tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTaken On the Tabletop

Taken On the Tabletop


I was sitting on your couch naked playing with my nipples when you walked up and surprised me. Engrossed in Silence of the Lambs for the hundredth time I had not heard you close the door. I looked up at you. You looked like you were trying to figure out what to do with this little nymph pleasing herself in your territory.

You turned and walked out into the garage. Curious as to what you were doing I stood up and peeked around the door at you. Frantically you tossed boxes around until you found what you were looking for. When you turned to walk back into the house I hurriedly ran to sit back on the couch. I didn't want you to know that I was spying on you.

In you came with several pieces of rope in your hand. "How odd," I thought to myself, "What is he going to do with that rope?" As if you had heard my thoughts you came to me and grabbed me by the hair to pull me up off where I sat. I was instantly filled with pain from my head, but there was a nice sensation, too.

Holding onto my hair you pulled me to the table. "Tie this to your left ankle," you commanded. "And then tie yourself to the table leg. "What?" I questioned not knowing why you would want to do this to me. You yanked on my hair again sending another wave of pleasure with the pain.

I quickly tied my left leg to the left leg of the table. Why are you doing this? I wondered as I realized that deep inside I was getting really excited.

Now you pushed me to where my breast lay on top of the table. The cold wooden surface sent chills up and down my spine. You walked across the table and tied my hands together, then tied that end of that rope to the table legs. Before you came back to my side of the table you made sure that it was tight enough that I would not be able to get loose any time soon. Then you walked back to my side of the table and tied my right ankle to the table's right leg.

"Now," you said as you touched my back ever so lightly, "you are mine."

I pulled against the ropes attached to my legs to see if there was any slack so that I could pull away but they were really secure. There was no getting out of this.

"Please. Don't do this. I will be good. I promise." I cried. You didn't listen though. You pulled my head back and licked my cheek. "MMM you taste so good."

Still pulling my hair you sank your teeth into my shoulder sending a mixture of pain and pleasure coursing through my body. I screamed out in pain. Or was it, pleasure. I wasn't sure at that moment.

I heard your pants unzip and then drop to the ground. Oh god no! I can't do this. I struggle uselessly to get away. I can't pull my arms free. My legs don't move.

"You want me. Say it! Say you want me!" you demanded into my ear. I could feel your breath on me. When I didn't say it you yanked on my hair again. "I WANT YOU." I scream aloud. "I want you." And with this you shove your hard cock into my cunt. I cry out in pain as you go in my tight pussy.

"OH, Please" I say, not knowing if am asking you to please stop or to keep going. You feel so good in me. You keep going in and out, in and out. Harder you keep going in and simultaneously you pull my hair unintentionally or intentionally sending me into orgasm.

Your massive member stabs into me as if you are Vlad the Impaler and I am some hopeless sinner. I find myself wanting to take all of you in. I continue to beg forgiveness and ask you to stop but secretly wanting you to pound me more and more.

You reach around until your hand is on by breast. You dig your fingernails into me sending wave after wave of pleasure pulsing through me. Then, just before I think I could not take it anymore, you twist my nipple hard sending welcome pain through my body. I screamed, as orgasm exploded through me.

Apparently you knew how you had opened my floodgates, for you started pushing harder and harder. Our bodies became one. No more was I trying to hide the wonderful sensations flowing through me.

I felt your cock pulse as you closed in on your orgasm. Your warm cum flowed into me like a river as your nails tore into my young fleshy ass.

I lay there on the table recuperating from what you had just done to me. Getting a knife you cut the ropes that had me bound. I don't move. Thinking that if you didn't take care of me I would just lie there all day you pick me up and take me to the couch. You sit down with me still in your arms and cuddle and kiss my wounds.

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