tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSkin to Skin Ch. 02

Skin to Skin Ch. 02


Author's Note: I've done a very naughty thing. It's definitely on the "What Not To Do" list that I'm sure all writers have. I am posting this part of the story without my editor's (a.k.a. my beta) knowledge. I KNOW! I KNOW! I KNOW! It's totally wrong of me.

As I mentioned in the comment section for the first chapter of "Skin to Skin", I have changed the ending to this short story, which inadvertently made the story longer in length. So this chapter is the second chapter... out of three chapters. The third chapter is finished. Now, my lazy ass just have to type it up and have it edited... if I still have an editor.

Sorry, emeraldmbuku!

Okay, "warning-parental advisory" time!

In this chapter of "Skin to Skin" there is some violence (which is why it is posted in the 'Non Consensual/Reluctance' category'). It is nothing to horrible. Just some flogging. So, if you're uncomfortable reading about beatings, then I suggest for you to skip the some sections of the chapter.


"Wake up," I heard a voice whisper into my left ear. I groaned in response and turned my face away from the bothersome object. Then I felt something grab my chin and turn my face back into that direction. "Wake up, baby."

"No," I groaned. I had gone to push the offending person away from me, but I couldn't move my hand. Hell, I couldn't move my whole arm.

'What the fuck...'

I tried to move the other arm and it couldn't move either.

"What the fuck," my mouth had spoken.

I opened my eyes, only to see me; well actually, it was my reflection. There was a giant mirror mounted on the ceiling, above his bed. 'How freaky,' I concluded.

Then I remembered the events that had taken place before I passed out from his chokehold. My fear re-emerged. I started to struggle for my freedom. I was thrashing against the bed as I tried to free my hands from their bindings. I tried freeing myself by slamming the metal chain, which connected the cuffs, against the headboard's metal dowels. I hoped that one of the metal links from the chain would break apart and then I would be able to free myself.

"FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK..." I screamed in frustration as I jerked my arms. I failed with each attempt.

After experiencing failure for so many attempts, I stopped struggling. My wrists ached and I was sure that I managed to nick the flesh on my wrists. The biceps in each of my arms was sore. My lungs were feeling as if I had just run the ING New York City Marathon. I felt tingly all over as well. I didn't want to stop attempting to remove the handcuffs, but my arms were hurting. Plus, I didn't want to cause a muscle strain or worse. So, I lied back down on the mattress and relaxed my limbs. It was during my moment of resting, when I started to focus on the ceiling's mirror.

It was because of the mirror, I learnt a couple of things about my current state of being. I was naked as the day that I was born. My legs weren't bound. In fact, they were open, in a lewd way, spread-eagle style. I immediately closed them tightly.


"Tsk, tsk, tsk, don't you dare."

I turned my head and looked to my left, only to see Malachi lying beside me, in bed. There was almost a foot of space in between our bodies. He was lying on his side, facing me and staring at me with intensity. His eyes no longer appeared soft and the eye color wasn't a pale shade of grey. Now, his irises' color were silver and there wasn't a single iota of warmth in them. He looked angry, but I didn't feel any angry vibes radiating from him.


"You don't know how much you're turning me on right now," he declared. Now he has managed to receive my full, undivided attention.

His declaration of having lust for me also gotten something else's attention. I felt my clit swell in excitement. Then there was a dull throbbing occurring in between my lower lips and it increased by every passing millisecond. I crossed my legs at the ankles and squeezed my thighs by contracting the muscles inside of my thighs. I tried to reduce the sensation. I noticed that his eyes had left my face and stared at my thighs. A smirk and then a chuckled escaped his lips as he stared at the legs. I blushed as I felt ashamed for my body's reaction.

"You have a beautiful tattoo," he said to me and then begun to explore the artwork, by touching the tattoo with his fingertips. Goose pimples had grown onto my skin as his fingers traced the outline of my tattoo. "When did you get it done?"

"W-w-when... What did you say?" I asked, heavily distracted by his caress. I heard another one of his infamous chuckles. His fingers stopped admiring the colorful fish and came to rest on my lower belly.

"I asked you, when did you get your tattoo?"

'What the fuck is going on?' my conscience screamed. 'This crazy motherfucker had just kidnapped you and he's about to rape you...'

"A-about three years ago, when I was on Spring Break, in San Francisco," I answered.

'And yet, your dumb ass answered his question as if you two are having a nice conversation while sitting in the a park!'

Malachi grunted in response. Then, I felt the old mattress shake. My eyes moved in their sockets and stared at him. He was in the process of scooting his big ass closer to the area where I was laying. He went back to lying on his side and placed his hand back on my stomach. He also, thanks to his new position on the bed, his face was a few inches away from my left breast. He resumed his conversation.

"Was this the trip that you had taken with Lynn?"

My nipple puckered, once it felt the warm air from his breath. I was a witness to his ogling of my tit's reaction to his innocuous ministration. In response, the tip of his tongue drew a circle around my nipple, before taking the hard piece of flesh into his mouth. His lips, tongue and teeth worked over the sensitive flesh for a few seconds before releasing it. My clit pulsed as he sucked on my turgid skin.

'O.M.G.,' I shouted inside of my mind.

I had to bite my full, bottom lip to keep from crying out in pleasure. His hand left its resting place and took a tour of the lower part of my body.

First, his fingers were caressing the tops and the outer sides of both of my thighs. A low whimper penetrated itself from my mouth, a result of his ministrations.

"No," I sighed. The word came out of my mouth with a gust of air. I didn't realize that I was holding my breath. "Lynn and I had gone to Mexico."

"So, how long did this baby take?" he asked, referring to my tattoo.

His left hand, the hand that was the curious one, drifted further upwards, onto my torso. He continued his exploration. I felt his fingers make imaginary circles on my stomach and then travel up to my breasts. My nipples tingled with anticipation. I waited for his hands while I held my breath. But before his fingers could make contact, they drifted right back down to my stomach.

"It took..." I started out saying, but I ended up losing my voice because it turned into a moan. I heard him chuckle once more. "It took four hours to get it done," I managed to say, in a husky tone.

"Did it hurt?" he stopped his rubbing, just so he could stare up at me.

'What the hell?' my brain mumbled. 'What kind of dumb question is that? What the hell do you think?'

"What in the hell do you think?" I blurted out to him. "I would rather get a pap smear by a blind man than to experience that pain again!"

I realized what I had done. Then I let out a squeak of surprise.

I wasn't expecting for me to act so sassy towards him, while still being in this state. His response was a laugh, one of those types of laughs that come from the deep part of a person's soul. Then I was rewarded with the ability to see a full-blown smile from Malachi. The smile made my heart fluttered. With that smile, he looked like the Malachi that I knew from yester-year. He reminded me of the sweet boy, who protected both me and Lenora from neighborhood bullies. The boy who made Lenora and I grilled cheese sandwiches, as well as, baby-sat us latch-key kids until our mamas had come home from their perspective jobs. He looked like the same boy who helped me and his sister, when we asked him. When Lynn and I were ten years old, we wanted to perform a B-Girl routine for our elementary school's annual "Student Talent Show" (please, don't judge us). Malachi offered to help us. He was the kid who taught us how to do the 'down rock' and the 'top rock' as well as, other dance moves. As he smiled, he reminded me of the same boy who held me in his arms and consoled me, after I learned that my father refused to develop a familial relationship with me.

'Oh my sweetness,' I thought as I stared at him. 'He could cause me a bunch of troubles, but all he has to do is smile at me and I melt like butter.'

He sat up and straddled my thighs. He peeled off his tank top and tossed it onto the floor. I, then, became an eye-fucking rapist once again as I unashamedly stared up at his physique. My eyes briefly stared at the swastika tattoo that he had on his left pectoral. There were defined pectoral muscles, four rows of defined abdominal muscles that made me want to lick or take a bite out of each one and he possessed that 'v' thing that a lot of sculpted men possess. He definitely was making good use of that weight set. Malachi silently stared down at me for a moment. After a minute of his appraisal, I became unease. Suddenly, he ended the silence.

"I always thought you were strong," he stated before laying his body on top of mine and having his mouth possessed mine.

At the touch of his lips, I immediately felt relief and it felt like a heavy burden was lifted off of my shoulders. This moment, laying here with Malachi, was a fantasy of mine, back from my teenaged years. Now, it was a part of my reality.

'Please don't let this be another one of those fucking dreams,' I silently hoped, as we made out.

At first, his kisses were light, almost as if they were non-existent, like they were a part of my imagination. Then, when our tongues made contact, our kisses turned from sweet into passion-fueled ones. I felt his lust, as well as, his desire for me. Realizing that I was withholding my ability to breathe, I broke away by turning my face slightly away. I saw him silently questioning my actions.

"I needed to breathe," I said to him, with a slight smile while feeling a little embarrassed.

He gave me a peck on my lips and sensual kisses along my jaw line until he reached my neck. Malachi's left hand was pressed against the mattress, in an effort to support his weight, while his right hand was gently pressed against my neck. He gently nudged my head up, so my neck was at his disposal.

"Oh shit," I loudly moaned, as his mouth did some things to that sensitive part of my neck that was going to leave one hell of a hickey. The small knot that contained the bundle of nerves inside of my lower lips continued to pulse. I felt light-headed and my body's temperature increased into dangerous territory.

"You like that," he declared into my left ear. His voice was an octave lower and it caused my body to shiver in delight.

"Yeah," I moaned.

Then, he resumed with his work. I totally forgot that my hands were bound to the headboard, so when I went to gather Malachi's hair in my hands, a loud noise had rang out. The abrupt noise distracted Malachi. I watched him stare at my wrists and at the headboard for a moment.

"You wanna be release?" Malachi inquired staring at me with those beautiful eyes of his.

I whimpered and nodded my head.

"Okay," he murmured.

Malachi rolled his big frame from me and then off of the king-sized bed. He walked across from where the bed was standing, over to a bookcase that was in the corner. I stared at his sweat pants-covered ass, as he traveled over there. He grabbed something small off the shelf and came back to the side of his bed. Hovering over me, he freed my wrists from their bondage and I exhaled. I rotated my wrists in effort to get the kinks out and I sat upright to do the same for my shoulders.

"Better?" I heard him asked me.

I nodded my head. The thought of how things drastically changed between us, briefly entered my mind. Quickly, I shut down those thoughts and decided to not to ruin the moment.

He sat next to me, at the edge of the bed. He gathered my hair in one of his hands and draped it over my left shoulder. Then, he proceeded to give me a neck and shoulder massage. I groaned in gratitude and from pleasure.

"You like that, baby?" he asked into right ear, as he was massaging away the tension and ache in my shoulders.

Then, his hands drifted down to my back and he focused on the muscles there. Unconsciously, I started to roll my hips in slow circles. I could feel my engorged, wet pussy rub up against the blanket that was on the bed.

"Yeah," I moaned out.

His hands drifted down my back, down to the spot that is right above the crack of my ass and started to apply pressure there.

"Oh," I groaned, as I spun my hips in fast, tight little circles.

The rough surface of the comforter was causing tiny pin pricks of pleasure inside of my clit. A familiar sweet scent had greeted my nose and I brought my right fingers down to collect some. I heard a noise behind me, which sounded like a grunt, as I stuck my fingers into my mouth and sucked the flavor off.

"Shit," I heard I him hissed.

A small tight-lipped smile grew on my mouth, in response to his reaction.

The mattress shook from when he stood up from the bed. Then he gripped my forearms and lifted me up into a kneeling position on the bed. I gasped in shock and then whimpered in disappointment from not being able to cum. He took my right hand into his left one and placed my index, middle and ring finger into his mouth. I felt like his wet tongue lap at my fingers and the slight 'push--and-pull' of the suction that he was creating. I hoped that his mouth could give the same suction on my pussy. I could feel my pussy cream, at the thought. I damned near came from that feeling alone. He released my fingers from his mouth with audible 'pop'. Malachi released my hand from his clutch. His hands took a hold of my hips and pulled me closer to his body. I felt this hardness of his fit body against my bare, soft flesh, as well as, the hard bulge that was covered in cotton that was pressed against my lower belly.

"You taste sweet," he whispered, before he brought his mouth down onto mine.

He showered me with soft pecks and then took a hold of my bottom lip with this teeth and gave it a gentle nip. In return, I gave him a kiss. As we kissed, my hands caressed his muscled arms, feeling every bulge and every dip. My hands traveled further up, to his shoulders and down his chest. My fingernails lightly scratched his skin along the way down. A groan and a pelvis bump against my stomach was his response.

'I see you like that one; I wonder how you are going to feel about this.'

The tips of my nails traveled down to the waistband of his pants, only to return back to his pecs, where I proceeded to tantalize his nipples. Another groan erupted from his body. My fingernails drew circles around the dark-colored patches of skin and slowly scraped across his nipples. The pelvic grinding became rapid. I removed my hands away from his chest and I slipped my right hand in between our bodies, down to the elastic waist band of his sweat pants. I slipped two fingers inside of his pants and loosen the waist by untying the knot done to the drawstring. Without any visual aid, I pushed his sweatpants down as much as I could and his boxer-briefs followed suit. His dick sprang free and Malachi groaned in gratitude.

I didn't have to take a gander at his dick to know that he was working with some impressive equipment. Once my hand grabbed a hold of it, I discovered that I needed to use my other hand as well. My fingers barely wrapped themselves around his dick, because it was so thick. Using deliberate slow strokes with my hands, I gave him as much pleasure with the best of my abilities. I assumed that I was doing an awesome job because he stopped kissing me and he fell into a pleasure-induced stupor. His head tilted back, his eyes were half closed and his jaw was slack.

"You like this, baby?" I asked, with a smirk on my face, amused at his reaction.

His only reply was a tweak of his right eyebrow and a grunt.

"Well, I'm about to make you feel real good baby," I promised.

First, I gave him a peck on the chin and then a sweet smooch on the pulse point of his neck. My tongue gave each of his auburn-colored nipples a few licks, before making the descent down to his abdominals. I had to re-position myself in order to enjoy what I wanted to do to him. Now, I sat at the edge of the mattress, with my feet planted on the ground. I let go of his erect member and placed my hands on his waist. I ran my tongue along the ridges of his muscles, enjoying the feeling of the muscles against my tongue. His stomach muscles contracted. I felt the tip of dick rubbed up against the bottom of my jaw, spreading its pre-cum on my skin and begging for my attention. My right hand gave him a few strokes and Malachi groaned once more. After providing his torso with a make shift tongue bath, I brought my plush lips to that nifty corners of the legs, where the thighs connect to the groin. I gave a kiss to each side and then a little nip. His body jolted with each nip. It was my turn to chuckle.

"Baby, I need your lips on my cock right now," he grunted.

"Be patient," I notified him, sweetly.

He growled in irritation.

Now, ever since I was sitting in a new position, I finally am having a 'face-to-face' with his dick. First thing I noticed was the patch of bright red public hair, which caused me to giggle. The color of his pubic hair is a major contrast to the light and bright blonde hair that is on top of his head.

"What's so fucking funny?" I heard him asked. There was some harshness in his voice, which caused me to stare up at his face. He was staring down at me, as I was staring up at him.

'Shit, he looks offended; he probably thinks that I am laughing about his dick size.'

Trust me when I say this, there is nothing funny about his dick. Just like the rest of his body, it is beautiful. His prick felt wonderful in between my hands. It was hard yet soft like a steel rod. I assumed that his cock was, at least, eight inches long and the thickness of that pretty motherfucker had to measure at 3 inches. The head of his cock had a similar shape like the top of a mushroom and it had the coloring of a pale shade of purple. The shaft's coloring had gone from a deep shade of red and gradually turned into the coloring of white, just like the rest of his body. Running down the shaft of his dick were three prominent veins, which made it look vigorous. So, no, Malachi's cock is not laughter-inducing.

"Nothing, Blondie," I said, sweetly with a smile on my face.

I placed my hands at the base of his cock and stroke up the shaft until I hit the rim of the head. I watched his eyes fluttered close and trembling gasp escaped his lips. My smile widened.

"You were laughing about something," stated Malachi, after he gained his control. "What was it about?" He was staring down at me like he was a scolding parent. To avoid having an argument with him, just when I am about to suck his dick, I made up a lie.

"I was thinking about what is going to be the expression on your face when I do this..." and then I licked around the rim of that mushroom-shaped cap of his dick.

He had let out a groan with a shudder. I drew the head into my mouth and proceeded to suck on the sponge-like skin. I slid his shaft further into my mouth, sucking at the skin along the way, until the head struck my gag reflexes, then I withdrew his dick out of my mouth entirely.

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