tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Angel Next Door Ch. 02

The Angel Next Door Ch. 02


"Fuck, this is outstanding, Robert!" Vicky Bali exclaimed, as her lover plunged into her cunt yet again.

It took a little longer than usual to complete foreplay, since she had been a virgin until that day. Robert was careful to eat her pussy and rim her ass until she came well before the penetration itself. That just made it easier for him to pop her cherry, if there had been a physical hymen there. Apparently, Vicky had deliberately removed that obstacle herself, in an effort to get the pain over with some time ago. He didn't ask what method she used, though he suspected that it was a carrot or cucumber. She didn't seem likely to want blood on an actual vibrator. If he didn't know her well, he would have said that she lied about her prior status, but Vicky wasn't the sort to bother with such deceit.

"Well, from my point of view, I have to agree," he grinned, as he slid back inside his 18-year old girlfriend.

"Thank you, again!" she repeated her favorite exclamation of the day. The Canadian girl clearly decided that sex was a pastime that she wanted to enjoy as much as possible.

"Damn it, I'm cumming again!" Robert swore, totally excited by fucking Vicky in the "doggie" position. Her lovely ass was a turn-on in its own right.

"That makes two of us!" Ms. Bali responded, gasping as she felt her latest orgasm affect her. If this was her destiny, she could definitely live with it. She shared her partner's interest in this approach to coitus, as "doggie-style" caused him to fill her more thoroughly than any position.

Given the more serious issues like hostile gods and angels bent on destroying Robert and his loved ones, neither of them worried about relatively minor matters like pregnancy. He could protect a child as easily as he could defend her. In fact, the gods would need each other's help if they ever dared to harm Robert Sebastian, the Norman angel who lived in this part of Ontario, or anyone in his care.

"So, what else do you want to try?" Vicky asked him after he spent himself in her cunny.

"Oh, I think that we should fuck in the shower, after we both recover. I won't take as long as most men, but I think that you are probably quite sore by now. Anyway, I would also like to introduce you to anal sex, if you're able to take that," Robert winked at his new girlfriend.

"You're right. I am sore. I don't mind it, since you're so damned good. Even so, I could use a breather. As for the rest, I'll follow your lead and trust you as always. You haven't let me down so far. I doubt that you ever will," Vicky smiled at this literally angelic man with the sexual prowess of a satyr. Gods, he was a true stud in every sense of the term.

"Thanks for your confidence, Vicky. That means a great deal to me. What do you say to some food? Every time I fuck someone, I get famished afterward," Mr. Sebastian suggested.

"I could use a bite. A girl can't live on sex alone, although you could tempt that way for a little while," the young woman teased the older man whom she genuinely loved.

Their meal was something that Vicky always craved: shrimp scampi on penne with shredded parmesan on top of it. For obvious reasons, Robert couldn't give her wine, but he didn't overindulge on his own so as not to rub it in her face. Despite being a bartender, Mr. Sebastian knew his food, and his time in the Mediterranean gave him a permanent love of Italian cuisine.

"So, Robert, do I still get that first drink on the house?" Vicky teased him with a wink.

"Actually, you'll get all your drinks on the house in the future. You're my main squeeze, remember? In fact, I'm tempted to marry you, as long as I know that you won't turn jealous on me. For now, however, I'll start out by letting you move in with me. You can help with the pub, if you don't mind that, too. That will give you work. As long as you can accept my other partners, and bear in mind that there are some risks in being my lover, it should be as smooth as silk," Robert answered the brunette, kissing her eagerly to reiterate his point.

"So I get to stay with you from now on? When should I pack? This sounds wonderful. I suppose that you have to follow the laws about my drinking before 19, and I do want to make my first drink an occasion, but I gather that I can do everything else with you and your friends. You're not going to make me go to college, are you?" Vicky reacted with excitement at the idea of cohabitating with Robert by leaning into him as they kissed.

"Hey, girl, that's your business. I actually prefer, at the risk of sounding like a selfish bastard, that you not go to college, even here. I'd rather you just became my business partner at the pub, albeit in a junior capacity, as well as being my lover. What do you think?" the angel told his woman.

"I don't mind that idea. In fact, it sounds terrific. Still, it will be funny to be the part-owner of a pub who can't drink any booze herself for a few months. But that's only for a short time, and I won't drink away as much of the profits during that time," Vicky agreed to his plan with another sloppy kiss.

Robert may have planned to do their next act in the shower, but his young lover abruptly decided to be spontaneous. She knelt in front of him, both of them still nude, and interrupted their dessert to suck his dick. He nearly fell backward from the shock and sudden ecstasy of her wet mouth on his cock, but he soon started thrusting in and out of her throat. For a former virgin, she knew her fellatio well.

"Alright, now, Vicky, I'm about to cum, so I give you a clear choice. Do you want it down your throat or on you? You got me ready, so it's just a question where you catch it, my love. Blame your excellent skills as a fellatrix, sweetheart," Robert gasped.

Instead of stopping to respond, Vicky continued to suck Robert's dick, indicating a willingness to swallow as well. Taking her action as a signal, Mr. Sebastian shot another load in his petite girlfriend. He loved her quick and enthusiastic reaction, gulping down his seed as rapidly as possible. The trouble was that this meant he would need yet more to fuck her ass.

"Just remember that this delays the shower part. I'm an angel, but I'm not Priapus," Robert laughed as he kissed his lover to thank her for the surprise.

"I wanted to go out of my way for you. Besides, if you're not as frustrated when you fuck my arse, you'll go slower and easier on me. That makes a lot of sense to me, at least," Vicky retorted salaciously, entangling herself with him as they moved to the love seat for some petting and other foreplay. It was evident to both of them that couple wasn't finished with the consummation of their intimate arrangement.

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