The Cline's Conquer Time Ch. 04


And a good son-in-law should think that there is no greater way for a man to honor his wife than by making sure her mother, the woman who brought his wife into the world, is in a constant state of bliss. A good son-in-law makes sure that his mother-in-law cums ten times a day. A good son-in-law makes sure his mother-in-law's cunt, mouth and asshole are all well fucked, every single day. A good son-in-law ignores his wife at all opportunities and saves his best for her mother. Cause that's what good son-in-laws do. And a good daughter understands. Even if her mother decides to make this arrangement permanent, she shouldn't be angry. She should be honored.

A good daughter should be overjoyed when she finds out her mother is keeping her husband. A good daughter should feel so proud that her mother is so sexy than she could successfully steal her husband. A good daughter should be pleased when her husband and her mother go on vacation and leave her behind. A good daughter should be happy to see the pictures online of her husband and her mom canoodling intimately. A good daughter should be happy when her mother lets all of her daughter's friends know that she has stolen her hunky hubby. A good daughter should feel so proud when all of her friends think her mom is so much cooler than she is and become friends with her instead. A good daughter should be overjoyed when her mother decides it would best if she carried all of her hubby's children in her mature belly instead of in the stomach of her unprepared daughter. A good daughter should feel so happy when her mother asks her to sign divorce papers so her hubby can put a ring on her mother's finger. A good daughter would accept her mother's explanation that this is a marriage for legal reasons only and that she can still act like she is married, and that the whole thing is too complicated for her to understand. And a good daughter should totally understand when her mother tells her that she should ultimately move out and get her own place, leaving her mother and her husband to share the house together. A good daughter will happily live in a tiny apartment alone, knowing her mother and hubby are happily sharing their big house together. A good daughter will totally accept it when her mother and her husband never return her calls and never make any attempt to contact her, because they are probably too busy in each others' arms to answer any silly phone calls. A good daughter would happily live the rest of her life alone just so her mother and her husband spend a life together in unending bliss. A good daughter would be happy knowing her mother has greedily stolen the life that was meant for her. A good daughter should feel honored that her mother would spend the rest of her life getting fucked by the dick that she should have had locked down. A good daughter should be pleased knowing her mother had all the children meant for her.

That's what a good daughter would do. That's how a good daughter should treat a Cline woman.

Jocelyn regained her senses and continued hammering into Derek's psyche.

"So, something as simple as rubbing my feet shouldn't be a problem. Don't you agree, Heather?" Jocelyn called out.

"Whuuuhhh? Yeaahhh, whateverrrr." Heather mumbled.

"See, Heather agrees. So what's the problem?" Jocelyn asked, staring him down again. Derek really had no way out of this uncomfortable situation. So reluctantly, he had no choice but to comply.

"Yes, Ms. Cline." Derek said quietly, giving in. He pulled off the shoe from Jocelyn's dangling foot and set the shoe on the floor, exposing the bare foot of his mother-in-law. He repeated the gesture on her other foot, leaving her feet completely bare. They were nice looking feet, the nails well cared for, perfectly pedicured and coated with black nail polish.

Derek was not one of those guys that had a fetish for feet or anything like that, so he got no particular pleasure at the sight of Jocelyn's feet. But that was not Jocelyn's plan. She knew guys like him, and she knew he would revel in the submission of the situation. She knew he was a good boy, raised well by his parents. They had taught him to respect his elders, and that would be his downfall. His parents never warned him about lecherous older women that would take advantage of his generosity and use him to satisfy their own sick, twisted fantasies. And they had unfortunately created a son who was an ideal target for slutty older women. They did everything right with him and had created a son who was a complete stud and a scientific genius. The unintended side effect of this perfect parenting was that they created a perfect young man who had little chance of ending up with a perfect young woman. They had created a naïve young man unprepared for the evils of the world, unready to handle the experienced maneuvers of seduction that only an older woman can know. Derek was simply not built to fight back against the aggressive and overt displays of sex that older women could provide. Derek would respect his elders all the way to his doom, till that respect and naïve obedience led him balls deep into a MILF's tight cunt. Derek's parents had created the perfect guy to spend the rest of his life fucking mature women. All that perfect, mistake-free parenting, all that hard work that had gone into making Derek the man he was today, would only benefit one woman. That perfection and work ethic would all be redirected into one singular focus: making an older woman cum. And Jocelyn knew she would be the one on the receiving end.

"Use those big strong hands and really dig in deep Derek." Jocelyn commanded. Derek's fingers made contact and he began to rub her feet, using his thumbs to apply heavy pressure. "Oh, that's it!" Jocelyn moaned out, curling her toes as he massaged her feet. His thumbs smoothly dug into her heel, rubbing away any soreness stored there. He let his thumbs travel the length of the tendon under her foot, causing Jocelyn to shiver.

"Mmm, you're a natural at this, Derek. A lot of women would pay good money to be treated like this. I might have to spread the word to all my friends about you. Now do the other foot, darling." Jocelyn commanded firmly. Derek didn't know what to say to all of this, so he simply obeyed, giving her other foot the same treatment. As he did, she wiggled her toes, which were about a foot from his face.

Jocelyn studied Derek's face as he did this. Even though his hands were busy with her foot, his eyes were locked on her bouncing toes. She knew the struggle he was going through. It was always the same with young guys like him. They all thought they were normal, regular guys, but as soon as they found themselves on their knees in front of her, staring at her cute toes, they all felt the incredible urge to take those toes in their mouths and worship them like they are meant to be worshipped. It was the same with all the young guys she enslaved. It was in their blood.

Derek's eyes followed his mother-in-law's bouncing toes as he caressed her feet firmly. His mind kept flashing to strange images. He kept having strange urges, namely to take her pretty toes into his mouth and give them a tongue bath. It felt like that is what she really wanted. It felt like that was what he was supposed to do in this situation. That sucking her toes was the protocol. That any guy in his position should do that. And that thought, the thought of sucking his mother-in-law's toes, sent a thrilling shiver through him.

Why? Why was he enticed by the idea of sucking his mother-in-law's toes? He wasn't into feet or anything like that. That wasn't what interested him. It was just the idea of getting on his knees in front of a strong, powerful woman, massaging her feet, and sucking her toes... there was no way to look upon this predicament of his and not see it as an utter act of submission on his part. An admission of her superiority... her dominance... his submissiveness.

Derek felt like he had been in this situation before, but he couldn't remember where or when. It felt like déjà vu. It felt like he had gone through this thought process before. That he had thought about submitting to a strong woman. It all felt like it had happened, in this very room. The déjà vu alarm bells were ringing, but he couldn't figure out why. But he examined his own thoughts, and even though this was a new situation, he was reading through his thoughts like a book that was already written.

Derek was a very controlled, ordered guy. In his work, he was very organized. In his mind, if the chaos of the universe could somehow be kept in order, then he could at least keep his notes in order. Derek tried to find a certain level of control with every aspect of his life. Sure, this made him a bit introverted, a bit hesitant to put himself out there and risk losing control. That was why he was a virgin till he met Heather. He never fully gave up the control, even though giving up control could be the one thing that could lead him to true happiness. Losing a bit of control, putting himself out there just a little bit, led him to something incredible he had never experienced. Love. Marriage. Full spiritual happiness. So it was natural for him to associate giving up a bit of control came with happiness. But consequently, this very same conclusion had a very dark side-affect. He didn't realize that associating loss of control with happiness was a very dangerous connection to make. He didn't realize that by making that small connection, he had unknowingly imprinted onto his mind one simple, unbreakable, unshakeable truth: if a little loss of control could bring true love, then giving up all control could bring something so much more. Something more base and instinctual, a kind of connection deeper than the construct of love. A connection that pervades so deeply in a person that it could be theorized this connection pervades space and time itself. That no matter what universe a person is in, what reality this person is living in, this type of connection will always be the same. That connection being deep sexual fulfillment.

Derek's instincts were working against his mind. His brain was telling him to stop this situation from getting out of control. But his instincts wanted him to do the opposite; to lose, be defeated, be cowed and beaten by a dominant woman. His brain was telling him to run, but his instincts as a submissive man were telling him take her toes into his mouth and lavish them with the tongue worship they so obviously deserved.

Derek licked his lips as he stared at Jocelyn's foot. No, she was Ms. Cline. She would always be Ms. Cline cause it was so much better that way. To acknowledge her dominance by not being allowed to call her by her first name. To be on his knees rubbing her feet, sucking her toes... nothing sounded better at the moment.

He looked up at Ms. Cline's face, past her wiggling toes. She was staring down at him, a look of pure smug, sexy, knowing dominance on her face. She wet her lips with her smooth tongue, and firmly said two words to him.

"Do it."

Derek shivered at this command. His rational, controlled mind just shut down at this overt command by such a sexy, dominant woman. His mouth opened, he craned his neck forward, and allowed his mother-in-law's big toe into his mouth.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh!!" Jocelyn moaned out, her head falling back and her nipples tightening. Feeling her son-in-law's tongue surrounding her toe for the first time was a divine pleasure.

"Ohhhh, I am definitely telling all of my friends about you, baby!" Jocelyn moaned out. "You are so fucking good at this! You should stop doing that science nonsense and become a full-time toe-sucker! Ha-ha!" She turned to face her nearly passed out daughter.

"Look, at your husband, honey! Look at him and look at what you allowed to happen!" Jocelyn said. Derek had almost forgotten all about his wife. Her drunken, glassy eyes were watching this unholy scene, her husband on his knees with her mother's foot in his mouth. Luckily, she was half-passed out, so she couldn't comprehend what she was seeing.

"Whashh gug hnnnnn?" A nearly unconscious Heather muttered.

"Oh, can't you tell?" Jocelyn stated, "Your husband is sucking my toes! And it feels soooo good!"

'And it won't be the only part of me he sucks on tonight' Jocelyn thought to herself. If his tongue felt that good on her toe, she could only imagine how good it would feel on her nipples. Or her cunt. And especially against her asshole.

Derek looked at his wife, but she wasn't close to objecting or really doing anything other than passing out. She was just gonna let this happen. It couldn't be so bad then, right? Even through her drunken fugue, if what he was doing was so wrong, she still probably would have gotten up and objected. But she didn't. She just sat there and let this happen. So if she didn't object, then what was stopping him from diving in, right?

Derek focused on Jocelyn's foot, weaving his tongue between her toes, smothering them with his tongue and soaking them with his spit. He gave her other foot the same treatment. He kept at it for a few minutes, never letting his mouth leave her cute toes, worshipping her feet like they deserved to be worshipped.

Jocelyn looked down at her son-in-law worshipping at her feet. She thought now was as good a time as any to hammer into his malleable psyche just a bit more.

"Mmm, I think we've answered my question from before, Derek. You act like such a good guy, a good husband, till you get a new mommy in your life and you realize you would much rather serve her instead. You'd rather be a good son than a good husband, it's painfully clear now. I read this article a while back. They did a poll about men who have sucked on a girl's toes. 75% of those men said the women whose toes they've sucked were over 40 years old." Jocelyn stated, uttering complete bullshit but treating it as fact. "So, it seems to me that men who suck on girls' toes prefer older women. Men that suck on a girl's toes would rather be a mommy's boy than be with a girl his own age. The study also said the men that prefer older women make it a point to suck on her toes as often as possible. These men don't just love older women. Men that want older woman don't just want them. They worship them. So, I must say, Derek, the evidence is really beginning to pile up. You might say otherwise, but the numbers are against you, baby. Or should I call you son? Is that what you'd prefer?"

"It's not true, Ms. Cline." Derek said, pulling his mouth away from his mother-in-law's toes, saliva connecting his lips to her big toe. He went to stand up, but Jocelyn put her foot on his shoulders and forced him back to his knees. She smoothly forced her wet toes back into his mouth. Derek didn't fight back. He just kneeled there and took it.

"Ha Ha Ha!" Jocelyn laughed. "For a genius like yourself, you sure are stupid!" Jocelyn said arrogantly. "Numbers are numbers! Facts are facts! You have all the characteristics of a boy who prefers to be dominated by an older woman. So stop being a boy! Be a man and admit you a need a mommy!"

"No!" Derek said, his tongue still running circles around her big toe.

"You're really starting to piss me off! But I get it! The truth is hard to find. You need cold, hard numbers. You need facts. And I have them. This little study I read didn't just talk about toe suckers like you. It had other facts as well." Jocelyn stated. Then, as quick as a bullet, Jocelyn grabbed his head between her feet roughly and jerked him forward, showing gymnast-like flexibility in the process. Derek's head was now between his mother-in-law's thighs. She released his head from between her feet and quickly wrapped her thighs around his head, putting pressure on his skull and holding him in place. She crossed her feet and clenched her fit thighs, really turning up the pressure.

Derek's vision was jarred, and it was only when his eyes settled that he realized he was six inches from his mother-in-law's thong clad cunt. In her smooth motion of grabbing his head, her dress was now flipped over her waist, exposing her barely covered cunt to the young man. And her black thong was tiny, the type only a really filthy slut would wear. It barely covered her pussy and the straps of the thong were barely there, barely interrupting the vision of her smooth skin. The thong clung to the puffy lips of her mature cunt and her hard, protruding clit. The scent of her wet cunt hit Derek's ears and made him dizzy again.

"I have some more numbers for you, Derek." Jocelyn began, her voice muffled in his ears by her firm thighs smothering his ears. "I read that 90% of all men that eat pussy prefer eating the cunts of older women." she began, watching his eyes as they were enraptured by the vision of her barely-covered cunt. 92% of men that eat older women's cunts end up sucking those same older women's assholes as well, even if they never have eaten out an asshole before." Jocelyn said. She watched Derek's eyes widen as his eyes followed the tiny string of the thong that ran into Jocelyn's ass-crack. And it was easy in the position she was in to see her tight, mature asshole behind the tiny black string. It arrested Derek's vision. "95% of the men that ate an older woman's asshole did it again. 96% of men that rim women's assholes on a regular basis say that older women's assholes are much sexier than the assholes of younger women."

Jocelyn was a cunning seductress. She knew how to attack Derek's scientific brain. She used numbers, and facts and figures. Even though these numbers were complete bullshit, he was eating them up.

"Derek..." Jocelyn began. "This same article polled men who had a little fetish for great, big breasts. Experts in the field in the best of tits. 98% of those men said that mature breasts were better. Better for sex, better looking, better to the touch, better to suck on, and much better to nurse from." Derek looked away from his mother-in-law's cunt and up to the round, ripe melons on her chest, her hard nipples protruding under her dress.

"I'll finish with this. 99% of men said that older women were sexier than younger girls, and that they were better at sex. Even if those men are with younger women, or women their own age, they all admit that older women are probably better than younger women in every way. The only reason all men don't end up shacked up with older women is that some men are afraid or ashamed of the fact that they prefer older women. But you don't have to be ashamed, Derek. There's nothing to be afraid of."

"Older women aren't to be feared. They are to be worshipped, because they are built for pleasure. That is why the truly modern, forward thinking men these days are all ending up with older women. You look at all these sexy famous older women who maintained their hot bodies. They don't date old guys. They all end up pairing off with hot, young guys. They end up with the hot young studs that all the young girls fantasize about. Those older sluts end up hogging the hot guys for themselves, as they should. Older women are taking over. The best models, whether it be fashion models, swimsuit models, or nude models, all of the top models, the models most in-demand, are women my age. The finest pornography these days, the ones that sell the most, are the ones where older women are fucking younger guys. Modern, cultured, informed men know the truth. They've sampled the finest of the flesh, and older women come out on top."

"So, there's no shame in admitting the truth, Derek. There is no shame in admitting that you have spent most of your life fantasizing about older women sexually. There is no shame in admitting that you would sacrifice your marriage and your career to get some mature pussy. There is no shame in wanting a mommy more than a wife. There is no shame in admitting you never, ever fantasized about girls your own age. There is no shame in admitting you fantasized about your mom's hot friends. Or you're voluptuous teachers. Or some stacked relatives. It is perfectly natural for a young guy like you to want to offer his dick up to every hot MILF he sees."

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