Story of April


She stayed naked a little longer, as if she wanted to feel the thrill of possibly getting caught. She took out a sharpie. She wrote on the side of her fingers, so that the writing was in between and covered from casual people looking at her hands: "I am a princess -- freedom is my destiny." She laughed and flung her head side to side to make the water spray from her hair.

She had her own palace, the huge factory building. It was all hers simply for having the nerve to claim it. She walked to a nearby grocery store, where she tried all the food samples. Because it was Saturday, a lot of food manufacturers had sent out representatives with sample demonstration tables. She had a small slice of vegan pizza, a tiny cup of cereal that had more calories than eggs, a toothpick laden with Romanian sausage, and a regular sized cup of sample coffee.

The couch in the grocery store's dining section was free. She sat down on the comfy couch, listened to the hip music of the store, and pulled out her school notebook to work on an English essay. After two hours of hard work and increasingly frequent visits at a distance by the store security clerk, she decided that it was time to feel accomplished and move on.

April wandered through the sun drenched streets with flowers blooming at the side. While she felt happy, she also realized that all the stores were closed to her, a person without cash money. So, she started going back toward the park and the factory.

In the park, a group of street kids was exchanging music on their iPods. Street kids are clearly evident by their mismatched clothes. They have to take whatever new clothes they can get. She usually didn't talk with them. Today, she walked over and said hi.

"Why are you coming over to us, you are not part of us?"

"Now, I am. I left home last night."

"Oh, you are so pampered. You will be back before the rooster crows."

"Is that how you were treated as well on your first day?"

"Don't mind him. We will help you out. There is a job opening at a night club. They offer $80 to play a set of music. That's why we are here synching up our iPods to have a chance against the rich city kids. What kind of music do you like?"

"I am kind of a punk rock girl. I like it rough and gritty."

"Sean over there has a few punk tracks, if you have something to trade back to him."

"Damn, I didn't have the mind to bring my iPod with me."

She spent the afternoon listening to music with the other street kids. Then the kids with homes started moving in for their Saturday night bonfires. The drug dealers followed. Fires started crackling. People started hollering. Music started booming out of speakers. The street kids grew restless.

"April, it was nice meeting you. Though, the social workers will come soon. They always come Saturday nights. We better bolt, before we get caught. You should find another place as well. They sometimes stay until sun rise. Then, we are safe here again."

The street kids left while looking over their shoulders. April was left by herself for a moment. Then, she left the happy party park as well. She drifted through the streets among the fences around houses. She was tired. Where should she go to sleep tonight?

A deserted parking lot of the post office had a dumpster with some shrubs behind it. April cautiously approached looking around for building security. When she walked behind the green dumpster with the missing wheel, she started to smell stinky human. Once she lifted a shrub branch, she could see into the nest. Three homeless guys in rags were lying on the ground surrounded by paper bags and bottles. One of them raised his head to slur: "If that is not well smelling young pussy." Then, his head fell back again. April was taken aback and quickly left. She was near crying from exhaustion.

By the time that sun came up, she realized that she had been walking all night. No place seemed safe and private to take a sleep in this big city. She went back to the park. Kids with homes had left garbage, half eaten chips bags, sandwiches, and all. April was eating up their crumbs. And, it made her feel so good, as her stomach was feeling nourished and the blood sugar spread through her body.

A half sleeping party-goer offered her a sausage and a stick to grill it on a bonfire. Oh, that sausage tasted like heaven. It made her so happy. Then, she went back to her bush from Friday night to be out of the sun and sleep. Her sleep was deep and dreamless. The floor was hard and dirty. She slowly realized that as she came to her senses in the afternoon.

Peering out of her hiding spot, there were only a few youths that roamed the park in small groups. April's clothing was creased from wearing it so long and sleeping in it. She had picked her sturdiest clothes: sneaker, jeans, and t-shirt. But, she was still a girl that needed to look pretty.

As she sat there brain storming solutions, Steven appeared. He slowly scuffled the dirt with his feet as he walked. He showed that he had no worries that April could get away from him. He still wore the same clothes. They still looked good on him. Leather jackets keep in comparison to cute girl clothes.

"You have some nerves to be out here by yourself. Where are your little girl friends?"

"Well, you have some nerve being out here mister, all by your little self."

"I am strapped, " and Steven flashed his black gun. "How about you? Is that a shot gun in your bag?"

April froze up. Her mind stopped thinking. She didn't say anything.

Steven had evidently lost his interest at the lifeless response. He turned around and said "thought, so little spoiled girl."

"Hey, I have more courage than you do! I don't need a gun to hide!"

Steven faced April again: "Are you willing to prove it?"

"I don't need to prove anything to anyone."

Steven turned to walk away again.

"Okay, what are we talking about?"

Steven stopped, yet kept facing away: "Do you see the factory tower with the black top? Okay, that tower has no more access to the top floor. However, the top floor contains the stash away of a drug dealer, who is now in prison. We have this game among the street kids. Whoever dares climbing the highest wins. Are you up for it pant shitter?"

"Okay, let's do this."

The two walked silently to the factory tower. He was the tall, big young man. She was the half size smaller girl. They both looked up at the tower. The tower had an internal metal frame. Walls were made from a small fake stone layer. The windows were busted with sharp glass everywhere. The ground floor was completely boarded up by the city. To get into the tower, one had to climb on a pile of rubbish. The rubbish was made from a mix of palettes and old computer screens.

As they both scrambled up the pile of rubbish, it could roll under them at any time. The cuts would be gnarly and infectious. The second floor had dark insides with wet wood boards making the air heavy. An easy enough stair steep stair case led to the second floor. April walked behind Steven like a cat following its owner. The fourth floor was blocked by a metal wire door with a chain.

To get past the metal wire door, one had to get out of the window. Opposite to the window were pipes running vertically up. One had to put the feet against the pipes to push the back against the wall. Thus using counter pressure to keep from sliding down, one had to slowly shuffle the back and feet over to the next window, which was on the opposite side of the fence. It takes a bit of guts, when you can see where you will fall if you make a mistake.

The fifth floor was much cleaner. Rarely anyone got here. So, there was no garbage only the rot of old factory equipment. There were ancient tables with plastic pen holders. The pen holders were plain. They were made in a time before industrial designers designed everything.

The sixth floor was completely exposed. The walls were ripped off. Only the internal metal frame of the building was there to hold the upper floors. The wind and exposure made April dizzy. Steven smiled at his own supremacy. The things on the ground looked smaller.

Steven reached his arm as high as he could and tapped a metal beam: "Can you get higher?" April found a rock to stand on and jumped just a little higher with her hand touching the metal beam.

Steven smiled and politely asked her to step away from the rock. He effortlessly touched higher on the metal beam. April looked around herself. There was an old rope fluttering in the wind. April stepped over. The rope was grim with dirt. She tugged on it. She tugged harder on it. Then, she wrapped the rope around her right calf and stared pushing up on the rope.

Steven's face paled: "If you mess up, you are dead."

April kept pushing. It wasn't so much that she wanted to win anymore. It was more that she wanted safe and stable ground under her feet. She grabbed a forearm length of rope, pulled, and then secured her feet to reach up for more rope. Then her hands felt the weather beaten wood of a window frame. She pulled herself in.

The room was in good shape. A newish mattress lay on the floor. A closet with wearable clothes lined the wall. There was even a working mirror in the room. She found a wad of $200 behind the mirror. She pocketed it and climbed back down.

"Hey, you got the money. Half of it is mine, because I told you were to look. Now, before you say no, consider this business proposition. I know a guy, who would rent his place to use for a month for that money: clean bed, shower, bathroom, even a laundry. Where else do you get that for so cheap? Again, it is my street knowledge. We should share the place."

April thought that it might be a good deal. Plus, she would have his protection.

They climbed back down. Steven let the way to a nearby residence. A shifty guy with a French beret hat explained the deal. He was a real estate agent. The place was in foreclosure. The owners had already moved out. There was time before the auction. They could rent the place from him under the table in the meantime. He had keys to show the place to building inspectors to get ready for the auction. He'd always give them a heads up. They'd have to move out for a few hours.

The first night was cozy. Steven had found some left behind cat food that he explained as safe for humans. These days humans treated pets like people anyway. So, cat food looked and tasted like human food. He found a small TV in a dumpster that he hooked up to the last days of the previous owner's cable subscription.

April cuddled up in his arms. She smelled the leather jacket and felt good. Nobody was yelling at her anymore. She had her own place now. Watching TV made her drowsy. The promised mattress was missing, but she had Steven's body as a pillow. Her nose on Steven's chest, she could smell his unique aroma. It made her feel safe. And, of she went to dream land.

In the morning, she woke up to Steven with his bare chest. His chest was sweat covered as he was doing push ups, yoga stretches, and shadow boxing. She asked him to teach him shadow boxing. He told her to get her arms up to protect from imaginary blows. Then, he told her to imagine a big burly woman hissing at her. He told her to duck, move, forward, block, punch. It was a fantasy like the most beautiful fairy story, as they battled their way through an imaginary underground of thugs.

After a wonderfully hot shower, April left for school. Steven left for whatever he did during the day. All day in school, she wondered what Steven's mouth would taste like. She imagined her small body riding on his muscular body with his penis buried deep inside of her. He was so powerful, yet she had proven to be more courageous than him.

When she came home, she threw herself at Steven. She ravished his mouth. He immediately started peeling clothes of his body like a movie clichés. He was naked in no time. His raging boner stood in the room. April was still completely dressed. She felt powerful in her composed clothes and him completely exposed. She looked at him standing there patiently with his raging boner. She laughed a little at her power. His eyes twitched at her laugh wondering if it was good or bed.

"You ain't got any unless you eat me first. On your knees."

Steven obediently got on his knees. He lifted her skirt over his head and leaned his head back to face her panties in the darkness under the dome of her skirt. His fingers pulled the thin slip aside for his tongue to lurch forward. Shudders of feeling welled through April. She held onto his short curly hair as he licked and lapped her. She loved feeling in power. Yet, she was also rushing with horny feelings. She told him to take her.

He was so horny that he swiftly pulled down her panties and slipped her clothes off. They were both naked in a barren room. He slipped his large erection inside of her wet cave. She was overcome by good feelings from her vagina. She threw her body down onto his penis. He rammed his penis inside of her.

They didn't use a condom. She could feel the warm skin of his penis. Her vaginal slime as she called it covered his whole penis and groin area. She was exposed to any of his venereal diseases and so was she. It was an added thrill to be so vulnerable. They felt so connected to each other. Being so turned on to push caution away made it even more of a turn on. She hadn't taken her pills regularly the last days. She could get pregnant. She would accept a kid from him. He would be there to support them.

Both of them crashed into post coital bliss resting in each other's arms before the drifted off into a soft sleep. The unfurnished apartment seemed larger. The two naked bodies were on the shiny wooden floor. The move-in ready windows let the mixture of light from street lights and the sky dimly light the room.

At some point in the night, she woke up for a bit. She noticed his tattoo on the shoulder for the first time. It was the silhouette of a busty woman reclining. The black lines were blotchy as if a friend in the park had done his first human attempt after practicing the tattoo needle on pork skin. She drifted back into sleep.

Steven carefully held her head with the dark smooth hair flowing down his hands. He pulled his body out from under her to stand up. She noticed the movement regardless. Her eyes opened wide to show the blue iris. Her face was peaceful and relaxed from sleeping. The skin seemed a bit puffy. His face was right in front of hers, when he watched the movements of her lips as she asked him: "Babe, what's up?"

He lovingly caressed his arm along the back of her young body: "It's Tuesday morning. Lisa has the best breakfast line. There is French Toast and orange juice in little paper cups." He slowly laid her back on the ground. Then, he reached for her panties -- still pink, still tiny in a man's hand. His lips kissed her slender feet on the back before he pulled the slip over them. After he pulled them over his butt, he firmly pressed the back of his hand onto her pubic bone and rotated the skin to give her a little sensual morning pleasure.

Then, his big board of a body that was hovering propped up by his arm moved up her body, so that his tongue could lick across her nipple. She felt so good. A shiver reached from her nipples down to her clitoris. With her mind still foggy from sleep, she reached below to hold his penis. His penis was already erect and fit so perfectly to fill her hand. She was happy and unconsciously bit her lip as her head tilted back.

She was hungry to feel his cock in her mouth. She reached with her free hand between his buttocks. The backside of his body was taught from holding himself in plank position. Her slender white hand found a good hold on his butt with her fingernails touching his anus. She used the hold to move his body higher until her mouth was under his penis. She swallowed his penis. He could instantly feel the warm, velvety, moistness all around his penis. His body turned passive to surrender to the good feeling.

She reached her head up to stroke her lips higher along the penis shaft. She could feel his paused movement and how he was yielding to her. She'd move a bit and he'd adjust to her. She felt a freedom to do whatever she wanted to him, a kind of free canvas. She loved that feeling of freedom of social pressure. She paused for a moment to whisper, "I will let you come on my tits."

"Honey, I'm coming." She slipped his dick out of her mouth, pointed it at her titties, and started pumping with her right fist up and down. She was so good at getting the right firm grip, yet still being girlish small with the pressure to turn him on the more. The white syrup gushed in two spurts onto her tits. She used her fingers to paint her titties with it. She circled the cum around her nipples and then spread it outwards. He loved it and her.

Lisa's breakfast line was on the grassy lawn in front of city hall. Five white foldout tables stood along the sidewalk. A line of calico people spawned three times as long. The crazy homeless with the stained and worn clothes huddling their belongings in trash bags stood there. The well dressed homeless that tried to appear anything but homeless mingled in between. A few freeloaders who weren't homeless simply tried to get something for free. One of them was a punk girl with black hair, black makeup, and giant holes in her pantyhose.

The slight hill on the lawn had already served happy customers spreading out. The army veterans tended to sit by themselves with a safety perimeter around them. The drunkards were in groups with semi-abusive behavior on display. A confused tourist couple stood in between trying to figure out, why the food stand was so popular. In the distance city workers in suits filed into city hall.

A girl with matted blond hair and an orange sleeping back over her shoulder slowly shuffled ahead of Steven and April. The first table had piles of paper plates. A teenage girl with curly red hair and a tight 'Jesus loves you' shirt smiled at April. While handing the plate to April, she said "You are welcome. We have food for all. Please, tell your friends to come." The plate had a black and white business card with a cute logo and the times for the breakfast food line. The girl promptly stopped smiling as she separated two plates. She instantly smiled again as her hand reached out with her message. She was saving the world, one plate at a time.

"Hey Steven, who is your new friend?" hollered an obese girl with a demonic face. That was Lisa. Her crack habit had decimated her face. She acted like love was pouring out of her. She hugged April over the table and gave her a big kiss, before she reminded herself to keep serving French toast. The French toast was a huge floater of soggy white bread. It came in big aluminum trays. The tongues have squished the bread to nothing and half broke it. Fair enough, there was vanilla smell and the brown crust from toasting. How bad can it get?

As they shuffled closer to the last person in line, Steven's movements became tense. And, he kept looking at the floor and to the side. The woman handing out the tiny cuplettes of orange juice seemed to be wrapped in a similar tight package. Her clothes were stiff, short, and wrapped around her. A golden brochette pinned to her shirt was supposed to brighten up the day. The lip stick looked painted on, as if a first grader had made a brush stroke with red water color. Her eyes seemed damaged by suffering and worry.

"There is help. Come see me at the social office. It doesn't have to be this way." She handed the orange juice with her city business card. "It only ends in drugs and prostitutions." The woman seemed to look at no one in particular. It almost seemed like she had transcended in a kind of religious bliss.

"Come, meet Biff and Sofia." Steven pulled April away and towards the far end of the lawn. Biff was a heavy guy. He could have been a truck driver. He sat as self reassured and unmovable as one. His white t-shirt was worn thin and had a silly imprint on it. Sofia was overeager to arrange the breakfast on her plate. She kept looking up at the rest of the party and then busily down again. She wore a tank top with skinny straps. The tank top skinny straps twisted around the equally skinny straps of her bra. Her hair was a dirty blond with highlights and many curls, as if she were Jazz girl from decades ago. She wore a neat skirt with a hip belt. Her legs were flung to one side to put the big red leather high heels there.

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