tagFirst TimeSuzie's Lessons Ch. 04

Suzie's Lessons Ch. 04


This is a fictional account.

Suzie woke Monday morning, got ready, ate a light breakfast to watch her diet, and walked to the bus stop to meet Janie. It was a great spring day and April had arrived. She was also happy because the bathroom scale showed her down three pounds already in one weekend. She had selected one of her short skirts and low cut blouses to wear for the day. With her low boots she looked great. At least Janie thought so when they met at the bus stop. Suzie had opened her coat to discreetly show Janie her outfit.

"Maybe clothes are my problem too," Janie figured.

"Ya know, you're probably right and I think we should do something about it," Suzie added.

"Yeah, but I don't have a rich boyfriend to buy me all my clothes," Janie lamented.

"No, but there are many things we could get ya that won't run that much," Suzie said.

"Like what," asked Janie?

"I could borrow my Mom's car and we could go to the mall and shop for thongs, bras, and a few nice but inexpensive outfits. You do have some money don't ya? And to help my best friend out I might just buy ya something myself," Suzie stated.

"Cool Suzie, that would be great," said Janie.

"How about this afternoon after soccer and drama class, we could meet at my house? I'll call my Mom now to ask if it's okay to borrow the car," Suzie said.

Janie nodded agreement as they got on the bus and took their seats in the back. With the warm spring day, Suzie had left her coat unbuttoned as she made her way down the aisle. The young kid Todd from down the street ogled her as she past. It gave Suzie a sense of the impact she could have on boys as she reached for her cell and placed the call. Her Mom answered. She'd be home at 4:00, so yes they could borrow the car as long as it was straight to the mall and home. Also, it needed to be alright with Janie's parents too. They also needed to be home for dinner at 6:30 her mom had said. Janie called home and it was fine with her mother too, so the plan was set.

The girls talked in whispers about the types of clothes to get Janie. Suzie looked forward once and noticed Todd staring back at her. He quickly turned and looked ahead. She smiled to herself but looked down to make sure she wasn't exposed anywhere more than she wanted. She was not use to wearing these short skirts and blouses and had to remember to move more purposely than in the past. Suzie told Janie how Todd was checking her out and they both chuckled over the power she now had to attract attention. Sure, Todd had looked before but this time his eyes seemed to be bugging out of his head. Other boys too, that had never seemed to notice before, all seemed to be casting glances at her.

They got to school and agreed to talk more at lunch. They parted for lockers and then first classes. Suzie had once again noticed Todd staring at her the whole walk inside. Actually, she could feel a lot of eyes on her and it made her feel important and attractive for a change.

Suzie finished at her locker, leaving her coat there, and proceeded to her first class but swung the long way to go past Curt's locker on the off chance of seeing him. She spotted him just as he closed his locker and hurried to catch him before he headed down the busy hall. Suzie could feel her boobs bouncing considerable as she covered the short distance. All of the guys and even some of the girls noticed the movement of her breasts. With the low cut neckline her exposed cleavage jiggled noticeably and her tits in general bounced considerably more with the lighter weight bra. The bras Curt had bought her with the matching thongs were thin. Her thicker older bras were more restrictive and more concealing. Curt saw her coming as she neared and smiled as she pulled to a stop by him.

"Suzie, you better be careful there girl, you're going to knock yourself out with those incredible boobs if you're not careful," he chuckled. "What's the big hurry," he asked?

"I wanted to talk with you about Janie," she said. "She was bored to death with you and me hanging out all weekend. She would like to meet someone too. Can you think of someone," she asked?

"What're you hoping we can double date or something," he asked?

"Well, maybe," she answered. "Would that be so terrible?"

"No, but what exactly have you been telling her," he asked?

The stunned look on Suzie's face told him all he needed to know. "You two have talked about everything haven't you?" He let that hang for a few seconds then added, "That's alright, and I expected you two would since you are best friends. Unlike guys, girls tell their best friends everything," he said. "I understand."

"You do," she asked? "You're not mad because I know we were supposed to keep everything secret."

"Well can Janie be trusted to keep silent," he asked? "That is where the secret will get out in most cases I would think."

"Oh she can," Suzie stated. "I told her this was a life or death secret."

"I guess maybe she will," Curt responded. "You know it'll hurt you more than me anyway if it gets out."

"I know," said Suzie. "I'll reminder her." "What do ya think though? Is there someone you might recommend for her?"

"Let me think about it," he said. "Ya know I like Janie and would not want to hook her up with any old jerk. If its training she wants like you, maybe I could take on two students at once," he joked. "I'm sure Cyclops would like that," he whispered to her.

"No way," she smiled back. "Cyclops and I have a thing going. Besides Master, I need your undivided attention if I'm going to reach my full potential," she whispered too.

"Speaking of which," Curt said, "How're we going forward with your training beyond just the weekends? We need to have at least two mid-week work outs as well for maximum affect. Do ya have Drama Club everyday after school," he asked?

"I do," she answered. "It runs until close to 4:00 each day. I cannot miss any either or I will definitely not get the lead in Romeo and Juliet," she responded.

"Well, how about this," Curt asked? "What if I pick you up every morning for school so you don't have to take the bus and I wait for you till you are done at 4:00?" "We could change and work out before dinner."

"Curt that is a great idea. I would love to get off that stinking bus with all the underclassmen but won't you be bored waiting for me till 4:00," she asked?

"Not at all," he said. "I normally do my heavy weights then and it takes till around 4:00 usually anyway. I normally run afterwards and then shower but I can wait to run with you if you don't mind me being sweaty," he asked?

"Wow, that sounds like it'll work perfect," she said. But then she showed a sad face.

"Why the sad face then," he asked?

"I was just thinking about Janie being alone on the bus," she said.

"Oh, that is no problem," he said. "Both of you be ready in front of your house instead of the bus stop," he said. "Actually, I've wanted to give both of ya a ride for a long time but between my football schedule and Becca, it never worked out till now."

"Curt that is wonderful," she said and moved to kiss him on the lips but caught herself at the last minute afraid to give too much of their deal away.

The bell sounded for class and they both needed to hurry. "Why did you hold up," he asked?

"I was afraid you would not want me kissing you in front of everyone," she said.

"Why would I be afraid of that," he asked? "It's not like I have a girlfriend anymore and a kiss alone is not going to disclose our deal," he added.

Suzie held back a brief second then kissed him.

They hurriedly parted but not before Suzie asked him if it was okay to start work outs tomorrow as her and Janie had talked of going to the mall together today. He agreed to that and they said goodbyes.

The rest of the day went fairly normal. However, she was really getting noticed by the boys in the halls and even heard a few girls whisper as she walked by. She did not care if they were making comments. She was proud of the way she looked and would not let her misgivings get in her way anymore like they had almost done with Curt. She was excited for Janie and her to be off the bus finally and in Curt's car for school. She told Janie at lunch about the discussion with Curt. Suzie told her about his agreeing to help find her an appropriate guy and about the rides to school in the Torino. Janie was elated. She too was happy to be off the bus and for Curt's help. Janie kidded with Suzie that Suzie would always have shotgun. But even as she did, they both knew that is how it should be. After all, Curt was her guy and Janie was just a friend needing a ride.

As they joyously parted from lunch, those thoughts darkened Suzie's otherwise great mood the rest of the day. The big question still seemed to remain, was she Curt's girl or just a friend he was helping with a problem? Had he not said he did not have a girlfriend now? Was she still just a project to him and someone to suck his dick in between girlfriends? Or was it becoming something more? To her it feel like something more. She wanted it to be. Curt was a great guy, an old friend, someone she had always been able to share things with, and now much more. Did he only think of her as a friend? Was there nothing more? Once her training was over, would this end suddenly? What about the prom and then later college? Did he care enough to hold them together through all the things that lie ahead? She was sure she felt more than friendship. Or did she? Was it just temporary infatuation with the guy who had taught her so much? Did she just like him but not love him? How could she know for sure with her limited experience?

Maybe she was the one jumping to conclusions as he was her only reference point. Maybe she would meet someone even better at college? She could not bring herself to believe that though. Curt was a great guy and seemed to be all she had hoped for in a man. Did she really need to look further? Let's face it, when it came to sex anyway, Curt was a master. She loved Cyclops, of that she was sure. These thoughts troubled her the rest of the day, off and on throughout Drama Club, and until she met Janie at her house at 4:15 for the mall. Janie noticed her off mood right away as they got in the car and departed for the mall.

"What's bothering you," she asked? "I'd think you'd be on cloud nine like I am," she added.

"I should be," Suzie responded. "But I can't stop thinking about Curt and me and where this is headed. Janie, I'm not sure if I love him. I'm even less sure if he even thinks of me as anything more than a friend. He said today, he doesn't have a new girlfriend. What am I then, just a friend with a problem? Is he trying to help his friend while the friend sucks his dick as payment for his help? I'm just so confused right now," she said.

"Wow," Janie gasped. "You really do have a brain on overload. How can I help? You want me to ask him if you two are going steady or to the prom or something," she said.

"No, please don't do that. I need to work this thing out myself with Curt," Suzie stated.

"Okay, but you sound really confused. How do ya plan on finding out if he really cares," she asked?

"I don't know but I need to get a hold of my true feelings before I can expect to understand Curt's," she said.

"Wow, that sounds very wise of you Suzie," Janie commented. "I'd probably be more inclined to hint at things with Curt until he caught on and gave me an answer."

"Well, that is about the only thing I'm sure of," commented Suzie. "If I understand what I want, then I can go for it. Until I get there whatever Curt says will only be part of the equation, so I might as well understand my feelings first," she said.

"Good idea," Janie added. "Now what about my clothes I need. You're sure looking hot today and I want a little of that action too," she laughed.

"Yeah, I was sure getting looks today," Suzie laughed back. "You should have seen me run down the hall to catch Curt. I thought I might pop a tit out in the hall in front of half the school. Wouldn't that have been embarrassing," she added?

"Oh, I wished I'd seen that," Janie joked.

"Well, most of the boys in the hall at the time noticed and some girls too," she laughed.

They entered the mall around 4:30 and shopped till 6:00. They had done well getting Janie two new bra and thong sets first. Suzie even bought herself one she liked a lot that Janie said she looked devastatingly beautiful in. Janie, with her 32B cup size was jealous of Suzie's 36C/D and lamented her small boobs.

"How're guys ever going to love these tits when they can't even find them," she joked?

Janie was a cut up and had them laughing the whole time. They bought Janie two short skirts and three low cut blouses even though Janie joked what for. She said her cleavage was so far apart that they wanted to pave the middle into a road. They'd ogled some great heels and boots in the mall but they were just too much money. They finished shopping at the discount shoe store outside the mall. There they bought two nice pairs of supposedly designer heels and a very nice pair of low cut boots. With Janie's athletic build, the shoes highlighted her fantastic legs. Suzie told her how great she looked in the shoes and boots. Sure as long as you aren't around Janie said, I might get a leer or two from dirty old men she joked.

Suzie bought her a few nice pairs of socks to go with her boots. They exited the store, loaded packages in the car, and proceeded home. They arrived right at 6:25 for dinner. Suzie dropped Janie first at her house and helped her with her packages. Janie's Mom wanted to know why it looked like Christmas. She thought they were only going for a couple things. They assured her they had spread the money wisely.

Janie would have to be careful exiting the house for school like Suzie was being. Janie's Dad was like hers and wouldn't understand. They discussed outfits to wear the next day to school as they dumped the packages in Janie's room. Janie walked Suzie back down and thanked her for the socks and the help with her choices. They hugged and told each other how much fun they had. Suzie told Janie about the small breast jokes, look on the bright side; at least you can see your feet in the shower. They both cracked up as Suzie left and went home for dinner and studying.

Suzie entered her house with her few packages and in her happy mood had carelessly left her coat open. Her Dad noticed the length of her skirt and the low cut blouse as soon as she entered the hall. He immediately became enraged and an argument ensued. It engulfed her mother and sister Beth as it feed over into the dinner hour and after. Her father was, of course, mad about her risky dress and also wouldn't listen to her reasons of being older and needing to dress more current. Her mother, though clearly on her father side, tried to bring reason and compromise to the situation. Beth supported her sister but her vote seemed to be completely discounted by her father, which she resented.

When all the various points had been made, the standing argument was still her Dad's that she would be forbidden from wearing these clothes to school again. Suzie had fled to her room in tears screaming he was ruining her life and she would never forgive him. Beth, still mad at being discounted, got her two cents in and left for her room too. Their mom endured all and still fought uselessly for calm and rational behavior. Suzie through tears could still hear her dad even with the closed door arguing with their mother as he held steadfast to his position.

In the morning, Suzie got ready for school keeping in mind her father's direction. She would not wear the short skirts, short dresses or low cut blouses. That she knew he would never allow but she could be defiant in other ways. She wore a tight t-shirt with one of the new thinner bras and her new tight jeans with the new long boots. She did still look very hot she thought despite the restrictions. As she descended for breakfast, her mother was there as usual but so was her dad as if to check on her.

"What's this," he scolded.

"What," Suzie shot back? "I'm not wearing anything you objected to yesterday. Do you want me to go without any clothes to school?"

"Don't talk back to me young lady," he said. "That shirt is still too tight and so are the jeans. Where did you get those boots?"

"Curt bought them for me," she said. "Kids wear jeans and t-shirts like this to school everyday," Suzie added.

"Not my daughter," her father returned.

"Well you don't want me wearing the other skirts and blouses so this is all I have left," Suzie said.

"Don't tell me that young lady, you have plenty of good clothes to wear that are proper clothes for a girl your age," her father countered.

"I do not," Suzie screamed back! I'll never be caught dead in the garbage you want me to wear. I'd sooner not go to school than look like a complete nerd," she added.

"You'll do as I...," her father was cut short by her mother's arm on his.

"This isn't getting us anywhere," Suzie's mother said. "Suzie is going to be late for school if you both keep this up. Let her go as she is today and we can talk about it more tonight," she added.

"No way is she...," her mom cut him off again.

"Honey, she has no time to change now anyway. Let her go to school in the jeans, t-shirt, and boots for now and we can straighten this out tonight," she commanded.

"But...," he started to say but again she cut him off.

"After all she did listen to your instructions initially on the other clothes. You're the one changing things now," her mom added.


Her mom interrupted again and said, "Suzie, you can go but we aren't finished with this young lady. Is that understood," she stated.

"Yes, this is not over by a long shot," her father had to get in for good measure.

Suzie just grabbed her book bag and stormed out. She forgot all about breakfast and even forgot to grab a coat. Fortunately, it was another mild early April day and she was not to cold as she walked to the front of the house. As the storm door closed behind her, she could still hear her parents going at it in the kitchen. As she rounded the front of the house, Suzie spotted Janie already seated in the backseat of the Torino and she and Curt were talking while patiently waiting on her.

"Someone over sleep," Curt joked as she got in the car. However, the look on her face said something was worse than that. He pulled away from the curb.

"What is the matter," Janie asked?

"My parents are such old fashioned nerds," Suzie burst out. "I can't stand their puritain ways and more. They're driving me crazy," she added.

"Oh, let me guess," Janie said. "They're not happy with your choice of clothes."

"Oh, this is my fault," Curt added.

"No it isn't," answered Suzie. "This is how I want to dress and they won't let me."

"I'm afraid I'm in for the same argument when my parents find out," Janie said.

"My, what have I started," Curt said.

"It's not you Curt! You were right, we both needed to get with it and start dressing like seniors not freshmen anymore. This is so unfair to treat us like little kids. We're old enough to vote and drive and even go into military service if we wanted to," she stated.

"How'd you manage to get out of the house if they didn't want ya dressed like that," Curt asked?

"My dad caught me last night coming in from Janie's with my short skirt and low blouse. He forbade me to wear those again to school. So this morning, I put these on instead. When I went down to breakfast, he threw a fit again. Luckily my mom realized I would be late for school if we kept arguing and let me go but with the understanding we would talk more after school," she said.

"I'm afraid they aren't going to left you dress like that anymore," Curt said.

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