tagRomanceThe Fitting Ch. 05

The Fitting Ch. 05

bySatin and Lace©

Robert started stirring a little Rachelle was there to smile broadly when his head turned eyes opened. She had loved pleasuring him so outrageously. Looking at his cock she saw it was half erect, thinking he might need an encore she started to slip down his body. His hands stopped her, pulling her back effortlessly he wanted to see her face.

"You are an amazing woman, Rachelle." Robert whispered.

"I only wanted to please you, Robert." She answered child like.

His hands pulled her face to his with authority, he needed to taste her lips to know this woman in every way. Their lips touched softly building to a crescendo of hunger for more. He quickly rolled her over and mounted himself on top of this lovely creature. He pinned her legs closed between his thighs. She couldn't move he smiled at her situation.

"What's wrong Rachelle?" He laughed heartily.

"I can't move." She replied looking in his face for his reaction.

"Yes, it seems that way. What to do? What to do?" He laughed again.

Rachelle tried moving a little and he clamped down harder. She quickly stopped. She awaited his next move.

"Rachelle are you afraid?" Robert asked sincerely.

Rachelle thought about it before answering. She wasn't worried, nor afraid. She was finding it erotic. But, she didn't know whether she should give him that enjoyment of power over her.

"Not so much." She weakly replied.

"Come on Rachelle holding back on me I can tell." Robert looked dismayed.

"No, I am not." She said defiant. 'I know I can suck you off so you take flight, Robert."

Robert was sure she was holding back her enjoyment. So he determined to make her wild with passions. He lowered his face down to hers inches away he looked her in the face dropped his voice down to a husky whisper.

"I'm going to fuck you tonight so you can't walk Rachelle. I am going to take your body and you will scream out in ecstasy. I know this because Rachelle I know what you are." Robert said with power.

His lips brushed hers as she was about to speak. Kissing the wonderfully full lips to show her his desires. Then he trailed down her chin onto her neck. Leaving a trail of heated moisture. When he got to the hollow of her neck he sucked her skin into his mouth. She wasn't aware she moaned out loud. This encouraged his lips to seek out more erogenous zones. He moved to her right nipple. Plucking it inside his mouth like a luscious red ripe strawberry. Rachelle went limp, Robert was pleased. Sucking it long and hard he pulled it hard and bit it lightly. She tensed before going limp moaning slightly. Using his tongue he wrapped the nipple around his tongue applying even pressure. He felt her back arch and then as he released her nipple she fell back hard onto the floor beneath him.

"That's right Rachelle cum." Robert said with delight.

Rachelle felt like he could read her mind she felt vulnerable. She knew he could read her body. She lost any defiance she had with him. She wanted him to never stop this. Robert was playing her body like a fine tuned instrument. She was a talented woman with her mouth. Seduction in motion, she had him all in a twirl with her whole persona. Nothing touched him like she did in just the few hours they knew one another. He wanted to own her with all of his body.

"You seem to be having orgasms. Are you, Rachelle?" Robert asked smiling.

"If you can't tell then perhaps I shouldn't tell you." She laughed.

"Rachelle I know you are. I want to hear you admit it." Robert said determined.

Rachelle was lying there in a situation with him in control. She thought about struggling but his body strength would over take anything she tried. She wanted his eyes to stop reading her body. At the same time she wanted him to know she was enjoying this. He was a worthy opponent. Having taken him in her mouth she felt like she had gained ground by this. Only to lose it once he awoke. He left her wanting, she knew he knew that. She tried to move her wrists, he loosened his hands, but only for a mere second.

"Robert, you and I know that you want to fuck me. So fuck me?" She taunted him.

Robert laughed out loud that she would employ such a trivial taunt. He had already told her he was going to fuck her to the moon. His response was to move to her left breast and started playing with nipple. He felt her tense. Willing herself to not respond. Her body betrayed her. She was cumming again.

How could this happen? She wanted him stronger than any man in her life. He knew this too. She was feeling captivated by his movements. Looking him in the eyes she saw this man for some odd reason she figured it out that she was fifteen years older than him. This man was so intriguing her senses. She wanted him to take her soaring.

"Robert, please let me pleasure you again?" Rachelle asked timidly.

Robert's face broke out in a smile and he laughed lightly.

"You are pleasuring me Rachelle. You have been pleasuring me all day. Now, give into your sensual side." He spoke with a light tone in his voice.

Rachelle for the first time in a long time she did just that. She gave herself to him. He felt the power shifting his touches caused her to moan and groan with such intense pleasures. His moving and kissing her lips caused her to scream out. He let up on her wrists, he wanted her to know the art of making love. It had to be a two way street. He had to be able to feel her long graceful hands touch him also. They were bound together for this moment in time to be lovers.

His mouth searched for hers, opening her lips he pulled in her tongue and suckled it with such desires. She was arching with high arches. His weight on her pelvis was keeping her grounded but he unleashed her mind. Her mind and senses soared in flight of the most erotic moment she had lived. His touch was burning circles around her breasts. His body lifted weight from her body and she only could grab his waist trying to pull him back onto her.

Rachelle was losing focus on anything but what he was doing. Her hands played on his chest hair which was light but so sexy to her. Her hands were orchestrating her responses to his motions. She slid them down inch by inch after nipple playing. His cock was waking up very stiff she hadn't touched him since taking him fully in her wet hot mouth. As she neared his crown to the perfect rigid cock his motions momentarily stopped. She felt him inhale from anticipation. She felt him urging her to touch him again.

She played around his triangle of soft downy hair, avoiding his cock. His mouth had latched onto her left nipple. He was sucking it like a nursing child. She felt his body tensing. She started to move further down allowing the back of her hand graze his cock. His sucking took up speed. Audibly he moaned, she felt his encouragement and gracefully took him in her hand.

"Mmm .." Robert moaned.

Robert felt he could have been shot out of a cannon by the mere touch of this extraordinary woman's hands. The electrical shock was coursing through his body and spine. Blasting his brain into no-action.

Rachelle felt him lose a few seconds of control. That was what she wanted for him. She wanted him to let loose and fly without a net. His mind recovered as he started moving down from her two perfect shaped breasts. His tongue was searching for her. His mind was guiding him to her honey pot. The scent of raw sex was abundant causing his and Rachelle's senses to entwine.

Rachelle's brain was shouting for her to realize he was going to go down on her. Her wet pussy was readying itself for his touch. She wanted his mouth to cover her. His tongue to penetrate her. She happily thought he was going to be licking her soon. Then terror took over, she couldn't allow this. She had never done this. She hadn't heard what she was supposed to do. She tried to no avail to stop his moving down, he was at her pubic bone when she realized with fear it was going to happen.

She was imagining every possible scenario, none was good. She needed a sex manual right here and now. Looking down to see his crown of his beautiful hair working its way between her legs she thought maybe she would faint. She knew she wouldn't faint that only happened in the movies. Her knee's were parting her mind went into overdrive. She had to do something and right now.

Robert felt her apprehension yet he wanted her in his mouth. She tried to stop him yet she never spoke out the word "Stop" he continued. He realized that she probably hadn't been around oral sex. Smiling to himself he started moving her legs wider he felt her give in. Her legs opened he saw this beautiful pussy looking at him his mouth watered from the sheer thought of tasting this woman.

His first touch was him circling her outer lips. He felt nails digging into him but didn't hear "Stop." His senses were heightened he had before him a virgin at oral. He felt the world go off its axis. His mouth was going to give her an experience she would never forget.

The first touch of his tongue brought an energy of eroticism bursting through Rachelle. She had been sure she saw stars, as his tongue took complete control of her senses. He played her beautifully. Licking.. Sucking.. Penetrating.. Long.. Short.. Fast.. Slow.. drinking in her juices. His cock had gotten so hard from this woman and her moaning. He ached for her he wanted to keep her orgasms cumming. She was a squirter cumming in waves. His tongue buried down deep curling it as he came out. Rachelle's heels were digging into his waist. Her hands were pulling his face into her wetness, her breathing was off the charts. He played her so well his face was shining from her juices. His rock hard cock was aching needing to be relieved.

Rachelle was so far gone by his tongue she was needing him to enter her with his cock. She tried to get him to understand she wanted him to enter her now. Moving her hips arching for him to climb up and let herself impale herself on his rock hard cock. She thought she wouldn't get the chance to feel him snaking inside of her pussy.

Robert stood up quickly taking Rachelle by her hands. He swept her off the floor and swung her high so she was able to wrap her legs around his waist. He walked them to the wall, and lifting one leg of hers a little he thrust his cock into her pussy searing her.

"Ohh Yes!" Rachelle screamed between her gritted teeth.

His determination was being heard echoing around them her head hitting the wall. The perfect piston pumping was making the sexiest banging on her living room wall. She went into a frenzy needing his tongue in her mouth. They wrestled with each others tongues. She lost but then she knew she would. Every thrust in her, her large breasts bounced freely causing him to feel them hitting his chest. He couldn't absorb everything he wanted to do and feel with her. Rachelle was so far gone she was feeling sensory overload.

Then that earth shattering moment was on the both of them. His back became like it had a steel rod replacing his skeleton. His thighs became like rocks. His breathing was so erratic he lost his breathing pattern. Rachelle's eyes rolled back her teeth bit her lips, her spine collapsed. Her legs turned to jelly. Her breathing came in deep sharp rapid staccato movements.

Together they came neither one realizing the other was cumming. It was sheer ecstasy so much power behind their orgasms. It wasn't until Robert started to lose his footing and Rachelle slid slowly down the wall. Landing on the thick white carpet exhausted, they clung to one another as they drifted in and out of sub space. The fact a shooting star glimmered through the window wasn't even noticed they were free falling into passions fed.

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