tagNovels and NovellasSurrogate Farm Ch. 07

Surrogate Farm Ch. 07


Chapter Seven Shower Surprises

The next morning everything seemed to be just normal at Surrogate Farm. I went to work and mucked out my stable, washed the horses and had breakfast. Nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary. No one mentioned or gossiped about the fact that one of the stable girls, Emma, had been punished the day before. No one seemed to think it out of the ordinary that she should have been put in stocks, whipped by Lady Sarah-Jane and then summarily fucked in front of all the farm hands and stable girls and boys on the place.

I even began to wonder if it had really happened at all, that is until I went to have my morning shower.

Just thinking of her being held tight in the stocks, with her bum for all to see gave me quite a hard on. I undressed quickly and venturing into the shower room found the two lads I had met the other day in the shower obviously enjoying themselves. Joe and Nicholas I decided must be the cleanest boys in the southern hemisphere!

It was hot, inviting and very sensuous as I stepped into the communal shower bay. To my surprise Joe suddenly called out, ‘Hey Waine, you want to play catch the soap?’

Before I could think a cake of soap came flying my way. I caught it, sent it back as fast was it came. This continued, getting faster and faster until Joe dropped it.

They both seemed to freeze. Then Joe, very slowly bent down to pick up the soap, except it slipped out of his hand, and he bent further over to reach it. His bum was sticking up in the air and facing Nicholas. It was an enticing sight. Nicholas began to pour some Kneads foot oil onto his now elongated shaft. Looking me in the eye he started to stroke it, I didn’t know what to do but then he touched Joe. He held his bottom cheek firmly, pinching it and kneading it until I realised Joe’s penis too began to grow and grow.

Still holding my sight Nic began to move his middle finger closer to Joe’s bottom and slipped it inside. I had never imagined boys would do this sort of thing to each other but I must admit it turned me on.

Then without warning he pulled Joe’s bottom to him and put his penis right onto Joe’s arse. I just held my cock and watched in fascination.

Then he moved in, his penis began to slide into Joe. He pushed it a little at a time, then pulled back and moved in. Inch by inch I saw it going into Joe who by this time was holding very tightly onto the taps for support.

‘You like to watch?’ said Nic.

I just looked away but then I could see the vision of Emma in the stocks with an enormous penis being rammed up her canny as she was kissed by her friend.

Just then Joe let out a yell and as I turned I could see Nic had pushed as far as he could go into Joe. They were both in heaven. I could hear the sounds of lust, pleasure and shear animal instinct.

Suddenly the door flew open and in stormed Emma. It was so steamy her eyes first settled onto boys locked together in the corner.

‘Hi boys, having fun?’

‘Hey. Emma. Ahhh, ohh,, yeah sure are.

‘Seen Waine?’

Nic pointed in my direction.

She stormed over, and whacked me with her riding whip. Again and again she hit my thighs, my legs and my back.

‘Hey, what .. are.. you.. doing?’

She stared at me and said ’What do you think you were doing? Why did you interfere? You slimy little shit!’

She hit me again. Whack, whack until I could see the red streaks running across my legs.

‘Way to go’ came a voice from the corner. Emma walked over and whacked Joe right across his penis. He and Nic just collapsed in unison onto the floor, still fucking I should add!

Then she faced me again.

‘What did I do?’

‘You tried to stop my punishment. Have you any idea what it is like to be put in the stocks, whipped by that stuck up bitch and then fucked by someone I couldn’t see in front of the whole farm without you adding to my humiliation’. And then you come along and try to stop it. Who do you think you are, some medieval knight or something?’

‘I …’

‘Yes, you..’

‘Well,’ now what would Annabelle have said?

You see my Aunt Annabelle and her female friend Billaweena had taught me that men were the oppressors of women and that people suffered from false consciousness because of the capitalist system and the exploitation of workers, especially women. I could hear her now as she sat by my bed and gently played with my penis. She became transfixed with my penis as it grew and grew in her hands and over the years became larger and manlier. She would go on spouting incomprehensible Marxist-feminist doctrines in an airy sort of way which could easily have been a fairy tale. Sometimes she used to just play with my penis and make up a story as she went along using it and my balls as part of her fantasy. It was as though I wasn’t even attached. When I became old enough she would create a volcano or earth quake into her stories and I was usually the epee centre. I sometimes thought she and her friend were missing something.

‘ I think women are oppressed and you were being abused and exploited and it should have been stopped.’

‘Oh my god, we have a born again feminist with a penis. Listen, I don’t know what century you think we a living in but that crap your Aunt and her middle aged lesbian friend fed you is ancient history. I mean Germaine Greer is old enough to be my grandmother. Read my lips. Girls like me don’t need to be liberated. We are free. I do what I want, when I want to and to whom I want, whenever I want, Got it, do you understand?

I had a choice yesterday. I could leave or stay. If I stayed I had to obey the rules. I had broken the rules and I accepted my punishment and I certainly didn’t need some idiot to ride in on white horse to save me. You fucking arshole!’

She whacked me again and turned to leave.

‘I .. was only trying to help’

Emma paused, she turned and faced me again. O god why can't I keep may stupid moth shut. I spend my life opening it to take one foot out and putting the other back in.

But this time she just stood there for a while, looking at me. Then with her whip hand on her hip and her head to one side she suddenly smiled. It was almost miraculous. She had transformed from a wild, angry creature to a really attractive, and dare I say it a rather sexy girl.

Stepping back she moved really close, looked directly into my eyes while holding my penis and said,

'You know you are really quite cute.'

At that moment we both turned our heads to the corner as we heard loud, masculine grunts coming from Nic and Joe.

We both watched as Nic pumped Joe's arse while his hand moved faster and faster up and down Joe’s ever so large penis.

Emma squeezed me as we saw Joe's spunk shooting from his tool and Nic began to grimace as he too shot his load deep into Joe's bottom.

His spasms went on for what seemed like several minutes, Joe kept shooting until they began to slow down and hold for a few seconds before Nic withdrew leaving a trail of white thick cream on oozing from Joe's bottom.

Emma then turned her attention to me.

Her deep green eyes piecing into mine but with a very mischievous grin she said,

'Have you ever used this like that?'


'Ever been sucked?'


'Sucked someone?

Now I was beginning to feel like a freak



‘Anyone else done it for you?’

‘No, well, only my Aunt Annabelle, when she kissed me good night’

‘I bet she did!’

She smiled and gave me just the ever so light kiss and said,

'Oh my we are going to have some fun with you!'

She stood back, I looked down and following my gaze she suddenly seemed to freeze. She was staring at my toes.

I went red with embarrassment. Embarrassed is a funny thing. This morning I had seen two blokes screwing in the shower, been whipped by a girl and my penis played with, none of which I found embarrassing. But now she was staring at my toes, the two that cross each other. I felt deformed, ashamed and instinctively covered my foot with the other.

If truth be known that’s part of the reason I have been so shy when it comes to my body, I always think I will be laughed at.

But Emma just looked and then stared at me again but with a much more inquisitive look.

Then she was gone.

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