tagFetishTantalizing Teacher Ch. 01

Tantalizing Teacher Ch. 01


Nick, who just turned 18, casually strolled through the hallways of his senior level high school, his pulse racing in preparation for his English Arts class.

It wasn't because he had a test; it was because of Ms. Michel and her knee high boots and stockings. He had spent hours of class time observing her feet, listening to the click that her heel made as it hit the hard floor of her classroom. His mouth drooling, h is cock tearing through the denim of his jeans, pressing directly against his pants. He often hid it with a book, or leaned in a way that made his bulging dick unseen to fellow classmates.

As he arrived into her classroom he noticed something different, her hair was out of its usual bun and was now freely going across her back. She was wearing a rather tight black blouse, along with a short skirt with solid black stockings to make it acceptable to the school's standards, and then there were her boots. Today they were shining, as Nick took a seat in his desk he found it near impossible to take his eyes of them. She waltzed around the classroom, reading from their textbook as his whole attention was directed at her legs.

His cock went hard, harder than usual. It became a pain more than a pleasure; he shifted in his desk, afraid that someone would notice.

The class went on for a hour, at the end he was bursting. His cock still rock hard and his mind still washed by the mental image of her boots. He loved how she controlled the class, not too strict but he knew she could be if she had wanted to. He knew that she wore her boots for a reason and he knew that he could no longer hold back his feelings towards her.

After class he went to make small talk, he had no plan, no idea on what to do but he would try his best to become more of her friend. They began talking about the novel that she had assigned for the class, her eyes kept on him and his eyes kept on her boots. His pulse racing from just being alone with her, they had talked for about half of an hour, he still hadn't made a move, how could he? She was his teacher; she was older than him and was far from an easily taken high school cheerleader. She finally spoke,

"Well, I believe it's time that I head home. Was nice talking to you, Nicholas."

Nick said nothing; she stood up from her chair as Nick headed towards the door. Before he left he looked back and said,

"Nice boots by the way, Ms. Michel."

She put on a questioned face glancing at her boots for a split second and then back at Nick.

"Um, thanks"

Nick felt like a douche, that comment was easily the most awkward in his life, he said nothing else. He grabbed his book bag and headed home, his mind still controlled by her boots.

Today was a fresh start; Nick woke up, grabbed something to eat and headed to school again. Today was some kind of school spirit healthy living day. There were no classes, just activates in the gymnasium, sports n whatnot.

He took a seat on the side of the gym floor, watching the girls play against the boys in a game of floor hockey, and then he saw her. Ms. Michel entered the gymnasium; she had on a pair of jogging pants, athletic joggers and a exercise shirt. Nick had the sudden compulsion to stand up, largely due to the fact that his cock had almost exploded from the mere sight of her. He didn't know what to do, he felt almost trapped. He watched Ms. Michel walk into one of the female washroom with a bag in her hand. He had to get in there, he had to get something to hold him, something for him to see, anything. He waited outside; he didn't have the guts nor the nerve to dare walk inside with her in there.

When she walked out, Nick noticed something -- she had changed her shoes, she was wearing a different pair of joggers. He immediately crept into the female washroom; it was there that he saw it. Not only had she changed her shoes, but she had also changed her socks. On the bench was a pair of her black, sweat soaked socks! Nick immediately grabbed them, walked into one of the stalls, locked the door and dropped his pants.

At first he smelled them, fondling with his right hand while he shoved them onto his nose with his left. He had never been more turned on in his life. The smell of her sweat, the thought of her wearing them all overwhelmed him. He rolled them around his shaft and began to masturbate. He began moaning her name, thinking of her boots and how he was so turned on by just her scent alone. He opened one up, sliding it onto his rock hard cock before ejaculating; the soft damp texture of her well-worn socks pressing against the head of his rock hard cock. The once dark black socks were now stained with white blotches. He couldn't put them back, not like that so he shoved them in his pants' pocket, heading out of the washroom door, happier than ever.

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