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The Concierge


Mike took Shelly's case and put it in the back of the car. They had been planning this weekend away for years but never seemed to get around to doing it, always finding an excuse not to go. The kids were with Mike's mother, a neighbor was taking care of the pets, and Mike had taken an extra day off work so they could make the most of the weekend. Closing the front door behind her, Shelly stepped into the car and waited for Mike to finish bragging to the neighbor over the fence about what a great weekend he was going to have while the neighbor was hat home mowing the lawn. He really did loved teasing that guy.

The drive was the most pleasant they had been on for quite some time. The winding roads that led around the rocky coastline provided wonderful views, and the warm ocean breezes made a welcome change to the smell and smog of the city. Even thought they lived no more than four hours drive to the coast, they never seemed to get the opportunity to go there. The kids were disappointed that they were not going on this trip, but after Mike promised to take them on the next school break, they were much happier about the arrangement.

It was like a dream come true driving through the huge gates that gave access to the resort. Massive palm trees lined the drive, a perfectly trimmed and manicured golf course ran off to the right as far as the eye could see, and the very air seemed alive with hidden adventure. The resort itself rose out of the trees like a temple to the gods as they neared the end of the drive, a massive complex of concrete and glass almost sparkling against it's aquatic back drop.

They pulled up in front of the foyer and a well dressed young man came forward to open the doors for them. Another young man, dressed exactly the same, came to collect their bags and show them to the front desk to check in, while the first guy took their car to the resort parking area. Shelly felt a little odd. Normally she was the one catering to every one's needs, not having hers catered to. It made her feel a bit uncomfortable, but Mike just laughed, telling her to get used to it, this weekend she would be treated like a queen. She frowned a little at him mocking her, but she figured he was right. This weekend was a treat and she might as well make the best of all that was on offer.

Their room was like nothing she had ever seen before, easily three times the size of their living room at home; a huge bed set against the wall on one side of the room, and a spa bath on the other side. The room was not sectioned off like she would have expected, but the way it was set out had a definite sexy feel about it. There was a bar, and a table with four chairs, a lounge setting just like the one she had been circling in catalogues for years. Two huge glass doors opened out onto a spacious balcony, making being on the fifth floor all the better.

Owen, the executive concierge who would be seeing to all of their needs while they stayed in the resort, dismissed the bell boy after he had set down the bags, showed them the rooms facilities, then headed for the door, asking if there was anything more they needed. Mike went to hand the well mannered young man a tip, Owen refusing saying that if they were happy with his services, they were welcome to tip him at the end of their stay, other wise he expected nothing.

Mike was very impressed with the young man. It was not often that he found younger men who lived up to his rather tough expectations of professionalism. Not that Owen was all that young. He looked to be in his early twenties, which to Mike in his late thirties considered young by comparison. A handsome man with short cut sandy blond hair, sky blue eyes, and a body held firm and trim by youth and exercise, he seemed to know his job well. Shelly did not miss how impressed Mike was with the young man, and a wicked thought crossed her mind, but she pushed the thought aside as quick as it came. Surely Mike would never be interested in letting another man in their bed.

They didn't bother to unpack; changing into their bathers and heading out to explore everything the resort had to offer. Finding the pool seemed to cater to most of their needs without having to venture to far, they relaxed back in the cool water. Sipping cocktails from the bar in the center of the pool, they watched the other people around them. Beautiful young bodies sunning them selves with total disregard for the affects of the suns rays, older bodies displaying the same disregard, all concerned only with their own needs to relax and enjoy.

Mike watches as a pretty brunet walked up the pool steps, her wet hair streaming down over her slender back, almost hiding her perfect young ass from view, but hiding none of her exotic beauty. Her black g-string left very little to the imagination, and when she turned around, Shelly found herself looking hungrily at the girls bouncing rounded breasts, her nipples covered only by small triangles of black mesh. Shelly ran her hand over Mike's thigh, brushing up against his bathers, feeling his cock swelling as he watched the girl. She was having trouble hiding her own arousal and could certainly not blame him for his. Knowing that he was hard watching another woman made her a little jealous, but there was no harm in looking, and she was getting hot looking at the same woman after all.

As the day drifted away, they decided it was time to leave the splendor of the pool, the bar and the sun worshipers, and head back to their room for a nap before dinner. Mike watched as Shelly stripped out of her bikini. She was still a very impressive woman to look upon, giving life to his two children had done little to spoil her beautiful figure and full breasts. She had not long had her thirty first birthday, but she didn't look a day over twenty five. Funny how he had never paid much attention to how lovely she was, and she was indeed lovely. Time had made him complacent, something he would have to rectify.

Shelly was just about to step into the spa bath when there was a knock on the door. Mike opened it without so much as a thought for his wife standing in the middle of the room naked. Owen stood in the open doorway holding a bunch of flower and a basket of fruit, his eyes wide and his mouth agape. Mike took the flowers, taking them to Shelly and bending on one knee to present then to her, leaving Owen to set the fruit on the table. Shelly blushed a little when she realized Owens discomfort, but made no effort to cover herself. She had a nice body and saw no need to hide it, Mike didn't seem to see a need to cover her either, and he seemed to be enjoying the way the younger man was looking at his wife.

Shelly smelled the sweet scent of the flowers, wrapping her arms around Mike's neck, pressing her body against his.

"Thank you for the flowers Sweetheart, they are lovely."

He kissed her hard, his hands sliding down over the firm cheeks of her ass and squeezing them gently. Looking deep into her eyes, he kisses the tip of her nose.

"Not half as lovely as you are my Darling."

Owen could not take his eyes off the couple, they were so beautiful, so tender and loving. He wished he could have something so wonderful, but there was a certain comforting in knowing such affection was still alive in the world. He smiled a little at the thought that there was hope for him yet. So intent was he in watching the couple that he didn't give a thought to that fact that he was becoming aroused, and it showed.

Shelly and Mike had not missed Owens arousal, in fact there was something about having the younger man watching them that made them both hotter for each other. Mike began to wonder how far he could go before Owen ran from the room, his mind turning over thoughts he had never even considered before. He lowered his head, watching the other man as he sucked his wife's nipple into his mouth, his tongue flicking back and forwards over her hard dark bead. Owen licked his lips a little but made no move to flee.

Shelly moaned softly as Mike licked and sucked her tender breasts, squeezing them together so he could suck both at once, massaging them with his mouth and hands. Slowly he worked her way down her body, kissing between her breasts, down over her flat, tight stomach until his face was level with her cleaned shaved snatch. He loved the way she shaved it, the way he could lick her smooth skin completely clean when she was wet and juicy. The tip of his tongue reached out and penetrated the edge of her slit, forcing his tongue between into her crack as she stood there, her breathing almost turning to panting.

Owen watched every move they made, the swelling in his already tight pants becoming more than a little uncomfortable. He wasn't entirely sure if he should join the couple, or find a reason to make a quick exit. As if Mike could read his mind, he stood and took Shelly by the hand, leading her to the bed and laying her back on the covers only a few feet away from where Owen was standing. A soft groan escaped Owens lips at the sight of her beautiful body laid out on the bed before him like a smorgasbord, and him a starving man.

Mark leaned over Shelly, kissing his way down her body while she watched the expression on Owens face turn to one of almost agony. She could torture him no more. Holding out her hand to him, he joined them on the bed. Mark had a wicked gleam in his eyes as he looked at Owen fumbling to get his clothing off in a hurry. He moved lower to Shelly's lovely tanned thighs, sliding his hands between them and spreading them wide.

"Owen, come see what I have here."

Shelly stretched her arms above her head; her breasts high on her chest, her panting breath more likened to a soft purring. Never had she had so much attention paid to her body, and Mark was obviously getting great pleasure from showing her off to Owen. Normally Mark was a very possessive man, but today he was more than happy to share.

Naked, Owen moves to the end of the bed to see what Mark had to offer him, and the sight of Shelly's pussy spread wide open was more than he could stand. Mark reached out and spread her soft pink lips, sliding a finger into her open hole, covering it in her sweet scented juices, then sort out her tender clit to give it a good stroking. Owen took his cock in his hand as he watched Mark tease and caress his wife's clit, spreading her delicate folds and making her wiggle. His cock was throbbing so hard it threatened to betray him and explode before he he'd had the chance to experience any real pleasure. Mike pushed his finger deep into Shelly's milky love box, pulling it out and offering it to Owen.

"Would you like a taste? She has a great tasting cunt."

The smell of Shelly's pussy juices was thick on Mike's finger as he held it out to Owen to suck and Owen cold not resist. He sucked Mike's finger deep into his mouth, licking it clean of all the delicious love sauce Shelly had so generously provided. Mike didn't pull his finger from Owen lips, watching instead as the other man sucked and teased his finger.

Shelly watched intrigued as Mike let Owen suck his finger. She never imagined such a thing would turn Mike on, but it did, immensely. She let her own fingers wonder to her unattended pussy, dipping them into her juices and sliding them back over her clit, moaning softly. Her emanating sounds attracted the attention of the men and they smiled at each other sinfully. Owen feasted his eyes on Shelly's hot looking pussy.

"Would you mind if I licked her cunt? It's looking so good spread out there, so tasty."

"Not at all, go right ahead. I'm sure you love how she tastes. Sweetest cunt in country and she never runs dry."

Mark watched as Owen leaned down and reached out for Shelly's dripping pussy with his tongue. Mark never thought that watching another man lick the cunt that he loved so much would make him so damn hot, he needed attention bad. Moving further up the bed, Mark brought his cock to Shelly's luscious red lips, rubbing it against her face and pushing his swollen head into her mouth. He loved the sight of her body wiggling, her hips lifting and her legs spread wide. Grabbing her hair, he turned her head so he could fit more of his cock into her ht mouth.

"Shelly baby, suck me. I need you to suck my cock, please suck it for me baby."

How could Shelly refuse a begging husband? She grabbed a pillow and slipped it under her head, giving her more height, taking his shaft in her hand, she sucked hard on his knob. Mark groaned as his engorged cock slipped through her fingers and vanished into her mouth. No one could suck like Shelly. He thrust forward a little, still holding onto her hair, more for support than forcing her to suck. Shelly never needed to be told twice to suck his cock, it was one of her favorite pass times and one he supported whole hearted as long as the only cock she sucked was his.

With Owens tongues fucking her pussy, and Mike's cock thrusting into her mouth, Shelly was close to heaven. The more Owen licked and probed, the harder she sucked Mike, and it was a wonderful combination. Slowly Mike pulled his cock from Shelly's hungry mouth, laying back on the bed and lifting her over his face so that she could see his cock. He wasted no time in burying his face in her hot hole, covering his lips and nose in her delicious juice.

Shelly leaned forward to take Mike's cock back into her mouth when Owen reached out and took it in his hand. She looked at him for a moment, curious as to what he was going to do with her husband's cock until he motioned for her to suck the knob while he stroked the pulsing shaft. The feel of Owens hand around Mike's cock while she sucked sent shudders racing through her body, making her pussy juices flow thick and free over Mike's devouring mouth.

Soon Shelly's arousal become so intense she found it almost impossible to remain on Mike's face and suck his cock at the same time. Lifting her body to try and regain some balance and control, Owen leaned forward and sucked Mike's cock deep into his mouth. Shelly was stunned at what she was witnessing. Mike obviously new it was no longer his wife's mouth wrapped around his cock, his hips lifting and thrusting to meet Owens strong sucks. Shelly moved lower to watch her lovers cock disappear into another mans mouth, moving her hand beneath Marks cock to fondle his balls and tease his tight ass hole.

Mike grabbed her hips hard, forcing his tongue even deeper into her hole, his face fucking her wildly as his own excitement grew to incredible heights. He could feel her getting closer and closer to her moment of release, pulling his tongue from her and lifting her from his face. She moaned loudly with disappointment that he would take her so far and make her wait, but she knew he was far from finished with her. She sat back for a moment, watching the expression on Mike's face as he watched Owen giving him head. The pure ecstasy in his eyes brought on by the sight of this handsome young man's mouth savoring his throbbing shaft was enough to keep Shelly's motor running hot.

Owen lifted his head, taking Mike's cock in his hand and keeping him hard as Shelly straddled her husbands cock, looking into his eyes as she leaned forward to kiss him. As she slowly began to lift and lower her hips, riding Mike's splendid pole, Owen rubbed his hands over her ass, squeezing her cheeks gently. With one hand Owen sort out her tight puckered little hole and teased it with the tip of his finger, with his other hand he kneaded and massaged Mike's tightening sack. Continuing to fondle Mike's balls, Owen gazed longingly at Shelly's dark hole, he back arched as she rode the nicest cock he's ever sucked.

Rubbing his finger around the entrance of her cock filled pussy, he made it wet and returned to teasing her ass, slipping the tip of his finger in just a little. Her back arched a little more, her ass pushing back against his finger and he smiled wickedly. Pushing his finger in all the way, probing and exploring the hidden depths of her rectum, he added a second finger, then a third, her body writhing with the pleasure and increased stimulation. Mike held tight to her hips, controlling her movements when she had lost all control. Passion ruled her slender body, consuming her every thought, her every movement.

Pulling his fingers free of her ass, he pushed his tongue deep inside her, tasting her, fucking her with his tongue. Over and over he probed and plunged into her forbidden depts. He needed more. Straddling Mikes legs, he moved over Shelly's ass and rubbed the knob of his cock against the now loosened restraints of her cute little ass.

Shelly moaned deeply in anticipation, fighting back the urge to beg him to fuck her ass. Never had she wanted to be penetrated so badly, and when he finally pushed the head of his cock into her opening, she cried out in a rush of both pleasure and pain. Never in her wildest dreams could she have imagined that the painful entry could be so completely thrilling. He paused, waiting for her ass muscles to adjust, then pushed his cock in a little deeper.

Mike could feel Owens cock pushing deeper and deeper into his wife's ass, making her pussy tighter around his own pumping member. The sounds of pleasure the were emanating from Shelly was enough to make him want to explode deep within her, but he was holding back, enjoying the feel of the other mans cock matching him thrust for thrust deep inside her.

As Owen pumped her ass, and Mike fucked her pussy, Shelly was in ecstasy, her body exploding in orgasmic heat, both her holes contracting around throbbing cocks and squeezing them tight within her. Mike could hold back no longer, his cock shooting load after load of hot spunk into her. Owen groaned loudly as his own spunk shot deep into her ass, cum overflowing from both her throbbing, holes and running down over Mikes balls in a thick sticky cream.

Owen pulled slowly from her ass, dropping exhausted onto the bed. Shelly rolling off Mike and laying spent between then. As she lay there resting and trying to catch her breath, her lovers touched her tenderly, running their fingers up and down her body with feather light touches, kissing her sweat drenched skin with loving tender lips. Owen gave her shoulder one last kiss before he got off the bed and headed for the spa bath.

Reaching for the controls, he turned the jets up high and relaxed back into the cool water. For Mike and Shelly it was more than just a welcome idea, it was one that had them both a little hot again. Climbing off the bed, Mike swept Shelly up into his strong arms and carried her to the tub, stepping in and lowering her onto his lap. Owen had his head resting on the side of the tub, his eyes closed and his breathing calm and steady. Shelly could not resist the urge to lean over and kiss him softly, brushing her lips against his, her tongue extending to lick his top lip. He sighed softly, returning her tender gesture.

Mike's stomach rumbled. The evening was getting late and none of them had eaten dinner as yet. Setting Shelly down in the tub next to Owen, he walked dripping to the bedside and picked up the phone.

"Hello room service? I'd like to place an order, we'll be dining in our room tonight."

Owen turned to give him a wicked grin. He had the feeling they would be dining in their room a lot this weekend, and wondered is he was up for a descent tip. Casting his eyes over Mick's steadily growing erection, he was almost sure of it.

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