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Solo HMT Adventures #06


Jul 9, 2009

Heavy Metal Thunder Solo Adventures #6

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Heavy Metal Thunder Productions


Copyright protected on May 2009.

The persons, places, entities, and events depicted in this story are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons, places, entities, or events is unintentional and purely coincidental.

Warning! Some stories may contain adult language, explicate violence, adult situations, and some sexual content. These stories are intended for a mature audience.

Heavy Metal Thunder Solo Adventures

Written by Stacy James Meadows

With Concepts Created by Stacy James Meadows, Larry William Van Hoorebeke, and Donald Edward Van Hoorebeke.

Previously on Heavy Metal Thunder Solo Adventures...Heavy Metal Thunder began to become a vigilante when thieves stole his brother's bike. He ended up saving a new friend from bullies, to have that friend help him get a computer disk to the police, while on the run from men in suits. With that fiasco behind him, he has decided to take the day off, and rest at the beach.

Chapter Six

A Day at the Beach

You ever have one of those days, where you just want to get out, and just relax? So you gather up the things you need, head out, and just do it. When your someone like me though, trouble just seems to follow you around, or, at least, it did me this day. -Heavy Metal Thunder

Heavy Metal Thunder made his way on foot towards the beach. He loved to go on long walks just for the exercise anyway, and had the urge to just relax at the beach for the day. On his back was an old army duffle bag, that had one time belonged to his father, who had served in Korea. In his right hand he carried a guitar case.

He had dressed for a nice relaxing day at the beach as well. He wore black tennis shoes with white tube socks, black shorts, a black muscle shirt, and a pair of sunglasses. On his right shoulder was a tattoo that said, "Heavy Metal Thunder" with the words "Heavy Metal" in cursive, and the word "Thunder" inside a lightening bolt. Above the words on the tattoo was a guitar rift in flames. He had gotten the tattoo recently, after he realized that was what he has become known as, and even came up with the design himself.

The day was clear and sunny, with the temperature about in the upper nineties somewhere. As he walked, he had began to sweat as well, but he didn't mind, after all a nice relaxing swim in the lake would cool him off nicely.

It was still morning, though late morning, and the beach didn't have many people there yet. He walked while scanning the few people already there, and found a secluded section, that no one was really at yet. He decided that he would set up his stuff there.

Reaching the spot, he set down the guitar case, and took a knee in the hot sand. He removed the duffle bag from his back, and began the process of setting things up. First, he pulled out a beach towel, and spread it out. Second, he pulled out a folding lawn chair, and set that up as well. Third, he pulled out a small cooler which could only hold about a small six pack of sodas, and then set it beside the chair. Lastly, he pulled out a stereo that played tape cassettes, and a small cassette tape case that held about twenty cassette tapes, which all had heavy metal music on them. He set that up on the towel, but didn't turn on any music just yet, because he was going to go for a swim first.

Sitting in the lawn chair, he removed his shoes, socks, and shirt. Then he padded his way through the burning sand towards the lake for a swim.

* * * *

The "Cobra Strikes" gang pretty much owned this section of town, and especially ran the beach here. This was their turf, and they pretty much did whatever the hell they wanted to here. The police used to patrol this area of town, but thanks to their constant attacks on them whenever they did show up here, the police no longer patrolled this area, and would only come here when absolutely necessary, and only then in great force.

In other parts of town, there were warning signs of how dangerous this area had become. Posters adorned walls warning of the high crime rate here, especially at bus stops, and public community services centers. The "Cobra Strikes" gang was particularly proud of this.

All members of the gang wore red bandanas, to symbolize their unity. Anyone in the gang recognized others of this gang immediately, but others, except for police who were quite aware of what the red bandanas represented, usually thought it was just a fashion statement.

Usually in the early afternoon, they would begin to gather at the lake, so they could get high, and figure out what they were going to do later that night. Usually, if no one messed with them, they pretty much kept to themselves, but if people started getting on their nerves, stepped up to them, or if they have had bad run ins with a certain somebody before, then they wouldn't hesitate to step up and lay a hurting on people. Of course, if gorgeous ladies were there, they would be harassed, and if someone had something they happened to see, and they decided they wanted it, then they just took it.

The "Cobra Strikes" gang pretty much had it made here. They had connections with a pretty powerful individual, who supplied them with drugs, and only occasionally asked for other things in return. He also kept them informed of local police actions, and if any other trouble was coming their way. It was a pretty sweet deal.

* * * *

It was beginning to become later in the afternoon. More and more people were gathering on the beach, and were starting to get closer to Heavy Metal Thunder. No one bothered him though, and no one complained about his music, and he even thought a few others were enjoying his music as well.

He had fun swimming, and was now just relaxing, and enjoying the view of some of the hotter females running around on the beach with bikinis on. It was beginning to be a good day at the beach.

* * * *

Sammy, and his two hommies, noticed the dark haired dude sitting on the beach, but they had no real beef with him, other than the fact that he had bad taste in music. They didn't really pay him any mind though, because they had more immediate things to do right now, like get high. They made their way up the beach to a secluded spot, and began to get their stash set up for a fix. All three were black males, and wore red bandanas on their heads, mostly because they were part of the "Cobra Strikes" gang, but mostly to keep the sweat from their bald heads from running into their eyes.

They quickly done their business of getting high, and made their way back to the beach before anyone suspected what they were up to. There wasn't enough of their gang here at the beach yet, to totally do whatever they wanted, so a little discretion was in order.

The dark haired man laid in a green lawn chair on the beach. Beside him on the ground was a huge boom box with lots of heavy metal tapes all sitting on a beach towel. On the other side was a guitar case, and in front of the green lawn chair was a small cooler. Sammy was watching him, but currently only out of curiosity.

The dark haired man listening to the music pulled out a soda from the cooler, and opened it up. He then causally took a drink. He then put the soda in a little cup holder on the chair, and opened up the guitar case and pulled out the guitar inside, putting it on his lap.

"Hey, let's get some real tunes of our own going. Break out that radio of yours, and get some rap going here." Sammy told his hommies. One of his hommies pulled out the boom box he had been carrying, and started fiddling with the dials. Rap music started playing, but they could barely hear it, so he kept fiddling with the dials.

Heavy Metal Thunder begun playing the guitar by ear with the song that was playing on the boom box. No one really knew who he was though. Some thought maybe he was with a band, some thought maybe he just played guitar, and some didn't think at all, and just enjoyed listening to the music.

Even though Heavy Metal Thunder was playing his guitar, he couldn't help but to notice a small commotion going on. A small group of black males were sitting a little away from him. They were trying to get their radio to play rap music louder then the heavy metal music he was playing, but their radio was no real match for his radio and guitar. Even from this distance from them, he could tell that they were mostly high, and on in particular was getting quite frustrated.

Sammy was getting quite frustrated now. He didn't know if it was his high getting him this way, or what, but he was getting really sick of the heavy metal music. He couldn't take it anymore.

"I'm going to put an end to that noise over there, even if I's got to kill 'em." He said as he popped out a switchblade knife, and walked over towards the dark haired man.

Not being blind, Heavy Metal Thunder saw him coming with the knife, and just kept on casually playing.

"Yo, cracker, shut that off, or I'm going to slice you, but good!" The black man screamed, as he kicked Heavy Metal Thunder's radio over and off.

"I was done playing anyway, because I'm more in the mood now for a good brawl!" The dark haired man said to Sammy's surprise, as Heavy Metal Thunder leapt to his feet and swung his guitar into the side of Sammy's head in one fluid motion. The guitar shattered, and Heavy Metal Thunder watched as the black man went flying backwards into an unconscious heap on the ground, and the knife fell out of his hand and into the hot sand, practically burying itself.

People who were nearby, began to gather up their belongings and head out of the area. The other two black guys got up, and pulled out weapons of their own, while Heavy Metal Thunder reached into the old army duffle bag for four items he was hoping not to have to use today, but had kept them stashed there hidden until now.

Three of the items were lock blade knives that looked the same, but were all different sizes. Heavy Metal Thunder had been thinking of using these only recently. He knew after his recent troubles, that he could only take out weapons with other weapons. A gun would be way to much trouble, not only with the law, but also to conceal. But these were perfect. Easily hidden, easily explained if necessary, and he even gave them personal meaning. The smallest stood for self protection, the medium sized one stood for protection of innocents, and the largest was for fighting evil. He even practiced for quite awhile at throwing them for precision targeting.

He opened the lock blade knives and placed them between his fingers on his left hand. Then he pulled out the fourth item, a small chain that bound the knives onto his hand, and bound the meanings together. In ancient times, somewhere in the orients, Heavy Metal Thunder had heard, weapons were banded in a certain part, people learned how to use common ropes in fighting, to subdue attackers. He could do this with the chain. He could also use it like a whip, or even as a brace knuckle substitute.

He stood up, revealing his weapons to the two approaching black men, and for the first time the young black men noticed the tattoo that said "Heavy Metal Thunder" on his right shoulder.

The young black men were now hesitant to attack, as the dark haired man started walking forward towards them.

"If it's a brawl you guys are looking for, then you just found one! Heavy Metal Thunder!" He said, as now he was trotting towards them.

"Hey, man, I ain't tangling with him."

"I heard about him, and if he's even half as bad as I've heard, we ain't got a chance in hell of fighting him on our own!"

"Let's get out of here!"

The two young black men went running as fast as they could, leaving their things and even their buddy behind them. "We have to tell the other's that the guy Mr. Vandimer warned us about is here!"

The dark haired man stopped, and went back to the lawn chair. The young black man, who had been hit by the guitar, was starting to stir. Heavy Metal Thunder stood above him. Sudden realization of who the dark haired man was filled his brain.

"Uh, oh!"

The young black man got up stammering. "I didn't know it was you..." And started to haul it out of the area.

Heavy Metal Thunder turned back to his things. He folded up his lawn chair, and stuffed it back into the army duffle bag. He then put the tapes, beach towel, small cooler, knives, and chain into the duffle bag. He examined his boom box, and was relieved that it wasn't damaged , even though his guitar was shot. He put the boom box into the duffle bag, closing it up. He picked up the busted guitar and put it back into it's case as well.

Placing the duffle bag back on his back, he picked up the guitar case up to leave. On the way out, he dumped the guitar case in the trash. No use keeping it, because there was no way to fix it, and he would have to just buy another one anyway.

"Can't even enjoy a day of peace at the beach." He mumbled to himself, as he made his way towards some buildings away from the beach.

To be continued.

Next Chapter Seven, Introducing the Blond. Heavy Metal Thunder saves a blond girl from this gang as well, could he be falling in love with her? Stay tuned, and find out.

File #: 13

Character Star Power: 2

Name: Cobra Strikes Gang

Legal Status: Many have criminal records.

Rank: None.

Occupation: Free criminal agents.

Known Relatives: Various.

Birth Date: Various.

Birth Place: Various.

Height: Various.

Weight: Various.

Eyes: Various.

Hair: Various.

Strength: Most are between 3 and 4.

Equipment: Various items they use as weapons.

Known Skills: Bullying, drug dealings, violent crimes, & thieving.

Limitations or Weaknesses: Mortal.

For More Info. See: Mr. Julius Stein Vandimer

History: This gang of thugs are not directly controlled by anyone, but they do have a truce with, and sometimes take on jobs for Mr. Julius Stein Vandimer. Stay tuned to see how Heavy Metal Thunder will be dealing more with them.

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