tagGroup SexThe Broussard Sisters Ch. 11

The Broussard Sisters Ch. 11


*Author's Note: Any persons engaging in sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.

Chapter 101

Paul patted Barbara's back gently until the infant fell back to sleep; tummy full and diaper dry.

Paulie was still asleep; the two year old toddler would probably sleep until Aunt Pam came to get him for his breakfast. Candy was also still asleep; it was only four thirty in the morning.

Quietly, he left the bedroom he and Candy and their two children shared. He closed the door and walked down the hallway to the kitchen.

He could see Cindy standing at the sink, staring out the large window at the disappearing moon. She sipped her coffee and rocked ands swiveled slowly to some unheard melody.

"Hey, Beautiful," Paul whispered, putting his hands on her wide hips.

Even after a few years of exercise and diet, Cindy still had the wide hips of her adolescence. This in turn gave her a full backside and slightly thick thighs. This, along with her flat tummy and nearly flat chest, her long red hair and deep brown eyes, made her the most beautiful woman Paul knew.

He pulled her long red hair away from her ear and lightly bit down on her ear.

"Oh, God, Paul," she hissed. "You know what that does to me."

"Mm hmm, why you think I do it?" he asked her and turned her around.

She smiled up at him and he smiled in return. Teasingly, he began to pull her around the large kitchen, dancing to the unheard melody she'd been rocking and swaying to earlier.

"Goof ball, what are you doing?" she laughed as he twirled her around the room.

"Dancing, I thought," he smiled. "Gee, I must be whiter than I thought if you have to ask."

It felt good to be in his strong, loving arms. It was almost as if her daddy was holding her again, telling her she was his little princess, his second most favorite woman in the whole world.

She let a few tears slide down her cheeks as she thought of her daddy.

(Bill Broussard had suffered a massive heart attack on the job three months earlier. He and Jake Broussard had just finished pulling the steel framing for queen sized box spring when Bill gasped, groaned, and fell to the floor.

Jake Broussard, Bill's friend and next door neighbor for twenty years, ran around the large table and immediately began CPR on Bill. He kept it up until the ambulance got there, nearly twenty minutes later, but Bill was dead.

"I tried, baby, I tried so hard," Jake sobbed to his wife, Bobbi.

"Shh, shh, Baby, I know you did; Bill knows you did, we all knows you did," Bobbi soothed.)

"Wait, wait, here comes the dip," Paul warned.

Cindy prepared to be dipped backward, but instead, Paul bent backward.

"You are so silly," she laughed and pulled him upright again.

They stopped dancing and looked into each other's eyes for a long moment. Slowly, he bent forward; he was six feet, two inches and Cindy was only five feet tall.

Their lips met and Cindy groaned. They kissed hungrily and Paul eased the robe off of her shoulders.

"Yes," she hissed as his lips traveled to her sensitive throat.

It had been so long, just over three months since she'd had any sexual contact, any sexual release, other than masturbation.

"Celine," she thought. "That fucking bitch..."

At her father's funeral, with her mother sobbing inconsolably, Celine had decided to try and 'out' them, announce to everyone that she and Cindy were lovers.

"What are you doing?" Cindy had hissed, pulling Celine out of the viewing room by her long black hair.

"I just wanted to give your mother some good news, something she could hold onto for comfort," Celine had stammered.

"By telling her that her only child is gay?" Cindy had gasped. "Celine are you insane?"

"Are you, Cindy, are you ashamed of us? Of what we are?" Celine asked, narrow eyes becoming narrower.

"No, but Celine, I'm not, what we do has no, God damn it, Celine! At my daddy's funeral?" Cindy had sputtered, both outraged and heartbroken.

"Fine, let me know when you are ready to be honest," Celine had spat and left the small bathroom.

Since that day, Cindy and Celine were barely civil to each other; often collapsing into screaming tirades at each other.

They still slept in the same bedroom, sharing a queen sized bed, sharing a closet, sharing a dresser and a chest of drawers, but conversations were not shared, caresses and kisses were not shared. And more often than not, Cindy would get out of their bed and go sleep in the living room. Or when Trish was out on a date, would sleep in Pam's room.

Paul's fingers found Cindy's sensitive nipples and the tiny buds sprang into action.

"Oh God, Paul," Cindy hissed as Paul picked her up and lay her on the kitchen table on her back.

"Oh God, Cindy," Paul echoed. "Oh yeah, God damn it, you get more beautiful each day, you know that?"

"You say so," Cindy smiled as he leaned over her and began to tease her nipples with his tongue and teeth.

"Oh!" she let a long groan escape as his mouth found her pussy.

"Damn it; I'm sorry Baby, but I can't..." he groaned as he stood up suddenly.

"Oh!" she grunted as his cock was jammed into her pussy suddenly, forcefully.

"...wait any longer..." he groaned as he pulled out of her.

"Oh!" she groaned again as he sank into her, filling her pussy with his manhood.

It had been over three months since he'd been able to make love to Cindy; Celine was always right there, glaring at the two of them, insinuating herself in between them.

Candy, of course, couldn't make love; at eight and a half months of pregnancy, it was just too uncomfortable, and then after giving birth, the doctor had yet to give them the 'all clear' to resume sexual activity.

Pam was available to him and never denied him access to her, but it just wasn't the same as being with Cindy.

Cindy was his one true love; he'd married Candy at Cindy's insistence and regretted not sticking to his guns. Every day, he reflected on the fact that he was not married to the one girl he really wanted to be with.

He loved his wife, enjoyed being with her, even tolerated her little quirks and idiosyncrasies, but he adored Cindy.

"Oh Baby," Cindy grunted as an orgasm welled up in her guts. "Oh Baby, oh God!"

He slammed his cock into her and held it there as a torrent of sperm blasted into her rapidly quivering pussy.

He did not worry about the table; he had built the large round table himself, out of very sturdy and very thick planks. The table wasn't going anywhere.

"I love you," he whispered in her ear as his cock began to shrivel up.

"I know, Baby, I know," she whispered back. "You know I love you too, right?"

"Uh huh," he agreed and bent to kiss her mouth again.

"Aw, come on, huh?" Pam complained as she snapped the light on. "Couches all over the place, y'all got to use my table?"

"YOUR table?" Paul smiled as he stood up again. "I'm sorry; I thought it was MY table."

"Thought it was MY table," Cindy echoed as Paul helped her down.

"Y'all know what I mean," Pam said and began filling Paul's thermos with the too strong coffee he and Cindy seemed to favor.

That's what had woken Cindy up; the smell of Paul's coffee. Pam took after Miss Bobbi; her coffee was too weak, just colored water.

"Shit!" Paul laughed as he glanced at the clock on the wall. "Bye! I got to pick up Mr. Jake!"

"Here you go; love you," Pam said, handing him his thermos.

He picked her up, kissed her softly, and then put the four foot, six inch woman back down.

"Love you too," he said as he left the kitchen.

He trotted back down the hall, quietly entered his bedroom and walked to the bathroom.

A quick brush of his teeth, a quick pee and Paul was ready for the day ahead.

He crawled to where his wife lay sleeping and gently kissed her cheek.

"Bye, Baby Love," he whispered into her ear.

Playfully, she batted at his face. He grabbed her hand and bit down on one of her fingers.

"Ow!" she giggled.

"Bye, Sweetheart; got to go get your dad," he said and kissed her on her lips.

"Love you," she said and smiled happily at him.

"Love you too," he said, then playfully licked her on the tip of her snub nose.

"Ew! Paul!" she giggled, wiping at her nose. "You're so gross!"


"Have fun, play nice with the others," Bobbi teased as she packed Jake's lunch.

She handed him a second bag as well.

"What's this?" he asked.

"Paul's lunch; I know my daughter. She isn't getting out of bed at five o'clock to make him lunch," Bobbi laughed.

"Thank you," he said sincerely and hugged his wife.

"You're welcome now go," Bobbi said as they heard Paul's pick up truck pulling into the driveway.

"Yes ma'am," he said and left the house.

Jake felt good, felt alive. In the two months since the factory had shut down, he'd sat around the house, feeling sorry for himself. Then his son in law had called; the apartments he and the girls owned needed some minor repairs. Since they were north of Monroe, Louisiana, they'd have to drive up there, a four hour drive, work quickly, then either stay in a motel, or drive back at night. But he'd be working, he'd be doing something.

"How's Miss Emily holding up?" Paul asked as Jake climbed into the truck.

"About as well as can be expected," Jake said quietly.

"Yeah, every time I ask her if she needs anything, she always tells me she's fine," Paul said.

"You make this coffee?" Jake asked, finding the thermos.

"Yeah, hate the way Pam makes it; stuff's like water," Paul said as they pulled onto Highway 52.

"Look at this God damned shit, huh?" Jake spat as they spotted the apartment building that Paul owned.

Graffiti from the Angels 270 gang adorned the side of the building.

"I swear to God, them little shit ass punks ought to be rounded up and shot," Jake spat as he looked at the building's defacement. "Walking around with their pants so God damned lose they got to hold on to them; blasting that circus shit they call music!"

Paul nodded in agreement, too angry to speak.

"Always talking shit about respect, always saying we got to respect them, but I'll be damned if they show anyone else any respect," Jake went on.

The apartment building was empty. He'd made the mistake of renting one of the four units to a Latin woman and her eighteen year old son. The eighteen year old son was a member of the Angels 270, and within a month of the mother and son moving in, the Angels 270 had harassed and intimidated the other tenants into moving out. They gutted all four of the units for anything of value, including the copper pipes and wire in the walls.

Paul's insurance company balked at paying for the building, until Marie Robichaux, Paul's step-mother, stepped in. Having a District Attorney on your side was a handy little tool.


"Hey, Lala," Charles LaPointe smiled wearily as he let himself into their bedroom.

"I hate when you pull a double," Elaine LaPointe complained needlessly.

"You?" he asked, slipping his shoes off of his tired, aching feet. "Try working both shifts in the ER."

"You tired?" she asked when he slipped under the covers.

"What you think?" he asked, laying his head on the pillow.

"Too tired to..." she asked, already pulling her nightgown off.

"Baby, please," he begged. "I've been on my feet for sixteen hours straight."

"I didn't say you had to stand up," she giggled, knowing from the lump of flesh that was swelling in her hand that she was going to win.

"Please?" he begged her. "Not right now, okay, Lala?"

His cock may be reacting to his beautiful, sexy young wife, but his feet hurt, his legs hurt, his back hurt. He was tired, he was sore, he just wanted to sleep.

"Oh, all right," Elaine LaPointe huffed.

"Thank you," he said sincerely.

"Can I blow you?" she asked, kissing his mouth.

"Hmm," he pondered, but she was already slipping her head under the covers.

As she took the length of his cock into her mouth, he began to slip a finger into her wet slit. His thumb rubbed her swollen clitoris and she hummed happily. A second finger joined the first in her pussy and she began to stroke his cock with her throat muscles.

They both orgasmed at the same time; he pumping a thick load of his semen into her throat, she drenching his fingers with her own orgasm.

"Okay," she smiled at him. "I got to go get Trey and Richard ready for school. Love you."

"Love you too, Lala," he said, but he was already drifting off to sleep.


"Dick, I swear to God; my little girl becomes a cop, I will kill you," Carmen hissed at her husband as he dressed for work.

"Worse things to be," Sheriff Dick Davis shrugged.

"I mean it," she screamed and burst into sobs.

"What?" he asked, trying to hug her.

"No! Damn it, no! All right?" she screamed, beating at his chest.

"What?" He yelled back.

"You have any God damned idea how hard it is to watch you go to work? I never know if it's the last time I'll ever see you! And now, now you got Elise working there! She's going to want to be a cop too. I just know it! And then I'm going to lose the both of you, not just you," Carmen sobbed, finally letting him pull her into a hug.


Elise, thankfully, did not hear any of this tirades; she was across the street at her sister's house, helping Elaine get Trey and Richard ready for their day at school.

"I don't know what the big deal is," Trey informed Elise. "It's not like I've never been there before."

"Yeah, but it's the first day. You're going to see who your new teachers are, and who you'll be friends with, and if there's any cute girls there," Elise encouraged.

"Oh please," Trey rolled his eyes. "There's Lucy; she's the most beautiful girl ever; I already know that."

"Lucy Edwards?" Elise teased, sticking her finger down her throat and making gagging sounds.

"Aunt Leesie," Trey smirked. "You're not very funny."

"Never know," Elise said as she helped tie his shoes. "Might be one or two new girls this year, even cuter than Lucy."

He gripped her face in his small hands so she head to look him in the eye.

"Not. Going. To. Happen. Understand?" he said, emphatically.

"Well, yes sir!" Elise laughed.

"Aunt Leesie, don't tie them like that!" Trey complained as Elise put a double knot in his shoe laces.

"If I don't, then they'll just come undone," she said.

"Richard's already ready," Elaine declared.

"And so is whiney butt," Elise said, standing up.

"Hey!" Trey argued.


Richard Boudreaux stretched out next to his wife and looked at the small woman, belly grossly distended. Bernie was in her seventh month of pregnancy and Richard knew he had never seen a more beautiful sight.

Some would look at the afro of frizzy, tightly coiled carrot orange hair, the pug nose, the receding chin and not see a beautiful woman, but Richard knew, he knew there was no woman quite as beautiful as the four foot eleven inch girl that had agreed to marry him.

As if she could sense his eyes on her, she opened her large hazel eyes and looked into his brown eyes. She smiled self-consciously, remembering that she now slept nude. Clothing felt so confining, so restricting that she couldn't sleep in them, not with a swollen belly. But she was still modest enough to be embarrassed by her own nudity.

"Morning, sweetie," she mumbled.

"Morning; I made us some toast and jelly, okay?" he asked.

"Oh good," she murmured. "Grape or apple?"

"Ha!" he crowed. "Not going to get me this time, Miss Smarty Pants!"

"What?" she smiled mischievously.

"I do grape, you say 'oh, I really wanted apple,' I do apple, you say 'oh I really wanted grape,'" Richard said, laughing.

"Uh huh," she agreed.

"So, this time," he said, bringing the tray out. "I did both!"

"Oh, I really wanted peach," she said, then burst out laughing at his stunned face.

"We don't even have peach!" he yelled, exasperated.

"Sell it right there at Early's," she said, pointing in the general direction of the only grocery store in Bender, Louisiana.

"I swear to God, you're killing me!" Richard groused as he pulled his boots on.

"But this is fine," Bernie smiled as she picked up a piece of the toast.

"Oh no, woman," he exclaimed. "Oh no, I'll go get you your peach jelly. And when I get back, I'm going to smear it all over you and eat it off, you hear?"

"Ooh, promise?" she asked, flinging the comforter off, exposing her nude body to his gaze.

"Damn right; God Baby, you are really beautiful, you know that?" Richard said.

"Uh huh, and really want peach, hurry up," Bernie said, quickly pulling the covers back up to cover her nude body.


"And Jacob's going to be in my homeroom," Rebecca Robichaux prattled on and on as her mother brushed her hair.

"Good God, kid, you sleep in a briar patch?" Marie asked her daughter.

"And is my baby girl ready for her first day of school?" Bob smiled from the doorway.

"Uh huh," Rebecca nodded.

"Yes sir," Marie corrected.

"Yes sir," Rebecca agreed.

"Trying to brush this hair of herd's, looks like a jungle in there," Marie told Bob.

"Well, hey, I got my electric razor; we can just shave it off," Bob suggested.

"No!" Rebecca shrilled.

"Dad's just full a bulling you," Marie said, squeezing the girl.

"Hold still; going to send a picture to Paul," Bob said and snapped a picture with his cell phone.


"And Mrs. Hebert said 'Good, she smells like French fries,'" Cindy laughed as they finished their breakfast.

They were talking about Mickie, the girl that had been Candy's replacement as masseuse for the past three months while Candy was at home on maternity leave.

"I don't get it," Candy said.

"She used to work at McDonald's," Pam explained.

"And NEVER shut up about it!" Trish finished. "God bless! That girl just ran her mouth and ran her mouth and ran her mouth; I don't know how ANYONE enjoyed a massage with her."

"But I kind of talk a lot too," Candy defended the unknown girl.

"Uh huh, but you talk about what your client likes, not about McDonald's all the time," Pam offered.

"Well, I had a massage with her," Trish offered. "Completely inappropriate. Kept talking about how hard it is to keep her pussy shaved. Like I want to hear about her razor burn?"

"Yeah, had to have a little talk with her about that," Celine threw in.

"How'd she take it when you told her she wouldn't be needed any more?" Pam asked Celine.

"Cried a lot, threatened to sue us, wanted us to call her if Candy gets pregnant again," Celine shrugged.

"Well, I'll try," Candy laughed.

"Oh God, another nine months of Queen Candy? I don't think so!" Cindy teased.

"This road kill's pretty good," Trish teased Pam.

"Shut up; it's not road kill!" Pam screamed as Trish laughed.

"Your boyfriend know you're a bitch?" Pam asked as she put her dish in the dishwasher.

"Says as long as I'm not as big a bitch as you, he can live with it," Trish said, nudging Pam out of the way.

"Oh, God! I have so missed this!" Candy shrilled as she picked up her own plate.


Richard saw his eighteen year old sister in law, Bee, as she approached the sliding glass doors of Early's Grocery Store.

Before he could reach her, three members of the Angels 270 exited the store.

"Hey, Zits!" one of the gang members laughed. "Nice tits!"

Bee shrieked as the youth grabbed one of her breasts and squeezed it.

Bee ran into the store, clutching her arms over her ample chest.

The three gang members laughed uproariously, knowing that no one would dare confront them for their behavior.

Richard punched the laughing offender in his face. Before any of the three could react, he picked the stunned youth up by his ridiculous baggy pants and dumped him, head first, into a grocery cart. A savage kick sent the basket caroming through the parking lot toward Highway 19.

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