tagErotic CouplingsTammy Saves the World Ch. 01

Tammy Saves the World Ch. 01


Author's Note:

This is a work of fantasy, and is fiction with an influence from bits of reality. The characters, while based on real people, are also fictional. My thanks and respects to my fellow Litizens for their inspiration and inputs. ENJOY!

Tammy Saves the World

(one orgasm at a time!)

** Chapter 1 -- Day One -- Tammy and Wendy at Mountain Top **

Part 1 -- Tammy takes a ride

Having made some fairly hasty arrangements with her online friend TC, Tammy gathered a few bits of wardrobe in an overnight bag, her focus on sexy lingerie with a couple of cover-ups for the trip. She knew he liked how she looked in jeans, and had selected a snug cami for the top as her outfit for their first meeting. A denim jacket would cover things for the more public portions of the voyage, and the rest were carefully folded into the bag along with a few carefully chosen bottles and tubes of her favorite potions and some toys. He had mentioned she would be meeting his friend Wendy on the plane, as he was sending her in his place. TC had some urgent business, and would be meeting them when they arrived at his local airfield in the Rockies. She carried the bag to the chair closest to the door and glanced at the clock. The limo would be here soon. Tammy's body tingled in anticipation - not knowing any more than TC would tell her -- the promise of a sensual adventure ahead.

Wendy had seen pictures of Tammy online, and was anxious to meet the sexy blonde in person. Jim, the pilot, pointed out the airport in the distance as they made their approach in the speedy bizjet. It was exciting to fly in a plane like this, sitting next to the pilot and seeing the same things he saw. Very different than an airline flight where the only views are out the sides. Jim was an excellent pilot, his attention focused on getting her where she needed to go as efficiently as possible. She watched in silence as he smoothly banked the Lear onto final approach and she could see the runway a few miles ahead. His hands deftly worked the controls, slowing the jet as the landing threshold rushed toward them. In a flash the runway was beneath them and she felt the slight bump as the landing gear touched down. He slowed the plane quickly, then steered them onto a taxiway at the direction of the ground control operator. Jim pointed out a large hangar about a quarter-mile away, their destination for this leg of the trip. As they rolled up in front of the hangar she could see the empty cavern. Jim expertly taxied the Lear into the hangar and swung it around to face the ramp. "The limo should be here shortly." he told her. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a cell phone, turning it on and checking his messages. There was one, from the limo driver, letting him know he had picked Tammy up and they were on schedule.

Tammy climbed into the back of the mildly stretched Lincoln, briefly catching a glimpse of the young driver licking his lips as he watched her body move. She sat down and looked into his eyes, giving him a teasing wink. He blushed, closing the door and walking briskly around to the driver's side. As he settled into his seat he looked around and caught her eye. "There's pretty much anything you might like to drink in that small fridge to your left." he told her. "I'm Carlos, by the way." he added, turning back around and starting the engine. He wheeled the car out into the traffic, following the Nav system's instructions to put them on the main highway. "We'll be about another forty-five minutes to the airport." He told her.

"Thank you Carlos." Tammy replied, reaching into the fridge to grab a bottle of apple juice -- her favorite non-alcohol beverage. Watching the mirror, she maneuvered herself into a position where she knew he could see her. Tammy loved the tease, even when she knew it would go no further. She saw his eyes as he caught a quick look, and let her legs spread as she took a sip of the sweet juice and licked her lips. They both remained silent as the miles slipped by, Carlos making a quick telephone call as they rolled down the highway. She saw the exit signs for the airport, her breathing quickening slightly as Carlos swung the limo off the highway onto a secondary road. TC had told her this would be a private jet, so not to expect the typical 'terminal' activity. Carlos turned into a drive, rolling down his window to slip a card key into the slot to open the gate. Inside the compound, he drove around the hangar marked 'Winged Expressions' to the ramp. Tammy saw the jet for the first time, it's glistening white accented with deep green and gold pinstripes. The airstair was already open, awaiting her arrival as Carlos wheeled the limo up next to the beautiful bird and stopped.

Wendy had moved back to one of the 'passenger' lounge chairs and watched out the window as she waited for her new friend. Her heartbeat sped up significantly as the white limousine pulled into the hangar and turned around. She watched the handsome latin driver as he walked around to open the door, then gasped as Tammy came into view. She is much hotter than I imagined! Wendy thought, watching as Tammy gave the driver a very generous hug before walking toward the plane. Jim was down at the foot of the stair to greet her, and Wendy lost sight of her for a few moments. She heard the footsteps on the stairs, then Tammy's pretty face appeared in the opening, a smile quickly growing as Wendy's eyes met hers. "You must be Wendy!" Tammy said, walking back along the narrow aisle to join her. Wendy finally acknowledged her with a nod. Tammy's laugh was immediate and warm as she dropped her bag into one of the smaller seats and swung her taut backside into the lounge seat next to Wendy. "I'm Tammy." she said, reaching her hand over to take Wendy's.

TC hadn't told her anything about the girl, preferring -- as he put it -- a 'surprise'. A surprise she was; but a very pleasant one. Wendy had silky jet-black hair down to her waist, and the olive-hued skin of a Polynesian. She was gorgeous, and her form-fitting outfit revealed a body Tammy couldn't wait to experience. She stared at the thin fabric barely covering the girl's firm breasts, willing a nipple to show itself. Her visual feast was interrupted by the pilot's voice as he joined them in the cabin and pulled the door closed behind himself. "You ladies about ready?" he asked, smiling at them and giving them both a once-over with his eyes. The two girls looked at each other, then back at Jim, nodding. He turned around and took his seat on the left side of the cockpit, reading through the prestart checklist quickly.

"Seatbelts please -- just until we're off the ground." he said, bringing the APU up to speed before engaging the first of the two engines to move them out of the hangar before starting the second one. A few more checks and he contacted ground control, receiving taxi clearance for their departure. "Okay ladies, here we go. We'll be in the air about three hours, so please feel free to enjoy yourselves back there." Jim told them, expertly steering the jet to the runup area and stopping. A few more checks and he received takeoff clearance, moving the throttles easily up to their stops and releasing the brakes. Seconds later the Lear lifted off and climbed steeply into the late morning sky.

Wendy couldn't take her eyes off of the luscious blonde sitting next to her, the full curve of her breasts swelling just a bit with each breath. She had seen pictures, but if a picture was worth a thousand words, then seeing Tammy in person was worth volumes of pictures. Everything about her just oozed sex, from her sweet smile to the firm curves of her hips and all the way to her toes -- Tammy was hot. Wendy's mouth was drying out, her tongue working it's way out to lick at her lips. She couldn't take her eyes off of Tammy's body, squirming a little as she unbuckled her seatbelt and reached down to release the seatback recliner. Wendy took in the subtle stretch, then was startled as Tammy let out a soft giggle. "Um... Wendy?" she said, reaching over to squeeze Wendy's hand softly.

"Huh... uh... oh shit... sorry... I um..." Wendy stammered, dragging her gaze from Tammy's beautiful tits up to her smiling face. "Fuck... I'm sorry Tammy... I just..."

"I know honey. It's alright. I was staring at you, too." Tammy said, her eyes locked on her new friend's as she spoke. "You're really beautiful Wendy. TC didn't tell me much about you, and I guess you don't post on the boards, huh?"

"N-no... I don't have the confidence for that. Just too shy I guess." Wendy told her. "TC showed me your pics, and I have to say I wanted you the first time I saw your pics. So lean and perfect." Wendy added, letting her eyes once again drift down Tammy's curves. Then her face lit up like a kid at Christmas, excited at an idea. "Hey girl, you ever join the Mile High Club?" Wendy asked.

Tammy's eyes grew wide. "Um... not exactly. I mean I've given a few handjobs and even a blowjob once. My hubby got me off with his fingers a couple of times; but I don't think those count, do they?" she asked.

"Oh hell no girl. You gotta have a real orgasm for it to count." Wendy replied. "I don't think Jim will mind if we get a little busy back here -- and we do have three hours." she added.

As if he had been listening (or perhaps reading their thoughts), Jim used his intercom microphone to make an announcement. "This is Captain Jim. We have reached our cruising altitude of thirty-nine thousand feet and are currently travelling at six-hundred and fourteen miles per hour. While we do not have flight attendants, there are beverages in the bar at the back. Please feel free to relax and enjoy your flight ladies." Then he reached up and pulled the 'privacy curtain' across behind him.

Wendy was on her knees in front of the bar in a flash, calling out the selections. "I'll have a couple shots of Patron -- if there's some lime and salt there too." Tammy said.

"Coming right up -- and I'll join you." Wendy replied, pouring four shots and cutting the fresh lime into wedges. Then she poured a tablespoon of salt for each of them into shot glasses and brought the whole thing out on a tray.

Tammy put some salt on her hand and lifted a shot glass. "To sex and new friends." she giggled, licking the salt and downing the tequila before sucking the juice from a lime wedge.

"Um... yeah!" Wendy replied, following suit. They did the second shot in similar fashion, both feeling warmer from the strong liquor. "So... Tammy... what are you about?" Wendy asked, her body tingling at the naughty thoughts she was having.

Tammy sat back and smiled. "Me?" she said. "I'm just trying to save the world, one orgasm at a time." Then she laughed and held out her hands to pull Wendy closer. Tammy's trip was officially off the ground as their lips met in a hungry kiss...

By the time they came up for air Tammy's camisole had been pushed up around her neck, her jeans unfastened and unzipped. Wendy's clothes were similarly disarranged, and both women were panting in wanton lust. Tammy looked at Wendy, reaching down to release the catch so she could recline her seatback all the way. Wendy crawled back to the bar and grabbed the Patron bottle, pouring two more shots for each of them. They did away with formalities and sucked salt, lime, and tequila down before tugging at their clothing. Little grunts of passion came from both as Wendy quickly straddled Tammy's head, lowering her pussy to Tammy''s lips as her own found the blonde's heated center.

Tammy had never been with a Polynesian woman before, and the various hues of Wendy's pussy and anus were different than any she had seen. The musky fragrance was powerful and almost floral, as if the girl had used a scented oil on herself (which she had). Her juices flowed freely as Tammy lapped gently at the soft folds of her pussy, flicking at her clit as her fingers teased at the crevice between her lush cheeks. When a finger grazed over the little wrinkle between those cheeks Tammy felt a finger slide deep into her own cunt as her lover's lips sucked at her hard clit. Soft mewls turned into moans as the two women worked each other into a frenzy, fingers and tongues probing both orifices as their hips writhed and bucked.

Wendy couldn't get over how hot Tammy was, how willing and receptive her body seemed to be; but she knew it wouldn't be long before she would either need a little break -- or she would need to cum. Wendy wanted Tammy to cum first -- to join the club with her as the initiator. With that in mind Wendy slipped a second finger into Tammy's willing butt, the two in her pussy now curling upward to apply a delicious pressure to her G-spot. Then Wendy wrapped her lips tight around her lovers clit and sucked hard, bringing a sharp intake of breath and a quick spasm of intense pleasure. A muffled squeal came from Tammy's mouth as Wendy pressed her pussy against it, rotating her hips to bring on her own climax.

Tammy loved the way her new friend worked her most sensitive parts, two of her slender digits in each hole, skewering her openings as she worked all of her pleasure centers. Her body trembled, then twitched once... twice... and a third time before she simply couldn't hold back any longer. She used the two fingers in Wendy's asshole to push her away briefly. "Ohgawd... ohmyfuckinggawd... SUCKMEBABY... MAKE ME CUMMMMMMMmpphhhh." Her cry once again becoming muffled as Wendy's pussy descended on her lips. Then she felt the clenching muscles in Wendy's tight butt, the spasming of her body....

Wendy lost it, her body wriggling atop Tammy's lithe form as they both soared in orgasmic bliss, their hands tugging and caressing as their tongues flicked over sensitive parts. For several minutes they moaned and kissed, withdrawing the probing digits as their breathing returned to normal. More minutes passed as hands groped and fondled gently, then Wendy shuddered one final time before slowly lifting herself from atop her new friend, collapsing on her back in the lounge seat in which she had begun. She reached over to take Tammy's hand, squeezing it softly. "Holy FUCK that was nice baby." she exclaimed hoarsely. Then she giggled softly. "Welcome to the club."

Tammy let her body slow down a bit more, her mind reeling at the thought of making such passionate love with a woman she barely knew, in an airplane eight miles above the ground. She finally reached down and let her seatback come up to something more like a sitting position and looked over at Wendy. Her beautiful hair was now a bit tangled; but other than that she was still gorgeous. Her mouth -- and the area immediately around it -- still glistened with what Tammy knew were her own juices, and she knew her own face would be wet with Wendy's. "Wow." Tammy finally said. "I have to say that was pretty mind-blowing honey." she added. "Can't wait to find out what it's like to fuck up here." she turned her head and looked out the window. They were over 'America's Heartland' -- somewhere over Kansas or Iowa she figured -- and it was pretty much just flat and mostly brown, although there were patterns of other colors. She glanced at her watch. "Holy shit, we just ... it's been like... an HOUR." she laughed, squeezing Wendy's hand. "Stewardess -- another round if you please!" she said, chuckling.

Wendy shook her head, laughing. "You know honey, I think we should probably save a little something for later. If I know TC, he's going to have a very busy evening planned." she said. "Maybe some juice?" Wendy suggested, opening the fridge to peruse the selection.

"Okay fine, I'll have some apple juice if you have it." Tammy acquiesced. Her body still tingled, and she knew the coming weekend would be busy. Wendy handed her a glass and a carton of her favorite juice, then sat next to her with her bottle of sparkling water. Tammy smiled at her new friend and poured her juice. "So... tell me about TC. What's he like?" she asked, settling back into the comfortable seat.

"Oh... let's see..." Wendy giggled. "TC is not what you would be expecting." she began. "He's good looking, salt and pepper hair, with a nice crop of facial hair. Average height, in good shape, and knows how to make a girl feel good." she laughed. "I mean... really, really good."

"Sounds like my kind of man!" Tammy responded as she finished her juice and settled back into her seat. "Mmmm... maybe we should have a nap..." and in moments her eyes closed as she drifted off. Wendy followed suit as both girls were lulled to sleep by the wind rushing by outside.

Part 2 -- Meeting in the Mountains

TC had finished up with his video conference on schedule, taking a quick shower and donning his favorite casuals for the much-anticipated hookup with the enticing Tammy. He was very happy that Wendy was available to greet her for the flight, and pondered what that trip may have included. Wendy was very bisexual, and had expressed a desire to be with Tammy if she ever came out for a visit. When the video conference came up, she volunteered to go on the flight to pick Tammy up in his place, practically begging. Wendy was such a beauty, with her genes firmly rooted in the South Pacific. He loved her hair that flowed down her back, covering half of her perfect ass. Her perfect facial features reminded him of a very young Tia Carrere, just a bit darker skinned.

He was busy with final preparations when his phone rang. He glanced at the display, and seeing it was Jim from the Lear he answered quickly. "TC."

"Jim here. I have your precious cargo, and we're a few minutes ahead of schedule. We should touch down in less than an hour." his pilot told him.

"Okay, thanks. So... what do you think?" TC queried.

"About Tammy?" Jim teased.

"Yeah." TC replied.

"She's a doll. Just a real doll, and Wendy seemed to take a liking to her too." Jim answered his question.

"Great. Okay, see you in an hour lad. Thanks." TC ended the call and hurried to finish his chores. He went to the garage, checking the stock in the Audi to make sure Tammy would have her favorites to choose from on the short ride from the small airfield. With thirty minutes to go he grabbed his satchel and headed out, wheeling the silver Audi RS8 Pullman onto the narrow lane from his place down to the main road, and from there toward the airport. Minutes later he was through the gate and parked next to the hangar. His eyes scanned the sky, looking for a glint that might suggest the Lear. His phone rang again, and it was Jim. "TC".

"We're in the pattern, touchdown in three." Jim told him.

"I'm at the hangar." TC replied, ending the call. The pilot would have his hands full at this point, checking and double checking the safety systems he hoped he wouldn't need. The runway was only a few hundred feet longer than the minimum for the Lear, so Jim needed to execute his approach perfectly and be ready to abort if there were any signs of imperfection. TC trusted him implicitly, having flown with him into tougher places on multiple occasions, and he knew Jim would be calmly focused on getting those ladies to him safely. TC caught a quick reflection as the Lear made its turn onto final approach, and his eyes followed the sleek plane all the way in. As usual, the main gear touched down within a few feet of the threshold, and safely slowed to make the turn onto the last taxiway. TC let out a silent sigh of relief. Another safe trip completed! he thought, opening his door as the jet turned onto the ramp.

Jim had awakened the girls forty-five minutes before their arrival, giving them time to put their clothes back on and do their primping. Wendy watched excitedly out the window, knowing where to look. She pointed out the hangar, then TC's car, to Tammy. "That's him. That's TC!" she squealed.

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