tagSci-Fi & FantasySpace Farm Pt. 02

Space Farm Pt. 02


This story begging right after the first part ends. It is recommended to read Part 1 first.


Miriam thought it was a bit strange that her sister called to invite her to the farm. They saw each other just three weeks ago and they usually didn't visit that often. However, it was always nice to relax in the tranquility of her sister Susan's farm, so she didn't think twice about accepting the offer. Her daughter Katie was totally on board with the plan. She always enjoyed spending time with her cousins Carol and Leila.

David, on the other hand, was not too keen on the idea. He liked the farm when he was little, but now he believed it was one of the most boring places in the galaxy. He came along nonetheless. He couldn't let his mother and sister travel alone, and at least he was going to enjoy a large steak of fresh kaberian meat.

"Hi sis, I am so glad you could make it," Susan said, greeting her sister.

"Nice to see you too. Thank you for the invitation," Miriam responded, stepping out of the small transport ship.

"We have so much to talk about," Susan added.

"Yes, we do. You won't believe what I heard yesterday about the Robertsons!" Mariam said, starting with the gossip.

"Hi Carol. What's new?" David said, noticing that her cousin looked hotter than usual. Wow! Carol is looking good.

"Hi David. You have grown! Where is Katie?"

"She is still inside the ship. You know her. She is looking for the right outfit."

"Yeah, she is just like me. I'll go get her." Carol said, walking towards the ship.

Carol's main topic of conversation with Katie had always been sex and this time was no exception. Katie was not shy and Carol intended to take advantage of this. She wanted to ease her cousin's way into becoming a fungus's feeder.

"Do you remember my neighbor Jason?" Katie said, as she walked into Carol's room, "We have been banging like crazy the last couple of months."

"Notice anything different in my room?" Carol asked.

Katie led out a gasp when she saw it. There was large podont at the opposite side of the bedroom. These creatures were very common and Katie knew them well, but they were definitely not house pets and it was odd to see one inside Carol's room.

"What the hell?! You have a podont in your room? Why? It is huge!"

"Brace yourself my dear, because you are about to see something really cool." Carol said, then she added, "he is huge, in more ways than one."

Carol guided the creature to the center of the room and went down to her knees. Then she gently grabbed his growing phallus.

The podont knew exactly what was coming and he got excited. He was going to fuck this tiny female again.

"Wait! What are you doing?! Don't tell me that you are going to..." Katie asked, truly astounded.

"Don't worry. This is not the first time that I have done this," Carol responded calmly.

Katie watched in astonishment as Carol leaned forward and licked the tip of the podont's phallus. She had considered herself a wild girl, but now she felt like a saint compared to her cousin. This was all so unexpected. Katie felt her pussy stir beneath her skirt.

"Wow! That is the biggest cock I have seen in my entire life," Katie exclaimed.

The beast's member was too big to fit all the way inside Carol's mouth, but she opened her lips as wide as possible and enveloped all she could of the fat cock head. Then she used both hands to stroke the phallus and stimulate him to orgasm.

Katie sat silently on the bed watching the bizarre spectacle. Her pussy was definitely getting wet.

After barely five minutes, the podont growled loudly and ejaculated inside Carol's mouth. The young woman was prepared for this and quickly swallowed the sperm, but it was coming too fast and some of it spilled out.

At first, Katie didn't know what was happening, but then she saw the white semen pouring out from Carol's lips and her heart jolted. She realized that her cousin was gulping it down.

"He is cumming! You made him cum!!" Katie yelled with excitement. She could actually see the podont's balls twitching over and over.

When the beast was done, Carol moved back, opened her vest and grabbed her bulging belly. She felt so proud of herself for collecting so much food for her master.

"Are you ok? He ejaculated right into your mouth!" Katie asked, moving beside her cousin to see if she was alright.

"I swallowed so much cum! It was awesome!" was Carol's response. Then she began to remove her clothes and said something unexpected, "Ok, now it is your turn."

"What?!! Me?!"

"Don't tell me you aren't horny because I know you are."

"But is it safe? What if he gets angry and crushes me?" Katie asked worriedly.

"It is completely safe. And you better take off your clothes if you don't want to get them smeared with cum."

"This is so crazy... I'll do it!" Katie was indeed very horny and willing to give it a try. If Carol could do it, she could too.

After both girls undressed, Carol moved beside the podont, grabbed his still erect cock and held it at the right angle. Katie hesitantly crawled forward.

It looks ever bigger this close. Katie thought.

"He likes it when you lick the tip," Carol said, showing experience.

Katie stared at the huge piece of meat presented to her while her heart beat rapidly within her chest. She realized at that moment that the podont's cock looked very similar to a man's cock, only larger. Much larger.

She put her lips on the tip of the creature's phallus and her pussy twitched hard. She always had a good time with her cousins Carol and Leila but this was beyond her wildest expectations. She was sucking a podont's cock!

I can't believe I am doing this! This is so fucking hot!

"Try to swallow all of it when he cums," Carol said, tightening her grip on the creature's phallus and moving her hand back and forth, stimulating it. She knew that the podont could cum several times in one night.

Just like before, the podont climaxed quickly. Katie opened her eyes wide as the first gush of sperm hit the back of her throat. Crap!!

"You can do it! Gulp it down as fast as you can."

But as much as she tried, her gag reflex was too strong and Katie started to choke. She moved to the side as the sperm flew out of her mouth and spilled on the floor. "Cough, cough."

The podont was still shooting his sperm into the air. This was unacceptable.

We can't let this cum go to waste.

Suddenly, there was a short scream coming from another part of the house. Carol heard it and smiled. Something was happening in her mother's room and she knew exactly what it was. Katie couldn't hear it because of her continued coughing.

While Katie struggled to compose herself, Carol grabbed the long phallus and aimed it at her own mouth. She collected the remaining sperm, spilling almost nothing.

"I am sorry. The sperm hit the back of my throat and I was not ready for it. It went in the wrong pipe," Katie was embarrassed that she couldn't swallow but Carol reassured her.

"Don't worry. The same thing happened to me once. The good news is that the podont is not done with us."

The podont looked down at the girls with excitement. He knew that the night was just beginning and he was ready to deliver.

"He isn't? He came twice already," Katie said.

Carol moved over to the bed and Katie followed her. Katie thought that her cousin was going to blow the beast again but then she saw her laying back on the edge and spreading her legs.

"No way that thing is going to fit inside of you. He is going to split you in half," Katie exclaimed.

"It will and he won't. Like I said, I have done this before."

The creature took short steps forward, hoping that the female would guide his cock to the right spot.

Katie heard a squishy sound as the fat member penetrated Carol's body. Then the sound was overshadowed by Carol's loud moan. It was incredible enough that the huge cock fit inside of the woman's tight pussy, but as the podont walked closer, the phallus kept plunging deeper until most of it was hidden from Katie's view. She couldn't believe it.

"It is in! It's all in!!" Katie yelled with amazement.

The creature's legs bumped on the bed's frame and he stopped moving forward. This was not a coincidence. Carol had done this quite a few times and she had calculated it with precision. The massive cock was as deep as humanly possible, but she didn't have to worry about being stabbed to death and she could enjoy the mating to the fullest.

Meanwhile, Katie's hand unconsciously wandered between her legs and rubbed her pussy with slow movements of her middle finger. How can this be possible? Carol is taking most of the podont's cock!

A while later, the beast was picking up speed. He was thrusting his hips twice as fast, making Carol's body swing back and forth with the same pace.

Katie could actually see the creature's cock moving within her cousin's body as Carol's skin bulged here and there. It was the hottest thing she had ever seen and she was right there, a few centimeters from the odd couple. Her hand was moving much faster now, rubbing her clitoris with eagerness. She wanted to cum at the same time as the beast.

And judging by his sounds, the podont's climax was just seconds away.

The creature stopped moving for an instant, then after a forceful jolt, he released a huge load of cum into Carol's womb. The excited woman felt the hot fluid filling her cavity and this was enough to send her over the edge. Carol arched her back violently and screamed in bliss. Anybody would be able to hear her from around the house but she couldn't care less, nor could Katie, who was rubbing her pussy as fast as she could trying to match the others' orgasms.

She is cumming!! Carol is cumming while the beast ejaculates inside of her!! I am cumming too... ugh!

A second later, everyone in the room was in the midst of climax. Katie threw her head back and moaned softly while she pictured herself being ravished by a podont, with his cock buried to the hilt in her pussy and discharging a bucket of cum inside of her womb. She was not brave enough to do it but she could certainly dream about it, especially with her cousin in that exact situation at this very moment.

This was the best orgasm Katie had ever experienced and she was only touching herself.

Image 023

The podont finished ejaculating and stepped back. The amount of sperm accumulated in Carol's bloating belly was evident. Katie moved closer to have a better view and couldn't avoid expressing her astonishment.

"Wow!! You are really stuffed with the podont's cum."

"I think I can fit more inside of me. I'll show you."

Carol turned on her stomach and dragged herself backwards. She knew that she could take more cock in her ass than in her pussy and she wanted to make sure that the podont fucked her as deep as possible. The creature got the message and moved into position one more time.

"Are going to take it in the ass? It is going to hurt." Katie said while she walked around the bed and leaned forward to have a better view. The podont's cock a few centimeters from Carol's anus.

"It won't. You will understand soon enough."

Katie wondered what Carol meant by that, but she forgot about it the moment she saw the large cock thrusting forward and penetrating Carol's ass. The beast was not gentle or slow but the aroused woman moaned in utter bliss nonetheless. Katie's pussy stirred again.

The fat appendage pushed Carol's insides apart, taking over her body and taking over her self control. She loved being so helplessly possessed.

The mating lasted longer than before. Katie stood nearby the entire session, immobile and mesmerized, watching the incredible scene. Even though she wasn't masturbating this time, her pussy was dripping lubrication fluids to the floor between her feet.

As usual, the podont increased the pace gradually until he couldn't move any faster. Then, after a short, loud growl, he discharged his load of sperm inside Carol's body.

"Yes!! Fill me with your cum! Give me all you have!!" Carol screamed.

He is cumming a forth time. This is unbelievable. No wonder Carol chose him to be her mate. Katie thought.

Despite the girth of the massive cock, the sperm started leaking between the rough grayish skin of the beast and Carol's tight anal cavity.

"I think you are full. The sperm is coming out," Katie said.

But neither Carol nor the beast were listening since they were both lost in bliss. After almost one minute of non-stop ejaculation, the sticky sperm began to flow out of the woman's mouth. Katie was astounded. She assumed that it was the sperm that Carol swallowed earlier and the pressure of the podont's cock was pushing it out, but she couldn't be sure.

Is she so full of cum that it is coming out of her mouth?! No way!

At last, the sex session was over. Carol cleaned her face and stood up. Her belly was bloating even larger and now it was time to feed the fungus.

"I told you that I could take more cum inside of me. Look at my belly!" Carol said proudly.

"You were right. You look like a pregnant woman. I can't believe you just let him fuck you in the ass. He is massive!"

Carol had to make an excuse to leave the room for a while. She lied to her cousin and told her that she was going to the bathroom in the hallway. She didn't know what was going on with her mother and her aunt so she told Katie to stay in the room to prevent an unpleasant situation.

"And what about him?" Katie asked, pointing at the beast.

"Don't worry. He is done for today. He will fall asleep in a minute."

"I have something else I want to show you, so wait for me here, ok?"

"What? There's more? I can see you have been busy my dear cousin."

The rest of the house was very quiet and that could only mean one thing. Carol was going to her mother's bedroom to corroborate it.


Meanwhile, outside the house, Leila was leading David to the far side of the hangar. She told him that she wanted to share a secret and David followed her with enthusiasm.

In the previous years, David had always considered his younger cousin a bit immature and he avoided her when possible. But Leila was not a little girl anymore. She had become a curvaceous young woman. At the very least, he could enjoy looking at that sexy body for a few minutes.

"I think we are far enough Leila. What is this big secret that you want to tell me?" David asked.

"Step over here and I'll tell you."

David was astounded when Leila turned around, went down to her knees and opened the fly of his pants.

"My secret is that I have become the best cock-sucker in the galaxy. Do you want me to show you?"

"What?!! Leila.. don't! What are you doing? Somebody is going to see us."

"Nobody ever comes back here," Leila said, "We can do whatever we want. And I want to do it with you."

Despite the awkward situation, David immediately felt his cock getting hard. For some reason, he had been feeling hornier than usual since he arrived at the farm.

Leila pulled her cousin's cock out of his pants and when she leaned forward to lick the tip, it was already fully erect. She was certain that David, being a male, would not be able to resist her sexual advances. Just like any other male creature on the farm.

"Are you sure about this?" David insisted.

"Absolutely sure. I want you to cum all the way down my throat."

Without saying another word, Leila wrapped her lips around the phallus and swallowed it whole. The constantly aroused woman had sucked so many large cocks in the last few weeks that her gag reflex was completely gone. She moved her head forward until her nose was touching her cousin's pelvis, then pulled back a little, and pushed forward again.

David was in heaven. He couldn't believe what Leila was doing. He could feel her tight lips, her agile tongue and her constricting throat working on his cock with true expertise. Leila didn't lie. She was in fact the best cock-sucker in the galaxy.

Leila bobbed her head back and forth with tenacious determination. She wanted David's cum inside of her belly as soon as possible.

The reward for her effort came quickly. David couldn't last more than five minutes before ejaculating down his cousin's throat.

Leila felt David's cock pulsating, then the warmth of his sperm filling up her belly. She climaxed instantly from the sheer pleasure of collecting more food for her master.

Leila cleaned the remnants of sperm from her face and looked sensually at David. One ejaculation was not enough. Her cousin was young and she knew that he could handle at least three more. And she was right. David didn't lose his erection after climaxing and he was ready for another round.

"That was truly the best blow job ever," David said.

"I told you. I have your cum in my belly, now I want it in my pussy."

"Damn! When did you become this sex goddess?"

After removing her shorts and her top, Leila turned around and bent over, offering her body to David. David also removed his clothing and stepped forward, touching Leila's pussy lips with the tip of his phallus.

"You are so fucking hot! Are you ready?" David said.

"Yes! Shove your cock in my pussy. Cum inside of me again."

He could hardly believe this was happening. Just his morning he was expecting an extremely boring weekend and now he was fucking Leila! He was fucking his cousin!

"Your pussy is so tight. This is awesome!"

"Fuck me! Fuck me hard!!"

He rammed his hips against Leila's rear end with insane eagerness and Leila tightened her vaginal muscles in response, milking him for all he was worth.

David's cock was not nearly as big is the ones that Leila had enjoyed lately but she felt enormous pleasure nonetheless. Maybe it was the naughtiness of the situation, or maybe it was because she was programmed to enjoy any sexual encounter regardless of the size or species of her partners. The only thing that truly mattered was getting more cum inside of her.

She is making me cum again!! Not so fast... ughh.

A couple of minutes later, Leila achieved her goal. David grabbed her hips tightly and lifted her off the ground while he ejaculated. His balls twitched over and over, releasing a big load of cum even though this was his second time.

And just like before, Leila came at the same time he did. It was a reflex embedded in her brain. She felt pleasure providing pleasure. This served as the best incentive to give her partners orgasms, and therefore obtain their precious sperm.

As soon as David was done, Leila laid on the ground and gestured for him to jump on top of her. If David had more cum to spare, she was going to take it.

David, breathing fast and little woozy, looked down at her with passion in his eyes. His cousin wanted more and he would not refuse an offer like that.

"Again?" David asked.

"Yes, give me more."

Meanwhile, Katie was still in Carol's room. She was looking out the window and she could see part of the hangar from there. Katie noticed the shadow of somebody moving around near the far end. The podont was a couple of meters away, fast asleep, gathering strength for the next mating session.

What is taking Carol so long? I think there is someone by the hangar. Maybe it is her. I'll take a look.

David knelt between Leila's legs and aimed his phallus at her vaginal entrance. Everything that was happening felt like a dream. They were fucking in plain view and he knew that her mother or his could catch them doing it. That would have terrible consequences, but he just couldn't stop himself. It was not only that his cousin was hot, but there was something else. Something in the air, like pheromones, that was driving him insane.

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