tagRomanceThe Fitting Ch. 04

The Fitting Ch. 04

bySatin and Lace©

It turned out the children were laughing at the double rainbow. Rachelle marveled at the beauty of natures work. She was soaked to the bone, dripping, feeling so much emotions. This was such an odd occurrence for her. Looking at Robert side ways she saw a man with strength of steel. Handsome and very sensual. The cause of him having to sit a little longer was easing up. He finally stood up and stretched his long legs.

"Rachelle, double rainbow means its stopped. What do you want to do now?" He asked.

"Well, I have to get out of these wet clothes. I didn't bring my car today so I guess you can walk me to a cab and I can change. Unless you are busy the rest of day?" Rachelle added quickly.

Robert was thinking of how to make this day last forever. His thoughts were jumbled she had bewitched him. He couldn't let her go not without knowing more about her.

"Hey, let me drive you home you can change. I will stay in my car to show you intentions are above board." Robert added quickly. "What do you want to do anything special?"

Rachelle was looking down as he walked and took her hand. They walked to his car lost in thoughts. This was so out of the ordinary for either of them. Nothing seemed to be out of order. Yet, Rachelle was with a married man. Robert was lost in this creatures aura. Both wanted the day to never end.

Rachelle got inside his leather interior of his sports car carefully. Her dress was soaked, she made him place the car mat on the seat first. Robert climbed in after shutting her car door. They took off away from the city, the miles snaking their way further into the open road. That's when Rachelle felt that old familiar feeling welling up in her. She was going to be sick. Oh she couldn't be sick not in this car. Turning to tell Robert she was going to be sick would take to much time.

She crawled off the seat and hung out of the car just as he turned a sharp left turn. She managed to throw up mostly on the outside of the car. Robert was shocked by her quick moving, he didn't even realize that she was sick. By the time Robert figured it out Rachelle threw up one more time. This time it got on his thousand dollar suit coat. Rachelle was mortified by the whole thing. She wanted to crawl under the floor mat.

Robert lost track of time. He tried to slow the car down to get Rachelle out of the moving car. When he noted she threw up the second time it was already to late because their went his thousand dollar jacket. Something he would have had a fit over. He found himself laughing. Rachelle hearing him laugh made her cry even more harder. How could this of happened? She hadn't been ill like this for many years.

"Robert please I'm so sorry. I will have your car detailed, your suit dry cleaned." Rachelle barely audible.

He stepped out of his car came around to her side and opened her car door. She couldn't look him in the eyes. This was just so horrifying. Robert took her hands and pulled her up to him. with a towel he had thrown in the back seat. He cleaned her face. He got to get closer to her. She wouldn't look at him.

"Rachelle please don't feel bad. Nothing can't be undone. Accidents can happen. I am not upset. I never liked the way the jacket fit." He laughed. Tilting her face up to his. He winked at her, he broke into a smile that charmed her.

"Robert I am so humiliated you seeing me this way." Rachelle said quietly.

"Well, we are even earlier today I wasn't feeling real swift being aroused and you saw me that way." Robert joked.

She looked into his eyes she felt relief. She felt like they had known each other more than a few hours.

"So everything okay Rachelle?" Robert said tenderly.

"Yes, Robert I am fine. I will fix the car." Rachelle reinforced her word.

Robert wasn't going to argue with this woman. He wasn't for sure he could win. That made him laugh inside. A woman with beauty and determination wasn't something he was used to.

"Let's get you changed Rachelle." Robert said finally.

They drove the last twenty miles with Rachelle laying her head on his shoulder. They pulled up to an enormous stone walled mansion. Robert was surprised by this. This woman seemed to have many surprises. His sense of who she was had him in deep thought.

"Robert, you have some dry clean clothes in your back seat. I will change have you decided on anything in particular?" Rachelle said with a commanding sound to her voice.

"Anything you want Rachelle." Robert said as he reached behind her for his clothes.

Rachelle key punched the security pad next to the double entrance door. The early evening sun came shimmering through her beveled glass windows. Throwing light all around. Two stain glass windows of Unicorns and fairies bathed the white carpet in multi shades of pastel colors. Everywhere Robert looked he saw only beauty. Leaded crystal chandelier hung in the entrance hall. He was taken back of the opulence her world was filled with.

"Robert you can go the East wing you will find everything you need. I will be dressing dressy casual if that helps you decide on what to wear." Rachelle said with a glint in her eyes.

Robert headed down the hall finally stumbling over a door way. The room inside was decorated with such a feminine touch he wasn't sure if he should sit down on the sofa. Jumping into the shower, shaving, he felt better. Looking at his clothing he picked a pair of black dress slacks, black shirt with white collar and cuffs. Black alligator shoes he viewed himself thinking this was a day to never forget.

Rachelle also jumped into the shower, knowing she would braid her hair she washed it. As she stepped out of the shower she went into her closet and reached for her lingerie. Carefully she took out a red corset, garter, and black stockings. Standing in front of the full length mirror she placed her corset on. Tying the satin ribbons one by one she was looking alluring. As she finished the last eyelet she tied it tighter causing her full breasts to almost spill out of the top. Slipping on her garter belt she gently sat down to place the stockings. Slowly over each foot one at a time she moved the silk and brought it to her slender ankles. Smoothing her stockings over her elongated calves she began to feel more of a woman. Up over the knee and then coming up her firm thighs stopping within inches of her hidden valley of womanhood. She stood up looking at her image. Her heart was pounding when she reached for the two piece evening dress. Black silk shimmering strapless top laying flat across her stomach. Her skirt was flirty moved as she moved. Stepping into four inch black sandals covered in jewels. She was finally done, getting a wrap she went out to the living area.

There stood Robert his back to her. She felt him filling her senses, she wanted him to see her walking towards him. She cleared her throat, as she did he slowly turned to watch her walk like a panther towards him. He took in her long strides, her clothing just made him almost drool. He kept his reserve and didn't move towards her. He wanted to have this etched in his minds eye forever. He noted she had placed some flowers in her hair. He finally reached his hand out she turned slowly for his reaction.

"Rachelle I'm speechless." Robert said quietly.

"So you like then?" Rachelle asked expectantly.

"Yes, Rachelle I like." Robert said grinning.

Rachelle took his hands and placed them around her waist. His hands were nice and felt so good against her body. She tipped her head up to be able to kiss Robert. His lips felt hunger for hers it was an instant electrical shock as they relinquished control. She opened his mouth slowly with her tongue. He opened his mouth for her entrance. He was breathing erratically but he couldn't care less. If it meant he would suffer a heart attack he wasn't going to stop this from happening. Their lips parted slowly pulling as they did.

With every sigh, every touch, they became lost further in this. Robert slowly slipped his hands under her silk top. The touch of her satin skin caused him to shiver. It seemed each touch made it seem urgent for another. No talking just feeding off the other. Action for every reaction. Who was leading it didn't seem to matter. They were being innocent reveling in their fresh new found level of their relationship.

Rachelle allowed the wrap to fall off her shoulders and gracefully fall at her feet. Robert touched her bare shoulders. That released the first moan of the evening.

"Mmmmmmm Robert, let's stay in tonight, okay?" Rachelle whispered as she nuzzled his neck.

"My thoughts exactly, Rachelle." Robert barely got it out before his mouth took her lips in his mouth.

Out of no where but every where came some soft music. Robert stepped back and smiled at Rachelle. He took them around the floor with such perfected motions. They were filled with grace he was commanding her body to respond to his. He leaned her back she felt like an angel in his arms. After the dance he kissed her passionately. She had gotten more needing of his power over her. She met his passions with hers. Sparking them into free falling passions to share with each other.

Now the hunger was showing from them both. What they wanted was to be touched, by the other's hands. Robert allowed his hands to fall on the perfect shaped ass he had ever seen. Pulling her into his groin. She threw her head back while biting her lips. The textures of her satin clothing and her velvet skin. The difference was so sensual. He was being scent and touch overload. The more his hands touched her soft skin, the scent so subtle was making him drunk from desires for her. She was like putty in his hands. He controlled everything. He felt a rush of great passion for her. He wanted to hold her, be in her, touch her, own her even if for only one night.

One night would be so filled with unfed desires, something they could clasp onto when they needed the comforting of one another, He knew she was following his lead. He took this as a great gift. She was at first timid but his kisses were melting that away. Rachelle stood with her eyes closed her minds eye was making lasting pictures of this evenings delight. She was so unsure of why this was happening. It just felt right.

Robert kissed her crown of her hair, slowly moving down her forehead he was a man on a mission. He was going to have every inch of this woman memorized. She tasted sweet, she was so fragile. Yet he knew she would be so responsive.

His mind went back to that morning her hands touched him. He could feel the sensuality all though she never crossed the line. Her hands were beautiful sculptures, long nails gracing long fingers. His mind almost exploded with the memory of each touch she made on him. He came to the present and took both his hands placing them on each side of her face. Tenderly he brought her face to his. Gently he kissed her lips, then they both looked at each other's eyes. Not one word was said. They understood that tonight was a moment of passionate emotions. They were going to become lovers.

Rachelle pressed herself into him, wanting him to feel her closer. She wanted him to become hungry for her body. She felt his arousal it pleased her. She started swaying in his arms they stood there with the moonlight bathing them in a golden glow of shadows and clarity. She could see his face, those eyes that penetrated to her very soul. Slowly she slipped her top off she stood there in a red corset full of red lace and ribbons, silk. A black short skirt was the only thing between her and Robert. His slacks were stretching, she rubbed her hips on his hard cock. While kissing his face and nibbling on his ears. Robert became alert, this woman was so erotic he wanted her in so many ways.

Rachelle kissed him deep and passionately. Then she moved away from him turning her back to him. Robert wasn't breathing he couldn't believe this woman. Rachelle started to untie her corset slowly. He was so excited he thought he would cum just watching her hips moving in a slow moving grind. Just as he thought of grabbing her she turned with one hand she had her corset covering her breasts. She smiled coyly as she dropped it to the floor.

"Ohhhh Rachelle your beautiful." Moaned Robert.

Her breasts were full and nicely rounded. Her skirt was the next thing to go. She started bringing it down off her hips. Moving one leg up a little, it slid down without any hindrance. She was before him in four inch heels, black stockings and a red satin garter built. His mouth dropped open she was so hot looking. Then she got down on the floor never looking away from his face. Their eyes became focused on each others. She got on all fours, crawled towards him. He knew then what she wanted.

She crawled slowly as he took the buttons undone them on his shirt. Then he touched his black leather belt. Opening the belt he took his time. He wanted her to crawl towards him. As he undone the button then took the zipper down she had reached his feet. Eye's never left each other's face. She got on her knee's without speaking she placed her hands behind her back.

Anticipation was written all over her face. She wanted to pleasure him, he allowed his slacks to fall off his gorgeous body. Now when he looked in her eyes he saw his cock between her eyes.

"Rachelle make me cum." Robert whispered hoarsely.

Rachelle took his head of his cock and playfully sucked on it. His head was thrown back her full lips were so warm. She swirled her tongue around the ridge it felt like an experience he had with an ocean wave. Curling the big wave, her tongue was curling around the head of the ridge. Darting in and out of his hole. He stood there luxuriating in this sensual, erotic moment. She then surprised him in her taking the head slipping the shaft down her throat. Her nose brushed his pubic bone. Knee's buckled he reached out for her to steady himself. Slowly, moving slowly, she ravaged his manhood. Then she started to gather speed up at the same time she felt as though she had swallowed his cock. His hips started moving she went with his rhythm. They were working as one, both there for his pleasure.

"Rachelle I ... It's so fucking great." He tried to speak but found he couldn't utter another word.

His legs became stiff, his back became like a slab of marble. His eyes wouldn't stay open, his mouth went bone dry. His heart was beating erratically, his brain was functioning on reserve oxygen. He was having a full blown out orgasm. Rachelle sped up and his cock seemed to swell larger as the first blast of white hot sticky cum shot down her throat.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh Fuckkkkkk Meee." Robert said as his mind left he soared into sub space.

His fall to the carpet was softened by Rachelle. She laid there gently touching him, kissing him lightly, caressing him. He wasn't aware of anything around him. That was okay she wasn't going anywhere.

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