tagBDSMSweet Submission Ch. 03

Sweet Submission Ch. 03

byLestats Casper©

My body started wriggling, No way, I was going to be hit.

“It doesn’t matter what you do dear, those ties will bind you tight”, his voice far away in the room. My heart beating furiously, breath coming in sharp gasps, arms moving like wiggling snakes. The first smack across my breasts hurt like hell, not expecting it, and my skin cold.

I cried out involuntarily, immediately clamping my lips shut, so as to not let Ian know that he had succeeded in hurting me. The next nine that came after were tolerable and by the end my body was betraying me yet again, and moving forward to accept the blows, my moans louder still.

He laughed, a devious laugh “Ah, my wet wench, you enjoy that? You are really a hot dirty wet little one, aren’t you?” he questioned.

I shook my head no, trying to slow my breathing, trying to prevent my body from moving. “You feel like being defiant, do you little one? No matter, I shall teach you that being good will get rewards and being bad will ……… well you will see” his threat stilling the room and my heartbeat.

His mouth once again moved to my pussy. My cunt contracting, my back arching, my moans turned into a warm blanket of security. Licking the length of my slit and then proceeding to flick my clit with his tongue.

My legs tried to squeeze closed on his head, but achieved only a higher sense of stimulation. My body arching and swaying, trying at once to leave and stay, my moans mingled with the squelching sounds that my pussy was letting go of. I quickly rode the wave to a fast approaching orgasm, maybe sensing that, Ian slowed and then stopped.

I am sure that if I had not have been blindfolded, I would have seen him, grinning evilly up at me. He quickly untied my legs and if it weren’t for me being held up by my arms, I am sure my jelly legs would have put me on the floor. He waited for my body to adjust to supporting itself again and then reached up and unhooked my hands from the rack, keeping my hands still tied.

Being so exhausted I didn’t offer much resistance. I was led over to a bed and my hands were untied and quickly retied and then my ankles followed suit. Now I was lying spread eagled and felt the mattress accommodate some one else’s weight. Ian then straddled my chest, his cock facing toward my mouth, though I could not see it.

“Open your mouth wench” Ian commanded, breaking the tranquillity of the room. Again, my mouth opened involuntarily and he undid the ball gag quickly, and before I knew it, the end of his cock was entering my mouth.

My head jerked back into the pillow. His hand quickly caught my hair and forced my head up, the pressure on my hair causing me to cry out in pain and his cock once more entered my mouth.

“Suck my cock wench, suck it good. Suck it like the little cock-sucking wet cunt you are.” Ian’s words had the effect of a shot gun on me. My pussy juices began running in earnest, my nipples tightened painfully, my mouth increased pressure on his cock and began pumping the shaft. My tongue swirling around his knob, bringing little moans of pleasure from his lips.

My mouth exploring the soft flesh, breathing in the maleness of his cock. Inching down, feeling how big he was. My mind reeling at the exhilarating feeling coursing through my veins. I slowly inched down further, until I could not go down anymore, my gag reflex kicking in and I withdrew my head quickly.

But not quickly enough, as his hand caught my head and pushed it down, until I was choking. My body quickly trying to move away, testing the bonds, but they held fast, holding my body prisoner as Ian slowly fucked my mouth at his pleasure.

Inching his cock down my throat, I was having extreme difficulty breathing. He held his cock there for a moment, feeling my throat tighten around his cock in panic, his moans loud. Bringing his cock back out of my mouth, I waited fretfully at would his next movements would be.

His weight moved off of my chest and down in between my legs. “I am going to untie your legs” his voice echoing strangely in the room, like shouting into a canyon. “But you must promise not to kick or fight” he warned. I nodded my head in submission and he proceeded to untie both of my ankles.

Ian then picked my legs up, put them over his shoulders and in one push entered me smoothly. I groaned loudly, the pleasure beyond anything that I had experienced. I could feel that this would be a fast fuck.

My cunt walls had expanded to accommodate his huge member. My cunt gripping his cock tightly, drawing a deep moan from him. When he started moving his cock with my pussy, I couldn’t help myself, I moaned and groaned. I cried at the beautiful experience.

I could feel the orgasm that I had needed bubbling near the surface. His strokes began to come harder and deeper and without abandon I began screaming “Fuck me……oh god fuck me……….harder, harder……..harder than that………harder”. Responding to my goading, Ian’s thrusts became harder and faster, and my orgasm came thundering through my body, like a wildflower in the desert, drinking in the infrequent rain.

His orgasm racked his body, pulling out he sprayed his hot cum all over my body, my breasts and stomach catching all of it and I could feel the trembling of his whole body, shaking the bed.

He moved out of between my legs and took my blindfold off. My eyes blinked in the little light in the room. When my eyes had fully adjusted I looked at Ian, fully abashed at my slutty behaviour. I looked into his eyes and he smiled a mocking, knowing smile.

“Rest my wench, for we have dinner in an hour, then desert………..”. Leaving me with that promise, he left the room, with a big smile on his face. Returning that smile, I gratefully fell off to a deep sleep, awaiting the delicious desert I was sure would follow a beautiful dinner.

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