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The Best Gift


This is a fictional story about adults written for adults no characters are under 18. If you are offended by lesbian sex or erotica please move on. I hope you all have joy this holiday season. Please vote and comment it's your payment for free content.

The Best Gift

Isolde Delany was celebrating Easter alone again, as she had expected. This was usual for her. She wondered when she would find someone. She thought she was certainly intelligent and attractive enough. She had degrees from Wharton School of Business. She had a BS in Finance and a MBA. She was a natural redhead, five feet six inches tall, 34C bust. She had shapely legs and an hourglass figure. And here she was eating Easter dinner alone at a Chinese restaurant. She liked the food but she wanted to be at home with her family. Her mother did not want her there. She was gay and her parents were devout Catholics. She had made her way through school by way of scholarships. She was a National Merit Scholarship winner and had been valedictorian as an undergrad.

As usual, she people-watched while she waited for her waiter. Then in walked a pretty woman. Isolde waited to see who she was with, but no one followed her in. She's alone like me. Should I invite her over? The woman was walking to a table just past hers -- she bucked up her courage.

"Excuse me, Miss. Are you dining alone?" Isolde hoped not to be blown off by the pretty woman.

"Why, yes. I am." Saskia De Witt was intrigued by the question from the stunning redhead. Sol noted the unusual accent -- British with a touch of something Germanic.

Isolde womanned up again. "I hate spending holiday meals alone. Would you care to join me?"

"I would like that very much! My name is Saskia De Witt. But please call me Sass. I don't much care to spend meals alone either." Saskia held out her hand, which Isolde took in a firm grip and shook, noting the softness.

"I'm Isolde Delany. I'm glad to make your acquaintance, Sass. People call me Sol." Sass sat across the table, and the two ladies chatted for a while, learning a little about each other. Sass found out Sol worked at a large bank. Sol was informed that Sass was starting her recertification to teach. The questions, as they are wont to do, slowly turned to why they were each alone.

"Sol, my three-year marriage ended last year so I'm trying to start a new life in a new place. I'm absolutely sick of men. So I was thinking of finding a girlfriend."

"Sass, as a lifelong lesbian, let me will tell you a few things. First, be sure you want this. I am alone on Easter because my parents do not want me in their home. Second, I should warn you that there are some horrible women out there who will eat you alive. Third -- and most to the point -- the kind of girl you are looking for might see you as poison. You're a rebound who is unsure of her sexuality. I hate to say this: You are heartbreak personified. I'm not saying for you not to try. There is someone for you. But please take it slow. For your own sake. If you decide to break up with a girl for a man or, even worse, go back to your husband, well, it could ruin your girlfriend for many years to come. I know this, as that is how my last relationship ended. Please be kind -- do not profess love lightly.

"Enough advice. My experiences will probably not be yours. To get you into the gay scene, if you like, I will take you to a lesbian bar and try to guide you. I will try to show you whom to avoid and why. What are you looking for right now in a woman?"

"Wow! I am a pariah without even having done anything! I really am a caring person, Sol, and would be honored by your company. To answer your question, I am a serious person and want to learn from and love a woman. When do you have time? What should I wear?"

"How about next Saturday? Wear casual. Sass, this is not a date as much as a guided tour. I think you should get an idea of this aspect of gay dating. To be honest, I tired of the bar scene a few years ago. I find it a bit too desperate. That said, it is an easy place to meet girls who, you know, like girls. It is embarrassing to hit on a straight woman and have her freak out. I will try very hard to keep you out of the hands of predators. They will know you are inexperienced and go right after you. Odds are that, if you are with someone, you will be left alone."

"You make it sound worse than guys, Sol. I don't have any attraction to butches or such. I like feminine girls, like you. Won't that help?"

"Sorry to say, there are some femmes who are pretty bad. Especially some heavy dommes and egomaniacs."

"Jesus! This is complex! Thanks for the guided tour. I will need it, Sol." They ordered a pot of tea and sat enjoying small talk. That night Isolde sat at her desk at home questioning herself on why she was getting involved with Saskia. She was trouble. She also was pretty. Not stunning, but a very cute girl-next-door type. Her head was covered in long, curly, dark brown hair, contrasted by ice blue eyes. She had an athletic body. Her long, shapely legs were a total turn-on for her. Isolde knew she would pursue her if she didn't have that history. But she did. Oh, well. This could be her good deed for the month. She certainly did like the woman. Who couldn't use a new friend? Hers kept leaving or getting into a new relationship. She had picked out a good place to take the neophyte. It would mostly be a session in people-watching.

She watched some TV and chilled. It had taken some time for her to be comfortable alone. Now she loved solitude -- it gave her time to think. And tomorrow promised to be busy at the bank. On her way to bed she stopped to check her email. It was all already read so she turned in.

The next day she had three presentations. They were prepared, and she had rehearsed many times. After her second, Roland Legrand grabbed her arm and led her to get coffee. Roland is her gay friend and they loved to gossip.

"How was your Easter, Sol? You could have come over! We had a great dinner and you know you are welcome."

"I know, Rollie. I just hate being the odd wheel at holidays. I did meet a girl at the Chinese place where I ate. She's nice, but I don't think it will go anywhere." Isolde told him about Saskia. He, as always, listened intently, picking up subtleties.

"Sol, I hear in your voice that you have interest in this woman. I'll warn you she has the potential to tear your soul loose after your last lover. I hope you will be sure before you get too involved."

"Rollie, how many girls have already done that to me. I know I fall too easily. I always try to be careful and it fails. I guess I just want to be in love for real once."

"Exactly why we all need to watch over you. OK?"

"Please do. I am going to dinner with Del tonight. She'll kick my ass to California if I fuck up again." They both laughed and Sol left to prepare for her last presentation. The rest of the day passed normally, just three fires for Sol to put out. By the time she left, she was looking forward to dinner with her neighbor, Delores North. Del was very lesbian and had a regular girl, so Sol would not dream of anything happening between them.

When Isolde got home, there was a note taped to her door. 'Come over when you get home. I've got news. Del.' Sol went in and changed into comfy clothes and grabbed a bottle of wine. She walked up to Del's door and knocked. The door opened to reveal Imani Okafor. She was a gorgeous African woman. Her beauty always made Isolde jealous. She was an ICU nurse and usually quiet, unless she had something to contribute. Imani grabbed her up in a tight hug and kissed her cheek, leading her to the sofa. She took the wine from Sol and headed to the kitchen. She returned with a glass filled with white wine. She sat next to Sol and they talked about nothing important. After a few minutes, Del joined them.

Isolde noticed the two were excited, almost bubbling over. Then she saw the sparkler on Del's finger. "What have you got there, Del?" Sol held out her hand and Del placed hers in it. There was an engagement ring on her ring finger. "You two did it! I knew this was coming! Congratulations to you both!" Sol jumped up and kissed Del and then Imani. She was genuinely happy for the couple. "Maybe someday it will happen to me."

Sol told them about Sass and Del's eyes filled with concern. "You will be more careful this time, Sol, won't you? You know every time your heart gets broken your soul gets harder and darker."

"I know, Del. I'm taking her out to Andi's to show her the scene. Hey, why don't you guys come along? My treat. The more opinions, the better. My views are quite jaded, as you know." Del looked at Imani, who nodded her approval.

"OK, we'll join you so we can add our input. We will also try to keep you out of trouble, Sol."

"I need to call Sass and make sure she's OK with this. I'll get back to you tomorrow." They spent the rest of the evening talking about wedding plans. Imani had to get family over, and Del would bring her family from St. Louis. Sol was asked to be Del's maid of honor. She was excited and said so. Dinner was so good, but the company was better. The three talked until a little after 10. Sol was a little tipsy but only had one door's worth of hall to navigate. When she got home, she decided to call Sass to see if the change in plans were OK.

She dialed the number she had been given. "Hello, this Saskia."

"Hi, Sass! Sol here. I hope it is not too late."

"It's good to hear from you, Sol. Anytime! What's up?"

"My best friend just got proposed to. I invited her and her girlfriend to come with us to the bar. Is that OK with you?"

"Super! Then I will have three guides through the jungle you described."

"I'll text you details later, Sass. Have a good night. Bye." Sass wished her a good night, ending the call. Sol texted Del about the bar date. She didn't want to call since she heard the lovemaking going on next door. Damn! That sounds so good. Sol did her nightly ablutions and turned in to the sweet sounds of love coming from the happy couple.

The rest of the week went by normally. Sol handled problems, and Sass sat for her certification to teach. Del and Imani made love a lot, much to the entertainment of Isolde. Sol texted Sass the particulars about the trip to Andi's and arranged to pick her up.

The fateful Saturday evening came. Sol was more excited than she should be. She showered and dressed, changing four times before she chastised herself that this was not a date. Sol drove over to Sass's apartment. She parked out front and texted that she was there. Sass acknowledged. Three minutes later, Sass appeared. She was way too sexy to make this easy for Sol. Sass had on a tight dress that showed everything off.

"Hey, Sass! Is that casually dressed? I'm going to be beating women off you all night. Not that it isn't sexy as hell! Oh, well. Off to our adventure!"

"I'm sorry, Sol. This is casual in the straight world. I did want to look nice for your friends." Sass had a worried expression -- she did not want to displease Sol. She had thought of her a lot. The ride to the bar was filled with jokes and laughter, which soothed Sass's nerves. As they entered Andi's, the place was already filling up. Sol saw Del wave from a table and turn to say something to her fiancé.

"God, Imani! That Sass girl is dressed to kill! Sol's got her hands full tonight." Sol walked Sass over to meet her friends, introducing everyone. A harried waitress came and took drink orders. Imani, as usual the designated driver, had a soft drink, and the others had wine.

"OK, Sass. Time to get started," Sol intoned. "See that table over there?" She nodded her head in the direction of five women. "What do you notice about them?"

"It seems that four of them are trying to get the attention of the fifth. She is ignoring all of them. It reminds me of a beauty queen at a table of guys. Enjoying the attention but acting aloof."

Del wanted to help Sol. "That's right, Sass. That woman thinks she is an alpha. She feels superior to us all. I guarantee one or all of them will please her tonight, but she will not reciprocate. After they are done, she will send them home. The strange thing is all those women know the score and willingly accept it just to please her."

A thin, tall, short-haired woman came over to the table. Sol recognized her. "Hi, June! Long time since we have seen each other." Sol introduced the others to June Blackwell, who sat down to join them. Sol explained the mission of the night, and June said she could help.

June jumped right in. "OK, Sass. See those two at the far end of the bar?" Sass nodded. "Which one is the butch?" One looked to be a dominant short-haired woman. She was wearing biker boots and jeans. The other was dressed in a skirt and blouse, and was wearing high heels and stockings.

"I think the obvious choices must be incorrect, but have no idea how I would know by looking at them," Sass offered.

"You are right! And there is no way to tell by looking at them. The butch-looking woman acts the part in public but in bed she wants to be topped. The other woman is a very strict dominant in bed. They are a very happy couple. I know them both," June answered. "The point being you can't always tell by looks. You should always get to know a girl before getting in too deep."

Imani's voice rang out. "I hate seeing that shit." She was looking at the table with the 'Alpha' woman. One of the others was on her knees obviously servicing the 'Alpha'. "Why do they always humiliate their women like that?" June stood up and headed for the table. She was the manager of Andi's, and she did not like this either. June barked something at the woman on her knees. She came out from under the table with her head bowed and her face glistening. The 'Alpha' paid no attention to any of the goings on. Sass was very upset.

"Are there any normal people here? I'm sick to my stomach."

"Sass, most of the women here are just as normal as you are. We just pointed out the outliers," Del assured her. Del and Imani went to dance, leaving the other two to talk.

"Sass, I will admit that I chose this bar because they attract a wide variety of lesbians. I didn't expect the sex show, to be honest. It is unusual to see that outside a BDSM club."

"I guess I need to know the pitfalls of this lifestyle. I don't understand those women worshiping that woman."

"I hate to say it but there are people who want other people to control them, to own them. I don't understand either, but you see it all the time, in both straight and gay people. One time I had a young girl offer to be my servant if I would feed and cloth her. She is one of the women at that table. So sad but you run across strange things in life."

"Del and Imani dance so well together. How long have they been a couple?" Sass smiled as she watched them -- it was good to see. Other couples joined them and everything was so normal. Sass looked over at the table with the five ladies. There were only four now. When the dancers moved out of the way, she could see the fifth woman on her knees working on the 'Alpha'. "They're at it again, Sol! Is that woman crazy?! Can't they get arrested for that?!"

"Yes, Sass. I think the bouncers are going to handle it though." Sol waved to get June's attention and nodded towards the activity. June turned red and motioned to the bouncers. They broke up the action, but this time the 'Alpha' woman yelled at them to let her finish first. The two large women picked the young woman out from between her legs and escorted all five out. There was a round of applause from the other clients. June ordered a round on the house. Sass was white. She was sick and got up and ran to the ladies' room, with Sol right behind her. Sass just made the stall before she erupted. Obviously this had gone very wrong, Sol felt guilty. Imani came in looking for them. She was as upset as Sass was sick. She understood the desire to retch. Imani and Sol cleaned Sass up when she finished. Del appeared with a very worried expression.

"I didn't think that Sass should have seen that. It is so grotesque. I hope that didn't turn her off to women." She then hugged Sass, who was shaking. Del understood, feeling a little queasy herself. That kind of behavior was why she stopped going to bars and clubs. The foursome walked out to their table and collected their things.

On their way out the door, June stopped them to say she was sorry. She could tell Sass had been vomiting. "God, I am so sorry! I should have thrown them out the first time. That group will never be allowed back in and I'll get word around to other places." She handed each of them a voucher for a restaurant owned by Andi. "I hope you all forgive us. This is so abnormal. I wasn't ready for it." The four left and drove home. Sol walked Sass up to her apartment.

"I did not expect that to happen, Sass. Don't give up on girls due to that. Most of us are really OK people." Sass was holding on to Sol as much for stability as anything else. When they got inside, Isolde sat her on the sofa and took off Sass's shoes. She got her a glass of water. Sass was crying, ashamed about how she reacted. "It's OK, Sass. All of us were getting a little queasy. Do you need help getting into bed?"

"I'll be fine. I'm so sorry I lost it in front of your friends, Sol. That weird shit did not turn me off to the idea of a female lover. The lesson was to get to know her very well. Call me when you get home -- I want to be sure you are safe."

"OK, I'll call. Please don't dwell on this, Sass. By the way, that was a very lovely dress! I love how you set it off." Sass answered with a blush -- the last thing she expected was a compliment. Sol walked to the door and opened it. She turned to look at Sass. "Don't forget to lock the door."

Sol drove carefully home. She had after all been drinking and did not want to be stopped. When she arrived at her door, she saw the note from Del for her to drop by. Before visiting, she went in to drop off her clothes and purse. She also called Sass to confirm her safe arrival and to say she would call later. She then put on some comfy clothes -- sweat pants and a T-shirt -- and knocked on Del's door. Del opened up with a worried look. Sol saw Imani inside. She did not look happy at all.

Del spoke first. "Is she alright? That was no way to be introduced to lesbian dating." Sol was led to the sofa and sat.

"I think she's more embarrassed about getting ill than anything. I'm going to call her when I go home and try to settle her down. It might not have been the right way to introduce the subject." Sol hung her head in shame over what had happened.

Imani assured her in a soft voice. "It might be a good thing. Once you've seen the worst, everything else looks better." Sol looked at her, slowly understanding the African woman's point.

"I guess that makes sense. But I wanted to teach, not sicken. I've never seen anything like that at Andi's. They are going to have upgrade their door people. How are you two doing?"

"Del is going to get some loving tonight, honey! As sick as that scene was, I got turned on." Del gasped at the admission. She knew that Sol knew Imani was more dominant in their relationship. She just didn't know Imani was going to announce it.

They talked for a little while longer, but Del was getting squirmy. It was obvious she wanted the fun to start. Sol excused herself and went home to call Sass.

Sol dialed her friend as she listened to the goings on next door. "This is Saskia."

"Hey, Sass. How you doing now that you had time to digest this evening?"

"I'm really OK, Sol. I've seen guys getting blowjobs in bars before. It's not so different. I was just caught off guard. I don't know why. I expect that it takes all kinds. My ex was into that kind of stuff, and I did it for him sometimes. Until he started hitting and cheating. I think the really upsetting thing was, as upsetting as it was, I was also getting excited. It was the first time I saw real girls doing it. Boy, now I am embarrassed."

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