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Surprising Dowdy Dani 2 - Again


Surprising Dowdy Dani - Again © Literocat 2011

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After far too many drinks, my old friend and author-wanna-be, Joe M. Starki, convinced me to tell him more about Dowdy Dani. Like everyone else, he believed my Surprising Dowdy Dani story was all fiction. We were alone in my kitchen and his stares in the quiet house pressured me insistently to fill the silent void.

"Where do I start, Joe? Let me rewind a little bit. Remember from the first part that our new neighbors for just four months, who, since then became close and VERY intimate friends, had us over for dinner, in both senses. Considering Dani's comment, "Why wait a month? Gary's right, I am too horny now to wait that long. Though I want a good fucking daily now, how about we start with a weekly party? And if we need an emergency fucking, let's use our secret, subtle code word, PIZZA PARTY.' We had made plans for that Friday night to comply with Dani's urgent, 'appalling' demands. HA! Instead of having HOT pizza and a PIZZA party, Gary had called that Friday morning and canceled. The End."

"What!?! Fuck you. That can't be the end. I know more happened. Did you ever come thru with your promise to give her thirty orgasms and make her conk out?"

"No fooling you, huh? I'll get to that too. Dani was questioning what we all, especially SHE, had done. She cooled quickly after that night and we didn't hear from them for a month. What happened to the woman who wanted 'a good fucking daily'? Was dowdy Dani reclaiming her shy, awkward, conservative demeanor? THAT would be tragic. I later learned that she didn't respond to Gary's advances since that night, so I conspired with Gary that we could inspire her again if we started slowly with fewer expectations. It took nearly two more months of friendly conversations with her to calm her fears. I told him I was sure we could get her naked and maybe a little playful again."

Gary: "Sounds good, but I still want her doing all she did last time. I really want to watch you fuck her again and make her cum over and over while I fuck your wife. Is that too much to ask?"

The horny bastard was eager to share his wife so he could get laid by mine first! , "Of course I agree with all that, but you can't say it that way to Dani if she's nervous again about all this. How about you guys come over about noon Thursday? Tell her we're celebrating Earth Day though it's really NDD, National Nude Day, and I'll grill some home made pizza with no pressure for sex, umm PIZZA! I'll extend the canopy to shade her and so she can dress as daringly and scantily as she likes. Encourage that. It will be just the four of us this time... at least for a while."

Dani reluctantly agreed and we schemed how to persuade her to release her inner slut and bless us with her true animal cravings. Sue and I decided to use our proven 'apron' seduction. You remember, of course, the first time we did that, Joe? Well, by noon the grill was hot and ready. Our guests knew to come directly to the back yard. That house was on a corner lot, so the side entrance to the back yard was on the busier street with quite a lot of foot traffic. Dani rolled Gary in his wheelchair thru the side gate and stopped cold, mid greeting, when she saw us. We had our backs to her, tending the grill. Both of us wore only hemp sandals and our knee length, fern-green, all cotton, heavy aprons. We pretended not to hear the gate swing closed and they took their time silently gawking at us and our bare asses.

Finally, Gary let fly a loud wolf whistle that startled us to turn around. Dani was still frozen, jaw open. "Hi guys, glad you could come. Gary, stop whistling at my husband's butt. You're going to give me a complex. Shouldn't you be looking at mine instead?" She bent forward a bit and wiggled her little ass at them. " I see Dani is still locked onto hubby's hairy ass." Still holding a spatula, Sue went over to hug Dani. As she shuffled over, her little tits swayed in and out of the shelter of the narrow apron's chest cover. She bent to hug Gary and one tit completely escaped the side of her apron, but not Gary's or Dani's notice. As Sue hugged him, Dani watched her husband pinch and pull my wife's nipple. Sue held the hug for a long while with a wide grin for Dani. When they finally broke the greeting hug, Sue kissed him intimately.

Dani seemed flustered and didn't know what to do. Caught gaping, Dani loudly snapped her mouth shut and stuttered, "I ahh thought this was just a BBQ. Umm, why are you guys naked?"

I grinned a reply, "That's ALL it is so far, and it can stay that way if we like. That doesn't mean we should be uncomfortable and too hot. I know it's cheesy, but I can't resist - you girls just can't help being too hot! Sorry. And we're not naked. Can't you see these Earth tone aprons? The blue Earth on the front is a hint that we got these just for today. I can't get my moobs to pop in and out of the apron like Sue can, but you can see the chest cover only hides half of each of our nipples at best. The fresh starch is scratching my nipples so I don't know how long I can tolerate that. I do have another apron I prefer to wear. In big letters, near the top, it says 'KISS THE COOK'. I had a full size image of my smiling face printed near the bottom and carefully cut an opening between my lips so I could stick out my lower 'tongue' for a French/Aussie kiss. Should I go put it on instead?" She didn't answer.

Gary was shirtless in loose shorts and calf casts. Unfortunately, Dani wore long white pants and an airy white, long-sleeved, thin sweater with TWENTY fraking tiny buttons that held it closed all the way to her clavicle! Even worse, she wore a bra that tried to suppress her tall nipples. Her wide-brim, floppy hat hid much of her pretty face. As she came closer, I didn't see panty lines, but I knew she wore something. I hoped to get a better look later. "Dani, it's 93 degrees so why are you wearing a sweater and long pants?"

"You know I'm a little photo phobic so I have to stay out of direct sun. Even dressed like this my hands and face are still at risk."

"I remembered, and promised I'd extend the patio canopy for you." I pressed the button and it slowly stretched over us. Gary, giving her an annoyed look, unbuttoned all but one of her sweater sealers and exposed nearly all her sweet, deep cleavage. "You can lose the big, floppy hat now. I guess that means you won't be catching some rays or swimming today. I've seen free standing canopies on sale. If I get two, I can cover the whole pool so you can come for a nude swim next time in daylight. But sexy as this is now, I still can't stand looking at that warm sweater." Before she could object, I peeled it over her head as she squealed and pretended to fight me. "Ahhhh, much better. If that nude bra makes your gorgeous tits sweat, it has to go too. I'll be watching, closely. We got you a special little gift, but I guess we have to return your solar powered Rabbit!"

Sue chimed in, "Yeah, ha ha! Never mind him. In fact, we got you a matching apron. Don't wait til it hits 100. Why don't you strip down right now and try on the apron. It might even be too warm to wear that for long. You can't be embarrassed after all we did last time. Take a few minutes, if you need them, and I'll help you undress this time if I can beat my husband to you! Meanwhile, help yourself to that pitcher of L.I. Iced tea." Sue knew Dani wasn't a big drinker, so one glass, at FOUR shots per glass, of L.I.I.Tea should drop her inhibitions ...or knock her on her very cute ass.

"What, no apron for me?" feigned Gary. "Am I stuck in these cargo shorts all day?"

"Ohhh, I'm so sorry honey. We decided you didn't need an apron." Sue put down the spatula and bounded to him. "I assumed that once I got your pecker out, you wouldn't want to cover it again. Was I wrong? Lift your ass for me." Before he did, he scooped a little tit into his mouth and bit then sucked her nipple as we all watched. Sue struggled with the belt and zipper. Her stiff nipple fell from his lips when he lifted up and she pulled the shorts over his casts. His stiff dick stood straight up. Sue spread his knees. "Keep them open if you can so we can enjoy your meat dildo."

"Well!!! This tea is potent!" Dani slurred slightly after gulping down the glassful. "This seems to be quickly morphing into a 'PIZZA PARTY' anyway, so..." I didn't think she needed to know there was no tea in her drink. Not yet. Surprising Dani daringly popped her bra open and shrugged it off defiantly. She seemed to need to launch it into the pool before she could change her mind. Her beautiful, firm full C-cups stood securely with no sag. Perfect, mouth-watering mammaries were capped with tall, hard, perfect nipples that I remembered clearly from our last party and wanted to bite again. She took a moist towelette or two from the box and wiped off the perspiration on her tits slowly and teasingly. The chill made her nipples immediately screw themselves into tight knots. After refilling her tea, she sashayed her narrow waist and sexy hips to her husband, deliberately making each tit bounce with every stride. Gary drooled watching his sexy, un-dowdy wife openly flaunt her tits for all of us. She opened the towelette, reached between his legs and wiped his balls and still stiff staff. As she wiped, he bit her nearest nipple and stared at me with a huge grin. Dani kept her legs straight and boldly sucked his boner into her mouth. THAT was the most sex he'd had from her since our last meeting. Her giggling with a mouthful of her husband's cock made him groan. Wether as competition with Sue or just committing to perform for us, the sight was positively lustful. Her tight white slacks clung beautifully over her well-rounded seat and made a perfectly plumped, heart-shaped camel toe for me to drool over. Distracted by thoughts of revisiting her beautiful pussy, I nearly burned the pizzas.

While Dani was distracted by the stiffening meat in her mouth, Sue kneeled behind her and stroked her shaped, brilliant white globes sensually. Seeing no resistance, she worked her hands to the front and unbuttoned the sexy slacks then unzipped them. Still no resistance. As she struggled to strip the skintight pants from our guest, she casually ran her hands up Dani's thighs and lightly caressed the sweet delta where they met. Dani let loose a low growl and twitched her hips against Sue's fingers. Not soon enough, her slacks sprung over her shapely seat and revealed a white thong that had let her bare beautiful butt shape the slacks. After removing the high heels, Sue wrestled the pants down her legs and off her feet. "What a vision of artistic surprises you are. I'm glad I have this apron on to restrain me or my throbbing dick would be on the grill with the other organic meats! Sue, as I recall, Dani's heavenly pussy is nearly as gorgeous and flawless as yours. Show me!" She didn't need my directions as she had already snagged the thong, sensually peeling it over the gorgeous globes, and was kissing and licking Dani's derriere. Heaven was as luscious looking and moist as I remembered. Turning to check the food, I missed Sue's next step. "Whenever you get done over there, I want to see what you know about international kissing. Nothing, I hope, so I can enlighten you. Did I tell you guys that we will be playing with our food before we eat it? Oops. Looks like my wife already introduced you to Aussie kissing. But you knew it from last time even if we didn't give it a name." I could tell by her moans that she was enjoying the kisses 'down under' so I just licked my lips and drooled silently.

Dani finally released Gary's unsatisfied dick and picked up her beverage. She turned her flawless naked body to me and raised her glass. "WOW! This drink ish good, but I think it's making me sweat." She took another big gulp of 'tea'. With a slight slur, she added, "So wherez my ahpron, doll? I want to char your meat! Tee heee. Hahw do you meeen 'play' with de foodz?"

"Well, you're going to have to wait a bit to see. Just until I get some of this food off the grill and let it cool down to playing temperature. You also had to get naked for us. Did we tell you that we're going all organic today just for 'Earth Day'? Not just the corn cobs, carrots and bread sticks, but the sausages are organic pork and beef. I made them this morning, so they are very fresh. I see you've noticed the grilled pizzas on sandstone. Sue made them with whole wheat flour and all organic soy cheese and soy pepperoni toppings. Sounds horib... I mean delicious. Doesn't it? Let's switch you to a light beer."

"Why? Hahw come I feel so tsipsy on tea? You been messing with me again! And ferget about that 'Earth Day' crap. I know it was in April sometime. I'm not as dumb as you drunk I am." Sue and Gary smothered a laugh and I wondered how she could get so plastered on just two drinks... until I remembered that she skips breakfast and her flat tummy was empty. Except for a pint of 'tea'!

Joe: "That 'tea' packs a huge punch no matter which way you make it. I know YOUR way will knock me out after three glasses, so two must have had her in a dizzy loop. Go on. I'm drooling here." He subtly rubbed his crotch.

"Hold your horses, Joe. I didn't want to rush things though I did have a surprise guest coming and a real Nude Day test for her." I moved all the meats and pizzas off the heat. "Before you put on the apron, doll face, let's check and clean you up a bit." She looked puzzled and furrowed her brow when she saw me grab two foot-long bread sticks. "Lean back on the table and put one foot on the bench." As soon as she was stable, I leaned in for a tasty French kiss. As our tongues tangoed, we both moaned at the intense pleasure of the passionate kiss. I kissed her neck and softly scraped my teeth against her nape on my way to her ample tits. She mewled lightly. My hand lifted a bountiful breast and dialed her stiffening nipple. My mouth approached as if in slow motion. This lovely lady was already making me dizzy with desire despite the minor contact so far. My tongue licked then wrapped around the turgid nipple, allowing me to suck in the perfect puppet. She threw her head back and groaned loudly; my vision dimmed from the bliss. It was as if the 'tea' had reached her mammaries and I was getting drugged by sucking in her 'mother's tea' though no 'tea' was needed. Her natural pheromones and innate eroticism were, truthfully, enough to inebriate me.

When my vision cleared a bit, I saw Sue squatting on Gary's lap and softly speared on his harpoon. Both were watching us while Sue gyrated slowly. My hand slid across Dani's toned abs, to her hip and back to her hairy pubes. It slowly, gently, pushed over her stiffened clit. My curled middle finger dragged lightly into her gash, pushing it open, as its neighbor fingers spaced her major labia from her groin. My middle finger opened the moist gap between her inner lips and, after a brief tease, sank into her steaming, ruttish, demanding love canal. She moaned and her knees trembled. When I crushed my finger up, against her internal clitoral parts and pressured along her G-spot, she collapsed against me and shuddered, gasped and spasmed in her first decent orgasm of the day.

When she could breathe again, she stared at me, briefly confused and hesitant, then held my shoulders and exuberantly forced her tongue deep into my mouth. When I felt my tongue strain I broke away and caught my breath. "Thank you so much. I forgot how intense that could be. I needed that. You have to teach Gary how to do that to me." I didn't expect that strong a reaction so soon. She crushed her breasts against me and whimpered. She still wasn't satisfied at home.

"Here, sweetie, I hope you've been tasting yourself frequently these past months. Let's share your exquisite nectar from my finger." Though I wanted to get on with the plans I'd made, her mouth on my finger with mine was just too HOT to short-change. We ignored our mates and savored the treasure. I went back for two more fingers full before I could get back to the plan. "Lover, I put your foot up for a reason. Though I'm loving this so much, there are some surprises for you I want to get to. There's something about your golden aura that captivates and conquers me. Yet, put your foot back up on the bench. Your sweet, sweet pussy is dripping with nectar."

"And whose fault is that?"

"I wish I could take all the credit. Grab those two bread sticks for me? Thanks. I'm breaking them in half and will screw them into your drenched pussy one at a time, smooth end in of course. Now, while they absorb your incredible elixir, slip on the hemp sandals, suck on two bread sticks to suck up some of that 'tea' and *carefully* walk to your husband. These are very dry and hard, but if they turn into bread crumbs... well it won't be as much fun as it sounds. Gary, give the sticks a half turn then you can lick your fingers. Dani, walk over to the gate and open it." She froze, mid step, but gathered her courage and went to it. When she pushed it open, the spring tried to close it again. "I want you to step outside the gate and use the cable to hook the latch to hold it open. The tree will shade you."

"But, that's a busy street. Won't people see me, and all of you, naked? I don't want strangers to see me, or get arrested."

"Well, you better hurry then, especially since you'll be in some Sun out there. The cable is near the ground. SURPRISE! You won't get arrested today. I guess you missed the mayor's announcement that he would join hundreds of other mayors in celebrating National Nude Day today. Not only is he suspending all arrests for nudity and nude activities, excluding kids, but everyone under him would be naked the entire day and night. All meetings will be in the buff as well as city employees, even routine cops. I'm happy he added a warning to anyone not participating to stay indoors and draw their shades. Look up and down the street and tell me how many people you see naked."

After putting her big hat on, she bent and stuck just her head beyond the gate and looked both ways. "Nearly all of them are naked. I didn't notice before since the street was empty. This happens EVERY year?" I wanted to charge over and peel her cherubic ass cheeks open so I could bury my tongue in her magnetic pussy! Instead, I groaned at the immaculate, tempting sight. She looked back and saw us all facing the open gate and struggled to step outside it. After a short delay and a deep breath for courage, she feigned self confidence and paraded around the gate, onto the busy street. We moved to better see her bent over and tugging at the cable I had deliberately snared in the fence to keep her out there longer. Her tempting tush and massive tits jiggled in harmony as she struggled, never noticing the 40ish couple from across the street approaching her. She must have been a beautiful sight with her left hand holding the gate open and bent over shaking her ass at her new observers.

"Excuse me. Can we help you with that?" Dani gasped and froze at the strange voices and how she imagined she looked from behind. "My husband can free that cable for you. Is... are those bread sticks in your, ummm, sex? What is going on here?" Before Dani could answer, Fred and Whilma looked into my yard and startled. My wife was still bouncing on Gary's dick while my rod was still tenting my apron. "Al, that must be some hard on to tent an apron like that. I'm guessing YOU put the bread sticks in her. We didn't know you were swingers -like us."

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