tagFetishThe Diaper Spa Pt. 08

The Diaper Spa Pt. 08


Angela Rivers had gotten so used to sleeping alone, that feeling the bare touch of another person's hand on her skin jolted her awake. She saw Judith sleeping peacefully beside her and felt at ease. The two of them had been going steady for the last couple weeks, and this was the first time Angela had spent the night at Judith's. She felt even calmer looking at the decor in her bedroom. It was incredibly tasteful and attractive, which she would expect from an interior designer.

As comfortable as Angela was in bed with Judith, her wet Abena was causing some discomfort. She peeled it off in the bathroom and fitted herself into a clean one. Judith used her bathroom wastebasket as her diaper pail. It was nearly at capacity, but Angela fit her soaked Abena snugly in a tight spot and got herself into a clean one.

As she crawled back into bed, she saw Judith lightly stirring awake. As she moved the blanket off herself, Angela was reminded that Judith had gone to bed in her underwear that night. She explained to Angela that diapers were something she greatly enjoyed but preferred in smaller doses. Angela understood, but she sometimes felt like a burden when the two of them were together and she had to ask Judith for a diaper change. Judith always had her purse stocked with diapers and wipes. Sometimes Angela would want to suggest she slip into one herself, but she knew that would put Judith in an awkward situation. She definitely loved diapering Angela and was not shy to share how they met with others.

"Good morning," Judith said as she yawned awake. Angela returned the greeting.

"Did you wet last night?" Judith asked.

"No," Angela said. "Well, actually, yes. I took care of it though," she patted her dry diaper as if to make some kind of point.

"Oh, I wished I could've changed you," Judith said, rising out of bed. "But I know you'll let me soon." Judith excused herself to the bathroom where she turned on the shower and washed herself off for fifteen minutes.

When Judith emerged in her silk bathrobe, she went to a pack of Bambino Magnificos and pulled one out. Angela was elated but wanted to play it cool.

"A little help, please?" Judith said, diaper in hand. Angela excitedly fitted her in it. It wasn't the first time she had diapered Judith, but it had been about a week.

"So, I have a bit of a goal today," judith said mysteriously.

"Oh?" Angela replied. "What's that?"

"I want to go a full day diapered," Judith said. "I've never done it before."

"That's awesome," Angela said. "I think you'll love it."

"And I want to go out," Judith said affirmatively.

"Like, 'out, out?'" Angela asked.

"I want to know I can do it," Judith said. "You have, right?"

Angela was typically diapered 24/7, so if she was at the mall and had to poop, it was up to her to change her diaper in the bathroom. But she had never been with another woman who was diapered in public all day. It was a fantasy of hers, and Judith being part of it made it all the sweeter, but she still had some understandable nerves. She rationalized it by remembering that she was way more nervous about trying out diapers months before. She only had one question for Judith: where did she want to go?

The first thing they did was get breakfast at a local diner. There was so much coffee pulled, that both Angela and Judith filled their diapers. Rather than change each other, they both stripped off their diapers in front of each other and wiped individually. They made it through the farmers' market and bowling without any problems. It was while sitting on a bench that things got tricky.

Judith was trying her best to appear nonchalant as she shifted in her seat, but Angela knew a pooping when she saw it, and smelt it. She thought it was adorable how embarrassed Judith was and decided to play along.

"Need a change?" she asked coyly.

"Yeah," Judith said, ruining the fun a bit. "But I don't know where we can go."

Angela scanned their surroundings, "I don't think there's any limits. Just as long as we're out of sight"

"How about there?" Judith said, pointing at a large tree in the distance. It was far enough from the crowd to work. Plus, Angela had never had an outdoor diaper change, so she was excited.

"Let's see what kind of poop you took" she said as she peeled back Judith's shorts and smelled her mess.

"People can probably smell it from the top of the hill," Judith laughed as Angela untaped her. She intended this to be a fairly efficient change, and though Judith's poop had a strong odor, it wasn't particularly messy. In her diaper were three small turds that Judith affectionately called "gumdrop poops."

It wasn't until after Judith was re-diapered that Angela realized there wasn't a trash can nearby. The closest one was up the hill, and while she normally would've put it in her purse, Judith had taken an extraordinary piss in it as well, meaning it was already leaking. Judith suggested she hold it close to her at her side and not worry about drawing attention to herself. This worked for Angela. As they were almost at the trash can, they saw some familiar faces.

"Angela! Judith!" Lily squealed. She was with Ian, as it seemed that they had become inseparable since meeting at the recent mixer at Padded Bliss. As Angela went to hug the two of them, she forgot that she was holding Judith's poopy diaper.

"Looks like someone is diapered," Lily smirked.

Angela suddenly came back to reality and tossed the diaper in the trash can. "Yeah, we both are. How about you guys?"

LIly excitedly lifted her dress to show off her Bambino Magnifico and Ian did the same. "I can't believe I'm trying these for the first time," she said.

"Oh, those are so good," Judith said. "Ian, did you get her into them?"

"Yeah," Ian smiled. "She was striking some great poses in them at home." Lily jokingly told him to shush.

"Have you all had to change yet?" Angela asked.

"We both wet around the same time," Lily said. "I'm probably gonna go poo-poo soon."

"I didn't know you started pooping your diapers, Lily!" Angela said. For as

long as she had known Lily, she had been exclusively a wetter.

Lily smiled. "I mean, I've definitely dropped a few loads in my diaper when at home alone, but I hated having to clean myself up and dispose of the evidence. But this guy loves cleaning my dirty ass, and I love cleaning his." she said, squeezing Ian's hand affectionately.

Angela was sincerely happy to see how happy Lily was. She didn't know Ian too closely, but she could tell that he treated Lily well.

"I wish we could just walk around without pants on," Judith said. It was a hot day and Angela agreed, but was surprised to hear this coming from Judith.

"That's why I love having this on," Lily said, gesturing at her dress. It was pretty adorable, with a bright yellow design and floral print. When she reached into her purse, the back of her diaper was fully visible. Angela noticed at least a couple people sneaking a peek.

Lily pulled out a pack of cigarettes and gave one to Ian before lighting the other herself. "You look so naughty, smoking in a diaper," Angela said to her.

"I like being bad sometimes," Lily said, as she dragged on her cigarette.

"It does hide a poopy diaper smell," Ian said.

"That's just because you smoke three times as much as me," Lily said playfully.

It had turned out that Lily and Ian were going to just chill out on a blanket. Angela and Judith both felt worn out from their busy day and accepted their invitation. They decided to set up camp under the same tree where Judith got changed. The crowd had thinned out enough that the Angela, Judith, and Ian all felt comfortable taking off their pants. Judith eventually feel asleep while the four of them were looking at clouds. A few moments later, Lily was lying on her back and pushing.

"Going poo-poo, Lil?" Ian asked. Lily nodded through her grunts. Though Angela has filled her diaper up while lying down, she had never seen it done with as much force as Lily did. Though she was petite, Angela could tell that Lily could take some major dumps. There was no wonder why she was self-conscious before.

"Can you change my poopy diaper?" Lily said to Ian with the sweetest tone. He laid her down on the blanket and opened up her messy Bambino. Lily politely asked Angela to look away. She said she was okay with pooping around others, but she only wanted her messy diapers to be seen by Ian for the time being. Angela accepted it and laid next to Judith. As she saw a butterfly land on her partner's diapered bottom, she felt an overwhelming sensation of peace.

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