tagErotic HorrorTerrorized a Second Time

Terrorized a Second Time


Warning: though consensual, this story deals with elements that may be too dark for some readers. If that's not your thing, don't read it.

Authors note: the following is a spin-off of a previous story, a fictitious ad called "Terrorize me".


I laid in bed stroking the wetness between my legs. I had recently posted my availability for breeding and was getting excited at the prospect of being again used by a stranger to enhance their family. The heat built within me as my head raced through frightening scenarios. My body tensed and released as I got closer to orgasm. With shaking legs, I easily reached my climax and released all my tension through a satisfying moan.

Afterward, as I lay in post-orgasmic bliss, listening to my breath return to its normal tempo, I thought of my cry and questioned if I heard something else at that same moment, the baby perhaps?

I threw on my robe and made my way to the nursery. She was still there and as peaceful as ever. I stroked my 3-month-old daughter's fine brown hair and soaked in the tiny miracle that she was. I had given birth to her at home, as was my family's way, but hadn't reported her existence to the authorities. I called her Eve, as she came from a beautiful starry night and was my first female child. Soon, her parents would come for her and I knew I must treasure the time we had left.

Another cry was heard. It came from outside. I left the sleeping infant and went swiftly to the kitchen window. That's when I spotted it. A large animal had caught a smaller one and seemed to be making a meal of it. Though startling, this sight was not uncommon in the remote area that I lived. It was just the way of nature.

My ears perked up to another scream. This time, it was unmistakably the cry of a human needing help. I focused again and saw it was a woman being attacked, not an animal. I grabbed the first thing I could, a broom, flung open the back door and ran into the field, screaming and making as much ruckus as possible hoping to scare the predictor away and save the woman's life. When I was close enough to hit the animal with the broom a few times, it became distracted enough that the woman was able to crawl out from under it and run away into the darkness wearing severely torn clothing.

The dark, thick-furred creature was deeply angered by my intrusion, and not at all willing to flee or chase its prey. It turned to face me, stood to its full height, which was easily twice mine, and released a most ferocious growl. It was then that I saw the huge, dark penis on the creature, glistening in the moonlight with the woman's juices, that I knew it had been attacking her for a reason other than for food. Now, entranced by the obvious scent of my sex, the animal was committed to having its fill, one way or another.

From there, everything happened so fast: A single swipe of its long powerful arm and I was easily knocked to the ground. I turned, hoping to get to my feet, but my robe was hung up on something. I spun to free myself from the garment, but the animal was already on me. I wanted to scream for help; maybe the woman was still near. But, the weight of the creature's huge paw pressed against my abdomen, pushing the air from my lungs and pinning me in place. Its huge muzzle rudely intruded between my legs to investigate the source of my scent. A wide, flat tongue licked between my legs with significant weight and power, renewing the sensitivity I'd recently inflicted upon myself. By then, I'd gathered enough air and screamed out when the powerful muscle was suddenly pushed deep into me as if liberating the honey from its hive. I felt it's hot breath between my legs as the beast roared at my crotch to announce its intention and quickly positioned himself to penetrate me. I desperately tried to drag myself backward, but my arms were trapped in the robe and the length was caught under the weight of the animal. I was helpless to do anything but watch from my front row seat.

The creature wasted no kindness on me. In a swift movement, his massive penis was forced deep inside my pussy as I let out a blood-curdling scream. The immense size of the animal completely covered me, except my feet which were forced up and to his sides. At that moment, I became less concerned with the violence that occurred between my legs, and more so with being smothered to death. The weight of his abdomen nearly crushed my chest. The musky, foul, wet-dog kind of scent was nauseating. Turning my head to the side, I struggled to move the fur so I could get air. Meanwhile, the creature began mercilessly pounding himself into me and my poor pussy could not acclimate quickly enough. The pain was so intense and I tried everything to hurt or distract the creature so he would stop, to no avail.

The thick, heavy, blazing hot penis pummeled my body as I cried out for help.

I busied myself at freeing my arms from the robe, then wiggled to his side and was about to pull myself out from under him when I felt a familiar sensation building in my core. I chose to stay and let the beast continue to force himself into me as my body began to convulse. My pussy's rhythmic squeezing only encouraged the animal to push into me harder and I moaned through the best orgasm of my life.

When I could see straight again, I grabbed as much fur as I could, and drug myself out from under the side of the creature. He let out a massive roar of displeasure. I quickly make it to my feet and took off running towards my home. It felt like I only made it two or three strides and a massive blow knocked me to the ground again. My face landed in the fresh dirt and for a brief moment, I treasured the cleanliness of its aroma and appreciated how much life comes from it. My meager hiatus was ripped away as the creature easily scooped me into his arms. Throwing me over his shoulder on my tummy, the beast took off running towards the darkness of the woods. I saw the light from my home disappearing further away and I ached for the child now left unsupervised in an area of wild hungry animals. Had I at least closed the door behind me??

As he ran with me on his shoulder, the bouncing again pushed the wind out of me. This must have been how the animal and his first victim made it to my property: his tactic was to remove his prey from the safety of their familiar area.

Before long he stopped running and, taking me in his huge hands like a rag doll, wasted no time impaling me with his thick penis from a standing position. I cried out and fought, but it was futile. My arms and legs flopped about helplessly, unable to get ahold of anything, any leverage to save myself. The beast lifted and lowered me on this member so rapidly that my brain was shaken and my vision became disoriented. The pounding continued so hard and so fast and I felt so defeated. Quickly, the animal brought me to orgasm again. I cried out and he matched mine. His final roar came as he slammed himself one last time deep into my core and held his throbbing penis steady as his hot semen filled me. A monstrous huff as he lifted me again, and tossing me aside in the dirt, disappeared into the darkness.

The air was thick with the odor of his musky satisfaction. His seed was so dense that it congealed and remained in my womb. My belly instantly felt slightly bloated. Could he have deposited that much semen in me?? Battered and sore, I got to my feet as fast as I was able and again, took off running in what I believed to be the direction of my home. All I could think about was the safety of the child. As I approached, I noticed that I had left the back door open. Rushing inside, I darted straight to Eve's crib. She was gone. I called her name, I don't know why, but I screamed for my daughter. All I could think was some animal had her. I sank to the floor beside her crib and sobbed.

The next two weeks were complete hell. I was convinced that I had negligently left the baby in the trust of the Circle of Life. I had terrible nightmares about her that I cannot repeat. Nightmares that made me wake with physical illness.

Finally, when my cycle was late, it all dawned on me. I took a pregnancy test and of course, it was positive. I knew the monster that ravaged me was not a bear, Sasquatch, or otherwise, but either a man in a fantastic costume or somehow a drugged dilution. It was all choreographed. Even the disappearance of Eve was part of the plan to scare me, and it worked beautifully. Now at peace with the fact that she resided with loving parents, I felt truly complete.

Nine months later, I delivered a beautiful baby boy at home alone. He had green eyes like mine, chocolate skin like his father, and a thick head of hair. I called him Harry and placed him in the crib. I loved him and treasured him. After giving birth, I napped. When I awoke, Harry was already gone, like a dream, and I ached for him. I took solace that my purpose on earth was deeply confirmed and I couldn't wait for the next family to invent a creative, frightening, and hopefully painful way to breed me again and again.

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by EugeneSelfish06/08/19

Another great scenario

I think it could have been fleshed out with more detail, e.g. in the sex scenes. When the adrenaline and dopamine get flowing, time seems to slow down and people notice all sorts of details like thingsmore...

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