tagGroup SexSummer Storm Ch. 07

Summer Storm Ch. 07


Kathy dozed almost the entire way to the B&B: this was her first real break since the twins were born -- and if Carl behaved himself, tonight would be her first full night's sleep in months.

The drive up was a lot more comfortable this year than last: after the babies were born, she and Carl bought a minivan, one of those big-ass vehicles every suburban family seemed to have back when gas was $2 a gallon. With the child seat and the two infant seats left behind -- along with the three kids, at their grandma's house -- the six of us had plenty of room.

We knew this was also going to be Ronnie's first time away from her three-month-old. We hadn't actually seen Ronnie and Rob in a year, but we stayed in touch through e-mail, Facebook and Skype. I assumed they'd reserved a separate room for Marie.

Hard to believe it's already been a year, I thought, as I began to doze off myself. Seems like just a little while ago that we were all walking through the back door of the B&B, trying to be quiet so not to wake up the hosts...


We weren't drunk by any means -- we'd each had one drink at the club and one more at the bar we'd stopped at afterward -- but two drinks, plus all of us being tired, plus all of having been overly stimulated (okay, "horny as hell") were making us all a bit punchy.

Ronnie, being the smallest of us physically, was so dead on her feet that she stumbled over to the couch in the den, curled herself up on it, and immediately fell asleep.

Rob shrugged, hoisted her over her shoulder like a sack of flour, and began carrying her down the hallway, her skirt flipped up over her belly, exposing her tiny thong panties. "I don't suppose you'll be hearing much noise from our room tonight," he said mournfully.

"I bet he wishes he had swapping privileges," I giggled to Carl. How the hell had I ended up with Carl's arm around me? We were definitely all a little bit out of it.

Larry helped Rob with the door to his room, Rob carried Ronnie inside, and then the door closed and locked behind them. The six of us looked at one another. "So," Terry finally said, "our own rooms, or what?"

"I think Carl claimed dibs on me," I said.

"I'm not settling for anything less than a fuck tonight," Linda announced, "so I'm taking my guy."

And that left Terry with Kathy, and the breasts that he and the other guys and most of the men at the bar had been staring at for most of the night: she'd never put her bra back on, and had been showing off an impressive amount of chest. And had been, I was fairly certain, one good sneeze away from a wardrobe malfunction.

Carl and I went into his and Kathy's room, stripped off our clothing, and fell into bed together. We'd actually been naked together so much over the past few days, I felt completely comfortable with him.

We kissed lazily, too tired to work up much passion just yet. But I had a feeling we were going to get there soon enough.

He stroked my breasts softly, and I smiled. "What?" he asked.

"Nothing. It's just interesting how much you seem to like my tiny breasts, considering how big and perfect Kathy's are."

"I'll tell you a secret," he said. "I'm very particular about breasts. I only like three kinds: small, medium, and large. Anything else, just not interested."

I rolled over on my side, facing him; he did the same, and we kissed. His hard cock was pressed between my belly and his. After a few minutes I reached between us and moved it so that it was facing down, and now as we kissed his shaft was rubbing against my clit and the head of his cock was sliding across my lips, spreading my pussy juices around the whole region. And there was a lot of pussy juices.

Finally, he rolled me onto my back, and moved his body between my legs. I gestured with my head toward the wall separating our room and the one in which our spouses were. He nodded: we'd have to be quiet.

He slid his cock very slowly into my wet pussy, so not to make the bed squeak. I had the more difficult part, not screaming out. Yesterday's fuck was spontaneous and hot: but him pushing himself slowly into me right now and sensual and delicious. It felt as if he were just going deeper and deeper into me, and was never going to stop.

And then he was pulling out of me, just as slowly, and I could see my thick juices sticking to the sides of his cock.

He continued to fuck me, slow motion torture. After a couple of minutes I needed to cum, but I couldn't: not until he started fucking me just a little bit faster. Instead, I was just on the edge, and I could see that knowing this was turning Carl on even more. He was getting harder and harder as he slow-fucked me.

"Faster, please," I said under my breath.

"We have to be quiet, remember?" he teased.

"You have ten seconds to make me cum," I told him, "or I swear we're done for the night and you and your dick are on your own."

Now that he understood that the game was over, he started fucking me with hard, fast strokes, and it took only four of them until I came hard, my body shaking as if I were having a seizure. It's lucky I was able to grab a pillow and shove it against my mouth in time, otherwise the whole building would have heard me scream. Carl came while I was shaking, but honestly I barely noticed.

I realized, once Carl had withdrawn from my pussy and was lying by my side, that since we'd promised to only engage in "soft swapping" with one another, I was now officially an adulterer. And I really didn't care about that either.

And that before the night was over, I'd done it again.

I don't know what it was... I'd already had more sex this week than in the past few months put together, and the more I had, the more I wanted. I'd already fucked Carl even though I'd promised not to, and I probably wouldn't hesitate if I had the opportunity to do it with Larry. Or even Rob.

Shit, even the waitress at the club last night was looking pretty good to me.


When I left Carl and Kathy's room in the morning, to go back to my own room to change clothing, I ran into Ronnie and Rob, who were just coming out their own room, heading downstairs for breakfast. We exchanged good mornings, and Ronnie asked me why I was still wearing my dress from last night (though I'd stuffed my panties into my purse). "I... uh... promised Terry a goodnight kiss last night, and he never got it, so I'm going to his room to give it to him now."

"But you just came from your own room. Why haven't you changed?"

My follow-up lie was interrupted by Kathy coming from the other direction. "You promised Carl a goodnight kiss too?" I asked her before anybody else could say anything."

"Sure, right," Kathy said. Rob noticed right away that she still wasn't wearing her bra.

We parted ways, and I let myself into our room with the key that Ronnie and Rob had no idea I had. "Aargh!" I said as soon as I shut the door behind me.

"What's wrong?" Terry asked.

"We've wandered into a fucking Moliere play," I said. I was about to add "with actual fucking, at least," then stopped myself. I pulled off my dress, leaving myself naked other than my sandals. "Did you behave yourself last night?" I asked him.

"Of course not. But I played by the rules. Barely."

"Oh?" I said, picking out my clothing for the day.

"Well, our Kathy was one horny girl last night. She had to go to the bathroom when we got back, and she told me to be naked by the time she got back. Then she jumped onto the bed, lift up her dress -- her panties were gone -- and just mounted me."

"You mean you..."

"No, she settled in right next to my cock, grabbed it, and started rubbing the head of it against her clit. Really hard. She was using my cock to jerk herself off and you know, I should have felt used, but it was so fucking hot. And I thought she was going to 'accidentally' push my cock into her pussy, but she didn't."

"And would you have let her?" I teased.

"Well, let's just say it didn't happen and leave it at that, okay? Hey, Carl and Kathy were the ones who said no more fucking, right? Anyway, before long I came all over her pussy, her clit, and inside of her dress, and as she kept rubbing my cock all over her down there, she came too. Then she took off her dress -- which is going to require an embarrassing trip to the cleaners, as Amy said -- and we took a shower together to clean up. No fooling around in the shower, not much anyway, and we fell asleep pretty much as soon as we got back to the bed."

"How dull."

He shrugged. "Well," he said, "I did wake up with my cock in her mouth, so that was nice. And then I had her turn around so I could eat out her pussy while she finished me off. "Don't worry," he said, as he got up and kissed me, "I brushed my teeth afterward."

I was dressed by now and ready to go; I wanted to get out of there before he asked me too much about my night, since I didn't want to have to lie.


If Ronnie and Rob hadn't been eating breakfast with us, we'd probably all have compared notes about the night before; so it was a good thing they were.

When the meal was over, and we were discussing our plans for the day, Ronnie said she wanted to go running this morning. It was something she tried to do every day, either around her neighborhood or on a treadmill at the gym, and she didn't want to miss a day. "Any of you also runners?" she asked.

"I run some," I said. "I'll join you."

"Great," she said. "Let's get changed so we don't finish up too late."

"You go ahead," I said. "I just have to talk to Carl for a minute first."

She left the fining room and "my husband" said "What's up?"

I went over to him and whispered in his ear. "Nothing; but I wanted her to be in her room before I got upstairs, so she wouldn't see which room I went into."

After giving Ronnie a brief head start, I went upstairs to our room and quickly rummaged through my suitcase for appropriate running wear. Finally I came up with a tank top and a short denim skirt, which probably wouldn't be on the recommended list in any runner's magazine: the top was lacking in support even for me, and the skirt... well, I guess it was no worse than a tennis skirt. Of course, you don't usually wear tennis shirts with going-on-vacation-with-your-husband panties...

Anyway, I didn't have a lot of time to contemplate my outfit. I changed quickly, locked the door behind me, and went down the hall to knock on Ronnie's door.

"I see one of us thought ahead," I said, when I saw what she was wearing: a sports bra, and very light-weight nylon running shorts, the type with the built-in panty. By "sports bra," I actually mean a fairly narrow strip of lycra, designed less to offer support than to cover a pair of small breasts. I suspected this was the closest thing to a bra that either of us had packed.

"I usually stick to slow runs," she said as we walked down the stairs. "I'm not training to win any races. Is that okay with you?"

"More than okay," I said. I was like a twice-a-month runner, and I wasn't looking to kill myself. "If we turn left from the front door," I told her, "there's a open field and in about two miles, what looks like an abandoned farmhouse." I knew, because we'd passed it the other day just before Kathy, Linda and I had stripped off our shirts.

"Sounds like a good destination." she agreed. We got to the edge of the field, and began our stretching. I quickly realized that a tank top and a short denim skirt were seriously inappropriate for stretching exercises; but fortunately it was just the two of us, and there was nothing here she hadn't already seen yesterday.

Those first two miles were a good run -- though more for Ronnie than for me, because she was a serious runner and knew what she was doing, and I was just a woman who ran sometimes. By the time we reached the farmhouse, her skin was glowing and I was sweating like a pig.

"Time to turn around and head back?" Ronnie asked.

"Time to stop and rest, how about," I said.

Ronnie laughed. "Okay."

What I really wanted to do was stretch out on the ground and relax all my muscles before the return trip; but we were in the middle of a field and I was paranoid about ants or something worse crawling into my hair.

Well, we're alone, I thought, and pulled my tank top over my head, rolled it up, and used it as a pillow. "Good plan," Ronnie said, peeling off her sports bra. "And this oversized band-aid isn't the most comfortable thing in the world anyway."

My skirt was hiked up to my waist, exposing more of my upper leg than any of my bikini bottoms, and the sun felt good against my skin. We lay there quietly for a few minutes, until I noticed Ronnie looking at me.

"Sorry," she said when she realized I knew she'd been staring. "I'm sorry. I don't want this to sound weird or anything..." She sat up. "I know it's silly, but I've always been a little self-conscious about my size. My boobs. I know Rob loves them, but, you know, it's just how girls are brought up to think. And where we live... well, we mostly hang out with Rob's friends from work and their wives, and they all have money, and the wives all have these boob jobs, so... well, I just don't come into contact with women who have Ronnie-sized boobs. Certainly not naked like this."

"And?" I asked.

She smiled. "Well fuck, I'm hot," she said. "I mean, you are -- not offense."

"Certainly none taken."

"So I see how Rob really does like me the way I am. I mean, I knew that, but..."

"I hear you," I said.

"I sound like a babbling idiot, I know," she said.

No, I thought, you sound like a girl who just turned into a woman. "Ready to head back," I asked.

"In a minute," she said. "Can I ask you a personal question? Not about boobs?"

"Guess so."

"This swapping thing the six of you are doing... I can't figure out whether you're just fooling around, or actually, um..."


"Yeah, that. I just keep getting mixed signals."

"Well... let's just say that we have rules in place, and the rules say no fucking."

"Got it. The whole thing is just, well, intriguing, but so different from anything I've experienced. Well, all of this is. Before yesterday, only two men have ever seen me topless, and by last night I was almost exposing myself to the entire club. And I've never had sex with anybody other than Rob."

"Ronnie," I said, "I told you yesterday, this is new territory for us as well. Until this week, I'd never had sex with anybody but Terry."

"Terry??" she asked. "You mean Carl, don't you?"

"Oh, shit."


"Shit, shit, shit."

"I don't get it."

"Okay, I fucked up. Let me tell you the whole truth." And I did, starting with "When you're hiking through open fields and the temperature's approaching the mid-90s, you might think that a few minutes of heavy rain will cool off both the afternoon heat and your sweating body. Of course, you'd be wrong," and ending with the moment Ronnie and Rob joined us by the lake (leaving out Kathy's confession, of course).

Halfway through the story, I noticed that Ronnie's hand had found its way to her shorts and she was lightly stroking herself through the thin, smooth nylon. Her eyes were closed, she was drowsy from the run and the sun, and I'm sure she had no idea she was even doing it.

Well, as long as her eyes were closed anyway...

Making sure not to miss a beat in my story, I slipped one hand into my panties and dipped it very gently into the wetness of my own pussy: not enough to make myself cum, though I desperately wanted to, but just enough to keep myself on edge and add a little passion to my story.

If I could be sure how long Ronnie would be keeping her eyes closed, I'd have slipped off my panties entirely, leaving me essentially naked in the warm sun. I decided that was something I'd like to do before the week was through.

At the same time, half asleep and horny, Ronnie was also making a decision about what she wanted to do before the week was through.

When I was done with Carl's story about how he "accidentally" fucked Annie in the shower (which made me wet as hell, and forced me to thrust my finger deep into my pussy a couple of times, even though I knew I shouldn't), I took my hand out of my panties and closed my eyes so Ronnie would think I hadn't seen what she was doing. "I looked over and saw another couple," I said, "maybe a few years younger than us, putting down their towels about ten feet away from ours. And of course, that was you and Rob."

The story over, Ronnie suddenly became more aware of her surroundings and realized she'd been playing with herself right in front of me. She glanced over at me quickly, and was relieved to see that my eyes were closed and therefore I hadn't noticed anything (of course, my eyes were open just enough that I could see all this).

"Okay," she said, "at least it all makes sense to me now. I can tell all this to Rob, right?"

"Of course. The whole deception was Linda's crack-inspired plan anyway. It'll make everybody's lives a lot easier once you and Ron know the truth."

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