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Summer BeachTrip


The moment Frank shut the door behind him Fiona wrapped her arms around his waist, pressing her body against his.

"You won't believe how horny I am," she moaned

"Actions speak louder than words, "Frank replied, not completely surprised by Fiona's admission.

Fiona put her arms around his neck and pulled him down to her. She pressed her lips to his and thrust her tongue into his mouth. After a long passionate kiss she released him.

"Would you like a blowjob?"


Fiona dropped to her knees in front of him. It had been a week since her last encounter with Victor. Frank was the lucky recipient of her extra sex drive. She pushed him against the door and unzipped his fly. Her hand slid into his pants and wrapped around his bulging erection. After a moment's struggle, she pulled it out. For a few seconds she just looked at it. Frank had become fully erect in record time. With the tip of her tongue she traced a line from the bottom to the top, the circled around the head. Her actions elicited a moan of approval from Frank. Pulling the shaft away from his body, she wrapped her lips around it and plunged it into her mouth. Bobbing her head up and down, she took in more and more. Finally she felt the tip of his dick enter her throat.

Fiona knew this was the most challenging kind of blowjob if she wanted to bring Frank to orgasm. His clothing blocked her access to his balls and the sensitive skin behind them. Her clothing blocked his view of her breasts and swollen nipples. Her clothing also prevented her from rubbing his throbbing hard cock between her tits. It was all about her oral skill, but she was confident she could make it work.

As his wet cock slipped out of her mouth she wrapped her hands around it. Fiona focused her lips and tongue on the head of Frank's dick. At the same time she stroked her hands up and down the shaft.

Frank was not sure if he had done something right or Fiona had done something wrong. Either way, he was enjoying the results. He watched as Fiona lips stretched around the head of his cock, and her hand moved up and down its length. Each time her fingers or lips passed over the rim of his cock he felt his climax inch closer. He grabbed and handful of Fiona's hair and gently pushed her head down. She eagerly swallowed his erection until her face pressed against his crotch and his cock was buried in her throat. He eased her head back until only the tip of his dick was between her lips. After getting her to deep throat him a few more times Frank released her head.

Fiona felt a thrill each time Frank forced his cock into her throat. She had gone down on a lot of men in the past few months, usually with Frank watching her. She enjoyed having Frank in her mouth most of all. Pleasing him always aroused her. When he let go of her hair she went into overdrive, rapidly sliding her hands and lips up and down his rigid shaft. She wanted to bring him to climax. Each time her hand bumped over the head of his cock she tasted a drop of pre come leak into her mouth. Fiona moaned loudly, knowing the vibrations of her voice would push Frank closer to the edge.

"Don't stop," Frank stammered, 'You're going to make me come."

Fiona moaned in response, and it had the desired effect. A stream of hot liquid shot into her mouth and down her throat. She tightened her grip on him, as if to squeeze out every drop she could. Her cheeks collapsed inward as she sucked the cum out of him. Finally, when she was certain she had every drop, she released him.

"Welcome home, "she said, licking her lips.

"Best. Greeting. Ever." Frank replied.

Fiona carefully slipped his cock back into his pants and stood up next to him. Frank leaned down and kissed her, then put his arm around her.

"What can I do for you?"

"Nothing for now, but I will expect some form of payback at a later time," she said with a smile.

As they walked over to the couch a truck rumbled by on the street outside. Fiona turned to look out the window.

"No package today?" Frank asked.

"No, nothing since that book on massage a few days ago. Do you think he is mad at me?"

"I doubt it. Nobody can be mad at you."

"I'm sure I've pissed off a few people"

"Victor's not one of them. He just needs time to figure you out. He may have bitten off more than he can chew with you."

"Did he say something about me?"

"No. Victor and I have an agreement. If we are both involved with the same woman, we don't discuss her unless she is present. "

"Really, why?"

"Let's just say it was a painful lesson to learn, and it is rude to talk about someone behind their back."

"So you two don't talk about me at all?"

" I might tell him what kind of wine you like, and he might tell me if he discovered a meal you enjoy. Other than that, we don't discuss you unless you are present."

"Then how do you know he is not mad at me?"

"I've known Victor for a long time. He really just wants to make people happy. Sometimes the he does it in unusual ways..."

"Like tying them up and using a riding crop on them?"

"Were you happy when he did that?"

"Well, yes."

"My guess is you are having trouble doing what he asked, am I right."

"Pretty much, how did you know."

"It's happened before. I think he underestimated how smart you are, or at least how stubborn you are"

"Is that a bad thing?"

"No, he just needs time come up with something that works for you."

"I have to admit, it has been a wild ride so far."

"Knowing Victor, that's not difficult to believe."

"How long have you known him?"

"It seem like forever."

"Can I ask you something about him?"


"What caused all the scars on his stomach?"

"He was pulling someone out of a vehicle that was on fire and got burned."

"Oh my God. Was the guy okay?"

"I guess so, you are talking to him."

"Victor pulled you out of a burning car?"

"He pulled me out of a burning Hummer after it was hit by an IED. The explosion threw him out of the vehicle and blew his body armor off. I was the only one that did not get out, so he ran back and pulled me out. He had some pretty bad burns. It burned most of the hair off his dick too, but you probably know that."

"Yea, I kinda noticed. All the porn stars are doing that now, you know."

"Back when it happened it was only popular with gay guys, they said it makes your junk look bigger. Victor had to put up with a lot of harassment. Not a guy you want pissed off at you.

"He was mad cause people though he was gay?"

"He was made because people made fun of him behind his back, he had no problem with them saying it to his face."

"So he saved your life."

"Yea, we kind of go back and forth on that. The first time I meant him I was pulling out of a chopper that went down. The bird crashed on the side of a mountain. The rest of the crew got out, but he was pinned. They lowered me out of a Blackhawk and I cut him out. Good times"

"So this kind of stuff happened more than once?"

"Lately it's been jealous boyfriends and pissed off girlfriends."

"I don't want to hear about that. I'm not going to get caught in a crossfire with him, am I?"

"No, he has become a lot more selective about who he picks up. Women pretty much needed references to be with him."

"So I am not the only woman he is fucking right now."

"I think there are two others, but you take up most of his time. The others don't seem to be as much of a challenge to him. Is that going to be a problem?"

"As long as they are not skanky and give him some disease, he can bring them over for a party. But if I have to start on penicillin, I will be pissed."

There was a knock at the door. Frank glanced out the window. One car was parked in front of the house. He glanced out the side window, then opened the door.

A well-built woman stood at the door. She was tall and blonde and drop dead sexy. She had a small bag in one hand, and a duffle bag in the other.

"Hello Fiona, I have something for you from Victor." she said, walking right past Frank.

"Hello Jade, "Fiona said warily, standing and walking to meet her.

"Victor would like for you to meet him for a summer vacation at the beach. Here is your outfit. The rest of the items you need are in the car," she said, setting the keys and small bag on the table.

Fiona peered into the bag. It contained a hotel passkey, bikini bottoms and a colorful shoulder wrap. Frank approached them.

"I've seen you at Victor's, but I don't think we have ever met," he said, extending his hand to Jade.

"I'm Jade. I'm the lead engineer at Victor's company, among other things," she replied, firmly shaking his hand.

"This is it?" Fiona asked.

"There is a bit more in the car, you know toothbrush, comb. The resort supplies everything else."

"Sounds nice, I'm jealous, "Frank interjected.

"I've got something for you to Frank. Care to guess what is in the bag?" Jade asked, setting the duffle bag on the ground.

"Lions, Tigers and Bears? "he asked eagerly.

"That and a lot more."

"Now who is jealous?" Frank asked.

"You two have fun," Fiona said with a knowing grin.

Fiona stripped off her clothes and slipped on the bikini bottoms, the put the wrap around her shoulders. The pattern made it difficult to tell is was see thru, but it was possible to make out her nipples if you looked hard enough.

"Put those away for me Frank," she said, glanceing at her clothes on the floor," and don't wait up. I will be back when I'm done."

Fiona picked up the keys Jade left on the table and walked to the door. Just before she opened it, she turned back and looked into the room. Frank was sitting down. Jade was standing in front of Frank, peering down at him. Fiona could see Jade's swollen nipples protruding through her shirt. Jade set her bag on the ground. Fiona started to wonder what was in it, then decided to focus on her own adventure instead. She knew Frank would tell her every exquisite detail of his time with Jade. Fiona opened the door and walked away from the house.

The car was a Ford Mustang convertible. Like many of Victor's possessions it appeared be slightly extravagant. Fiona knew that he had probably enhanced it in ways that were not visible to the casual observer. She opened the door and noticed the seats had been upgraded to some very nice Recaro units. She settled in behind the wheel and started the car. The engine rumbled to life, and the faint whine of a supercharger was audible from under the hood. An aircraft style heads up display appeared on the windshield, each item blinked off as the cars computer finished its self-check. Only the speed and fuel level remained visible after a few moments. Fiona felt under the dash. She recognized the butt of a pistol and the cylindrical shape of a pepper spray canister. She drew the pistol out of its holster. It was a nine millimeter Smith and Wesson M&P Pro with a crimson trace laser sight. It appeared Victor wanted to be certain she did not have any problems on her drive. She pulled the slide back, a cartridge was visible in the chamber. She ejected the magazine, the witness holes showed it was loaded to its seventeen round capacity. She put it back into the holster under the dash. As soon as Fiona pulled away from the house the navigation system sprang to life. She glanced that the display and noticed that it showed an indirect route.

Fiona quickly passed through the city. As she approached each turn a large arrow appeared on the windshield. She had figured out most of the controls. There were a few buttons she had not tested yet. Fiona was beginning to wonder if one of them was for an ejection seat, the car seemed right out of a James Bond movie. She came to a stop sign. The navigation system told her to turn on to a rural highway. Then a new message appeared in front of her


The switch to lower the top illuminated.

Fiona looked left and right. There was not another car in sight. She pressed the switch, and the roof of the car began to fold itself into the trunk. At the same time Fiona slipped her wrap off her shoulders, letting the warmth of the sun onto her breasts. As soon as the roof was fully stowed, Fiona put the car into gear and pulled onto the highway. It was a desolate road, only the occasional cow got to see Fiona's breasts. The display on the windshield showed 85 miles an hour. The wind whipped all around Fiona. Sending her hair flying in all directions. The wind also rushed over her breasts, causing her erect nipples to tingle. She wondered what Victor had in store for her. Her package had contained no restraints. Fiona recalled Frank telling her Victor was not one to hold grudges. It appeared to be true. This car, the exclusive resort she was headed to, it certainly seemed an odd way to punish her from her disobedience.

The miles went by quickly, and soon Fiona was pulling into the parking lot of her destination. She put the wrap back over her shoulders and retrieved her bag from the trunk. The entrance was a massive gate. She showed her passkey to the attendant, and the gate swung open. The resort had a tropical theme. All the buildings looked like grass huts or large bamboo structures. Fiona noticed that many of the female guests were topless, and removed the wrap from her shoulders. She walked up to the front desk and displayed her passkey. The young man took it from her, swiped it through his Terminal and handed it back to her.

"The rest of your party is already here. He asks that you join him on the beach, just outside Cabana 6," he said calmly.

Fiona wondered what it like to be surrounded by eye candy all day. The attendant was an attractive young man. She wondered how many room keys got "left "on his desk. She began walking towards the beach, and easily located Victor. He was reclining in a chair. He stood as she approached.

"How was your trip?" he asked.

"You mean you don't have a camera in the car to watch me?"

"No, and all the telemetry is turned off. I thought you would like some alone time."

"Then who sent the message about being topless?"

"That was preprogrammed for the intersection. I knew that road had almost no traffic, so I thought you might enjoy getting some sun," Victor replied.

"Thanks for the extra protection, it was sweet of you to be concerned," Fiona said, making a pistol shape with her fingers.

"Did you check out the rifle in the trunk?"

"No, I didn't think I was going through Kabul on my way here. What was it?"

".308 LaRue with a Trijicon sight."

"Nice, almost makes me wish I had run into trouble... almost."

She noticed his eyes scanning her breasts. His brow furrowed slightly.

"The trip was fun. Is something wrong?" she asked.

"You should have been wearing sunscreen. There's a shortage of perfect breasts in the world. It would be a pity to spoil yours. You don't want to end up like her," Victor said, nodding towards a woman nearby.

Fiona glanced at the woman. She was topless, with golden brown skin and full, round breasts. She looked to be in her mid-thirties. She wasn't stunning, but was not unattractive.

"I don't see anything wrong with her." Fiona replied.

"At the bottom her breast, those are biopsy scars. She has either had skin cancer, or her doctor thought she did. Now put on some sunscreen or I will do it for you."

Fiona considered her options. Getting aroused in public probably was not a good idea, and Victor smearing sunscreen on her tits was pretty would turn her own quite a bit... She bent down and pulled the sunscreen from his satchel. She squeezed the tube and the creamy liquid spurted on to her skin, running in streams over her breasts. She rubbed it in while looking Victor directly in the eye. Both of them grinned. Fiona glanced at Victor's shorts, there was no sign of an erection. She wondered if he had a switch on that damn thing. Unlike her nipples, it only seemed to become erect when it suited him.

"Turn around, you need some on your back as well."

Fiona turned. She heard Victor rubbing his hands together, then felt them on her back. He had warmed the lotion before applying it. His small hands massaged the sunscreen into her skin from the nape of her neck to the small of her back.

"Okay, I think you can reach the rest," Victor said, sitting back down. He watched as she smeared the lotion over her belly and legs.

"Did you finish your reading assignment?" Victor asked.

"Yes, several times over," she replied.

"Did you do any of the practical exercises?"

"Yes, each one at least once. I invented a few of my own as well."

"Anything with a happy ending?"

"Yes, very happy."

"That might be useful later, not so much on this beach."

"That's too bad. I think I have some skills that are appropriate for now."

"Good, show me," he said extending his foot to her.

Fiona started the massage by rotating his ankle. She pulled a bottle massage oil from his bag and drizzled it on his foot. With her thumb and fingers she probed him. He was tenser than she expected. She finished by gently tugging on his toes. She wiped the oil off, the picked up his other foot and repeated the process. Fiona focused on what she was doing, trying to recall the names of the muscles and ligaments she was manipulating. She dared not look at Victor. The combination of seeing his tan body and feeling his flesh slide in her hand would be too much of a turn on for even a private beach. Occasionally Fiona let her eyes wander around the beach. There was a wide variety of people, from many age groups and ethnic groups. She was pretty sure they were all from the same economic class. The place looked very expensive. It was easy to see who was going topless for the first time, and who had embraced the lifestyle. Oddly, some of the most attractive women seem very concerned. The women that were not head turners seemed to be a lot more relaxed and content. With that thought Fiona was done.

"That was excellent," Victor said, sounding quite genuine.

"Thank you."

"Would you like to take a walk? I imagine you are tired of sitting."

"That would be wonderful."

The two of them began to stroll down the beach, stepping through the sea of sunbathers.

"Sometimes I think there place is run by evil dermatologists," Victor observed.

"I think your tinfoil hat is slipping," Fiona replied.

"It's like the dentist that does not recommend sugarless gum in the commercial. They tell us to stay out of the sun, but then places like this pop up. How could you not want to be out here?"

"I can think of one reason to stay indoors, although I guess outdoors is also an option," Fiona said.

"That's true, which is why we are walking on the beach, not in the dunes."

"That's where people go to fuck?"



Victor stopped walking. They had walked past most of the beachgoers, only a few people were around. Victor turned his head slightly.

"Listen," he said.

Fiona turned her head the same direction as Victor's. From the dunes she could hear faint moaning. Occasionally a giggle or quiet scream would float through the air. Fiona smiled, not sure if she was amused or aroused. She began walking again, before the noise did arouse her.

"Are we going to do that? " She asked.

"Not this time. I think you will find you have a full schedule while you are here. Besides, there is a lot of technique to deal with the sand."

" Is there anything further down the beach?"

"Just the all nude section."

"Can we go there?"

"Of course."

They continued down the beach, and soon were in a smaller sea of sunbathers. Not everyone was nude. Fiona observed that this was an older crowd, less concerned with checking each other out. That demographic was probably back in the dunes.

"Ready to go back?" Victor asked


"Put this on, "Victor instructed, producing her wrap, "we are going to take a shortcut back to the room, it takes off of property.'

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