tagBDSMSweet Submission Ch. 02

Sweet Submission Ch. 02

byLestats Casper©

My legs crossed, my shoulders hunched and took on a defensive pose as he proceeded toward me.

“My pet, you need not worry, I will not hurt you and you surely know that.” My posture relaxed minimally as I recognized the truth in his words, but my body still betraying the uneasiness I still felt.

“How about,” his voice making me jump, fraying my already anxious nerves

“I blindfold you, would that make you relax?” he asked, walking away from me. In the midst of shaking my head, I could not see he had turned away and was about to turn the light switch off.

My body reacted like a bucket of ice water had been thrown over me to the darkness that had consumed the room, I started, my eyes peering around, trying to adjust to the lack of light.

“Ian, what are you doing?” my edginess showing in my voice.

I jumped as I felt Ian’s hands touch my face from behind me. Still sitting on the couch, I tried to soothe my anxiety. He was pulling my stray hair away from my face, I was relaxing. But immediately stiffened at the touch of the soft cloth against my face.

“Sssshhhhh….. My pet, do not fear while you are in my arms, I shan’t tell you again”. The cloth wound itself around my eyes, blocking out the fuzzy shapes that I could make out as my eyes adjusted to the dimness.

Walking around the chair, Ian reached for my hand, soft skin against my hand making me intake my breath at the unexpected touch. Soft as velvet, caressing my own clammy and trembling hand. A gentle tug told me to rise from the couch. Feeling unsteady and unsure, I balked. A bit more of a forceful tug made me rise from my chair. The air in the room suddenly feeling cold, I shivered in anticipation.

His hand moved away from mine, and my hand instinctively went out to reach for the comforting touch. Both hands spread before me, blindly seeking his reassurance, his warm hand. Both of my hands were ensnared by his, my heart giving an excited little gallop as the cold bracelet of handcuffs encircled my wrists, binding my hands, rendering them useless.

He let go of my hands and circled me, his breathe hot on my shivering body. His warm hands touched both of my shoulders, running them lightly up and down my arm.

The goose bumps rising even more. My thoughts were running fast, being blindfolded, the sense of touch was heightened and was heady and erotic. Ian walked around the front of me, his hands trailing around my body, letting me know that my body is now his body. My pleasure is his pleasure, should he choose to give it. My pain is the pain he will inflict on me.

Little words were said, the gestures speaking for themselves. My tongue licked my lips in anticipation. Another tug and I was led from the room.

“Step up, my pet”, he quietly commanded, his voice breaking the stillness of the room, like throwing a rock, breaking the surface of a still lake. Senses reeling, I hesitantly lifted my foot, the thud of foot hitting wood rose to my ears.

Reaching the top of the landing I was led forward through a door. I was pushed gently into the room, stumbling a little as both hands were tied, so would not aid me if I fell.

Pulling me up to the coldness of the wall, my skin hot to the touch, yet I felt cold. Ian was pulling my chained hands above my head, hooking them on a hat hook it felt like, bringing me up just enough to have to be on slight tip toe. Shivering eagerly, anticipating the next move.

I felt Ian’s soft hands pull my pants down, the air caressing my freshly bared skin. A low moan of approval met my ears as I guessed that Ian had spied my freshly shaven pussy. Shaking even more now, as my private parts were revealed to a stranger, making me feel very turned on and very dirty.

My legs were spread comfortably and then tied with a spreader bar, so that I could not squeeze my thighs together, the thought of being tied like this, with no route of escape, no escape from an onslaught, no fleeing from the much pain, made my legs turn to liquid and my pussy juices began lubricating my already well lubricated cunt.

A naughty chuckle met my ears, my face turning red as I guessed that he had looked at my pussy, the evidence too hard to hide. His hands reached to my blouse, undoing the buttons one by one, savouring the centimetres of flesh that met his eyes, until all buttons were undone and revealed my full round breasts, my erect nipples, flat expanse of soft belly. A low growl uttered from the deep of his gut had my eyes widening under the blindfold at the sound.

Two fingers tweaked playfully at my nipples, causing me to draw a sharp breath to hide the excited moan that was threatening to escape my lips. A hot mouth replacing those two fingers, my back arching slightly and my voice crying out, betraying my silence. His mouth was gently sucking, gently nibbling, pussy juices running down my legs.

His mouth vanished and cold air replaced it, my moans were echoing around me, swallowing me within the darkness that I was trapped in. A sharp tweak at my nipple replaced the pleasure with pain as I struggled not to let loose the trapped noises that my body wanted to elicit.

His kisses were then transferred to my other nipple, my body struggling against the gentle touch. His kisses burned a path down my body, my mind on fire. When his mouth had touched my pussy for the first time, I could not contain the moans, nor quell the fighting urge to want to make hot passionate sex right there on the floor.

“Fuck me, please, fuck me” I moaned, wanting release right now. Ian chuckled at my predicament.

“Not yet my pet, we have many hours ahead, and no one to hear you scream”.

“But…. But…. I need to, I need to be fucked. I promise I’ll be good.” I tried to strike a bargain.

“ No my dear, now, no more noise from you, otherwise I will have to punish you” he warned, his voice like dark chocolate, the desire from his voice creating a purr within the room.

I felt a pressure at my lips and my mouth immediately opened, my body giving a jerk when it realised that it shouldn’t, as the intruder, a sturdy rubber ball gag, was inserted through the parting of my soft lips. His chuckles resounding through the room and I wanted to hit him, he was so arrogant. I tried to swear at him, but through the ball gag, all you could hear was muffled words.

“My wench, I said to you, that if you spoke again, I would have to punish you. I put the ball gag in to assist you, but I see that you are intent on being punished today. So, I will punish you as you have forced me to do.”

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