tagRomanceThe Fitting Ch. 02

The Fitting Ch. 02

bySatin and Lace©

Vaughn's was in the middle of a bustling shopping area. Rachelle was following Robert as he placed some of the packages into his red sports car. He turned and led the way to Maggie. Rachelle thought he had good taste. The place was just becoming busy with shoppers needing a caffeine burst before they continued.

Sitting under the canopy on the corner of the outside cafe, afforded them plenty of room to people watch. A young buxom blonde came over and asked their order. Rachelle looked around seeing the busy city around them. Her mind drifted to what she had privy to. His organ was so fantastic. Her mind allowed her to almost feel the strength of his beautiful noble cock.

"Rachelle, Rachelle you are a million miles away. Care to share?" Robert asked interested.

Rachelle got caught again. She covered well, pointing out a couple dressed alike must have been in their seventies. Robert put his left hand on the table as he looked into her face. He sure couldn't find anything wrong with her. She was so kind, so beautiful, considerate to a fault. He had to know if she was married. He finally had to just say it.

"Rachelle are you married?" Robert said with deep interest.

He instantly saw the clouds cross over her eyes, they left as quick as they came. She smiled a little less brightly.

"No, Robert I'm alone." Rachelle said softly. 'I see you are, though."

Robert took his left hand off the table immediately. How did he tell her without sounding like a cheap love novel. He was married and he loved being married. Surrounding him was his family. He just, he couldn't explain that Rachelle made him feel something he wasn't feeling for a long time. Seeing life through her eyes. Seeing her enthusiasm, being near her sensual side. He knew she would be an unleashed tiger in the bedroom. Not that he had a thought he would know this first hand.

"Well, here is our coffee and I ordered you the fruit plate. Hope you don't mind?" Robert smiled.

"Robert I was sort of hungry looks perfect. Let's share. So tell me about yourself Robert?" Rachelle said as she placed some strawberries on her plate. She smiled wide with her focus upon him. She loved to hear his voice, he enthralled her senses.

Robert wanted to make this afternoon to last forever. His thoughts were so taken by her. The way she crossed her legs, bouncing the foot off the other leg. Tucking it in back of slender ankles. She licked her lips often, smiled as she spoke. Never taking her eyes off of his. He felt like he was the only man on earth.

"I'm pretty boring I travel a lot for business. I am on the road during the week. I love to dance, music, and beautiful women." Robert slyly spoke the last sentence.

His hand reached over to get his water goblet brushing hers. He felt a shock running through his body and spine. He was taken by this creature. She was so multilayered, immediately he longed to kiss her lips. She was placing a juicy piece of pineapple linger on her lips. A small droplet curled on then fell off her bow shaped lips. Instantly hitting her cleavage and disappearing into no man's land. His rapt attention, made for a full moment of sheer quietness.

"Oh Robert, look at us? We are grown ups. So let me ask a few questions?" Rachelle said as she popped a grape in her mouth.

"How old are you? Do you truly like older ladies?" Rachelle said with anticipation.

"Well, the birthday issue came up pretty quickly. I was thinking perhaps a little way down the road. But that's what I do adore about an older woman. She knows what she wants will ask and seem not to get thrown by answer's." Robert smiled as he looked at Rachelle's cleavage. She had twisted around to speak to a man that passed them. Her full, very toned breast from the outside appeared but for a split moment. He became aroused by the fleeting second.

"I'm forty-one years old. An older woman is sensual, knows the boundaries. Can still enjoy being with a man. Knowing of the times they are split, she is busy with her life too. Rachelle, I don't care how old you are." He stated with a finality.

"Okay Robert. So tell me do like animals?" Her eyes were filled with a teasing look.

"Sure. who doesn't?" Robert said not sure why she asked.

"Come grab my hand." She said as she sprinted for the changing light on their corner.

They were running towards a park Robert could tell that much. Then he saw the kind of park it was for dogs and owners. He slowed down making her jolt to a stop. He looked around as far as he could see he was looking at friendly dogs. Fat and scrawny, beautiful and down right ugly.

"I don't get it Rachelle. Why did we come here?" Robert had to have order to run his days with.

Right then a Frisbee came almost in a stealth mode. Up over Robert's head and Rachelle reached out to catch it. Through a hilarious action they got off balanced and started tumbling their way down an incline. When they were dead stopped he was on top of her.

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