wanted him, and when he stepped out of the car Deborah put it in reverse and sped out the drive. Shrugging his shoulders Luke walked into the garage and after closing the door he stood beside the washing machine and started to undress. After dropping his shirt T-shirt and pants in the machine he smoothed down the black lace and satin camisole he had on adjusted his G-string and headed for the kitchen calling out to his sister.

"Good afternoon Mistress Katherine your Cockslut is home."

"I'm in here Lukey baby Cockslut."

Luke found his sister sitting on the lounge wrapped in a sexy black full length nightie.

"That camisole looks good on you, Cockslut black sure is your colour, it sets off your fiery hair. I see Mum's been to your principal Lukey baby. So from now on you're going to be taught by Miss Johnson you'll address her as Miss Johnson, or just Miss, clear Cockslut?"

"Yes, Mistress Katherine my new teacher is Miss Johnson."

Lukey baby was intrigued but he didn't dare ask his sister about the new teacher.

"When Mum gets home you'll help her convert the study into a class room, she's out getting everything Miss Johnson will need. Now go and start packing everything that's in there into the boxes you'll find on the desk."

Deborah was at the office supply warehouse she'd half filled a trolley with all kinds of pens pencils highlighters pads books and an extra sturdy wooden yard rule. She was now trying to decide which of two desks looked more school like eventually she settled on the one with twin steel poles bent at right angles the welded back to back, "nice and strong so it'll stand up to the punishment his teacher is likely to dish out when misbehaves, like all boys do." Deborah thought as she spied white boards on the far side of the shop. Deborah pushed her trolley up to the cashier ordered the desk a 6 foot by 4 foot white board and stand, when the young girl said.

"That comes to a total of $2355 even will that be cash or charge?"

Without batting an eyelid Deborah whipped out her gold dinner's club card and replied.

"Oh charge it please darling."

Waiting for her receipt a thought struck Deborah, "if you get the job you'll need some new more revealing clothes and all the lingerie you own is so old fashioned."

As if on auto pilot Deborah walked to her car, got in, started the engine and drove to the Mall. Still in a semi daze she walked into the small almost empty specialty lingerie store.

"Good afternoon my name is Margaret can I be of any help?"

A tall woman in her fifties asked.

"Um yes it's been a while since I've bought anything other than bras and panties I don't really know where to start, and there's just so much to choose from."

"Well take a deep breath and start at the beginning Dearie."

"Okay I need some very very sexy underwear the hotter the better I've got an interview and just have to get the job, get my drift?"

"This way please."

Turning Margaret led the way towards several racks on one wall. This wasn't that strange a request after all she prided herself on carrying an extensive range which included PVC, latex and Lycra. Taking several bustiers of various colours and styles she draped them over the other items hanging on the rack stood back and asked.

"Are these the type of thing you had in mind?"

"Yes it's a good start but I doubt that you carry them in my size."

Deborah said as she swung her ample chest from side to side Margaret didn't bat an eye lid.

"I'm a qualified Seamstress if you like I can measure you for a proper fitting, it's the only way you can be sure it'll fit and be comfortable."

"That's a good idea, where?"

"The far change room has the most room."

Margaret walked to the rear of the shop and held the door for Deborah. Pulling it shut she looked over the top and down at Deborah.

"I'll be back in a second I've got to get a tape measure and fix up that other customer, take off your jacket I won't be long."

Deborah did as Margaret had told her she automatically started unbuttoning her jacket. Taking it of and hanging it on the hook she could hear Margaret and the customer talking in the shop.

"Sorry Madam but there the only ones that I have at the moment the full latex ones will be in stock next week."

Margaret's head appeared above the door her eyes widened when she saw the massive mounds in Deborah's sheer top fighting to free themselves.

"Do you mind if I close the front shutter? It's just that the girl I employ went home sick and I'm on my own."

Deborah smiled up at the older shop assistant and replied.

"No I don't mind go right ahead."

"Okay back in a tic Dearie."

Margaret's head disappeared seconds later Deborah heard the familiar sound of a roll down door, she was starting to wonder where the assistant was when the door opened without warning. Standing there was Margaret holding a bright yellow tape measure.

"Could you remove your dress please you'd be surprised how much it adds to the tape."

Deborah was keen to shed every inch she could so silently she reached for the clasp and zipper on her hip. Dropping her skirt to the floor she turned her back to the assistant and bent over to pick it up, staying there for about thirty seconds pretending there was something on her shoe. Straightening up Deborah turned to face Margaret and adjusted her suspender straps then smoothed down her stockings. Margaret enjoyed watching this younger woman display for her, holding the tape in both hands she advanced. Reaching around the woman's hips she took the free end and drew it around Deborah's waist, "26 inches" Margaret made a mental note, dropping the tape down around her customer's hips. "38 inches" making another note. Coming a bit closer she slid the tape up Deborah's back and let out an in involuntary whistle."

"44 inches I see what you mean if you would so kind to let me measure your under bust measurement we can get started Miss."

Again Deborah didn't say anything but complied by reaching for her black Lycra body suits shoulder straps. She slid them off her shoulders the weight of her boobs carrying them half way to her elbows, Deborah continued dragging the straps down over her huge melons exposing her saucer sized aureoles tipped with semi hard nipples to the shop assistant.

"Could you hold up your breasts for me please Miss we need to measure your rib cage."

Deborah lifted her boobs using her flat palms as Margaret quickly slides the tape up and read out.

"32 inches lets see going by the bulk of your breasts you're at least a double G cup or an H cup. I know I have a few H cup bra's that might fit I'll be back."

Again she was gone leaving Deborah standing holding her tits up in the air with her bodysuit crumpled around her waist. Soon enough Margaret returned carrying several lace up Lycra and latex corsets, and half a dozen different colours bra's all double G cup, she wanted to see those lovely big boobs all squashed together, as well as an unfetted view. Offering Deborah a red three quater cup lace bra Margaret said.

"Miss if this fits then I've got quite a few things for you to choose from."

Deborah took the offered item putting it around her waist and fastening the clips where she could see them. Spinning the bra back around her waist she wriggled it up her body until it was under her massive boobs in its proper position. Scooping her tits into the nylon cups her huge aureoles and half of each nipple could still be seen Deborah slid the straps up her arms and onto her shoulders. Margaret reached out and adjusted the nylon around the sides of Deborah's tits then stood back placed both hands under Deborah's nylon encased boobs and lifted them then allowed them to drop.

"It supports their weight nicely, how does it feel Miss?"

"Good what else have you got?"

Deborah then tried on the corsets with help from Margaret who laced each one in turn.

"These look good on you Miss, have you thought about cup less things?"

"Better still do you have any heavily boned waist clinchers?"

"Loads Miss loads I'll be right back don't move."

Margaret was beginning to get excited by Deborah's attitude she went to the racks grabbing several waist clinchers and two cup less corsets that had suspender strap hanging from their ruffled edge. Returning to the change room she hoped this would turn sexual it had been ages since she been able to have her way with such a lovely large breasted woman and even longer since she'd had a man either.

"Yeah that's the ticket gimme gimme."

Pleaded Deborah as she reached for the lingerie.

"Which one do you want Miss?"

"Oh that beautiful green corset the one with the suspenders I want to try it first."

Margaret gave her the garment and watched as her customer quickly removed her sexy lace up corset and redressed in no time at all, again Deborah tried on every item. Leaving her to admire herself in the mirror Margaret returned to the shop front and gathered up another armful of assorted body suits and took them back to where Deborah waited.

"What about some more body suits Miss? You said you wanted very very sexy so I brought these crotch less ones for you to try if you want to that is."

"I won't have to if you say they'll fit then that's good enough for me everything you've given me so far has fitted perfectly. Can you wrap them up for me I have an appointment in half an hour?"

"Of course which one?"

"Sweetie your such a great saleswoman I'll take all of it, I'll need about a dozen pairs of stocking fishnets as well as sheer stay ups if you have them, do you have any full lace ones with matching gloves?"

"Shouldn't be any problems Miss I'll see you outside then, shall I?"

As she gathered the assorted lingerie and headed for the counter Margaret thought, "all of it does she know how much that's going to cost I suppose with the gold and diamonds she wearing she isn't short of a quid, another one of those rich bitches that married money."

Deborah quickly dressed she didn't dare try on the body suits in front of the woman her pussy was on fire and she knew that she'd have to relive herself soon, the front of her G-string bodysuit was soaked. Walking into the shop she saw Margaret behind the counter totalling up her lingerie, a poster display caught her eye and she walked towards it. When she saw what was depicted on it properly Deborah's knees went weak, her already dripping pussy was flooded by even more love juice and she could smell her own excitement. Stepping forward Deborah began taking the small plastic wrapped packages from the shelf occasionally looking up at the poster then back to the shelves.

"Can I help you there Miss?

Margaret called from the counter.

"Um yes have you got a big box?"

"A big box?"

Margaret asked with a surprised look.

"Yeah a big box for all this stuff."

"What all of it?"

Deborah walked to the counter with her first arm full of rubber fetish gear as Margaret went to find a box. When she came out of the store room Deborah had taken every item from the six, four foot shelves and had stacked them up on the counter top. Margaret put the box on a chair and as she scanned each item she dropped it into the box, there were dozens of differing styles of fetish gear things like hoods full length gloves skirts pants boob tubes there were even several tops that had patches covering vital spots they could be removed easily because they were held on with press studs, a red PVC bodysuit with holes cut out for her boobs to poke through it also had full length arms and heavy duty suspender clips.

"Excuse me Miss, you do know that these are all different sizes don't you?"

"Yes there prefect."

Deborah continued to browse the racks of underwear returning with dozens of crotch less undies and G-strings. Three baby doll nighties a white fully see through dressing gown a purple semi see through halter top and several bottles of the special spray to make the rubber shine. Finally Margaret arrived at a final total.

"Whew get ready for a shock Miss it comes to a grand total of 6793 dollars and 79 cents will that be cash or card Miss."

Opening her bag Deborah took out her trusty gold dinner's club card and handed it over to Margaret.

"Here you go if you like you can ring up to get an authority if you like."

"Okay I won't be long you can't be to careful these days can you?"

Deborah didn't bother answering because the woman had gone by the time she'd thought of something to say. Margaret's voice brought her back down to earth.

"Yes Deborah that's fine please sign here."

Deborah signed the offered credit slip.

"You know I run a loyalty program I'll sign you up you can be anonymous if you like it's up to you."

"How does it work?"

"Well usually I give one point for every ten dollars that you spend in the store when you get to certain levels you can cash in your points for goods here or different services in the Mall and other places in town, special customers get double points. After the amount you've spent today I can give you a half a dozen vouchers easily, things like a full set of acrylic nails and infills for three months or one for the piercing lady there so varied as are my customers, interested?"

"Yeah sure why not something for nothing hey I can't go wrong."

"Okay all I need is a code or pass word from you then, initials or a memorable date will do."

"How about DJNT will that do?"

"I'll just check in the computer that it's not being used, nope that's fine. I just have to scan the card punch in your code and there you are, now for today's purchases. You have 1360 points would you like a few vouchers? It'll take up less than half"

"Yes the ones you talked about sound perfect for me."

Margaret disappeared down behind the counter for a second then stood back handing over half a dozen printed pieces of paper. Taking the vouchers Deborah asked.

"Do you happen to have a trolley out the back I could use Margaret?"

"I think there's one out there, I'll grab it for you Miss."

Thanking Margaret, Deborah loaded the trolley and at the door Margaret gave her a business card.

"If you ever need another one on one fitting ring me and we'll arrange an appointment."

As she made her way across the walkway and into the nail salon Deborah looked at the card she saw it had Margaret's home, business and cell number on it with the phrase, "give this place a try." Turning it over she saw it was from a sex shop she'd always thought that those places only ever sold dirty books. Sitting down she faked exhaustion as the young woman about Kate's age came up and asked if she could help. Deborah lifted her hands showing her nails.

"Yes darl my nails are in a sad state as you can see is there any chance of getting a set of Acrylic's done?"

"No worries we haven't been busy all day and I've been so board how long did you want them by the way?"

"Oh well about I suppose about an inch would do."

Deborah sat watching the young girl she'd forgotten about being so horny in the lingerie store but watching this sexy young woman apply fake nails to her finger tips was strangely erotic and she started to get wet again. She crossed her legs but that just put pressure on her clit and she quickly uncrossed them. She concentrated on anything but what she was feeling and managed to stop herself from coming for the thirty minutes it took for the girl to finish her new nails and paint them with a clear coating. Deborah handed her a voucher taking it the nail technician smiled broadly in a knowing sort of way. Heading for her car she passed the optician's stopped at the window looking at sun glasses, turning her trolley towards the entrance she entered the shop. The young guy that came up to serve her couldn't avert his gaze from Deborah's huge boobs.

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