tagBDSMThe Cruise Ch. 05

The Cruise Ch. 05


I remained bound in the dark for quite some time. With nothing to stimulate my senses, my mind begins to wander, and I start to reflect on the evening. It's been challenging, to say the least, but rewarding as well. My bound aching cock seems to agree, as it leaks copious amounts of pre-cum onto the cold tile floor beneath me. My face smells of sweaty ass, and I can still taste the salty mix of piss and dirty ass on my tongue. Normally this would disgust me, but I've come to accept it, and it's all thanks to Mistress.

As if on cue, the door slides open, and a visage of beauty walks in. Mistress. She's completely nude, her wonderful voluptuous body on full display. My heart flutters, and my cage cock fights against its prison as she walks towards me. Her body is sweaty and glistening, and she smells strongly of sex. Clearly she's been enjoying herself quite a bit at the party.

Mistress leans down, and caresses my cheek. "I've heard mixed reports as to your behavior tonight, slave," she begins. "Because I'm feeling generous, I'll give you the opportunity to redeem yourself. Fail however, and your punishment will be incredibly severe."

Without another word, Mistress unlocks the pillory and unbinds my hands. I struggle to move out of the device, my body is so extremely stiff after being bound for so long. Once free, I drop to my knees, kiss Mistress' feet, and thank her. She then silently gestures for me to follow her out of the room, and I do so on all fours.

I return to the party, which has escalated substantially since I was locked in the room. There are at least three times as many guests before, and there are now more men lingering in the crowd. Many guests are naked, and some are wearing fancy masquerade ball style masks. Various attendants are serving alcohol and food, and some patrons are brazenly playing with each other. I suspect a few guests are slaves like me, but before I can examine further, Mistress demands my attention. She sits on a nearby couch, and I kneel at her feet.

A large woman wearing a bright feathery mask approaches us with two laminated sheets of paper. She hands both to Mistress, and begins to speak.

"As is one of our traditions, we're going to play a little game. The Mistress and her slave will compete in a scavenger hunt, of sorts," she begins. "The slave, if it wins, will not be punished severely for its failures."

Patrons start to gather around the couch. Some are excited, others whisper to each other. Mistress laughs when she reads both lists of items, and hands mine to me. My hand shakes in fear and anticipation as I take the paper, and begin to read. The list of items is extensive, and I clearly have my work cut out for me. Something tells me Mistress' list is not nearly as difficult, although I would never dare complain. Before I can think much more about it, the nearby woman announces that the game has begun, and Mistress springs to her feet. She grabs a small quiet woman kneeling by a nearby table by the hair. Mistress then forces the woman's face into her crotch, and commands her to start licking. I am shocked, and honestly jealous, for a moment, until I notice the masked woman checking something off on a list. I'm already behind.

I look down at the first item on my list. It states: "Consume one glass of champagne." This seems quite easy. I start to stand, and immediately the masked woman forces me back to my knees.

"Nobody gave you permission to stand in our presence, slave. Complete your tasks on your hands and knees, where you belong," she states.

I nod, and crawl over to a nearby member of the serving staff. I do my best to get his attention, but he appears to be ignoring me. A large woman sitting at a nearby table smiles, and begins to speak.

"Slave, the staff are taught to ignore people of your position entirely. If you want to check that item off your list, perhaps I can help," she begins. She then motions to the waiter, who hands her a glass of champagne. The woman immediately drinks the entire glass, and motions for me to kneel beneath her, as she spreads her thighs, revealing her large fat hairy pussy. Without a word, she grabs my head and shoves it between her legs.

I'm pretty sure I know where this is going, and open my mouth. She reeks of sweat and alcohol, and the hair is itchy and sweaty. Before long, she laughs and begins to piss in my mouth. I choke it down, used to this treatment by now, and lick her hairy pussy clean afterwards. The masked woman looks at me, nods, and checks something off her list.

Slightly dazed, but encourage, I look around for Mistress. She appears to be relaxing sitting on some lucky slave's face while eating, and the masked woman has checked off a few more items for her. It's very clear this game is rigged in her favor, and she's incredibly competitive and determined to win, to boot. I have to hurry if I'm going to stand a chance. I look down at my list, and read the second of the three items on it. It reads: "A pillow from the master bedroom."

I look around, and locate the doors to what is likely the master bedroom, and crawl over, doing my best to dodge the other patrons. If they notice me and decide to use me, as is their right, I will likely lose too much time to stand a chance. Still on my knees, I knock on the doors to the bedroom. They swing open, and I enter.

Inside, there's essentially another party going on. There's three large naked women sitting at a table off to the side drinking. A few men are standing near the bed, talking. I crawl over to them, and lower my head.

"Excuse me, sirs. I'm participating in the scavenger hunt, and I was wondering if I could bother you to borrow a pillow from the bed. I'll return it unharmed as soon as the hunt is over," I say, meekly.

One of the men, a large fat man in his mid-40s lets out a laugh, his loose robe flowing. His two younger fit friends join in.

"A pillow? I guess I could part with it, but you'll have to earn it," he says.

"Of course, sir. I'll do anything you ask," I reply.

"Anything? You should be more careful in how you phrase things, slave. Nonetheless, what's said is said," he says, nodding to the nearby men.

The younger men exit the room briefly, and the larger older man stares at me silently, sipping a glass of wine. The men soon return with a bag. They then open it, and take out a pair of handcuffs and some leg binds. My hands are cuffed behind my back, and my legs bound together. The two men then left me up and toss me haphazardly onto the bed. The fat man finishes his wine and climbs up to join me.

"Well, about that promise of 'anything'," he begins. "You're not the best looking slave out there, but I can't turn down someone who makes a promise like that."

I look up at him, fear in my eyes, as he undoes his robe. His large hairy belly obscures much of his cock, and he reeks of sweat and alcohol. His cock is quite thick, and his hairy balls sag beneath it. He's already growing hard, probably at the thought of forcing me to make good on my promise. His friends watch silently, grins on their faces, as he grabs me by the neck and shoves me onto my back on the bed. I can't move an inch as he waddles his way on top of me, and rests his hair balls on my mouth.

He begins rubbing them on my mouth and nose. They are soft, large, and reek of sweat, with an almost vinegar-like aroma. There's almost no airflow down here, as his large hairy belly covers my entire face. I open my mouth, and begin to lick his balls and taint as he rubs my face.

"Ah, a well-trained slave," he says, following a big sigh. "I'll have fun with you, for sure."

He begins swaying back and forth on my face, rubbing his balls, taint, and hairy ass all over me. He honestly stinks, and I long for the wonderful scent of my Mistress. In spite of this, I keep my tongue out, hoping to please him as much as possible so this ends quickly. He lets out a deep sigh, and a blast of hot air escapes from his ass. He presses it squarely on my face, forcing me to breathe deeply. I can hear the nearby women giggling at my disgusting predicament.

After what feels like an eternity, the man lifts one leg and I get a breath of fresh air. One of his friends grabs me and slides be out from under him. My face still reeks, and I can't believe what just happened to me. The large man smiles down at me, and his friends flip me over onto my stomach. One of the friends grabs my hair and pulls my head back, and sticks what appears to be a small ottoman under my stomach, giving me a much-needed way to keep myself upright. Unfortunately, I know this comfort does not come without a cost.

The fat man lifts his large stomach, and inches close to my face. He rests his stomach on top of my head, and slides his sweaty hard cock into my slave mouth. Meanwhile, a cold wet hand slides between my ass cheeks, and a lubed finger enters my asshole. I cry out, but the fat man grabs the back of my head and shoves his cock into my throat, muffling me. I can barely see anything, thanks to his stomach, and what little air I can breathe smells entirely of his cock and ball sweat. He grunts, and starts sliding his cock back and forth in my mouth. He then slaps my cheek.

"Slave, I thought you were well-trained. Worship my cock, you filthy fart-sniffing slut, or I'll report this to your owner," he barks.

I gurgle out a positive affirmation, and my tongue goes to work on his meaty cock. Meanwhile, I feel something much larger than a finger slide into my tight asshole. The pain is almost unbearable, and I feel like I'm about to be split in half. The owner of the massive cock entering me from behind must be one of his friends, but I turn my head to be sure. My vision briefly goes white, but the pain starts to fade as my asshole stretches and begins to accommodate his cock. I start to relax, when suddenly I feel him slide entirely out of me, and he then forces himself right back in. The pain is once again intense, although not as bad as before.

My unknown ass-abuser repeats the re-entry process a few more times, until my asshole is sufficiently lose and capable of handling his girth. I heave a sigh of relief as he enters for the last time, and focus on the fat man's cock, as he appears to be the one in charge. I wrap my tongue around the sweaty shaft, and massage it as it slides back and forth in my mouth. I begin to drool a bit, and start to make sloppy gurgling sounds as he picks up speed and begins to fuck my face. Meanwhile, his friend behind me follows suit and matches the speed of the facefucking.

Having two cocks entering me from both ends simultaneously seems to amplify the effect of being fucked. Since my body can't relieve some of the shock of being fucked by sliding in either direction, I take the full force of each thrust in both of my holes. I feel like such a disgusting slut, getting facefucked by a fat hairy man while another ravages my asshole. Both men continue picking up speed, spitroasting me like a useless pig. I'm drooling everywhere, and the giant cock in my ass keeps hitting my prostate, causing my tiny caged cock to leak precum everywhere. The lock on it jingles with each thrust as well, reminding me of my place.

The fat man begins to grunt, and his low-hanging hairy balls slap my chin as his cock is now sliding all the way down my throat. I can barely breathe, but he doesn't seem to care. He starts moaning and groaning, and his belly sweat enters my eyes and nose, burning both. The smell is almost worse than his ass, although not quite. The man behind me has picked up the pace as well, and my ass is starting to ache.

Suddenly, the fat man thrusts his cock deep into my mouth and holds it there. His cock starts to twitch, and he lets out a deep groan as his hot sticky cum begins to shoot down my throat. I gag and choke, and cannot breathe, but he does not remove his cock. His load seems almost endless, and the taste is bitter. I eventually swallow it all, and begin to lick his cock clean. The man behind me pulls out of my ass, and makes his way to the front of the bed.

Without a word, the two men flip my over onto my back again. The fat man moves over to my legs, and unbinds them quickly. He spreads them out, and rests my feet on top of his shoulders. Is he seriously going to fuck me after that? How is his refractory period so short? Before I can get another thought in, the man who just fucked me crawls over my forehead and slides his cock into my mouth. I can taste my ass on him, and it makes me feel incredibly humiliated. Reluctantly, I begin licking his cock clean.

Meanwhile, the fat man, somehow already hard, enters my ass. While not quite as long as his friend, his cock is certainly wider. My ass is already incredibly sore, and I want to cry out as he forces himself into me. He starts fucking me full-steam like a cheap slut, and clearly cares not for how I feel about it. My little caged cock flops around, jingling, as he grunts and thrusts. His friend's balls rest on my eyes and nose as he starts fucking my throat.

I imagine what I must look like in this ridiculous situation, and my face grows bright red in humiliation. I've gone from never so much as thinking about sucking another man's cock before this cruise, to being double-teamed from multiple angles. I really am a disgusting shameless slut. Something in me however, is actually sort of enjoying this.

My body rocks back and forth as both men use me like the piece of meat I am. I can't see anything but the balls and taint resting on my face, and my asshole and mouth both ache. Before long, both men start groaning and panting thanks to using my holes for their pleasure. The fat man's friend cums first, shooting the thickest load I've experienced yet down my throat. Due to lying on my back, I can't easily swallow it, and am forced to slowly gulp it down as I feel the sticky mass slide down the back of my throat. The fat man cums shortly afterwards, filling my aching ass with hot cum. He crawls over to my face, and wipes his filthy cock clean on my mouth without a word.

I lie there panting for a few moments, sweaty, ravaged, and filthy. The fat man grabs the pillow and some nearby rope. He wraps one end of the rope around my balls, and the other around a loop in the pillow, tying both off. He and his friends then pick me up, and throw me out the door without unbinding my hands. I hear the door lock behind me.

I'm now on the floor of the party with a large pillow roped to my balls and my hands tied behind my back. I begin to crawl like the worm I am back to the center of the room where the masked woman is. I make my way slowly over, passing by tons of patrons. Some laugh at me, and a few pour their drinks on my back. One even spits on me, but I keep crawling. I finally reach the masked woman, who nods and checks off an item from the list. I go to check for the third item, but she stops me.

"Unfortunately, your Mistress has completed the hunt," she states.

I look up, and see Mistress on the couch. Four slaves are actively worshipping her, and she's beaming.

"You never stood a chance against me," she says, smiling. "I guess you know what that means!"

I gulp knowingly.

"Yes Mistress. Please, punish me severely for my failure."

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Love this series....hope it continues.

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