tagNonConsent/ReluctanceStanding Behind You

Standing Behind You

bySelena Down©

Sometimes when I stand behind you, I know you get chills just awaiting my touch on your shoulders. I can see the goose bumps all over your neck, can hear your breath getting quicker. Your long red wavy hair cascades down your neck, smelling freshly washed. Your eyes are closed, as you imagine what I'm about to do to you.

You wait until I come to you, pushing you against the wall, my hips shoved up tight against yours. Your body is sexy, smooth, soft yet inviting. I wrap my arms around your waist, my hands exploring your breasts through your little white tank top. My touch is very gentle and a gasp escapes your lips. I pull your hair aside from your neck and all you can feel is my hot breath. As I take the tip of my nose and rub it in circles around your earlobe, your nipples harden. I play with them on the outside of your tank top, teasing you even more. I'll take off your top when I'm good and ready.

You try to turn around to face me, but I hold you in place. You feel my left hand run through your hair, caressing its softness. I'm so gentle yet persuasive; I gyrate my body against yours. Our silent dance is getting you wet in your panties. You push your ass back into me, letting me know how bad you want it. You moan, as the teasing is becoming too much. My hand crawls up your skirt to discover the absence of panties. Your shaved pussy is already soaked. Two of my fingers are jammed in; you shriek from the penetration.

Suddenly, and without any warning, I grab a handful of your long hair. With my other hand, I forcefully bend you over the bed. As I take in the sights, my cock begins to harden. Your cute little denim skirt barely covers your tight ass and your athletic legs are sexy, right down to the sneakers you sport today. You try to stand up, to turn and face me, but I hold you down. As I push your face into the mattress, I cross your wrists at your lower back and simply say "Stay". Judging by the stern tone of my voice, you don't need to be told twice.

"I hope that pussy is wet enough before I fuck you, or else you're gonna be in for some wicked pain", you growl. A chill goes through you. You love my voice. I have no problem getting you wet. You could come from the sound of my voice alone. I know this and always take advantage of it.

My cock is hard and long and thick. I cruelly shove it into you, as you are bent over the bed. You whimper from the pain and I laugh, grabbing your hair in my fist. You try to position yourself better on the edge of the bed, but my one hand is holding both of your wrists behind your back and you are unable to move. I thrust hard and deep into you and can feel you shudder as I whisper in your ear.

"This pussy is mine", I whisper. "I will take it" - my words are punctuated by my thrusting - "whenever I want". You gasp as I hold your head down on the bed. I lean to tell you more.

"I am sick and fucking tired of this 'forbidden fruit' shit!" I growl. "This pussy belongs to me and this body belongs to me, do you understand?"

You say nothing until I give you permission to speak.

"Yes, I understand", you say to me. I see tears welling up in your eyes, from both the pleasure and pain. Your hips push back into mine; I can feel you getting close to cumming.

"Tell me what I want to hear!", I yell. "You tell it to me exactly!" I pull out and whip you around, lying on top of you, face to face.

A deep breath escapes you. "This is your pussy and you can have it whenever you want!" You scream in reply. I lean my head down and roughly shove my tongue in your mouth. You kiss me back, moaning and groaning. I bite down on your neck, tasting your sweet sweat. Your cute little sneakers kick off my ass, as I relentlessly pound you.

"Oh please David, please make me cum!" you sigh in my ear. Your fingernails scrape my back. I thrust harder and harder into your wet pussy. I can feel your body shudder as you cum. Your legs are wrapped around my waist and I grab your face with my hands, kissing you deeply once again.

"I'm close," I tell you.

"Fuck me, David!" is all you can answer.

As I inhale the scent of your pussy and feel your soft mouth on mine, I cum hard and long. I keep thrusting until tears spill down your cheeks from the pain, which makes me cum even more. I love to hurt you and you love to be hurt. And now that the forbidden fruit has been tasted, there will be more pain for you in the future. You wouldn't want it any other way.

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