The Hard Body Clerk's New Beginning Finale


"Really?" Amber said.

"Absolutely," Cori said. "Same goes for the rest of you. Don't look at the prices, look at how it makes you look."

Five nights later, they were all looking extremely good as the Haulin' Tail Truck Stop officially re-opened. Anticipating big crowds and large learning curves for the girls, Cori had scheduled them all to be there for both Friday and Saturday. The girls were dressed magnificently in heels, halter tops, mini skirts -- the whole package. Brandy wore a pair of booty shorts that managed to cover only half her magnificent ass, while Hailey complemented her ample tits with a terry cloth tube top the size of a wash cloth. Amber's strapped heels and miniscule skirt drew every eye to her legs. Yes, the girls understood how this worked.

Wanting to set the tone for her workers and show she was just as willing to show off as they were, Cori had picked a scandalous outfit consisting of black heels, a fluorescent green thong and a black mesh tube top. That was it. Pussy lips, ass cheeks, nipples -- they were all on display depending on how she moved and what angle the lucky observer happened to have. Cori didn't care. She wanted this night to be huge. She wanted the guys to love it, tell their friends. She needed this weekend to make a big splash so she could leave knowing the restaurant was back on solid footing.

She noted a few of the girls approached their tables -- filled, as requested, thanks to the support and marketing by Tony's drivers -- nervously, but most were following their training very well. The cabbies occupied two private tables in the back. Those were the only two tables Cori was serving; she wanted to be able to observe the girls the rest of the time. She saw Brandy dangling her cleavage for a table full of ogling guys, one of whom copped a feel of her ass as she walked away. Cori held her breath, anxious to see how Brandy reacted. It was one thing to tell the girls this would happen, it was another for it to actually occur. If Brandy handled it poorly or quit, Cori's work with the other girls would be cut out for her. To her relief, Brandy never even looked back, but continued onward to her next table as if nothing had happened.

"Thank you guys so much for your help in getting so many people here tonight," Cori said, addressing one of her two tables. "Everything is on the house tonight, so whatever you want I'll get for you."

"Whatever I want?" one guy teased.

"So long as it's on the menu," Cori said, smiling and leaning over the table as she had trained the other girls to do.

The guy reached behind her and put his menu against her ass. "It's on the menu," he said.

"Cute," Cori acknowledged, gently smacking his hand away. "What do you want ... besides that? Something to drink?"

"Sure, how about a couple jugs ... uh, I mean pitchers of beer," one guy said, his eyes locked on Cori's hanging rack.

"Of course," Cori said. "I'll bring you guys two big, full jugs. How about appetizers? Our Baby Got Back ribs are really juicy."

"Sure are," came the predictable response. "Bring us some of those and some nachos."

"All right," Cori said. "I'm going to hop over and take care of these guys, then I'll get your drinks out to you."

"Oh yes, please hop!"

"Really?" Cori hadn't meant anything by her choice of words, but obviously the image of her hopping appealed to her customers. She wasn't one to disappoint. "Well, all right."

The table was only a few feet away, but Cori took small hops to prolong the show, jumping up and down four times from one table to the other. Her tits bobbled fantastically, nearly spilling over the top of the mesh tube top each time, but her hardened nipples poked through the holes just under the top band and served as unintended anchors, holding the top in place. Of course, with her nipples poking through the mesh fabric, there was still precious little left to the imagination.

The guys at both tables whooped and cheered as she bounced and jiggled in all the right places before stopping at the end of the second table, introducing herself and again leaning over to take orders. As she bent over, her ass was perfectly in view for the lucky customers at the first table, who watched in awe and licked their lips, fighting the temptation to go over and squeeze her pussy. The fluorescent green thong stood out brilliantly, outlining the perfect curves of her ass and snuggly cupping the soft mound of pure pleasure just visible between her legs.

"I just want to come back in my second life as her thong," one guy said, shaking his head in amazement as she walked away to get their orders.

Cori brought back two pitchers of beer for each table and began pouring the drinks. As she poured, the beer naturally foamed up, prompting one of the guys to make a sophomoric crack, "you sure give good head."

Cori put on her best innocent face and said, "That's so weird. You're not the first guy who's told me that."

The table roared with laughter and one man said, "Tony sure thinks so!"

Cori's double-take -- this time genuine, not playful -- eliminated any doubts in their heads that Tony had told them the truth. Cori realized she had given it away and tried to play it off with the ditzy blonde response she knew would get a laugh, "Hmm, but I've never served him a beer. I wonder how he knows?"

She smiled as the guys whooped in appreciation of her good-natured response to their ribbing. She had played it off well, but in truth, she was a little hurt that Tony had told them. Why, she didn't know. She had been the trophy of just about every guy she'd ever been with, so she didn't know why she thought Tony should be different. She certainly hadn't asked him to be quiet about it. She was just surprised. It didn't seem in his nature to be the bragging type. Of course, she had blown him in front of half the campus, so it was hardly realistic to think word wouldn't get around. Maybe Tony wasn't even the guy who told them. Who cared, right?

"Where is Tony?" Cori asked, trying to sound like she didn't care.

"Said he wasn't sure if he could make it tonight," one of the guys said.

'Oh?" Cori said, trying to hide her disappointment.

"Yeah, so you might as well hang out with me when you get off. And then I'll make sure you get off again."

It was a crude joke, but Cori smiled at him politely and said teasingly, "Now that's quite an offer. But can you back it up?"

"Only one way to find out."

"True," Cori said. "Guess I'll just have to live without knowing the answer." She spun, sticking her ass out for a moment before walking away, looking over her shoulder and winking as the guys groaned and laughed at how Cori had so playfully turned their friend down.

Even though she was disappointed that Tony might not be coming, Cori was having fun. She hated to admit it, but this was her element. She liked teasing the guys, being creative, showing off and having harmless fun. It reminded her a lot of the body shop and she felt a sting of regret at having ever left. Then she felt another sting -- this one on her ass as hand first slapped then pinched it as she walked by. She turned to see who it was -- ready to tell them to take it easy. Then she saw who it was -- Crisp. He was standing behind her, grinning. His whole crew stood behind him, nodding and eye-fucking her up and down.

"Good to see you again," Crisp leered. "I see you dressed for the occasion. What say we have a little reunion pool party after we shut down?"

"What? We?" Cori said. Normally calm and cool, she was angry and getting a little scared.

"Yeah, your step-dad called and said he might need a little extra security tonight and tomorrow, being the grand re-opening and all," Crisp said. "So, of course, we obliged an old friend."

"What did he promise you?" Cori said. "Because I'm not doing that again."

"He didn't promise anything, sweetness," Crisp said. "He just said there'd be lots of hot pussy here and any benefits we got after hours was ours to acquire. I have a feeling you'll change your mind before the night's over, but if not, I see plenty of other cunts here that will do the job." His eyes followed Brandy, walking by in her hot pants. "You got a sweet pussy all right, but don't go around thinking it's the only one. You don't want to share, fine. I promise you I'll be fucking someone tonight."

"Yeah, yourself," was the best line Cori could come up with and she twirled and walked away, not surprised to hear chuckling in the background. How could her step-dad be so stupid? Hiring those morons as security? Then she realized it wasn't stupidity, it was cruelty, pure and simple. He was bitter about not being able to fuck her anymore and he knew how he felt about those guys. Just bringing them here tonight was his way of sticking it to her one more time -- the only way he could.

Well, Cori wasn't about to let Norm or Crisp ruin her evening. She had been having fun up until then and the night was a huge success. She had proven she could put together a successful business plan. She felt empowered and vindicated. Having done what she set out to do, she could leave very soon -- with a completely clear conscience. Life was good even if Tony didn't show and Crisp did.

The rest of the evening went extremely well. Crisp kept his hands -- though not his eyes -- to himself and the tips and beer flowed freely. The girls all handled themselves like pros and Cori's only disappointment ended when Tony showed up right at closing time.

"Sorry I couldn't make it sooner," he said. "I talked to a couple of the guys and they said it was great and that the place was packed."

"Yep," Cori beamed. "It was even better than I expected. Thank you so much for your help."

"You're welcome," Tony said. "Need a ride home?"

"Sure, but I need to help clean up and I want to talk to Brandy and Hailey for a minute."

She got him a beer and he waited at the bar while they finished cleaning up. Cori noticed Crisp eye-fucking her as usual, then saw Tony watching too. He saw how Crisp looked at her and she felt better, knowing Tony would have her back if Crisp tried to make a move.

By the time she was ready to go, only Cori, Crisp and Tony remained. Norm had invited everyone else to the house for pool party, so the other girls were already there, no doubt trying to avoid the advances of Crisp's thugs. Crisp had "volunteered" to stay behind as the last security guy to make sure everyone got out OK.

As they walked toward the door, he reached for Cori's top and gave her breasts a squeeze. "Been wanting to grab those all night," he said as she slapped his hand away.

"Hey, hands off, asshole," Tony said. Crisp turned to him, grinning.

"What, you here to protect your bitch?"

"She's not my bitch," Tony said. "But she's not yours either."

"Guess you weren't at her house the other night," Crisp chuckled. "You were everybody's bitch that night, weren't you, you sweet little cunt? Don't waste your time, buddy, this slut ain't worth it."

"She's not a slut," Tony said. "Come on, Cori, let's go."

He tried to lead her away, but she came to an abrupt halt when Crisp grabbed her thong from behind and jerked her away from Tony, yanking the fabric deep inside her pussy.

"Not a slut, huh? Look how's she's dressed! Come on, bitch, blow me and prove to this guy just what a cum-hungry whore you are."

Cori tried to wriggle away, but his grip on her thong was firm and he quickly grabbed her mesh top with the other hand, pulling her to him. She twisted and the top ripped, causing her to lurch forward. Despite his grip and far superior strength, Crisp was caught off guard and lost his balance momentarily. It was just enough for Tony to step in and drive his should into the bigger man's chest, trying to jar loose his grip on Cori.

They all fell down in a heap, Cori rolling away as Tony landed on Crisp's arm, forcing him to let go. Crisp reacted just as quickly, landing a solid punch across Tony's left cheek, then kneeing him the stomach.

Cori wanted to help him, but Crisp started getting up, his focus once again on her. She turned to run, hoping to buy time for herself and lead him away from Tony, but Crisp was more athletic than she bargained for. He dove, his outstretched fingers just catching the top of her thong and ripping it down over her ass as he dragged her to the floor. In an instant he was on her, ripping her clothes off and jerking his cock out of his pants. Cori slapped him across the face and tried to look for Tony, but was blocked by the big man's powerful body, which now pushed her back on the cold floor.

She didn't know if Tony was conscious or not. She hoped he wasn't dead. Obviously, he was incapable of helping her right now as Crisp tore into her exposed pussy, fucking her with pent up anger and aggression, drawing upon a rage that Cori neither understood nor had provoked. Still, her pussy was paying the price for whatever set him off. "Told you I'd get some good pussy before the night was over," he taunted, not even breathing hard despite the exertion of the fight and now the vigorous fucking. "This is just a warm up, bitch. It's going to be a looong night."

Cori wanted to fight back, but was powerless against him. She was afraid if she clawed or bit, it wouldn't be enough to make him stop and would only make him angrier. A skillet to the back of the head, however, was more than enough to make him stop. That's what hit him a moment before he collapsed on top of Cori, his hard cock still embedded in her. She wriggled from underneath him as Tony stood over him, holding the skillet in his hand.

"Are you OK?" he asked, helping her up.

"Now," she said. "Are you?"

"I'm fine. Sorry, I blacked out for minute," he said shaking his head. "Let's get out of here before he wakes up."

They ran to Tony's car, Cori naked except for her shoes. Her torn and tattered clothes weren't worth trying to salvage. Tony's cheek was bleeding and he winced in obvious pain that suggested he may have broken a rib in the fight.

"I can't go home," Cori said, noting that Crisp's men were there. "Just take me to your place, if that's OK."

"Normally, I'd say that was fine," Tony said, struggling to smile, "but I'm afraid I can't."

"Oh," Cori frowned. The car was chilly and her nipples were achingly hard. Her pussy hurt from Crisp's assault and her body ached all over. She was cold, scared, sore and now, apparently alone.

"Crisp ruined my plan, but reach in the glove compartment," he said. She did, pulling out an envelope with her name on it. Inside was an plane ticket to St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands and a brochure for a resort.

"What's this?" Cori asked.

"Your vacation," Tony said. "10 days in St. Thomas, all paid for. You're leaving in about 2 hours."

"But, I haven't packed, I don't have a passport, I'm naked," Cori said.

"We'll make do," Tony said. "You don't need a passport. But you can't go back to the house. Too dangerous. Stores are closed at this hour, so I guess we'll have to get resourceful. There's a convenience mart right before you get to the airport. They sell a bunch of souvenir stuff. I'll go in and get you something to wear and then you can buy whatever you need in St. Thomas. There's $1,000 in the envelope, so that should buy a couple swim suits or whatever you want."

"I'll repay you," Cori said, still trying to wrap her head around the idea that in a few hours she could not only be out of San Diego, but out of the country.

"You did the other night," Tony said. "I was planning to accept one more blowjob as a thank you, but under the circumstances, I don't think I could perform and I wouldn't expect you to. I'm so sorry he did that to you."

"I'm fine," Cori said, gently touching his bloodied cheek. "I think you took the worst of it."

Tony bought her a white t-shirt that said "California Girl" and a pair of yellow cotton athletic shorts that said "San Diego" on the leg. "Sorry, they don't sell any underwear in there," he said.

"That's OK," Cori said. "Thank you so much."

Tony dropped her off at the airport. They parted with a quick kiss and he watched her walk off, carrying only her purse, her ticket and the body of a goddess.

He wanted to go with her and make love to her for 10 days straight, but he knew she needed some time to herself. He hoped she'd come back someday, but he knew chances were that he'd seen the last of Cori Banks.

Cori felt odd, walking through the airport late at night, wearing the odd outfit of heels, a cheap t-shirt which, though plenty loose, still was unable to hide her hardened nipples, and athletic shorts. How odd she must look to everyone, ready to go to St. Thomas with no carry on bag, no husband or boyfriend. Just herself. She was surprised to find that she really liked the sound of that.

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