tagRomanceThe Crush Pt. 02

The Crush Pt. 02


Several months had passed and Savannah and Steve were steadily seeing each other. Maybe he was more than just a crush, thought Savannah. The sex was still so hot, it was even hard to keep their hands off of one another in public.

Savannah had a house right on the water out in the Hamptons. And with summer in full swing they were spending much more beach time then city time.

One early morning the sun was shining into the room and it woke Steve. The soft light was reflecting so beautifully off Savannah's bare tanned back. She lay peacefully next to him on the cloud like king size bed. He desperately wanted to kiss up her spine and slowly fuck her awake. Recalling their very wild and late night, he decided to let her sleep in and he opted to go for a swim instead.

Savannah slept soundly, dreaming of the incredible night they had...dinner on the beach, wine on the deck, sex on the balcony...realizing the neighbors were coyly watching from a slight distance. They didn't notice at first but when they did, it made it even hotter and Steve and Savannah didn't let it deter them from their enjoyment.

When she awoke she sleepily reached for Steve, retrieving a note instead of a handful of cock which she was hoping for. "Gone for a swim, meet me on the beach. Xoxo"

Savannah sat up and stretched, looked around the room at their clothes thrown everywhere and spotted her skimpy bikini. Quickly brushed her teeth, threw it on and padded out the back door.

The beach was so calm in the morning, only a few stragglers strolling along. It looked like rain was starting to roll in, just as she spotted Steve's towel. He was heading back to shore and lit up when he spotted her waving to him from the sand. Damn, she was beautiful, he thought to himself.

He jogged over to her, glistening from the salty ocean water covering his body. She grinned in response as he scooped her up and spun them around. "Missed you," he whispered. Savannah curled into him. He gave her butterflies still. He continues whispering what he wanted to do to her that morning and she feels her chest begin to rise and fall quickly as he talks. His warm breath on her neck is like a drug, inviting her back every time.

She starts to nibble on his earlobe, then flicking her tongue down his neck she feels some movement from him down below. He nestles into the nape of her neck giving her full mouth kisses all along her collarbone. "I want you," he mutters. "I need you," she replies.

He moves his kisses out to her shoulder and back up her neck. She scrapes her nails lightly up and down his chest, bringing her hands closer and closer to his growing package with every downward stroke. Steve pulls at the strings of her top and her breasts pop free exposing her hard nipples. Warm summer raindrops start to fall, he draws her in close and kisses her, their tongues moving in unison as he lifts her up. Savannah wraps her legs around his waist and he carries her back towards the house, not breaking their kiss as he goes.

The rain feels refreshing pouring down on them as they enter the yard entwined with each other. He lays her down on the cushioned oversized lounge chair. There's only two more strings standing between him and Savannah's completely naked body and he quickly fixes that. The rain looks radiant as it splashes over her and he pauses to take it all in, she smiles sweetly up at him. Steve climbs on top of her, hovering as he places little kisses around each breast, working his way inward and biting each nipple when he gets there. Savannah's fingers are running through his wet hair as he continues his path down her stomach. He knows she's getting excited because she's rocking her hips up towards him as she moans happily to his advances. Steve slips his hands underneath Savannah's ass and grabs a handful of each cheek, lifting her up to meet his mouth. He eagerly dives in, his tongue caressing every part of her. Stiffening his tongue he slides it in and out of her wet pussy, this motion drives her crazy. Yet, suddenly, he leans back and pulls her up onto her knees.

He rolls onto his back and eases himself underneath her shiny wet pussy, pulling her down onto his face. She arches her back and grasps each of his arms as they hook around her legs to hold her steady. The warm summer rain is still falling all around them intensifying every motion. Savannah leans forward and slides Steve's bathing suit down his legs revealing his massive erection. She plants her hand flat, around his cock, pressingly down firmly and letting him rest in the "L" shape of her thumb and forefinger. She spits on his big dick and runs her other hand up and down the length of him. Savannah relaxes her throat and wraps her wet, plump lips around him and devours his cock. Up and down she moves her head and hands as he is skillfully tongue fucking her. They are moaning as they take in mouthfuls of one another and both about to climax. Their body's are entangled as they move as one. Savannah cums first, it rips through her body in a violent wave of pleasure and Steve proudly swallows a mouthful of her sweet cum. She starts moving her head faster as Steve is getting ready to explode. He screams out her name as he releases all of his salty, hot, white cum into her mouth which she slurps up excitingly.

Savannah climbs off of him and he playfully smacks her ass as she does. She smiles and asks him to join her in a shower. She stretches out her hand as she saunters off and he pretends to chase her, they stumble into the house soaking wet, naked and laughing.

Savannah starts the shower and gets it super steamy before stepping in. The hot water feels heavenly on her body. Steve walks in behind her and reaches for the body wash. He sudds up his hands and massages her shoulders, her back. Artfully moving his hands all over her body. Over her ass and down her legs and back up, his strong hands feel incredible. Savannah turns to face him and he lifts her up gingerly and presses her against the Spanish tile of the shower. He parts her lips with his tongue and they kiss passionately as he lowers her gently onto him. Slowly he thrusts his hips as she grinds hers into him. It's calm and sensual. She feels every inch of him as he moves in and out of her. Their mouths never leave each other, their bodies start to tense as they are getting close. Their pace quickens slightly and it happens, they both exclaim a low, muffled, "fuuuuuuuck," and squeeze each other tighter so they can feel each other's whole orgasm. It's intense.

They rinse and turn the shower off. Luckily it's still raining, so neither of them feel bad about getting back in bed to nap...or play!

Savannah is excited for what's to come this summer with her more than crush.

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