tagBDSMSydney's Spiral Ch. 03

Sydney's Spiral Ch. 03


***Part three is where it starts to get good...at least, that is what I think!***

The drive was a short one, with You being silent the whole time. We reached a house and You pulled into the drive. My heart began to race...my thoughts wandering, wondering what I had gotten myself into, if I was being smart in going with You. It was if You were reading my mind. You took my hand and gently rubbed the top with your thumb.

"Relax, dearest little one, I will not harm you. But tonight is the first night of the many that you will spend with Me. You may open the box now." You looked deep into my eyes, the green of them flashing with desire. I opened the box and saw a black silk sleeping mask. I felt a rush of heat spreading over my body and settling in my pussy. I prayed the evidence of my arousal would not be apparent to You. Yet again, You knew what I was feeling, what I was thinking. You smiled broadly and leaned in to kiss me, taking my bottom lip between Your teeth and biting ever so gently. I must have made a small noise in my throat because you then grasped my head and wrapped your fingers in my hair, pulling me to You and forcing me to open my mouth to receive your kisses. I opened my mouth and let you ravish me, my pussy throbbing every time your tongue touched mine. You kept your hands wrapped in my hair, and suddenly You pulled my head back, while You ran kisses up my neck down to my collarbone. You murmured Your approval at my obedience in wearing what You told me to, tracing Your tongue down to the cleft between my breasts. Your other hand began to trace a trail up my thigh as I whimpered at the attention

You were paying to my breasts. I felt Your hand pushing up my skirt and I raised my hips to allow You better access. At last, I felt Your hand on my naked thigh, inching its way towards the warmth between my legs. I moaned at Your touch, starting to widen my legs, wanting to feel Your hand touching me, feeling how wet I was. Suddenly, it stopped. You had withdrawn and moved back to Your side of the car, opening the door. I whimpered at the cool rush of air I felt on my naked skin, the sudden loss of Your touch. You opened my door and I stepped out. You led me into what I know now as Your home, what was to become my home. The home was richly decorated; antiques peppered the rooms, masculinity oozing from every corner. I took it all in and smiled. You had impeccable taste. You noticed my smile and squeezed my hand.

"I take it You like My home?"

"Oh yes...yes, Sir...it is beautiful." I spoke softly, not wanting to raise my voice in this home for some reason.

Your voice became soft, "I was hoping that you would think so. You are going to spending a lot of time here with Me. I want you to be comfortable in your surroundings."

I smiled at Your sweet words. To know that You cared how I felt about something made me glow inside. I longed to feel Your touch again, to feel You taking me as You wanted me. You saw the heat rush to my face, the blush creeping up my breasts. You smiled. You knew at that point, that very instant, I was the one that You had been waiting for.

You led me to Your room. The bed was large and soft, covered in silk and satin, soft and cool to the touch. Pausing in the door way, You turned me and kissed me, sliding Your hands over my shoulders, down my back to my ass, rubbing it, squeezing it lightly, pulling me closer to You. I could feel the heat and the hardness of Your arousal. I began to tremble, wanting so very much for this seduction to continue. You pulled away from me, leading me to stand in front of Your bed. You sat on the edge and looked at me.

"Undress, little one. I want to see look at what My beautiful little one has hiding."

I raised my hands to my shirt, slowly unbuttoning and opening it, letting it slip off of my shoulders and to the floor. Next, I unzipped my skirt, sliding it over my hips and stepping out of it. All that was left were my stockings, the garter belt, and my bra. You motioned for me to remove my bra. I reached behind me, un-doing the clasp and letting the straps slide over my shoulders and down my arms. I dropped the bra to the floor and then realized I had just completely stripped for a stranger. My nakedness suddenly embarrassed me and I began to cover myself as best I could with my hands. You rose and took my hands, gripping my wrists and holding them up and out. You looked me over and I began to blush a fierce, deep red from the intensity of Your staring. You slowly turned me until my back was to You. You ran Your hands down my spine, and then down over the curve of my naked ass.

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