tagRomanceThe Cabin Ch. 1

The Cabin Ch. 1


I have decided to kidnap you once again, you really enjoy being taken away because every time I take you away, I surprise you with something you have thought of and wanted to do, but never had the right person to do it with. You are amazed that I even know of these things we do when we go away.

It's Friday night, we finally have a weekend to ourselves to get away, I have secretly arranged everything. I can selfishly have you to myself. You believe that the weekend is full of chores that need to be done around the house, but I have the secret safe.

As you enter the house, from working all day you notice the overnight bags near the front door, you smile because you know that means I am taking you away for another romantic weekend, something new and different each time and I never cease to amaze you with the intuitive knowledge of your fantasies. With each step into the house your excitement grows, trying to anticipate where this time? What theme? What is she wearing? When will I know?

You shower and change clothes as you know you need to be ready without notice, you dress warmly for it is the beginning of winter and I have your clothes laid out for you, as usual. You haven't seen me since you came in, but you know I will suddenly appear when the time has come for us to leave.

I enter the living room and walk to you, lean down and kiss you fully, deeply and with lust on my mind. You feel so much passion in the kiss that you become even more excited and rock hard. We are finally leaving for what promises to be another fantastic weekend.

You open the driver's side door for me and kiss me in the driveway trying to feel beneath my coat for a hint of things to come. I wriggle away from you playfully and start the engine. As we head out toward Mount Rainier you voice your concerns of the light snow that fell in the mountains the night before, I lay my hand on your leg, lightly rubbing and say trust me.

The snow is a bit more than I had planned for but I continue on up the mountain. Light snow starts to fall, but I know we are almost there, so I am not worried. Half way up the mountain I turn off the main road onto what appears to be a rarely used side road, you just look at me and I say trust me.

I am driving carefully dodging some of the overgrown tree limbs and potholes sometimes six inches deep you are beginning to feel pretty apprehensive and tell me you will not make love to me in the snow. I smile and drive on. About three miles back into the thickness of the forest the road starts to widen and opens up into a clearing with a small log cabin. I pull up front and turn off the motor and I kiss you again, rubbing my hands softly over your clothing, feeling your cock harden and wondering what is going through your head.

As we enter the cabin the only light is from the freshly lighted fire in the fireplace. The air is filled with the scent of incense, a light fragrance that fills you with sensuality, lust and passion. I take your hand and lead you around the huge overstuffed sofa, past the coffee table and remove your coat, gently placing it in the chair off to the side.

As I lead you down toward the floor, you kiss me all around my mouth, hot, deeply passionate, lost in the warmth of the fire and the scents that fill your head. You suddenly discover that I have laid you down in front of the fireplace and on top of the softest sheepskin you have ever felt. The floor is recessed and under the skins are large pillows so it feels as if you are in an old featherbed. I stand and remove my coat and you are surprised to see that I am wearing regular clothes and you are thinking, huuuummmm... there must be something under there. I excuse myself and head for what you believe to be the bathroom.

Entering the small kitchen area I find the iced champagne bottle and two chilled glasses. I notice the table is set for two I need only light the candles when the time comes to nourish ourselves. A note telling me everything I requested is here and our dinner is kept warm. I am very happy I was able to get it all done and never let on to you what tonight would bring.

I flip the stereo on and the room softly fills with soft music. I hand you your glass full of champagne and I carefully lower myself down beside you in front of the fire. We are each lost in our own thoughts for what seems like forever. We hold one another close gazing into the flickering light of the fire and sip our drinks, just enjoying the music, the crackling of the wood and the time we have privately with each other.

I feel the heat of your breath as it passes my ear before I feel the long slow passionate kisses we share. The kind of kisses that light the passion deep within us. Kisses that brand my skin with the heat of them. Kisses that start my juices flowing, the kisses that cause me to cry out your name as I cum for you. You lower your mouth to my neck waiting for the next release of passion, waiting to hear me call your name again, looking forward to hearing that cry over and over as the night goes on.

I feel the hardness of your cock as our bodies are pressed tightly together, I slowly remove your sweater to bare your chest for my hot mouth and tongue to explore. I cover your face and neck in kisses paying close attention to every sensitive spot there is, around your neck, then I explore the same areas with my tongue, so hot, so needing you, but so wanting to wait.

As I move my lips and tongue over your exposed nipples, teasing each one and watching them harden I reach down and open your jeans, sliding my hand across the top of your underwear, softly, slowly, making your skin tingle at the gentleness of my touch. I remove your jeans and every other stitch of clothing you have on, I lean up on my elbows, while on my stomach, and drink you in, with my eyes, the entire length of your body. My eyes convey my feelings to you as I make love to every part of your body with just my gaze.

I slowly rise to my knees and carefully pull up my sweater about an inch on one side, then the other side, I see the passion in your eyes as I slowly reveal, inch by inch, my skin to you, drinking in the scents of the room, the steamy music and the feelings your fingertips are burning into me inch by inch. The gentle way you instinctively know of touching me with the feather like strokes. As the sweater reaches my bra line your touch feels firmer in anticipation of touching my tits, rolling my nipples between your fingers, I can feel your lips pressing hard around them and you haven't raised your head from the floor yet. I moan at the thought. Slowly taking the sweater up over my head which is thrown back as your hands grasp each breast fulfilling my need for touch. You firmly squeeze each breast and rise up to wrap your mouth over one nipple and my hands find the bare skin of your cock and gently caress up and down. We are standing face to face, your hands wrapped around my breasts mine around your swollen cock, gently milking it I lean in to grasp a nipple in my mouth, needing to taste you, I find your mouth and kiss you deep, exploring your lips with my tongue you unbutton my jeans and they are tossed aside.

You gently lead my body back down to the floor and I moan at the softness of the sheep skin on my bare back. You reach around and squeeze my ass cheeks while sucking my tit. My hands touching your skin, feeling the heat radiate between us, you know I am ready to cum for you again but you stop it, wanting me to suffer in the intensity of the painful anticipation of pleasures beyond where we have gone before.

We both lay back seeking the wetness of the champagne slide across our tongues, we lie on our sides facing each other slowly sipping as you wait for me to come back down to earth. I reach up to the table and refill our glasses and we toast to us....and the intimate passions we have yet to discover within one another.

You slowly bring me back to the peak of my climax and draw away to watch as I raise my hips off the skins to let you know that I need you, that I want that gorgeous dick deep inside my wet pussy. You slowly rise above me kissing me deeply as you pin my hands together above my head and enter my pussy, so slowly, so deliberately, gazing deeply into my eyes and watching the change of expression on my face. Your body has me pinned but I still manage to slightly move my hips up and down you pull completely out staring into my eyes with the look that I know means submit. I lower my eyes and hold completely still as I know you will take me ever so slowly and completely, causing me to literally scream and tearfully cry when you allow me to cum.

We lay together catching our breath holding each other tightly still sensually touching and kissing. I get us each a long tee shirt and I lead you to the table where I have lighted the candles and placed warm plates of shrimp, lobster tail and pasta. I have the wine bottle and opener ready for you to remove the cork and pour. We enjoy a steamy delicious dinner, eating sensually and toying with our food. Neither of us can finish until we have finished our other meal first.

Playfully I pull you from the table and back down onto the floor in front of the fireplace. I take your semi hard cock into my mouth tasting myself all over you, cupping your balls into my hand, stroking them playing with them as I kiss up and down the length of your cock, flicking the tip of my tongue around the base of the head and across the small opening on top, feeling you grow bigger and harder with my mouth and tongue. I lick upward toward your nipples and gently nibble at your hips and stomach, slowly working my way upward.

I am on my knees moving inch by inch, one knee between your legs the other on the side, licking sucking, tasting, smelling, using each of my five senses. I absolutely adore you. I lick each nipple allowing the cool and warm sensations to heighten your pleasure as I position myself over your engorged cock. I want to take the entire shaft deeply inside my dripping cunt, but I don't think you are ready enough. I slip the sleeping mask over your eyes, gently slide the silk bindings around each of your wrists and lean back to take in the beauty of your bound body. Leaving only your legs available to you.

I reach up to the table and firmly shake the can of whipped cream, you ask what I am doing....silence... you ask if I am there....silence. I reach out with the can and start spraying the thick cream at the base of your cock. Your hips jump from the cold, you are moaning and withering around trying to get away from the cold, I have covered your cock in whipped cream. Laying the can aside I pick up the soft feather laying beside me and gently run the edges over the rest of your body, you lie there calling my name, begging me to take you, I lean down and lick once from the base of your cock to the head, you thrust your cock up higher wanting me to take more, but you aren't ready yet. I slide the feather across your nipples and watch them harden into tight little buds, just right for sucking, I suck and nibble until they swell harder from the pleasure of my mouth then I lick your cock once more. I move the cream from your cock to the tips of your nipples and to your neck, where I spend a good five minutes licking and sucking it off. Your cries become louder, but no one can hear you but me and I=m the one you are trying to move away from.

I know you are excited as your cock is harder than ever before, the different smells in the room, the music playing and the warmth of the fire combined with the whipped cream drive you over the edge, I climb up across your hips and plunge your cock deep within me. You weren't expecting that and groan in the element of surprise and pleasure that I have given you this far. I take my time with you, moving ever so slightly on your cock, feeling the head rub on my g-spot, bringing myself to cum and slowly working your cock inside my pussy. I feel you swelling, getting so hard, hearing you beg to let you cum, I slide off of you and return to licking and sucking my cum off your cock. I cuddle your balls inside my hand gently massaging them while tightly holding the base of your cock to keep you from cumming. I reach to the side of me and slide the cock ring down on your cock and I straddle your hips again to fuck you hard. Pounding up and down on your huge organ, as I listen to you cry for release, I ride you until I know you can't take anymore, removing the ring and the silk bindings I allow you to take me anyway you want to, without removing the blindfold. You roll me to my back and enter my hot wet pussy, taking me slowly, bringing us both to explode on one another. We fall next to each other on the skins holding each other and both fall into a light sleep for awhile.

We finish our dinner and return to the fireplace to spend just a little more time alone before trying to get back down off the mountain. As we ready to leave the snow is falling hard and had been for quite some time. There was at least a foot and a half on the ground with no stopping in sight. I guess we will just be stuck in Paradise together for awhile.

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