Spreading Seeds Ch. 37


I took my hand off her pussy and pulled her hand off my cock. She moaned and pulled my hand back to her cunt then grabbed the inside of my thigh just below my balls, holding me firmly and humping my hand. I got back to the 748 and went to the 749 running both fingers up in and swirling them, pulling and pushing, while rocking my palm and fingers on her major lips.

Ellie had her arm around my neck and was kissing me voraciously when she arched her back and quivered, moaning deep in her chest as her whole body convulsed in a combined vaginal, clitoral climax. I held her up by wrapping my left arm around her ribcage and holding her to me. She wiggled and moaned for a few moments more then collapsed, wrapped her left arm around me and pressed her warm belly to my stiff dick.

"I am the Lone Pine, resolute and strong. Neither the hot sun nor the cold rain can hurt me. I take the heat and use it to make me stronger, and drink cold rain to slake my thirst," I thought as Ellie rubbed my chest with her sweet little titties and her warm smooth belly rubbed my cock. It was fun but I was thinking of Charlotte, as I often did.

Ellie straightened up and stepped back, smiling at me sleepy eyed, "Oh Josh! That was some transition series, do you know any others?"

I kissed her quick and fell back in the water. She laughed, fell forward and straddled me. The water was very shallow at the top of the sand bar and warm from running along the shallows.

Ellie held herself up on hands and knees, smiling at me then she leaned down and kissed me, gentle like, "Thank you for the demonstration, Josh. Now I know why Charlotte said she liked it."

"Are you going to fuck him? If so I get halvies," Doris said from the bank.

Ellie gave me the eye but stood and offered me a hand up. "No, we'll let Charlotte have her Prince Charming," she laughed and dove into the deep water to swim and cool off. I followed her and we played a little grab ass for a while before we joined Doris and walked back up to camp.

The day was hot and only the warm breeze along the river made the shade of the trees somewhat more comfortable in the heat of the late afternoon. Most of the mules were laying down in the shade of the trees and nibbling the grass, or sleeping. I gathered up my pants, shirt, and field jacket, and emptied the pockets while the girls went into the bushes on the downstream side of the pasture.

I took my clothes down to the river and began to wash them, figuring that they would dry quickly in this heat. I wanted to smell less like a horse the next time I saw Charlotte. I watched the girls come out of the bushes and wade out into the river about waist deep and wash their asses. I concentrated on my washing and soon the girls came up the river laughing, I heard Doris say, "It's too bad we can't fuck him."

Ellie answered, "Charlotte would kill us if we did.

I chuckled and thought about how Charlotte would punish them for a sexual transgression like that. Probably make them eat her pussy for a hour, or introduce them to "Aunt Sadie," that made me laugh!

'Aunt Sadie', is what Charlotte called her strap-on dildo. Her Great Aunt Sadie Jenkins had developed a way to coat a piece of hemp rope so that it was waterproof, smooth, stiff, but still flexible. Sadie had fashioned the first one for personal use and over the years the Jenkins women had made a business of making and selling them. It never made them a lot of money but had given the Jenkins girls a reputation.

In the summer, back home it was traditional for the women and girls to take a trip to the river and picnic while trying out the latest Aunt Sadies. They took a long time to make, because the coating took a long time to cure, so there were never more that six or eight new ones each year. Sadie Jenkins Day was sort of an unofficial holiday in Davis, the Jenkins women would let the girls try them out and select the one that fit. Charlotte had me bring a few of my male friends along to help out the ladies that couldn't afford to buy their own Aunt Sadies. A plain one cost over a hundred dollars, and the fancy ones could go for five hundred. I always like Sadie Jenkins Day.

The girls came up and helped me wash my clothes, Ellie taking my pants and Doris my shirt, as I scrubbed my field jacket.

"Josh, do you know anymore series?" Doris asked.

I grinned, "Yeah, but most of 'em I wouldn't be able to show you, since you're prohibited."

Doris frowned and scrubbed my shirt. Ellie smiled at me, "Surly you must know one or two that wouldn't, you know, cause us to break the rules."

"Let me think a bit. Here help me wring out my jacket." Ellie helped me twist my jacket and wring out most of the water. It probably wouldn't dry out today, but I didn't figure I'd need it.

I took my jacket up and hung it in the sun on the bushes and came back to the girls, they were wringing out my shirt and pants, "I do know one, well not a series really, but it is kind of fun if you can climax from nipple play."

Ellie grinned up at me and Doris laughed. Ellie stood and waved her tits my way, "I can climax from just nipple play, but it takes a lot of play!"

Doris jumped up and said, "Oh do me Josh, I'm faster!"

I took my clothes from them, "Well, let's hang these up and get back in the shade."

We hung up my clothes and wandered back up to camp. I had the girls stretch out on their ground cloth and knelt between them at their waists, "Now this is a class four warm up sequence," I circled their nipples with my fingers touching lightly and grinning as their nipples firmed up. It was a little difficult working both left and right hands but the girls didn't care. Doris had her eyes closed and was rubbing her pussy as I pulled, pinched and fondled her nipples. Ellie kept her eyes open and grinned at me, making faces at me as she got hotter and hotter.

Doris squirmed as I leaned down and sucked her right nipple while I massaged her left. Ellie whined and gave me a look, like she wanted a kiss too. I obliged while rubbing Doris's right and kissed Ellie's left nipple. Ellie pulled my head to her breast lightly, "Oh! Suck Josh!"

I sucked her nipple up and ran my tongue over her tight pink aureole, pinching her nipple in my lips and rolling her right nipple as I did.

In a few minutes Doris was whimpering and moaning, so I concentrated on her, taking both her firm breasts in my hands and massaging them, pulling her nice brown nipples and sucking one hard. That set her off and she moaned and squirmed around for a second or two as she rapidly rubbed her clit.

I sat up and massaged her titties as she came down, breathing hard and moaning. Ellie got up on her elbow and watched as Doris finally collapsed and groaned, "God, I need some cock," Doris said almost to herself.

"We all do honey, but we have to wait," Ellie pulled my hand to her breast. I grinned at her and gave her soft little boobies both hands. She fell back and smiled at me, "Josh, I could get off if, if you sucked my nipples hard." She winked at me and put her arms behind her head grinning.

I massaged both her breasts and she closed her eyes. I worked on her and had her whimpering in a few minutes but even sucking hard, I couldn't get her off. Finally I leaned back, "Ellie, I'd love to have you come, but I need some sleep."

Ellie gave me a pouty face, "But I'm almost there, Josh. She was so cute with her freckled tits and red hair that I leaned down and sucked her again. She lasted about two minutes before she started bucking and pulled my head up to kiss me. She sucked on my lower lip and let me up, "Oh that was nice, do you know any others?"

I laughed a stretched my arms and neck, "Yeah, I do but, not today, Okay?"

Ellie sat up, "You take a nap, Josh. Doris and I will turn your clothes so they dry faster." Ellie stood up and pulled Doris up by the arm. They went down to the river and I lay down and closed my eyes.

I woke to find half my dick in Doris's mouth. I said slowly, "Doris, what are you doing?"

She looked up and blushed, "Oh I didn't know you were awake."

"You are such a slut Doris," Ellie said.

The girls were kneeling next to my knees and Ellie had a shit-eating grin on her face. Doris said, "She started it!"

"I just licked him to wake him up. You had to suck him!"

Doris stuck out her tongue at Ellie and turned back to me, "It's almost chow time, Josh. You might want to get up."

I looked around and the sun was getting closer to horizon. I stretched and sat up. Which put me close to the girls and Ellie leaned over and kissed me. She grinned, "You'd better hurry Josh, I'll bet Charlotte is waiting."

I put my arm around her and pulled her to me, kissing her firmly, she gave it back to me. Doris sighed, so I kissed Doris and said, "I really enjoyed the day girls."

"So did we," Doris giggled.

They had brought up my clothes, which were still damp, but dry enough to wear. As I dressed they started the camp fire and began to cook their dinner. I whistled up Barb and while she ambled over, I gathered up my kit bag and stuffed all my gear in it. I took Barb up and re-saddled her and went back to say goodbye to Ellie and Doris.

They were still naked and in the afternoon light, with the dappled shade, made me think again of Sadie Jenkins Day along the Sacramento River. I had had some of the best sex with Charlotte on Sadie Jenkins Days. She, her mother and sister had always demonstrated the new models for the women, and in the late afternoon Charlotte would let me work out the tension that a couple of hours of dildoing selected customers had built up.

"Well I'm off girls; I'll see you on the trail."

They came over and gave me a goodbye kiss. Doris grinned at me, squeezing my dick, "Maybe we can get together on the trail?"

I grinned, "Perhaps, but you girls will be so tired I doubt you'll want to loose the sleep."

I mounted up and waved to them, my mind already thinking about Charlotte.

By then I had gotten to the fence and was closing it, I looked back and saw that they were licking each other's pussy and had forgotten all about me.

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