tagGroup SexSummer in Maldives

Summer in Maldives


The family decided to spend this summer in the sweltering heat of the Maldives, as if the summer weather back home was not hot enough. It was a particularly luxurious resort island as I had struck 'gold' in a few cryptocurrency ventures. So, my wife and I gave our two kids the same category water villa right next door to our's.

Jane, my wife, was chubby and not particularly beautiful. She did not start out that way though. She was one of the most stunning looking women in I had met, which explains the pair of kids. These days she was just content with keeping herself moderately healthy. I did not mind as I was keeping busy with my various investments.

The day turned out to be a gleefully hot day with clear skies and the gentlest sea breeze. As soon as we were checked into the rooms, the two teenage boys went off to find the perfect spot on the white beaches, and most likely any hot girls lying on them. Jane immediately got busy with the unpacking.

I changed into a pair of board shorts and a rash guard and walked out onto the open deck. On one side of the deck, near the back entrance to the room, was a daybed large enough to fit four grownups. On the opposite side of the daybed was a jacuzzi, nestled into the wooden deck, already filled to the brim with crystal clear water. Next to it was a ladder leading down to the lagoon.

I quickly descended the ladder and waded into the lagoon. I could just about touch the soft sandy floor without submerging my chin. The cool water contrasted beautifully with the violent Sun that was barely kept at bay by the sunblock on my skin. I dived into the sweet briny water and rolled over to float on my back. As I did, the gentle currents carried me along with them.

A few minutes later I heard an excited "Hi!"

I opened my eyes and looked up to my left. On the deck of a water villa was a stunning woman wearing an impossibly skimpy white bikini over a tall athletic body sporting C cup boobs. She was waving at me!

"Hi," I called back, standing back up on my feet. Her villa was next to our's, but it was far enough and covered by a vertical wall in-between, to obscure its deck from next door.

"Wanna come over?" she asked, beckoning with her right hand as her left held delicately onto a Champagne flute.

I immediately felt the giddy sensation of desire as I contemplated a response. "Who, me?" I managed to mumble out.

"Yes, you, gorgeous," she teased. I was suddenly glad that I regularly worked out at the gym.

Without saying anything else, I let the dormant beast in my shorts lead the way up the ladder. As soon as I stepped onto the deck the woman, who seemed to be in her early twenties, handed me a towel. I took it and dabbed my rash guard and shorts as I continued to gaze at the beauty in front of me. On her part, she desirously looked at my shorts and from there slowly worked her gaze up to my eyes.

"Want some Champagne?" she asked.


She took the empty flute and bottle on the table on her deck and poured a glass for me. She put down her own and walked towards me until her boobs barely grazed my chest, leaving a familiar throbbing sensation in my pants. She lay her left hand on my biceps as she put the flute to my lips with the other. I took a sip of the bubbly nectar. Without another word, she grazed her left hand down into my short and felt for my chubby.

"This will flesh out nicely," she said, giving a wicked smile. "May I?"

"He's all your's," I said, regaining my confidence.

She took the towel in my hand and dropped it onto the wooden floor. She pulled off my rash guard and plopped it onto the deck and then knelt down on it and flicked her shoulder-length blonde locks back over her tanned creamy shoulders. She expertly pulled down my board shorts all the way to my ankles, and admired my manhood for a second. Then she slapped its head playfully.

"Wake up, sleeping beauty," she chirped. "Mommy needs a fuck."

She slapped the head harder, this time causing me to flinch a little. She somehow figured out that I was into a little rough treatment. I wondered if she would squeeze my balls. Almost in answer to that half-prayer, she grabbed my scrotum, trapping the balls inside in a vice grip. Within seconds my dick was rock hard and seven inches long.

"Wow! I think I picked a good one. Fat and juicy!"

She leaned forward and kissed my circumcised head. As she did, it jumped with excitement and seemed to gain an extra half inch. Her tongue lashed out and licked the head making its dick twitch massively once more. She kept holding on to my balls tightly, trapping them in her palm by the vice on my scrotum created by her thumb and index finger.

"Honey!" she called out. "I've got our first catch of the trip."

I panicked a little, but her hand's strong vice on my balls both prevented me from moving away and offered a reassurance through self-claimed ownership of my manhood. I looked over to the half-open sliding doors that separated the deck from its room. In the doorway now stood a man equally as good looking as the woman on the deck.

"Wow! You know how to pick them, dear," he enthused, looking directly at my erect penis, despite which it retained a solid wood.

"That's my husband, John," she offered, "I never got your name."

"I'm Bishop," I said, trying to keep my voice as steady and as manly as I could.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Bishop. My name is Tina," she said, putting a teasing emphasis on 'pleasure'. "We saw your wife and kids earlier as you were registering at the reception. You have a beautiful family, which I hope we'll get introduced to."

"Oh, and do forgive my wife for being so forward," said John, walking towards him. "She is a marketing manager by profession and generally knows her way around men."

The hand that I thought he extended to shake mine grabbed my dick by its hilt instead. I went into shock but the dizziness from desire nullified everything.

"Bishop, my wife likes a couple of dicks, at least," said John in an even and reassuring tone. "And I like one from time to time. Not in my ass of course. But just a taste."

I looked at Tina who had used her free hand to untie the knot behind her neck of her bikini top, letting the straps fall onto her washboard abs. My mind was racing as I gazed at the most perfect tits surrounding small creamy areolae and erect nipples. It was then that I noticed John kneeling down next to his wife, slowly caressing the base of my dick. He gave his wife a passionate kiss and in one smooth motion turned and took my dick deep into his mouth. I was too giddy to protest and decided to let the pleasure of John's warm mouth envelope me. He let the warm saliva coat my dick and then pulled back with his lips tightly holding onto the skin. He pulled out all the way till my glans popped out with a loud 'plop'.

As soon as my dick was out of John's mouth, his wife expertly gulped it into her's. As she did she pulled down harshly on my balls, making me grunt in pain. The sharp sting emanated from my balls to all every part of my body. She pumped my dick in and out of her mouth, expertly sucking with her cheeks, causing my dick to pulse with the pressure surrounding it. She too ended her pumping with a sudden pullout that caused an even louder 'plop'. She let go of my balls and I took an audible breath.

John gently grabbed his wife's throat and guided her to the daybed. He guided pulled down slowly, forcing her to put her hands on the bed. Then he grabbed the back of her knee and lifted her leg onto the bed. She got the message and got onto the daybed on all fours, arching her back to expose her glistening pink pussy and creamy anus, which already looked lubed up.

"Bish, come taste her ass," beckoned John.

Being an ass man myself, I eagerly went over and took each ass cheek in a hand and lowered my extended tongue right into the centre of Tina's well-managed anus. Given my hosts' forwardness, I too decided to jump right in and buried an inch of my tongue into her anus with a single thrust. She whimpered with excitement and the lathery sphincter proved my suspicions that she had already lubed up. My excitement mounted and I pumped my tongue in and out of her anus, making her moan each time.

John dropped down onto his knees behind me and took my balls into his mouth. First one, then the other, and then both at the same time, filling both his cheeks. He then reached up and softly caressed my glans with a palm. After a few seconds he stopped and turned and then jumped onto the bed. He walked over to his wife's moaning head and dropped his shorts. His cock, equally fat as mine but an inch shorter, popped out already in attention. His wife gulped it deep into her mouth and sucked on it. Then he started to gently pump in and out of her mouth.

I decided not to wait for a cue and stopped tonguing her anus. I stood up and positioned behind her, with my dickhead on her asshole. I pushed in gently, but firmly, letting it go all the way in with one smooth motion. She grunted as she felt it go in, still with a mouthful of her husband's cock. I started to slowly move back and forth, letting her anus squeeze tightly around my dick.

As I started to pick up the rhythm, John pulled his cock out of Tina's mouth and slid under her, dangling his legs over the edge of the daybed until his dick was right below her pussy. I stopped pumping into her ass anticipating the transition. Tina lowered herself, her anus still clasping me, until she felt the tip of her husband's dick on her clit. John positioned his dickhead at the entrance to her pussy and waited for her to slowly lower herself onto it. As she did, her husband's dick entered into her pussy, and it pushed against the wall that separated the two cocks. I felt delirious and imagined John felt the same.

We waited for Tina to move up and down on our cocks. Slowly at first, moving just half an inch back and forth. The grip around my cock felt even tighter as Tina undoubtedly felt the orgasms pulsating through her entire body. She picked up the pace after a few minutes, increasing the motion to inches. Moments later she begins to pump our dicks roughly with her pucker hole and her wet pussy.

"Arrrgh," she shouted, like a warrior conquering a couple of mighty demons.

Just then I felt a tug on my balls. John had reached around her thigh and grabbed my ball sack. He roughly pulled on both balls, then one and then the other. I decided to follow suit and down and started torturing his balls too. All three of us were now sweating beads.

Anyone looking at us would not see three people having sex, but one organism writhing in unison as we approached our climax.

"Fuck me now, you motherfuckers!" Tina yelled. "Ram those fucking rods into me. Fuck me till I bleed from my holes."

Before I could respond, John started pumping vigorously into her. I was still holding onto his balls and as he pumped in, his scrotum stretched against the vice of my hand. He did not complain, but started to grunt loudly with every lunge. I too started to pump into her with vigorous force, slapping my pelvis against her ass with loud thumps. My balls also got yanked away every time, causing great pain and pleasure all at once.

"Fuck me like the fucking animals you are!" Tina commanded loudly and rabidly. "Come on, my bitches! tear those holes apart!"

We rammed in even harder, now holding onto each other's balls just for leverage, causing even more pain, which promptly turned into pleasure. Sweat was dripping down every inch of our skin in streaks now. All three of us were thoroughly drenched with sweat. John's balls were slippery from profuse sweating and I had to tighten my grip to keep my hold on his balls.

"Harder! Fuck me harder!!"

I pumped in and out even faster and even rougher, landing violently onto her sweaty ass cheeks with every lunge. John was on his tiptoes pushing his hips up as he too violated Tina's fuck hole from beneath her. His lunges made loud wet 'plopping' sounds against her pelvis and his ass cheeks made squishing noises from the sweat between them as they clenched and unclenched.

"OH YES! I'm cumming!! Cum with me, motherfuckers! Fill those fucking holes!"

Somehow we managed to pick up the pace even more. She shouted with every lunge now. We all grunted and shouted in unison, louder and louder. Sometimes giving out a loud "FUCK!" in-between.

"FUUUCK!! I'm cumming again!!! FUCK FUCK FUCK!" she yelled. "You fuckers! Tear those holes up!! Fill them up!!"

That was it. I could not hold on any longer. The pain that was burning through my balls rose up, through my urethra and erupted into Tina's asshole in a jet stream of hot thick cum. I gave a loud grunt every time a jet of cum pulsed out of my cock. John heard my tormented pleasure and squeezed my balls even harder, making me cum even more. The pain forced me to abandon his balls and hold on to Tina's ass cheeks with both hands for fear of passing out. My balls and cock were writhing in the worst pain and the greatest pleasure they had ever felt. I kept jetting out gushes of thick cum for half a minute before the sensations finally started to subside. John had stopped pumping his wife to allow her to climax along with me. Her vice-like grip on my cock was also starting to relax now.

A few seconds later she started gently grinding her ass against my groin. She kept slowly moving sideways, back and forth until she slowed to a stop. I gently pulled out of her and she dropped onto her husband. I knelt down and caught John by surprise by taking both his balls into my mouth in one slurp. Like me, he had waxed his balls clean and it had a similar baby-smooth texture. John jumped a little in delightful surprise. Still sitting on his cock, Tina turned around and said, "You're amazing, my sweet fuck-beast."

Then she started slowly riding her husbands cock. She leaned forward as she did, to give me access to his ball sack. She used long motions to give John's entire cock a thorough pussy massage. She picked up the pace slowly. As she did, I put my right index finger in John's anus, burying it two inches deep. He grunted with delight.

"I'm going to cum!" he declared. Tina responded by riding him violently like I had never seen anyone do in my entire life. She looked thoroughly possessed in the act of giving her husband the most complete orgasm.

"FUCK!!" he yelled, as I felt his balls pulsating rapidly in my mouth as they pulled in and out, offloading its payload in rapid jets into Tina's pussy. He grunted at every series of spasms that his cock went through.

Eventually he relaxed and laid back. Tina slowly pulled out and lay next to him to his left. As she did, she held out her left hand, beckoning me over to lie with her. We lay there with Tina in-between us, John on her right and me on her left. We both took a boob in our a hand and played gently with her nipples whilst she slowly stroked our cocks and balls. We lay there for nearly ten minutes in silence before all of us fell asleep in each other's arms.

As we lay there two shadows cast on us. We tilted our heads to look. Right next to the daybed stood my two teenagers.

"Oh! Hi guys," said John. He looked at me innocently and proclaimed, "I must have left the front door open."

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How old are the kids

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