tagNovels and NovellasSultry Summer Ch. 22

Sultry Summer Ch. 22

byD.C. Roi©

"Dennis!!! Oh, God!!! Oh, God!!!" Lois groaned. She was bent over the kitchen table and her young lover was plunging his cock into her. They were still dressed. They'd gone out for breakfast and, on the way home, they stopped and picked up some groceries.

When they got in the house, Lois leaned over to set the bag of groceries she was carrying on the table. Before she could stop him house, Dennis slid her skirt up, pulled her panties aside, and shoved his erect cock into her. Since she'd been thinking about making love on the drive home, Lois was wet and ready, but Dennis's sudden, delightful assault had startled her. Her body shook from his pistoning movements and deep inside she sensed the start of an orgasm.

"Ohhhhhhh!!! Ohhhhhhhhhh!!! Dennnnisssss!!! Dennnnissssss!!! I'm...I'm so close!!! Oh!!! Ohhhhhh!!! I....I'm commmminnnnngggggg!!! I'm commminnnngggggg!!!! Oh, God!!! Oh, God!!! Oh, God!!! Oh, Godddddddddd!!!!" she cried when blissful swells of pleasure broke over her, making her legs go weak. If she hadn't been laying on the table, she'd have fallen.

"Yeahhhhh!!! Oh, yeahhhhhhh!!!" Dennis cried when his hot, sticky cream jetted into her. Spent, he leaned against Lois, allowing his body to calm, feeling her calm, too. His cock withered and slid reluctantly from her vagina's clinging grip.

Lois straightened up turned to face him. "I love you," she said, softly as the juices he'd pumped into her trickled down her legs. She hugged him and kissed him. "I love you! But you have to learn to control yourself!"

"I love you, too," Dennis replied. He giggled. "Are you saying you didn't like what just happened?"

"That's not it," Lois said. "It's just that..." She giggled. "You're terrible. You made me all messy. I have to get cleaned up, now." She headed for the bathroom, pulling her sweater over her head as she went. Her body still tingled from Dennis's delightful, unexpected assault. She dropped the sweater on the bed, slipped out of her skirt and laid that on the bed, too, then she kicked off her shoes. Finally, she peeled off her cum-soaked undies.

Dennis followed Lois and stood in her bedroom doorway, watching her disrobe, relishing what he saw. When she entered the bathroom, he rapidly shed his clothes and went to join her.

"I don't think I'll ever get over how beautiful you are," he said, standing at the open shower door.

Lois's lovely body, adorned with droplets of water, looked to him like it was encrusted with gems.

Lois felt herself blushing. "Come here, you nut," she said. She held her arms out and Dennis moved into her embrace, his body pressing against her warm, wet one. Their lips met. Their tongues lashed as warm water beat down on them.

When the kiss ended, they began soaping each other, enjoying the sensations their moving hands spread with the rich lather. Very quickly, their actions excited them all over again.

When Lois turned to put the soap in it's niche in the wall, Dennis pressed against her from behind. Something became very obvious to her as her young lover wrapped his arms around her. "He's hard again!" she thought as his erection inserted itself between her lovely buttocks.

"Ohhhhhh!!!" Lois murmured, "Dennis, that feels so good!!"

Dennis grabbed his erection and slid it up and down between his partner's firm buttocks. His action sent jolts of delight racing through Lois, who began to tremble. He felt the tremors and repeated the action which evoked them. "Do you like that?" he asked.

"Yessssss!!!" Lois hissed. "Oh, yesssssss!!!"

He cupped one of her breasts and began rubbing the nipple with his thumb. Lois grew more and more aroused.

Dennis began to thrust against her. The swollen purple head of his engorged penis probed Lois's anal pucker and she pressed back against him. She shuddered when she realized she wanted him in her ass!! "Push!!! Oh, God!!! Push!!! Dennissssss!!! Dennnisssss!!! Put it in me!!! In therrrrreee!!!" she cried, pushing back against him, feeling her sphincter stretch as his organ slowly began to enter her virgin opening.

Blood pounded in Dennis's ears as his erection worked it's way slowly into Lois's anus. His penis really was going into her ass! Well-lubricated by the heavy lather they'd spread over each other, his rigid member made slow, steady headway into the unbelievably tight orifice.

Lois groaned, overwhelmed by what she was allowing to happen. Her ass was being stretched more than she believed possible and the sensations coursing through her were a mixture of pleasure and pain. As Dennis's erection moved deeper and deeper into her tight channel, she knew thrills beyond any she'd ever experienced before!

Dennis grasped Lois's hips and maintained steady pressure. He didn't want to hurt her, but there was no way he could stop his cock from moving inexorably into her quaking body, not now that he'd started. "So...tight!" he groaned, "It feels too good!"

Gradually the young man's thighs moved against Lois's and he felt the pressure of her buttocks against his groin. He was all the way in her ass!

"Oh, God!" Lois groaned. She'd never felt anything like this! "Oh, Dennis!!!"

Dennis began moving his hips slowly. He was too turned on top stay still! He was going to come! "Gonna come!" he groaned, feeling the beginnings of his joyful spasms. "Oh, Lord! Lois!!! I'm gonna come!!!!"

"Come, darling, oh, please, darling, come!!!" Lois cried. "Yessssss!!!! Yessssss!!! Fill meeeeeeee!!! Come!!! Fill meeeeeee!!!!"

Lois could feel every ridge of the meaty pole moving in her. It began to throb and pulsate, then it was pumping hot cream into her rectum. She exploded.

"Loissssssssssss!!!! Gaaaaaaaahhhhhhhdddddd!!!! Loisssssssssss!!!!" Dennis screamed, his fingers digging into her flesh.

"D...D...Dennis!!!! Oh, yes!!! Oh, yes!!! Oh, yes!!! Oh, yessssssssssss!!!!! Ohhhhhhhhhh!!!! Yessssssssss!!! Yesssssssss!!!! Yessssssssss!!!!" Lois wailed. Her cries echoed in the shower and she clutched desperately at the wall for support.

Later, dried off, they lay in each other's arms in her bed. Dennis's lips went to Lois's nipples and her hands sought his erection.

They thoroughly explored, caressed, and excited each other as their excitement built to near-frenzy. Lois rolled on her back and pulled Dennis on top of her.

He felt her rigid nipples poking into his chest and his erection slid between her thighs and brushed the dampness in her middle.

"Take me, Dennis!" Lois urged, "Take me now!"

Dennis raised his hips, then lowered them and felt his shaft slide into Lois's snug love-cave.

"Yesssss!!! Oh, Lover!!! Yessssss!!!!" Lois groaned.

Dennis began to move his hips and, before long, he and Lois were riding breaking waves of jubilation, their bodies straining.

Lois's passion blossomed into sweet, joyful explosions of bliss. "Yessssssss!!!! Yesssssss!!! Darling, yesssssss!!!!!" she cried. "I'm commmmminnnnnnggggggg!!!! Take meeeeee!!! Take meeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! Take meeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!"

"Loissssss!!!! Oh, Loisssssssss!!!!!!!" Dennis cried, exploding into her rocking, twisting body.

Afterward, aglow with joy, Lois hugged Dennis. His arms tightened around her and their lips fused in a longing, passionate kiss.

"Would you like to do it again?" Dennis asked when the kiss ended.

"I think, maybe, I need some rest," Lois said.

"OK," Dennis said. He pulled the covers over them, shut off the light.

Lois snuggled against him and, almost immediately, drifted into sleep.

Dennis didn't fall asleep right away. He had some exciting news he'd wanted to share with Lois ever since he'd arrived, but things, like their almost incessant love-making, kept him from sharing it. As he drifted off to sleep, he told himself he would have to wait until morning to tell Lois the surprise he had for her.

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