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Surprise Package


Sherry, Lani, our new friend Rick, and I got back to the apartment in a great mood. We had been drinking, dancing, and fucking, and now the real fun was about to begin. Both girls kicked off their shoes and got drinks for everyone. Rick and I had beers, the girls drank wine. I put on some music, dimmed the lights, and Sherry and I began to dance as Lani and Rick curled up together on the loveseat. Sherry wore only her short dress, no underwear. Her breasts pressed into me as my hands cupped her ass and then one hand came around to feel her moist pussy. She began to undo the buttons of my shirt, and worked all the way down to open my pants also. I shrugged off the shirt and stepped out of my pants and briefs, and in the same motion unzipped Sherry's dress so it fell to the floor. She went to her knees and wrapped both hands around my erect cock, licking the underside and then taking half of it in her mouth and sucking gently.

Rick and Lani were also naked by now, Rick lying on the carpet as Lani rode him. She squatted on his cock and lowered her pussy half way, then up and down slowly, occasionally leaning forward to let Rick taste her nipples. He tried to buck his hips to penetrate her more deeply, but she didn't let him. Lani controlled this fuck and proceeded at her own pace. Sherry left my cock and went over to Rick. She kissed him deeply, pushing in her tongue and mating with his. Then she put one nipple in his mouth as she pulled on the gold ring in her other nipple. Her ass was sticking up in the air, and I was just about to start fucking her when she straddled Rick and pushed her pussy down onto his waiting mouth. The two girls were facing each other and so they began to kiss. Rick was hidden beneath them, but Lani continued to fuck him, and Sherry's moans indicated that she was enjoying his efforts. I decided to join in and gently pushed my cock between the lips of the two girls.

They reacted just as I hoped, as if they were starving for cock. First Lani took me in her mouth, head bobbing and sucking vigorously. She then allowed Sherry to take over, and transferred her attention to Sherry's pierced nipple. Sherry grabbed my cock with one hand and licked and sucked on the head, drooling and moaning, as she tenderly caressed my dangling balls. She pushed me so that I was standing over Rick, and now I felt Lani licking and kissing my ass. She grabbed my butt with hands and then I felt her warm wet tongue on my ass, around the sensitive area of my anus, and then pushing her tongue into my anus. With Sherry on my cock and Lani rimming me, I felt my cock was about to explode. I quickly stepped aside and began to jerk myself off. The girls both grinned at me and then they got their reward as my cum sprayed over their eager faces. They kissed and licked their faces clean, and then Lani got up from Rick, allowing Sherry to go int a '69' position on him. She deep throated him with practiced ease and rapidly bounced her head on his shaft. He came wildly, groaning into Sherry's pussy and bucking his hips as she took every drop in her mouth. Then Sherry reversed position and kissed Rick deeply, sharing his cum which he swallowed with a smile.

We all broke for a drink and a breather. I got a close look at Rick for the first time. College age, less than average height, slim, good looking, almost pretty with full lips and long eyelashes. We were all laying on the carpet sipping on beers when Sherry got the idea to play dress up. She was about the same size as Rick, and she began to say something about switching appearances, but stopped and said she would show us instead. She took Rick and their clothes and disappeared into the bedroom.

Lani and I continued to sip on our beers, when she pointed out that she was doing all the work tonight and not getting any orgasm in return. I decided to help her out there. She leaned back against me and I began to kiss her ear and then her neck, at the same time caressing her breasts with my left hand as my right hand crept up her thigh. I reached her well worked cunt and traced around the engorged lips, moistening my fingers in her juices, and then gently touching her clit. Already firm, her clit grew in size and hardness as I caressed her. She turned her head to kiss me and our tongues became entangled in our heat. I pinched her nipples and inserted two fingers in her pussy as I continued to caress her clit. Her breathing began to get heavy and I fucked her harder with my fingers.

She twisted away from me and lay down pulling my head down to her pussy. I lapped at her soaking cunt, and fingerfucked her again. My tongue found a rhythm that excited her and I stayed with it, feeling her stiffen, her thighs clamped around my face, and her hands trying to push me into her pussy. Then she screamed and shuddered in orgasm, arching her back and pulling me even deeper into her. I continued to lick at her clit, and she seemed to have several more quick orgasms, until she pushed me away and curled up in a fetal position. After a few moments she relaxed and looked at my grinning face. She grinned in reply and said "I guess I asked for that." She then crawled back to me and kissed me tenderly on the lips.

At this point Sherry and Rick returned. Sherry was wearing Rick's suit and Rick was not wearing Sherry's metallic mini. He was wearing a sarong and matching top that now had a pair of false breasts. He was heavily made up, and seemed to enjoy his new appearance. Sherry swaggered over to where Lani was lying, and began to undo her fly. She reached in and pulled out a realistic cock. She pointed it at Lani and said only "Suck, bitch."

Lani complied eagerly, knowing she would get the dildo in all her holes soon.

Rick approached me in a poor imitation of Sherry's usual sexy walk. He looked at me expectantly, and I decided to follow Sherry's lead.

"Suck, bitch," I said.

Rick dropped to his knees and did just what I told him. First he licked the tip of my cock, the around the head, then took long swipes of his tongue along the sides and underneath. He then switched to my balls, taking one then the other gently in his mouth to give them a tongue bath. Then back to my cock, and he deep throated me so that my pubic hair was tickling his nose. I had a very strong feeling that he had sucked a cock or two before. I wondered if his ass was as good as his mouth. Just then Sherry reached over to me and handed me a small plastic bottle. I looked at the label, and quickly smiled at Sherry in thanks for the lube she just gave me. I pulled my cock out of Rick's mouth, then bent down and kissed him and reached around to grab his plump ass. Rick discarded the sarong and then our two cocks rubbing together. I reached sown to feel his and slowly jerked it a few times. It was about the same size as mine, and just as hard.

Seems Rick was excited at the thought of getting fucked. As we kissed, I began to fuck his ass with a lubricated finger. He was tight and gasped a little. I added more lube and continued to fuck his ass, as he went down on my cock again. I noticed that Sherry was fucking Lani doggy style as she pinched her own nipples and slammed her hips against Lani's butt. I managed to get two fingers into Rick's hole and decided that was enough preparation. I moved around behind him and told him to spread his cheeks. I put the head of my cock against his anus and pushed gently then more strongly, and entered him. He gasped but didn't try to pull away.

I let him relax for a moment, then pushed again, adding more lube to my cock. I advanced slowly until three quarters of my horny hard cock were inside Rick's ass. I leaned forward and asked him if he was ready. He nodded, and I started to fuck his tight ass like I hadn't been laid in months. I reached around and began to jerk him off at the same time. In the incredible tightness of his ass, I felt my cum boiling, and I jerked him faster so that we came almost together. I felt him shoot over my hand, and immediately I pulled out of his ass and shot three streaks of cum over his back. I collapsed on top of Rick, sweaty and exhausted, as we both watched the girls in their orgasms.

They both said later that just watching Rick and I fuck was the hottest thing they had seen in years, and the were ready to come even without fucking. However, a good hard dildo between girls is always a good thing. Sherry wanted to continue by fucking Rick's ass with her strap on, but he declined. We were all pretty tired, and decided that we could continue the next morning, when Sherry did indeed get a chance to use her dildo on Rick, and..... but that's another story.

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