tagInterracial LoveTaken, and Loving It Ch. 03

Taken, and Loving It Ch. 03


It has been 6 months since my husband had reclaimed me from my black lover Mark, I had heard he had left town, I had seen his mother who had told me, and also that I was a slut for black cock and always would be, I was so shocked I couldn't reply, but I was relieved that no further indiscretions would take place on my part.

I know my husband, bless him, had scared him off with a real beating that had totally demoralised him, he hadn't expected it, and certainly, neither did I!

This was a part of him I didn't know existed, I realised he must have been one of those quiet ones that until something threatened his very existence never took any real action, well he had acted, and now Mark was out of my life, but I did still miss his cock, and manpower in my pussy.

I also knew that if I bumped into him ever again, his cock would be in me within minutes.

I had settled back into my life, but as much as I loved my husband, he just didn't cut it in bed, I did have orgasms, but not the shattering ones Mark had made me have whilst in his power.

I couldn't help looking a a black man or boy when I saw one, and wondered if he had a cock like Mark's and also wondered if he could use it like him, I sometimes had to slap myself to stop staring at a black body.

My husband was trying his best and I responded to him in everyway, I made sure he got what he wanted, a loyal loving wife, who catered for his every need, so he was happy, I know that, It was me who was out of kilter, I just couldn't stop thinking of being fucked by a cock bigger than the one my husband had, it was as simple as that.

I was determined to be faithful to my hubby, and never put myself in harms way, or in a position where temptation could take over, or opportunity could present it self.

I was teaching myself to be happy with what I had, but it was a struggle, the trouble was, I knew it was only sex, I didn't want to love someone else, I just wanted to be fucked by a black man again, I just wanted a cock, a bigger one again.

Then my phone rang at 9:00am one morning, a woman asked me if I was missing a gold necklace?

It took me by complete surprise because I was, I was sure Mark had taken it, it was my grand mother's who had passed it on to me, but I had never told my husband about it's disappearance because I knew it would cause more ructions somewhere.

I answered that, yes I had a gold necklace that had disappeared, she asked me to describe it, I did, and she confirmed that the necklace she had was the one.

I asked her who she was, and did she want a reward, she said a reward of some sort would be nice, she identified herself as Mark's mother Mabel, my heart sank, I didn't want to go there again, I suggested meeting her at her convenience.

Her reply was that I should go to her house, as a black person been seen going to mine would be inappropriate, this was said with a sneer in her voice.

I asked where Mark was, she replied stiffly that he wasn't there.

I yielded after asking her to meet me in town and she refused. So I decided as I was a woman, seeking something that meant so much to me, I dressed accordingly, nice, feminine, hair up, little make up, I knew Mark's mother was a really good looking lady for her age, around 40 or so, so while I didn't want to usurp her, I didn't want to be seen as out doing her in anyway, I didn't want to antagonise her either.

I asked my immediate neighbour to look after my son, and round I went to her house, I knocked on the door, and it opened, she was dressed to the nines but in a demure way, it was the first time I had really looked at her, and she was lovely, I had to admit.

She invited me in, and led me to her back reception room, their house was a very large bungalow, she appeared to be on her own as I was dreading Mark being there, because that would have complicated it greatly.

She left saying she would make us a coffee and that we could have a chat, I wasn't sure I really liked this, I just wanted my necklace and to leave.

A couple of minutes later she called me, I rose and went to her kitchen, but she wasn't there, I called to her and she replied from another room, I followed her voice to what was her bedroom, in her hands was my necklace, I sighed with relief to see it again, I stepped toward her to retrieve it, and that's when 2 black arms encircled me.

'Oh no,' I thought to myself, I've been tricked and Mark was here, I was trapped in his arms and his mother was smiling at me.

'So you think you are so high and mighty, that you white sluts are better than us?' she asked me.

Lips were kissing my neck, I struggled to break free but it was impossible, Mark's mother was now directly in front of me, she raised her hand and said that if I screamed I would be slapped a lot harder than Mark ever had, I was terrified.

The arms around me moved, to my breasts, and started fiddling with my nipples.

'You just love black don't you Jenny, Mmmm?' She murmured.

'Well, I'll leave you two alone for a while, while you are taught again your real station in life Jenny.'

Her giggle was in the air as she walked past me, and out of the room.

I tried to twist away, wriggle to escape but I couldn't, it was impossible.

He guided me to their bed and I was forced face down onto it, I just knew what was going to happen next, and it did, my skirt was forced up, my thong was ripped away, and my spanking started.

He still had his left arm around me, his face in my neck, both my arms were trapped, and he thundered his hand at my bare arse, in between the slaps he kissed and nibbled at my neck, I was crying but getting incredibly turned on again, as I had known I would the second I was laid onto the bed.

After what seemed like an eternity, he stopped, mumbled into my neck, what? I couldn't tell, but I knew I was going to be fucked, of that there was no doubt!

His middle finger slid its way down to the crack in my arse, dipped into it then he made his way to my increasingly heating pussy.

I was a bitch in heat, no way was I going to try to get away now, I was going to get what I had been yearning for for months, although I really had tried to deny it, it was impossible to do that.

'Stay there, and stay still,' he growled.

I did.

I heard him undressing and knew that in seconds his incredible cock would be where I wanted it so badly.

He got on the bed; I stayed where I was because I knew that to disobey would mean being spanked again.

Wrapping his arms around me, and told me to turn to him.

I did.

I nearly died with shock, it wasn't Mark, it was his father Headingly! I knew my mouth was wide open in surprise, and that's when he kissed me, and guided my hand to his cock at the same time, as my fingers closed around it automatically, I moaned in arousal, I had never ever even spoken to his dad, and here I was in a full state of arousal, with his cock in my groping hands, and now responding to the kiss I was under.

He ripped at my clothes and got them off me, rolled me on to my back and climbed over me, I managed to glance down and saw his prick in my hand, it looked about the same size as Marks, then it was on its way into me, I had no say or input at this time, he wanted to fuck me, he was going to fuck me, and boy, as I was soon to find out, I was to get fucked, fucked and better fucked.

It was heaven, I was in ecstasy in moments, I had at last got a bigger prick in me again, and I loved it, I didn't want him to stop at all.

I was to learn pretty quickly that while he was a dynamic lover and a powerful one, and I could see where Mark had got his powers from, his father was a gentle powerful man, he cared about what pleasure I got from it, and I can tell you it was more than I gave, and I got so much from him, my orgasms seemed never ending.

I had one last momentous orgasm, then he started grunting, and he ejaculated into me, I felt my womb and pussy flood with what seemed like gallons of red hot sperm.

I collapsed under him, and he collapsed on the top of me, keeping him in me, but I didn't want him to move either, I was so contented now, I had got the cock I had wanted, and now I knew for certain that no matter what my husband said, I wasn't going to stop, even if I went further a field to find it, as I said before I didn't want love, I wanted fucking, and fucking I was going to have, and get.

I looked at the clock, I had been here for 50 minutes, I was exhausted, had been furiously, and passionately fucked, and I was glorying in it, I was sated, satisfied, contented and spent, Mark had known, knew, how to fuck me, but this was different, this was animalistic tender loving, rutting at its best.

I drifted away, not asleep but day dreaming as a woman does when she feels like this.

I was resting when I heard him say, 'stay still baby okay?'

'Mmmm,' I responded.

The next time I felt the bed move, I never opened my eyes, I just expected him to make love to me again, I would let him have any thing and everything he wanted, no permission required from me.

It wasn't until I felt pressure around my head that I opened my bleary eyes, what I saw was something I hadn't ever expected, it was Mabel, naked and about to settle on to my face with her pussy, she grabbed my wrists, and forced them above my head, then shuffled forward to clamp my cheeks with her inner thighs, I kicked and struggled, but again I was overpowered, she moved further forward and dropped her pussy onto me, her juices entered my mouth, holding my wrists with one hand she pinched my nose to force me to keep my mouth open while she wiggled her way into position over me.

'Now,' she said, 'you just go ahead and satisfy me you white, black loving cock slut!'

And with that she went to work on me, she reached behind her with her free and grabbed at my nipples, squeezing them hard and soft, and twiddling them as well, I felt them expand like they do when handled like this, and also harden, I love it when they treated firmly and this was no exception.

I still hadn't licked or sucked, or lapped at her pussy yet, when I received a very firm rap with her knuckles on my forehead.

'Now get that tongue working girl, or pain is heading your way,'

I was looking up at her glowering at me.

I knew I was beaten and so I did as instructed, 'fuck me!' She exclaimed.

I got a real good slap on the top of my head, 'do it properly, or we'll fall out big time,' she growled.

I went to work as hard as I could, 'Mmmm, that's better,' I heard her whisper.

'You might just turn out to be a really good black pussy licker baby,' she told me.

For some reason, this comment pleased me and I went at her slick juicy pussy even harder, I tried to bend my head upwards to please her more, then she just came on me, I had never tasted a woman before and it amazed me when her gorgeous honey nectar filled my mouth.

I had to swallow it to breathe, so I did, and I can confirm it was a total pleasure to me, it was a lovely way to end my morning, being held down by this black beautiful woman was a turn on for me, what with me being a little, or a lot submissive, depending on your point of view.

She slid down my body took me in her arms and kissed me, played with me, told me what a good slut I was going to be, to her and her husbands big black cock, I love being kissed, but this was different, this was a woman, kissing another woman, who had never experienced being kissed like this, it knocked my equilibrium for six.

She told me she was going to teach me how to love her, and be a black cock slut, which in reality I already knew from being with Mark, that I was, and I would be taught to love her husband too, and that this would not be the last time this would happen.

She also said, if I didn't go to them, they would come to me, either individually or together, but they would, it wasn't going to be an option to refuse, and my husband would have to get used to it, or another solution would have to be found, what that was I had no idea, yet!

Headingly walked back into the room then, still naked, and ordered me to my knees, I obeyed immediately, he strode up to me, and just said, 'go on then, suck your new black cock,' and, oh boy did I suck it, Mabel spanked me and slapped me while ordering suck it harder, she kneeled behind me and went to work on my nipples and pussy with her knowing fingers.

I have never orgasmed from that position, on my knees holding onto a mans hips, sucking suck a black powerful prick ,as I was mouth fucked and servicing him, and being driven crazy by a woman, but I did that day, as Headingly came in my mouth, I collapsed from the crashing orgasm that ripped through me.

Mabel helped me to my feet, and to dress again, no pants, they were in bits, as was my blouse, but she loaned me a jacket to go home in.

In her hallway, she told me there would never be a turning back now for me, this was different to Mark, he had told her everything, and she understood my needs and desires, and they would feed me my nourishment, my husband would not get the better of Headingly she warned me.

I went home with a lot on my mind, I know what she had told me was true; I could never give this up, I knew I couldn't, and I knew I wouldn't, and I knew I didn't want to either, my husband was going to have to do a lot of soul searching when I told him of my feelings and my decision to keep on.

I told him that night that I had been unfaithful again, and that I was going to keep on seeing my lover whenever I wanted, and if he didn't agree then our marriage would have to end, I was hard about it, I didn't want to be talked around, it was my way, or the high way!

I eventually told him who it was, or rather they, he went ballistic, but I said, if you want me, you have to put up with it, he did for about a year, then he left, I moved in with Mabel and Headingly, then we moved away from gossiping neighbours, to a new house by the sea, and we have a wonderful life, they sent me on holiday on my own this year for 2 weeks, with a promise of a lovely surprise, when I checked into my hotel and shown my room, who was there for me?

Yes you are right, it was Mark, what a fantastic 2 weeks I had, a lot of it spent under and on him, he loves his parents, and they love him, and now me.

I have 2 other children now, both coffee coloured and they couldn't be more loved, or wanted.

It's a strange feeling sharing different beds at home but it's worked out really well.

Goodbye from a very happy, BBC slut, oh and I'm a black pussy worshipper too!! I don't like those words, but I can't think of a better or more appropriate one's, can you?

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