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Strange Days Ch. 66-68


Delays, delays, delays. I've edited, re-edited, and re-re-edited this segment so many times now. Pretty sure I've caught as many errors as I'm going to at this point. I'm also tried a new submission method. Rather than submitting a word file, I'm sending it via plain text and formatting tags. Hopefully it comes through okay, but the main reason I'm doing this is to shave time off the posting process.

More to come, and as always, thank you for reading.


Chapter 66

Sarah was, of course, thrilled about me being hired by Armia. Darren called me the next morning and told me I had the rest of the week off. I hadn't interviewed with Armia, hadn't filled out any paperwork, hadn't even talked to anyone, yet I was getting paid anyway, which was odd, but not unwelcome. Darren called it standby pay. If something came up, I was expected to be available.

Saturday came fast, but the night before, Sarah and I had Violet and Holly over. We told them about our idea to break in Rose and Ginger, and that I'd done a little prep work already. They couldn't have been more excited, though the only thing that Violet really wanted to know was who was fucking who. To my surprise, I almost called dibs on Violet. It had been a while since we'd been together, and I missed her, but it felt wrong when I considered Holly. Maybe it was because I knew how Violet felt about me, that it wouldn't just be sex for her, that it would be something more.

So it was decided; me and Sarah, Holly and Violet.

When Saturday evening rolled around, the four of us were ready to go. Holly was wearing loose black slacks and a matching vest, and nothing else, except for black strappy sandals. Her breasts were tiny compared to the rest of us, but the upper slopes of her boobs were clearly on display, and I found it surprisingly enticing. We also knew she chose the pants so that she could hint at what hung between her legs. She hadn't had much choice either. Given how petite she was, the fat end of her hung just past her knees, so if she wanted to tease the girls, there was no way she could pull off shorts or a skirt.

Her thick length was lying alongside her right leg, and if she sat down or moved just right, you could barely make out the long lump of it beneath the fabric. Considering that Holly usually wore cutoff shorts and a baby tee, her clothing was quite a departure from the norm.

Violet had also broken tradition by wearing a dark green over-the-shoulder dress that had been tailored to her voluptuous curves. Sure, it was out of season, what with winter coming and all, but she looked fantastic. Her huge breasts were pushed up and together, creating some fantastic cleavage, and her long red hair had been brushed out to lay over her shoulders in gentle waves.

Sarah was also wearing a dress, though unlike Violet's, whose fell to her shins, Sarah's stopped just above her knees, and it was dark gray. Thin barely-there straps tied behind her neck to keep the dress up, which was cut so low in the back that I could see the upside down triangle of so soft skin just above her tight butt.

I'd almost worn pants too, but decided to go with a dress instead. Sarah had picked it out for me, a black number cut like hers, only not so low in the back, but it was slit way up the side, past my hip. Depending on how I moved, I was flashing most of my left ass cheek now and then. And, just like with Holly, every once in a while, you might catch a glimpse of my penis - Sarah's idea.

Actually, she took the idea a step further only ten minutes after suggesting it in the first place. If I was sure at any point that Rose or Ginger glimpsed my gift, I should make it go back inside me, so that when they tried harder to get another look, they wouldn't find anything. At least not unless I wanted them to. And that was the idea, for both Holly and I to hint at what was between our legs, but not actually reveal it until the right moment came along.

The apartment was clean, lighting muted, soft music played in the background, and appetizers were in the oven, almost ready to go. When the intercom went off, Violet and I both jumped out of our seats, but Sarah and Holly rose calmly, perfectly at ease. They seemed amused by our excitement more than anything else.

I released the elevator from the lobby, and while all of us waited, Violet nudged my ribs with her elbow.

"Your garden looks like shit, by the way," she told me, fluffing her hair with hands.

I narrowed my gaze at her. "Are you trying to tell me I need to shave?"

Violet and Holly burst out laughing, but Sarah only giggled - she'd shaved me that very morning, so she knew that wasn't what Violet had been referring to.

"No, dumbass," Violet snickered. "I'm talking about the courtyard."

"Yeah, I know. We just haven't had time to plant anything, and we don't have any neighbors yet to do their part, if you haven't noticed."

"Well, give me a ring sometime and I'll help," Violet told me.

"Makes me wonder if this place is haunted or something," Holly commented.

"What do you mean?" Sarah asked her.

Holly gestured around us as the elevator groaned to a stop. "Prime real estate like this, in New York, and you two are the only tenants?"

"I'm amazed we got it in the first place," I snorted.

"Right?" Sarah nodded. "Kind of thing only happens in amateur stories."

At last, the elevator doors opened and there stood Rose and Ginger, both carrying overnight bags. A flurry of extremely girly squeals erupted from everyone - but not from me, I'm proud to say - and hugs and kisses ensued.

Rose was dressed much like Holly, dark slacks but with a close-fitting jacket instead of a vest, and she was wearing a black lacy bra beneath it. The jacket showed a little of her smooth stomach too, and it was helped by how low her slacks sat on her hips. Her dark hair was loose, falling freely about her shoulders.

Ginger, on the other hand, was dressed casually. She wore trendy gray pants and a baby tee that had various sizes of print on it, the first line reading "can you read this?", and in smaller print, the second line read "you're not close enough." The print got smaller and smaller from there, so I had to squint, and eventually move towards her, reading the lines that said, "the words are pretty small.", "and getting so much smaller.", "smile for me.", and I did, and the last line read, "NOW you're close enough."

That's when I realized I was standing so close to Ginger that I could feel the warmth of her chest on my face. When I looked up, she was grinning down at me.

"Cute," I smiled.

With a giggle, Ginger gave me another hug. She kept her arm around my waist as I moved to her side so that she could look around.

"Damn, chicky, your place is awesome!" Ginger gave her praise.

Sarah picked up their overnight bags and took them to the room they would be staying in.

"You should have seen it before the walls went up," Violet told her.

"You mean you didn't have any?" Ginger asked, glancing over to where the bedrooms were.

"Just the bathroom," I said, adding, "Other than that, there wasn't any privacy, not even the shower."

"Lack of privacy isn't always a bad thing," Violet said, giving me a cute grin.

I fussed with my hair - which was still far too short to fuss with - to hide my blush.

"Oh, right. The shower," Rose said, taking Ginger's hand and pulling her that way. "You are going to love their shower."

Violet came up beside me and nudged me with her shoulder, "Hopefully, that will be a literal statement later on."

"You're such a guy," I grinned at her, and Holly chuckled.

Violet's cell phone rang. She checked the caller and started away from us for privacy, but bounced her eyebrows at me and said, "I bet you a hundred that Trevor wouldn't say that to me."

At the same time, Holly and I called after her, "What does that mean?"

But Violet ignored us, answering the call near the kitchen. She said something into her phone, nodded with a grin that slowly widened into a sweet smile that reached her eyes, and - wait, did Violet just blush? - and I think she told them she'd call them back, because she ended the call and left her phone on the counter, joining the others in the living room.

Holly and I laughed, but then she gave me a serious look.

"No, seriously, what did she mean?" she asked, hands clasped in front of her.

"Oh, nothing," I waved my hand. "Pretty sure that Trevor is the only guy she's ever really been attracted to."

"Violet is attracted to Trevor?" she said, making a face that clearly stated she didn't believe a word of it, and might have even found it distasteful.

"Well, you know Violet," I turned to Holly. "She's all about the playground rules for boys."

Holly shook her head, not following.

I smiled. "If she likes someone, she teases them, relentlessly."

"Oh," she nodded, glancing over to where Violet was talking to Ginger, and from the way Violet was cupping her chin and leaning back to look Ginger over, I was guessing they were talking about her painting the stunning model. Holly looked back at me. "You don't think she wants him, do you?"

Something about her tone put me on alert, and when I took a good look at her, I figured out what it was. Right then, Holly was lacking the usual confidence she carried.

"I think she just likes to get a rise out of him, is all," I said, hoping to reassure her.

Holly wrung her hands together. "But they haven't, you know, done anything. Have they?"

"Violet and Trevor?" I snorted. "Gawd, no. It's hard enough to get him and Sarah to do anything."

Holly was curious about that last bit, not having heard about the latest developments in our little threesome of a relationship. I told her how Trevor and Sarah had almost had sex, but they'd put the brakes on the next morning. They were still close, still intimate, but as friends only."

Holly frowned, looking at Sarah. "Friends don't shower together, not when one of them is a guy."

"I guess they're a little more than friends, then," I conceded, glancing over at Sarah just in time to see her lean over to set down appetizers on the coffee table, her tight butt thrust out quite nicely, just begging to be grabbed.

"But Violet and Trevor," Holly began, staring at her girlfriend, then she looked at me. "They aren't a little more than friends, right?"

"Holly," I took her hand and walked her with me to sit down on the couch. "What's going on?"

"Oh, it's nothing," she gave me a fake laugh and equally fake smile, waving her hand dismissively. When I didn't acknowledge her, she sighed and squeezed my hand a little. "I don't know. I mean...well, you know Violet. She's not a one woman kind of girl."

I nodded, understanding that quite clearly, considering how she felt about both me and Holly.

"And I'm okay with that, but..." Holly trailed off.

"But you are a one woman kind of girl," I guessed.

Holly nodded. "Yeah, but I like that we're different. I really do." She paused and took a deep breath. "I guess I'm just afraid that she'll find someone more interesting than me."

"Why would you think that?"

She glanced over at Violet. "Because I'm pretty sure she already has."

My eyebrows went up, but I brought them quickly back down. Jeezus, did she know that person was me?

"They call each other all the time, you know," Holly said, looking at me again.


"Violet and Trevor."

They did? When did this happen? Was that Trevor who had just called her? I shook my head. "No. I didn't know that."

"Are you worried?" Holly asked me.

I'd pretty much decided that I was, at best, stringing Trevor along in a relationship that couldn't go where he wanted it to. In a lot of ways, Trevor finding someone else was a good thing. No, a great thing. I wanted him to be happy, and a very selfish part of me wanted it to be me that made him happy, even though every part of me knew that wasn't possible. If he found someone, it was fair that I let him go. More than fair. It was right.

"No, I'm not worried," I told her honestly.

She sighed. "Then I guess I shouldn't be either."

If Holly was this worried about having to share Violet...

"Hey," I took both of her hands and asked her quietly, "Are you okay with tonight?"

She blinked at me. "You mean having sex with someone other than Violet?"

I nodded.

Holly grinned and leaned close to whisper, "I blew you and let you fuck me, remember?"

I smiled, remembering fondly. "Right. I guess there's that."

Rose's arrival startled both of us. "What are you two gabbing about?" she asked, sitting down on the armrest behind me.

"Oh, you know, guy stuff," I shrugged.

Rose raised an eyebrow and smiled at both of us. "Guy stuff?"

I jerked my thumb at Holly. "She wears the pants."

"I can see that," Rose laughed, flicking her gaze down to Holly's slacks, then my dress. "Guess you don't, huh?"

I glanced over at Sarah, who was with Violet and Ginger, then smiled and told Rose, "Definitely not."

The three of us talked about our relationships, mine and Sarah's, Holly's and Violet's. Holly readily admitted that Violet was cunningly manipulative, and I pretty much conceded to the same for Sarah, though I didn't notice most of the time. Sarah wasn't an evil mastermind or anything, but she had a subtle knack for getting you to do something that was good for you, even if you didn't want to.

During the conversation, Holly shifted to get more comfortable, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw her thick penis beneath the fabric of her pants, the shape of it just noticeable. When I glanced at Rose, she was looking there too. Holly and I had rehearsed our plan. With a subtle tap of my pinky finger on her knee, Holly shifted again, and the shape of her thick length was gone.

I smiled up at Rose. "I should give Sarah a hand."

When I stood up, I made sure to let the high slit of my dress open up a bit. Apparently, it was a lot more than a bit, because I felt the cool air of the apartment on my limp cock for a moment. I heard Rose take a sharp but quiet breath, and making my way to the kitchen to join Sarah, willed my penis back inside me. I felt Rose staring at my back the entire way.

"Need any help?" I asked Sarah.

She nodded and smiled, but asked quietly, "So, how's it going?"

"Rose just caught a glimpse of both Holly and I."

We shared a grin and carried the rest of the appetizers out to the living room, and Violet and Ginger followed us with wine and glasses. Settling in, we sipped at wine and nibbled on spring rolls, spinach pinwheels, and other light finger foods.

"So you really are a painter?" Ginger asked Violet.

She was chewing on a mouthful of spring roll, so she could only nod.

Rose leaned forward and asked, "Did you ever paint Tabitha?"

Violet covered her mouth and rolled her eyes, still chewing, but much more vigorously now, and nodded.

"Oh, let's ask her more questions!" I said.

Violet frowned and we chuckled at her frustrated expression. Unfortunately, I was within easy reach, and so was Holly, so Violet slapped both of us on our thighs.

"Ow!" I jumped a little and rubbed my leg, glaring at her, but still laughing. "Bitch."

Finally swallowing, Violet took a sip of her wine and raised an eyebrow at me. "Maybe you should be more patient when someone has a mouthful of food."

"I'll give you a mouthful," I muttered.

Violet raised her other eyebrow and slowly leaned back, grinning like a cat and giving me an exaggerated air-kiss. I casually glanced around to see Ginger delighted by our playfulness, and while Rose was smiling too, she was really studying me with her sharp eyes. While Violet told Rose and Ginger about the painting she'd finished of Tabitha - which none of us had seen yet - I noticed that Rose still hadn't stopped looking at Holly and me from the corner of her eye, no doubt trying to get another look at what we were hiding.

After a little light conversation, dinner was ready so we settled in at the table to eat, and drink a lot more wine, then retired back to the living room.

"So how did you two meet?" Ginger asked, glancing at me and then looking at Sarah, who was sitting on the armrest beside me.

"Oh, we've known each other since we were in pigtails," Sarah replied, giving me a fond smile.

"And you've been together ever since?" Rose grinned.

Sarah shook her head, still looking at me, and said dreamily, "No. That was fairly recent."

"How did it happen, if you don't mind me asking?" Ginger leaned forward, setting her elbow on her knee and cupping her chin in her hand. Her posture also had the added benefit of putting an awful lot of yummy cleavage on display. "Did you guys just kind of discover yourselves one day?"

It was my turn to grin. "Actually, it was more like a lot of little discoveries over time."

"We didn't become a couple until just before we moved here," Sarah added.

"What pushed you over the edge?" Rose asked.

I raised an eyebrow at Sarah and grinned playfully. "Yeah, what was it, baby?"

Sarah grinned back, leaned down to me while sliding her hand really high up my thigh over my dress, and with her lips grazing mine, said, "You're an amazing lay."

Then she kissed me. It wasn't lewd, it wasn't overly long, and it wasn't dominatingly deep, but my gawd was it ever thorough. When she drew back, all of my senses had narrowed down to her, and only her. It was just the two of us, the rest of the world simply inconsequential, and her playful smile was the most radiant and wonderful thing I had ever seen. It still amazed me that she could do that to me.

But when she leaned back, I felt her hand slide away from between my legs, fingertips lightly rubbing over my length beneath the thin fabric of my dress. Okay, if that wasn't suggestive enough, I don't know what was.

"Wow," I heard Ginger say softly, and when I looked at her, she closed her mouth and swallowed. "That was some kiss."

"No shit," Rose said, shaking her head and taking a long drink of her wine, then gesturing at us with her glass. "You two have some major chemistry."

Sarah grinned at her. "I think you're just remembering how good a kisser Amy is."

Ginger snickered and Rose blushed furiously, trying to mask it with another long pull from her wine. She wiped her mouth and smiled nervously. "You heard about the shower incident, I take it?"

"I most certainly did," Sarah nodded, and Rose blanched. "But I don't blame you," she told her, then leaned forward to whisper conspiratorially. "Her boobies are fucking amazing."

"Can't argue there," Violet snorted.

Ginger giggled and said, "Okay, just out of curiosity, who all here has played with Amy's boobies?"

Ginger raised her hand first, then everyone else's went up, except for one.

Holly sighed, "I missed out on that."

Funny, I hadn't realized until then. I'd fucked the hell out of Holly, and she'd sucked me off, but we'd never really done anything else. For a moment, I was preoccupied with wondering why, if it had something to do with both us having Freyja's gift. Holly was adorably cute, and I absolutely loved how much smaller she was than me. When we'd had sex, I'd felt so dominating, so much more powerful than her. It had been a rush.

But were we both too close to the role of a guy to get into anything more than that?


"Oh, I'm sorry, sweetie," I cooed to Holly, sitting up straight on the couch and pushing my chest out. "Would you like a quick taste?"

The girls laughed, but Holly just grinned

Yep, I'd nailed it.

Handing her glass to Violet, Holly got right up and came over to me, settling down onto her knees between my legs. I passed my glass to Sarah to hold and shuffled my butt closer to the edge of the couch. She set her hands on my waist and slid them up my sides until she reached bare skin. I gently cupped her head and drew her in, pushing my chest out just a little more when I felt her fingertips curl under the fabric of my dress, the backs of her fingers rubbing delightfully over the sides of my boobs.

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